That’s it. Pull back, aim, let go. Repeat a billion times.

The game’s objective is to guide a bird with anger management issues, projectile style, into a structure in the aim of killing the pigs within.

Red and angry

It mightn’t be much of a premise, but mobile game developers Rovio thought it sounded like a good idea. Myself and millions of fellow birdflingers around the world have been unproductive ever since it was released on the iPhone. Through careful use of trajectory, timing, and a slingshot, feathered vengeance can be mine.

Every day, a possible 50 million people worldwide spend a collective 200 million minutes trying to rain down avian justice.

Somewhere within the last twelve hours, I have lost most of my productive day. Sure, some of it was consumed by doing grocery shopping, some housework, and a reasonable amount of assignment activity. But like an edgy smoker my hand keeps drifting towards my iPhone. I’m about 2000 points away from earning the final gold star in an Angry Birds level I’m stuck on.

Angry Birds is the most successful game on the iPhone, and is slowly but surely starting to leak across to other platforms and devices. If the numbers released aren’t concerning enough, it’s also worth considering that once you add it up, there’s 1.2 billion hours a year spent collectively around the world, hurling birds at pigs. I can probably account more than I’m comfortable with.

Although you can’t see it in this article, between the previous paragraph and this one, I just spent 15 minutes googling the solution to that level I was stuck on and watching solutions on YouTube. That should keep me going for a while.

It can be distracting having what is essentially a powerful gaming system on me at all times. Before being an accomplice to the anger management issues of birds, I was practicing my ninja prowess on unsuspecting fruit. Before that, I was matching up gems. Think of all the time that I’ve wasted…

Of course the biggest time waster in our lives, without a doubt, is the television. Australia by itself can account for 24 billion hours a year, collectively, with staring at the goggle box. While that might average out to a modest three hours per person (hey, there’s 24 hours in a day to fill), I’ve never lived in an age where the television wasn’t the central piece of furniture in a household. A friend of mine last year told me that he’d gotten rid of his television, and my first thought was to wonder what he pointed his furniture towards.

It also barely holds a candle towards the 13.7 billion global hours a year that players spend in the virtual paradise of World of Warcraft. Twelve million gamers are playing an average of 22 hours a week in maybe a higher level of addiction.

Through clever advertising or reward-based systems (which shows that classical conditioning is alive and well) there are different distractions all over the world that can drag you away from what you should be doing. Some, like poker machines, drain millions of dollars away from people and destroy their lives, giving them little in return. But at least they get sympathy. At least they have a support group.

There’s many like me in the worlds that don’t have that support. But that’s fine, besides our addiction, we have something else in common.

We really hate pigs.

Matt’s blog: End of the Spectrum

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    • deb says:

      05:26am | 01/04/11

      I`m so sorry for you,ever tried to read a book?

    • Adam says:

      07:00am | 01/04/11

      Or speak with a friend face to face?

    • Tubesteak says:

      07:54am | 01/04/11

      Deb and Adam

      Both of those activities are grossly over-rated.

      Angry Birds is fun.

    • DH says:

      08:18am | 01/04/11

      Deb, he’s actually written a couple. Because playing a video game doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a life. Now, back to your knitting with you.

    • MR8065 says:

      08:31am | 01/04/11

      @deb, I’m soo glad I’m not you and don’t know you. You patronising turd. Obviously this topics hardly relevant to you, yet you still want to add trivial comments to it.

    • stever says:

      08:37am | 01/04/11

      You could say that reading a book is wasting time compartively as watching a Movie, but first you’d have to take the stick out of your ass.

    • Wynn says:

      09:40am | 01/04/11

      I read (A LOT of) books, speak with friends AND play angry birds. Games are fun, get off your boring high horse.

    • Anne71 says:

      12:25pm | 01/04/11

      @Deb, I read at least two books a week.  @Adam, I also spend time with friends.  And I play Angry Birds and enjoy it.

      Please, please get over yourselves.

    • Elphaba says:

      12:55pm | 01/04/11

      I love it when the haters come out.

      It’s not YOUR time gamers are “wasting” - so why exactly do you care?

    • ruby says:

      07:54pm | 01/04/11

      cry me a river

    • James1 says:

      06:55am | 01/04/11

      Have a try at Bloons Tower Defence.  Monkeys throwing darts at balloons shouldn’t be anywhere near as fun and addictive as it turns out it is.

    • Ando says:

      08:11am | 01/04/11

      Could not agree more. Love that game!

    • jade says:

      06:57am | 01/04/11

      I love angry birds, I am so addicted at the moment… every night is a late night trying to kill those damn pigs!

    • Michael says:

      12:26pm | 07/04/11

      And to wipe those smug smiles off their piggish faces after you fail a level.

    • Howard Moon says:

      07:01am | 01/04/11

      I suggest the 1952 novella The Birds by Daphne du Maurier.

    • Bollo says:

      09:23am | 01/04/11

      Come to Papa Moon.

    • thatmosis says:

      07:20am | 01/04/11

      Your comment:This just shows the mentality of the up and coming generations,stupid,stupid people who rely almost completely on their gadgets to get them through the day. What a sad indictment of today and the so called in people.

    • Ting Tong says:

      08:16am | 01/04/11

      Your comment just shows the mentality of the older generations, stupid, stupid people who will rely almost completely on Gen Y to pay for their retirement.

      Take your teeth out, have a glass of milk and lie down for the afternoon.

      Nostalgia was much better in my day.

    • Matt says:

      08:29am | 01/04/11

      Have a cry grandma, Technology is where its all heading.

    • Galinda says:

      08:33am | 01/04/11

      @thatmosis: really? and the generation before you thought youth growing up through the 60’s and 70’s were ungrateful, drug experimenting hippies? oh wait, was I just generalising?

    • shenanigans says:

      08:40am | 01/04/11

      i resent your comment good sir.
      i don’t sit on my arse all day playing with gadgets and most of my friends don’t either. you are making a rather poor generalisation.
      here’s another one, you lot above gen y are all a bunch of technophobic, egotistical dictators that thrive on looking down your nose at how technology dependant my generation and future generations has appranently become and making a big fuss about how we never do anything.

      i pose a question to you, isnt your generation the generation that raised this one?

      funny that.

    • Simonious says:

      08:50am | 01/04/11

      What a is sad indictment of today are people like you who judge someone so harshly just because they confess to like playing a game on their electronic devices. I suppose that computer you rely on to do your job and read the punch online so you can make nasty sweeping generalisations about people is not included. The only difference between the Iphone and your PC is the size and performance but they pretty mch allow you to do the sames thing. The guy that likes to play angry birds all day is no different from person who likes to make comments on the punch all day. As for the first to commentors on this article I too love angry birds but have also read 2 novels this week, chatted to many friends in person and an off to the Rugby (GO THE TAHS) with 10 of them tonight. Might get in a spot of fishing with my son on the weekend after i spend my saturday volunteering at an event to raise money for breast cancer. Hell i might even reward myself with an hour of Angry Birds or go and play some Halo on my Xbox. You see just because we play games on our gadgets doesnt mean we have boring loner lives.

    • heather says:

      08:51am | 01/04/11

      Boring old fart, I’m 50, I’ve got a PhD, I read all the time (some books actual literature, lol), and I love Angry Birds.

    • MarK says:

      11:57am | 01/04/11

      I play Angry Birds on the wife’s IPad and I play WoW as a raider.

      I must really be at the bottom of the social pile. Guess I will join the old aged Glee club and make all those generalisations come to life.

      Yes I am also unashamedly a Gleek.

      Take that haters.

      PS No way could I classed as young.

    • Anne71 says:

      12:35pm | 01/04/11

      @thatmosis - you sound like a really uptight old fogey. And I say this as a Gen X who has just entered her 40s.  I love my “gadgets” just as much as any Gen Y does. It’s not our problem if you can’t handle technology.

    • Andy says:

      05:46pm | 01/04/11

      Worst.Comment.Ever. I work around 12+ hours a day on a highly technecial job that i had to work my a$$ of to get to. I have around 30 minutes travel time to and from work and play angry birds as a bit of fun during these times. On the weekends I go out with my mates, play sport etc. so i take strong offence to this view. I would bet that i have contributed more to society than you have or ever will. And i also see the irony in you utilising the internet to attack the use of a Smartphone game.

      Sutpid, stupid person…

    • Honey Stinky says:

      07:53am | 01/04/11

      I relish lobbing infuriated avian at dastardly swine. The bird has always been the natural enemy of the pig. I was fortunate to once observe a short-sighted owl attack a wombat that it mistook for a hairy pig.

    • bingo says:

      07:55am | 01/04/11

      thatmosis - I understand your point but it’s worth noting that people have been playing portable games for decades - this is no different to gameboy and other handheld game devices.

    • K says:

      07:56am | 01/04/11

      Taken your pills this morning thatmosis? I play it maybe once a week. It’s addictive when you get stuck on a level and want to pass it before you give up. If it’s there, why not use it?

    • Cloud Strife says:

      08:02am | 01/04/11

      I’m more of a fan of Plants Vs Zombies, myself smile

    • Anthony Sharwood

      Anthony Sharwood says:

      09:13am | 01/04/11

      Cloud Strife you are my hero. I LOVE PvZ. It kicks Angry Birds’ feathery arse. Game play is a million times more versatile, strategy is way more sophisticated, graphics are better, soundtrack is beautiful. And although my four year old is hopelessly addicted to Angry Birds, that in itself says plenty about how simplistic the game is.

      My seven year old however LOVES Plants v Zombies. Together we have nailed ALL the achievements, including discovering the elusive yeti zombie. You?

      By the way, if you want to write a piece for us saying why PvZ is better than AB, by all means!

    • Cloud Strife says:

      09:30am | 01/04/11

      Anthony, I have the Yeti Zombie! I haven’t unlocked ALL the achievements yet, but the iPhone version made me go out and get the full version. I love my Zen Garden smile

      And I ALWAYS get the ending song in my head - we don’t want zombies on the lawn…

    • Tubesteak says:

      09:48am | 01/04/11

      I’ve not played PvZ but I love AB. But to suggest that something is bad or worse because it is simple is wrong. Sometimes the greatest pleasures in life are the simple things.

    • Elphaba says:

      09:48am | 01/04/11

      Yes, I love PvZ too!  I first came across it on, the sample version - fantastic.  I went and got the full one.  I’m still working on it though… no Yet Zombie yet…

      I haven’t played Angry Birds, but someone showed me this yesterday…

    • Anthony Sharwood

      Anthony Sharwood says:

      09:57am | 01/04/11

      Yeah must hit Penbo up for a work iPad so i can use it for extremely important things like the full version of PvZ. Jealous of your Zen garden.

    • Elphaba says:

      10:30am | 01/04/11

      @Ant, just don’t let your 4 yr old near you new iPad.  On a high shelf when you’ve finished using it, remember? tongue laugh

    • Lydia says:

      10:41am | 01/04/11

      I got the Yeti Zombie too!  I work, have university degree and several diplomas, read non-fiction books every night and have also defeated the Yeti Zombie!  I’ve gotten a winning streak of 4 on the endless vases minigame in PvZ too.  So PC games are not just for dummies!

    • Anthony Sharwood

      Anthony Sharwood says:

      10:45am | 01/04/11

      @ELphaba. Yeah, nop way he’ll get anywhere near it without supervision. BTW we fixed our computer by rigging up a new monitor. It sort of works, mostly. It’ll do anyway

    • mike j says:

      10:55am | 01/04/11

      Anyone who plays mobile games when they’re not actually in transit somewhere has failed.

      Why don’t you hock your crApple off at Cashies and play something decent like CoD Modern Warfare, NFS Hot Pursuit, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

      Even WoW geeks are alpha compared to you guys.

    • skepdad says:

      12:49pm | 01/04/11

      PvZ is the very first game my non-gaming dearest has ever shown an interest in.

      My 6yo completed PvZ after about 6 months of an hour or two on the weekends.  That’s a lot of good lessons in perseverance, critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills, and he enjoyed doing it!  Educators, take note.

    • Cloud Strife says:

      02:37pm | 01/04/11

      @mike j

      As you can probably tell by my name, I am no stranger to ‘real’ games on a console. Although you probably look down on people who play JRPGs.

    • St. Michael says:

      02:54pm | 01/04/11

      Neither of you should be admitting to something that Gwyneth Paltrow enjoys. :(

    • mike j says:

      03:09pm | 01/04/11

      Not at all, Cloud Strife. The Japanese make great games.

      I do look down at people who use consoles, though.

    • Lachlan J says:

      03:41pm | 01/04/11

      I usually hate tower defence type games but I played PvsZ from start to finish and absolutly loved it. We need an update or sequel so I can get my next PvZ fix!

    • Nathan says:

      05:15pm | 01/04/11

      Mike J, you really look down on people for playing games on a slightly different piece of hardware than what you do? Games are fun, not something to get ridiculously elitist about.

    • Doc says:

      08:25am | 05/04/11

      PvZ was good, but it once you’ve finished it you have no urge to replay.

    • Phil says:

      08:07am | 01/04/11

      Why the makers of this game decided that it needs to take the following information from you / your phone;
      contacts, location, GO of the phone, the genre, the age, passwords and the telephone number and then send it off to a third part is a concern to me so no thanks, not interested in your birds, no matter how angry they are.

      Good to see the younger generation so willing to give away every bit of information about them either begin aware of it and thinking its ok or just not caring about it.

    • Jake says:

      08:58am | 01/04/11

      You aren’t required to provide any of that information to play the game, only to use Crystal which is a 3rd party service. In-fact Crystal doesn’t even pass on half of that information - I have no idea what game you’re talking about.

    • Nathan says:

      09:21am | 01/04/11

      What rubbish Phil. One look at the Privacy section of the FAQ on Rovio’s site will show this is not the case.
      Contact information is only sent if you opt in to the Crystal social gaming platform as a way of finding friends, and the data is not collected or stored. Location information and Phone ID is only sent for analytic purposes, and this information is very general (location only identifies your country, and no more).

    • Phil says:

      09:28am | 01/04/11

      Look further in to it, the iphone version takes this information and sends it out there in to the depths of some database for someone to harvest.
      Key work TAKES, doesnt ask you to provide any of it, why give people the choice?

      Give this link a look,

    • Nathan says:

      09:47am | 01/04/11

      Look even further into it. One solitary article, that isn’t backed up anywhere else, does not make it authoritative. Here’s Rovio’s privacy policy below which details what information is sent and how it’s used.

      Personal Data:
      Rovio does not collect or use any personal data that may be used to identify or contact you. Rovio does not collect or use names, email addresses, photos, telephone numbers, credit cards numbers, account numbers or other information that would enable Rovio to identify you.

      Non-personal data:
      Rovio may use tools or third party analytical software to collect and use certain non-personal data that does not enable Rovio to identify you. The types of non-personal data Rovio may collect and use include, but are not limited to: (i) mobile device type and device properties; (ii) mobile device software platform and firmware; (iii) mobile phone carrier; (iv) geographical data no more accurate that metropolitan areas; (v) gamescore and achievements; (vi) other non-personal data as reasonably required by Rovio to enhance its services.
      Rovio may use the collected data for purposes of analyzing usage of Angry Birds, managing and providing Angry Birds and to further develop Rovio’s services and products. Rovio reserves the right to use and disclose the collected non-personal data for purposes of advertisement by Rovio or Rovio’s partners.

      Data Retention:
      Rovio retains the information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy for 12 months. Thereafter if the collected information if no longer needed for purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, Rovio shall delete all aforementioned information in its possession.

    • Cave Man says:

      08:14am | 01/04/11

      What is this thing called a mobile that you all keep talking about? Should I get one?

    • Lydia says:

      08:19am | 01/04/11

      I have to admit playing PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies (very popular with primary school children such as my two sons) is highly addictive.  We play it together and discuss strategies for getting past certain levels.  I like it as it is fun, not gory and does require some brains rather than mindless shooting.  Not all computer games are bad.  I found that Lego Star Wars on the playstation with two players working together, forced my two sons to learn to work as a team.  I make sure they do all homework and tidy their room first, so it’s a great incentive for them to keep their rooms tidy too!

    • Simon says:

      08:31am | 01/04/11

      My name is Simon, and I’m an Angry Bird-a-holic. I have 5 different versions of the game, with 3 stars in every [available] level of each version, thanks in no small part to my iPhone-induced insomnia. I’m even willing to admit I have had to stop taking the device to work so I can remain productive.

      This might paint the picture of me as a typical Gen-Y with no attention span and an unnatural love of technology, but it sure beats pushing a hoola-hoop with a stick down a dirt road.

    • skittles says:

      08:34am | 01/04/11

      I’m fully over this game, the first one was good, the second one was the same thing but less inspiring and I’m not going to bother with Rio. If you want to “waste” your time play Uncharted 2, at least there’s a good storyline and amazing visuals.

    • derpimyoung says:

      08:35am | 01/04/11

      thatmosis, i’d rather be young and stupid than an ageing baby boomer unwilling to let go of ‘the good ol’ days’ when you could buy lemonade for 5c and playing with sticks and dirt was all the rage.

    • Squishy says:

      08:57am | 01/04/11

      It’s worth noting that 22 hours a week (average World of Warcraft, as cited) isn’t really that much more than 3 hours a day (television, as cited).  Having said that, I’ll second Bloons Tower Defence.  Awesome game.

    • Thandiwe says:

      08:58am | 01/04/11

      Goodness, there are a lot of judgemental comments here, making assumptions about the age and intellect of people who play games like Angry Birds (which is awesome, I’ve even got it on my PC). I’m 52, I am a keen mountain-biker, and kayaker; I have 3 postgraduate degrees, including a PhD, I am a highly paid professional. I love gaming, I love reading books from total trash through to Nobel prize winning literature, I watch trashy TV too, like Futurama and Family Guy. I listen to country music, jazz, opera, death metal and world music. You see, you can’t tell by my likes and dislikes my age, gender, or for that matter, my ethnicity (I am African).

    • Ben says:

      10:53am | 01/04/11

      Umm, when did this all become about you?  Seriously this isn’t a dating site

    • Likes Joining Dots says:

      02:04pm | 01/04/11

      Ben, think about it, Thandiwe obviously knows it’s not a dating site, otherwise why would Country and Western be in the list?

    • Andrew says:

      09:21am | 01/04/11

      It’s pretty much a stylized copy of an earlier game, ‘Crush the Castle’, which is itself based on ‘Castle Clout’.

    • SCAR says:

      10:34am | 01/04/11

      The hipster tool shows his ugly head… why don’t you get back to your records and art collection.

    • Seth Brundle says:

      01:09pm | 01/04/11

      I thought it was a rip off of “scorched earth” from the PC all those years ago, which no doubt can be traced back to some other point of origin.

    • Andrew says:

      09:08pm | 05/04/11

      Hipster tool? No, I’m a video game nerd. I don’t have an issue with it being the same, it’s better than the original.

      It isn’t terrible like scorched earth in my opinion however.

    • Andrew says:

      10:43pm | 05/04/11

      Err sorry terribly, Scorched earth was quite a fun multiplayer game.

    • The Original Oz says:

      09:41am | 01/04/11

      “hurling birds at pigs” - sounds like a political convention

    • TimB says:

      09:54am | 01/04/11

      Eh. It’s no Ocarina of Time.

      But then what is? smile

    • fairsfair says:

      10:36am | 01/04/11

      nerd alert!

      I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t understand how twitter works - what with all those at symbols and hash tags… Clearly I am missing out.

    • HappyCynic says:

      03:30pm | 01/04/11

      No game can ever, or will ever, be as perfect as Ocarina of Time.

      However there are some bloody good though bloody short downloadable titles.  Limbo on XBLA, Flower on PSN, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies (Michael Jackson Zombie FTW), all sorts of others.

      I’m hopelessly addicted to Bejeweled on my way to and from work

    • A Bob says:

      09:59am | 01/04/11

      Back when I was boy, all I had was a thing called “stick”. Not just any stick, it was *my* stick. We went everywhere together; rattling on fences, poking at dogs barking behind those fences, sticking out of the spokes on my bike…

      We were never apart.

      God, how I miss my stick.

    • A Bob says:

      11:44am | 01/04/11

      And I bet thatmosis never had a stick.

    • Anne71 says:

      12:42pm | 01/04/11

      Luxury! Me mam and dad burnt my stick for firewood, to try and warm us up after walking fifty miles in the snow to dig coal for tuppence a day.  Eee, those were the days!  wink

    • skepdad says:

      02:53pm | 01/04/11

      I found your stick.  It’s up the clacker of some of the old biddies posting here.

      No doubt someone soon will refer to your childhood enviroterrorism, animal abuse and noise pollution.  Punch is attracting those sorts today.

    • St. Michael says:

      02:57pm | 01/04/11

      @ Anne71: you were lucky to have a STICK!

      Our Dad had to hit us with a BORROWED stick, before we walked up to mill in no shoes over twenty miles o’ red hot razor blades, work 17 hours down pit, an’ be thankful for it, before we come home and get beaten to death before bedtime.

      But you tell the young kids these days ... they never believe you.

    • A Bob says:

      03:48pm | 01/04/11

      “No doubt someone soon will refer to your childhood enviroterrorism, animal abuse and noise pollution.”

      I’ve been waiting for it. But I guess people are more interested in seeing if deb and thatmosis decide to have a baby.

      Thanks for finding my stick. To be honest, I’ve realised it’s not healthy to dwell on the past. So I’ve decided to get “log”, as advertised on Ren & Stimpy.

    • Kathy says:

      10:18am | 01/04/11

      Hello my name is Kathy and I am an angry birds addict. Were can I go to get help.

    • Joey Tribiani says:

      11:01am | 01/04/11

      You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”

            - Joey, to a paleontologist who doesn’t own a TV [F.R.I.E.N.D.S] [Season 9 Episode 24]

      good to know that you just copy bits and pieces to make an article so you can play more iphone games. real journalism right there

    • Justin says:

      12:27pm | 01/04/11

      You do realise that it’s entirely plausible that either A) That episode is long forgotten by the author and the subconscious autmotically remembered the concept and it IS indeed the first thing he thought when his friend told him, or B) He has never even seen the episode, as I haven’t, but thought the same thing. Considering I have never been in a lounge room where the furniture didn’t face the TV, it’s a perfectly reasonable assumption that the throw away one liner was not plagiarised. The way some of you carry on you would think it’s not ok for a journo to put a word next to a word it’s ever been printed next to before.

    • Monica Gellar says:

      01:14pm | 01/04/11

      @Joey, I thought the same thing, but didn’t wanna be the hipster-tool you seem to be.

    • Matt says:

      08:29am | 05/04/11

      To be honest, Joey, I probably have seen that episode and the line has found it’s way into my subconscious. I don’t think there is any way anyone would consciously steal a line from an episode of Friends 10 years ago.

    • Chinaski says:

      11:12am | 05/04/11

      Woah, woah, woah. Hold up a minute. Just hoooooooooold up a minute.

      Someone made a (subtle) pop culture reference in an opinion (note opinion, not news) piece? God forbid!

    • Chandler Bing says:

      02:20pm | 05/04/11

      Dear Joey,

      Could you BE any more of a lame-o hipster?

      - Chandler

    • Trace says:

      11:07am | 01/04/11

      No, no, Tiny Wings is better than Angry Birds.  He evern swears when you stuff up a slide!

    • bot says:

      01:12pm | 01/04/11

      hahah <3 Tiny Wings… it has less playability, but it’s fresh when you’re over Angry Birds

    • Thatguy says:

      02:09pm | 01/04/11

      Bot wouldn’t know a good game if it ran up his leg causing his to drop the clutch of his fully sik WRX and shatter the CV shafts.

      The ol’ drop and clutch shatter…nNow THAT my dear friend is a game !!

    • Lachlan J says:

      03:46pm | 01/04/11

      Tiny Wings was addictive as, until you’re told to make it all the way to Island 8. **** that island.

    • Tezza says:

      11:39am | 01/04/11

      Angry Birds: Played it. Liked it. A lot, even. But basically it’s a time wasting and pointless activity when there are books and newspapers to read, grandchildren to play with, children and elderly parents to keep in touch with, films (and yes, even television) to watch, restaurants, coffee shops, walks and bike-rides (occasionally) to enjoy, gardens to tend (and water), music to listen to, theatres and art galleries and beaches. And did I mention: earning some money to pay the bills. So , Angry Birds, as enjoyable as you no doubt are, it’s back in the box - life’s too short etc. (Same goes for bridge, chess, sudoku, cryptic crosswords, playing golf and many other activities that would demand a greater than reasonable level of time commitment in order to enjoy).

    • GLLLLLOCd says:

      01:33pm | 01/04/11

      Sounds like you’re a lazy, boring, judgemental hypocrite. You opinion is as worthy as one of your occasional bike-rides of a short pier in lead boots.

    • skepdad says:

      02:57pm | 01/04/11

      @ GLLLwhatever: wtf?

      Tezza, I quit WoW for the same reason.  Didn’t stop me getting hooked on League of Legends though, and I’ll probably quit that some time in the future.  And then pick up another time suck…

    • I love Angry Birds says:

      11:48am | 01/04/11

      I’d like to slingshot an Angry Bird at Deb.

      You are reading someone you don’t care about on the internet yet you are preaching to read a book?

      GOOD BYE

    • MarK says:

      11:58am | 01/04/11

      Angry Birds on the iPad is so much moar epic than the iPhone

      Just saying

    • Bennie says:

      12:48pm | 01/04/11

      Angry Birds is boring.

      Tiny Wings tho, now there’s a challenge!

    • mobo says:

      01:49pm | 01/04/11

      Well I don’t get the Angry Birds phenomenon. I, like many other people enjoy Plants vs Zombies a lot more oh and Doodle Jump

    • Destry says:

      03:06pm | 01/04/11

      Pigs need love too.

    • HappyCynic says:

      03:23pm | 01/04/11

      Only in bacon form smile

    • joe says:

      08:27pm | 01/04/11

      at least, your keeping your brain active.. watching tv is just that watching tv. not doing anything..
      i like computer games, even angry birds it is fun and keeps the brain trying to figure out how to get that 3rd gold star to max the lvl.

    • Jane says:

      06:33am | 02/04/11

      Seriously, Urban Ninja is better. (i.e. worse for time wasting)

    • Pete says:

      08:03am | 02/04/11

      Angry birds makes me reminisce on its age old equivalent - Sonic the Hedgehog!

    • Bobbitt says:

      12:29pm | 02/04/11

      I find masturbation much more fun

    • Max says:

      06:06pm | 02/04/11

      I have been gaming since 1981 but this garbage just does not interest me.

    • M Gabbie says:

      07:57pm | 02/04/11

      Yesterday my son came home from school and told me that the prep teacher was playing Angry Birds on her phone while ‘on playground duty!’ Unbelievable! I’ve never really understood the point of this game but she is somewhat forgiven if it is as addictive as you say.

    • M says:

      04:05pm | 03/04/11

      Thanks for reminding me, I think a game is in order!!!

    • SchoolBoy says:

      09:17pm | 03/04/11

      Playing games can be necessary for us to relieve our stress.
      But it’s no longer ok if it becomes addictive.

    • Jason says:

      10:05am | 04/04/11

      Cracking article! Cracked me up, I too have spent many hours hurling birds at pigs and unleashing my inner ninja on fruit.

      Good times!


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