There was much laughter and teasing from the Labor side about the decision of the Queensland Liberal National Party to install a leader who wasn’t even in the Parliament. Federal Labor has its own leader in exile, except he’s inside the Caucus.

In happier times, etcetera. Photo: Ray Strange

His name is Kevin, he’s from Queensland, and he’s here to do anything other than help Julia Gillard as she grapples with the horrors of minority government and seeks a difficult second term.

Julia Gillard has her work cut out for her. She’s up against not one but two alternative prime ministers, Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd. Tony Abbott is currently unassailable. Kevin Rudd is simply uncontrollable.

For all the misgivings which some Liberals have about Abbott’s judgment and conduct, best evidenced by his attendance with the “Bob Brown’s Bitch” brigade at that absurd climate rally, no-one inside the Coalition Party Room has the numbers to wrest the leadership from him. He has built his leadership around attacking first Rudd and now Gillard over their climate change policies. It has been a successful strategy. Most Liberal MPs would not go back to a pro-ETS leader in Malcolm Turnbull, or a candidate such as Joe Hockey who took no position on the issue.

While Abbott entrenches himself further as leader, Julia Gillard finds herself under siege from a man who has no numbers at all within the Caucus. If a ballot were called for the Labor leadership tomorrow Rudd would be lucky to get two votes. On paper, the idea of his making a comeback as the leader of the ALP is laughable.

What Rudd is doing instead is positioning himself as the people’s choice candidate for the prime ministership. His star turn on Q and A last Monday was the most flamboyant demonstration of his media strategy. Rudd is determined to do as much media as he can. He is using his role as foreign minister to sound prime ministerial. On Monday night he showed an almost gleeful willingness to discuss the events leading up to his demise as leader. He was very clever with his words. Technically, he didn’t talk about Cabinet discussions, rather discussions involving members of Cabinet. He didn’t identify those members of Cabinet. He didn’t have to. It was already in the public domain that Julia Gillard – she of the carbon tax – had argued along with Wayne Swan early last year that Rudd should drop the emissions trading scheme. Rudd’s coquettish conduct on Q and A had the effect of pointing the finger directly at the woman who pinched his job, but in a way which let Rudd say that he was simply answering questions from the crowd, not naming names or being disloyal.

Rudd has had a fair bit of practice at this stuff – they’re the same tactics he used to position himself against Kim Beazley in 2005 and 2006. Rudd never did anything so overt or treacherous that Beazley could have pinged him for disloyalty. He simply made sure that everyone in Caucus and the media knew that he held Beazley’s judgment in the lowest regard, and that if there was a change he would want to be part of it, or to lead it.

This time, Caucus isn’t rallying behind Rudd. But Rudd doesn’t care. He takes heart from his solid standing in those preferred leader polls which must drive Gillard mad. He delights in the fact that he gets stopped in the street and lauded on Twitter as a good man done wrong by the party. “Kevin11 has a good ring to it”, someone tweeted on Monday night during Q and A, and the ABC ran the quip on screen. If Gillard were watching she would probably have chucked something at the telly. Rudd on the other hand was totally revelling in it.

Rudd knows he can get away with all this, and probably even more, because there is no way Gillard can discipline him. If she punted him from the foreign ministry he would go berserk and would most likely withdraw his support for the government, forcing a fresh election. He has already become something of a martyr, particularly in his home state of Queensland. His comments about factional thugs on Q and A were all about reminding the voters about the injustice he believes he suffered.

And this is why Kevin Rudd is a nightmare for Julia Gillard. She’s in the middle of trying to make a very tough argument to the Australian people about why we need a carbon tax and how that carbon tax is going to work. She’s got her predecessor out there reminding people that barely a year ago she wanted the ETS shelved indefinitely. That little broadside from Rudd was damaging and there will be more to come. And there is nothing the prime minister can do to stop it, because Rudd is motivated by something which goes beyond politics. It’s his personal sense that what happened to him last year was disgusting, and everyone who was involved in it should be forced to pay. 

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    • Erick says:

      06:22am | 10/04/11

      raspberryass the popcorn.

    • acotrel says:

      07:11am | 10/04/11

      The conservatives have been salivating for yonks over the possibility of a public fight between Rudd and Gillard!  It hasn’t happened yet, and is not likely to happen.  All the speculation in the world is not going to make it happen.  Why do you keep trying?

    • Super D says:

      07:19am | 10/04/11

      Bet you wish you could edit….

    • Paulb says:

      09:17am | 10/04/11

      Its happening now Acotrel.  This is it.  great political stoushes are always fought via the media.  You know its happening when the hacks draw attention to it by telling us it isn’t happening.

    • Catching up says:

      09:20am | 10/04/11

      Why could not Mr. Rudd not be happy with the important role he is now playing.  Maybe like many it could be just as probable that he found the role of leader not that great.

      Maybe Mr. Rudd is not vindictive as described.  Maybe Mr. Rudd is decent enough to put Australia first, maybe he is a loyal Australian first. 

      Maybe Mr. Rudd does not blame the Labor Party for his plight.  Maybe Mr. Rudd believes that striving to be PM again is not worth the effort and would only diminished his standing in history.

      Maybe Mr. Rudd believes he can enhance his reputation by being a successful FM.

      Many things have been alleged of this man by the MSM that have not been establihed as fact, but has become perceived facts.  Many of the alleged facts have been disputed but this has been ignored by the MSM.

      My scenario is just as possible or probable than most put forwarded by the MSM.

    • Against the Man says:

      09:24am | 10/04/11

      acotrel if you watched the ABC this morning you would have seen that there is a fight and it is very public. Sorry but no amount of PR can gloss over this.

    • TimB says:

      09:32am | 10/04/11

      Question to you Acotrel: Why do you Labor zombies keep hoping for a fight between Turnbull and Abbott?

      Because that’s even less likely to happen. But you keep trying.

    • Jodie says:

      10:10am | 10/04/11

      acotrel - the waiting is over, yes your right we have been salivating for yonks for this. It’s like Xmas morning for us. So much fun and excitement for all of Coalition/Abbott supporters. I think I’ll just go and pop some champaz.

    • MargD says:

      10:42am | 10/04/11

      hahahaha I just love it…. I just wish it was in 3D…..

    • Vaunted says:

      10:49am | 10/04/11

      Yeah quite right @ acotrel, it’s nothing but media hyper-bowl.

    • Joan says:

      11:26am | 10/04/11

      And judging by range of snapshots of Kev 2011 this week on camera as seen on `Insiders` this morning,,,,,,, Rudd is having the time of his life….. his grin from ear to to says it all. Payback time in heaps,,, Oakeshots bit of sunshine beaming straight from Rudd to all of you out there in TV land.

    • Rosie says:

      12:35pm | 10/04/11

      Erick first again - Hip Hip Hooray!

      Not only pass the popcorn, share it around bigger serves to all Gillard lovers acotrel etc. They need it as they ponder over the continuing saga of the soap opera that began when the main girl became PM of Australia and the main boy the guy that she knifed for the job!


      Like it or not Kevin Rudd is the “People’s PM” What we now have are callous Labor characters for our amusement and the main girl’s anguish, frustrations and anger and the main boy’s stunts to the enemy’s defeat with glee played out everyday. I am not angry any more at our atheist, living sin at the Lodge PM because I am finding it rather amusing how things are unravelling each day!

      It is human nature and impossible for 2 human beings to work together after Gillard knifed Rudd to become PM. The Gillard Minority Labor Govt are in denial and so are people like you. This acotrel serves as the base of the Soap Opera that has turned Kevin Rudd into the People’s PM! This is a lifetime movie!

      Catching up

      You need a reality check! The country can’t afford any “maybes” from a Govt that is already in a shambles.

    • john says:

      11:15pm | 10/04/11

      If may be wrong but werent alot of labour members in caucus calling for Rudd ro be kicked out of the party and not play any role anymore but all changed when they found out they would loose all thier Queensland seats so thrn they had to go begging to Rudd stay.

    • Steve says:

      01:10pm | 11/04/11

      Acotrel. The only reason this conservative is salivating is because it actually is happening. Someone refusing to acknowledge it just makes my salivation increase. I am a Liberasl voter but could see the damage that the Howard/costello rift was causing at that time. Did you deny that there was a rift between Hawke and Keating? There is no perfect party they all have strengths and weaknesses. You could still recognise a problem with the party you support and continue to support them if you think that the overall package is what you prefer.

    • graemessisters says:

      06:23am | 10/04/11

      Come off it! Julia Gillard is too intelligent and cool minded to be upset by this “spoilt brat”. Rudd is making an absolute fool of himself and nothing more. Spiteful and mean-spirited. Pretty ugly really.

    • Paul says:

      08:25am | 10/04/11

      Intelligent? I don’t think Ive heard anyone refer to her as that before.

    • Against the Man says:

      09:29am | 10/04/11

      Paul I think the pro-Gillard/ALP trolls are paid ALP staffers, no one I know and based on poll numbers it is unlikely there are many supporters for the current government. The flood levy/carbon tax was the final nail in the coffin whether they want to believe it or not…...........

      As for Gilltard’s intelligence…..‘Luok attttttttttt Moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, thee reaoll Juwliar!’  smile

    • Phil says:

      11:26am | 10/04/11

      ATM I have stated here on more than one occassion.

      The punch would have the ability to identify the ALP and Liberal staffers posting on this site. A simple * next to their name would say it all. * being red for labor and blue for the Libs, green or rainbow for greens, and maybe a small cartoon of a brown eye for the independants.

    • Joan says:

      11:34am | 10/04/11

      Rudd just can’t get that smile of his face ... it just got bigger and bigger and bigger since Q&A and left the rest of Labor team looking ugly, Rudd lifted the lid of the can of worms and they are all trying to wriggle out of compost heap of their own making. Schemers and liars find it hard to face the truth and always look ugly when revealed for what they are.

    • Eyes Green says:

      11:55am | 10/04/11

      Yes ATM - and that explains why Abbott still lags well behind Gillard in the personal popularity stakes. Too funny….

      As for intelligence…..‘Luok attttttttttt Moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, thee reaoll Juwliar!’ - You find that intelligent?
      The insiders was funny this morning, watching Abbott trying to figure out how an electric fence works - “Abbott proof fence” - good one Barry.

    • Simon says:

      11:59am | 10/04/11

      I agree, Julia Gillard is intelligent. You can’t get to the level she has attained, particularly in the way she attained it, without being intelligent. Even the people who agree with the carbon tax and flood levy will agree that the way her government has gone about promoting them is anything but intelligent, but that doesn’t mean JG isn’t an intelligent individual.

    • Adam says:

      01:07pm | 10/04/11

      @ Simon - “You can’t get to the level she has attained, particularly in the way she attained it, without being intelligent.”

      Are you kidding? You are getting correlation and causation all mixed up. She is a publicy elected official. She only requires votes, not intelligence or competency to “reach the level she has attained”. Hence there are no selection criteria, minimum qualifications or experience requirements to get the job of PM.

    • Dave says:

      10:22am | 11/04/11

      That’s the interesting thing about all this… a lot of labor & ex-labor supporters want Kevin Rudd back! Rudd is no fool.

      I admire and support his stance. He got robbed of his position by two scheming deputies. The Australian voters should have made the final judgement about him, not the warlords in the labor party. And, my bet is if Rudd went to re-election, he would have won with one hand tied behind his back.

      If he stands up to the Labor party, hopefully it teaches them a lesson - the leadership of our states and nation is NOT a political playtoy. Rudd was the people’s PM, and should have stayed so until voted out.

      Show em who’s boss, Kevin. If he can’t fix the sickness in Labor, no one can.

    • Kevin Anderson says:

      06:27am | 10/04/11

      Well,  she can call an early election.  Perhaps a double dis over the carbon tax.  The Dudd failed to do that with his ETS so that would really oneupman him.

      It would show Gillard as being one with the people and one of courage.

      And of course it will relegate her and her incompetent ilk to the unemployment lines, where, no doubt they belong.

    • Catching up says:

      10:25am | 10/04/11

      THERE are no grounds for a double dissolution.  I think the most that could happen is for the Lower House to go to the polls. 
      I do not think that the PM has the power to call an election. 
      Mr. Abbott would be asked to form a government.  He would have to prove he cannot govern before any election would be called.

      Mr. Abbott would still face a hostile senate for many years.

      For either side to govern, they need a majority on the floor of the lower house.

    • Joan says:

      11:58am | 10/04/11

      Gillard should go on Dancing with Stars or Celebrity Chef…. see how long she last sat that.  Didn’t Bligh do something like that.??... did her ratings correspond with politcal ratings? Anyone know?

    • I wish she would says:

      12:03pm | 10/04/11

      Problem is, she doesn’t need to call a double dissolution. By lying to the Australian people prior to the last election she managed to sneak back into government. After July 1st she’ll have the numbers in the upper house to impose the Greens Carbon Tax on us without ever having gained a mandate. The only possible hope of avoiding it is if the Greens again reach for too much and refuse to pass a semi-palatable version of the next cost of living increase tax.

    • Against the Man says:

      06:36am | 10/04/11

      Gilltard has a tough job and lots of problems of her own making. You know she has no idea what she is doing, talking and coming up with stupid ideas:

      Giltard - ‘oh look at me I’ve solved health care! Details? Oh bugger! Do you really need those?’

      Now Kevin Rudd is finally becoming a man and slowly exacting his pound of flesh and don’t forget Bob Brown and his sly demands. Gilltrad is the worst fake PM this country will ever have, and she is getting worse. Zero policy success, domestic and foreign policy understanding of a 2 year old and of course she is a terrible human being (remember back stabbing Rudd? remember her lack of emotions during the QLD floods? remember the carbon tax lie?).

      Gilltard a total and utter waste of space. I hope Kevin destroys her to the core, and it will be fun to watch smile

      ps: For all you Gilltard fanatics, the Kevin O’Seven revolution will be wiping you out and if you can’t back up your BS (like little boy Seano) than grow a pair and join Kevin in the Revolution HaHa!

    • acotrel says:

      07:14am | 10/04/11

      ‘Gilltrad is the worst fake PM this country will ever have, and she is getting worse.’

      And Tony Abbott is living proof that ‘shit happens’!

    • TChong says:

      07:59am | 10/04/11

      Dear AtM - gillards got no hope of fixing “Health”, not now since you were able to infiltrate and expose the “secret” deals between nurses unions and Roxon.
      Since today is usually quieter at Punch, maybe the moderators will allow the full story be posted? ( or is the hardback due out soon ?)
      I bet the Bourne Identity , Da Vinci Code or Wikileaks saga is but a pale imitation of intrigue and crusading, compared to your tale, AtM.
      I, for one, wait to hear just how you found out about those secrets.
      Any Albino Monks ?, helicopters?
      No wonder Roxon reads, takes note, and acts, when you get to the keyboard.
      Have a great day,  smile

    • Against the Man says:

      09:21am | 10/04/11

      TChong I’m surprised you still post on this forum, ALP hacks like you have been caught and caught out bad. I guess you are too simple minded to see the health care debacle. Not only haven’t they not fixed health they have wasted hundreds of millions in the process and now we see them slashing and burning to meet budget forecast - no dental plan as promised, massive research cuts. It isn’t looking good for the ALP. Just watching ABC news 24 and the Gilltard/Rudd breakdown is being highlighted in a very shameful way. BooHoo LABor troll TChong cries away…......

      Roxon can’t act on my advise because she lacks the intellectual ability to comprehend my points. Like you and the rest of the trolls, so I’ll leave you reminder links and leave you to wipe the egg from your face.

      Guess shit happens when the ALP are in government (of sorts) huh? smile

      You have a nice day Chong, the lack of results and achievements plus Rudd/Brown offensive is doing the ALP breakdown from within. smile

      ps: Penny Wong trying to explain the budget on ABC right now, it is bad folks…...she can’t defend the cuts, and she is not commenting on the research funding cuts. Sorry Chong game over.

    • B says:

      10:01am | 10/04/11

      You know TChong.  I see your labor stooge comments on nearly every post on the punch.  I really find you views on things to be offensive.  Your an uneducated, unemployed slob who spends there whole day sprouting garbage about Labor trying to back up the ridiculous things they do.

      The definition of insanity is:  A person who does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result.  Sound familiar with labor stooges?  Keep supporting the wrong party and you never get anything done!!!  I’m not insane so I am not going to spend my days wasting away, at trying to change your small, narrow-minded views of the world. 

      There are opinions, and then there are TChongs comments.  They are either a Labor Party stooge comment, or a complete lie absent of ANY factual evidence or REPUTABLE sources.  BTW TChong, the IPCC is NOT reputable. It has been proven many times before that they lie and fudge data to further there own interests.  Source(Any google search):

      Down with Greenies!!!  Up with progression!!!

    • C says:

      10:23am | 10/04/11

      “I’m not insane”
      Isn’t it funny how you’re the last to know.
      Or perhaps you will never know and stay in a state of denial.Seems to be your position on everything, much like Abbott.

    • Seano says:

      10:40am | 10/04/11

      AtM - you can keep throwing your personal insults in with your crazy rants. I no longer read them. You’re obviously barking, seek help.

    • The Badger says:

      10:48am | 10/04/11

      Looks like you hit an exposed nerve
      conspiracies abound in fringe-land.

    • Joombi O'Flaherty says:

      10:54am | 10/04/11

      You know, B, anyone who calls someone else an uneducated, unemployed slob, then proceeds to write “your an uneducated, unemployed slob who spends there whole day…” needs to look up the meaning of the word “ironic” in the dictionary. I really find your views on things to be offensive.

    • James In Footscray says:

      11:17am | 10/04/11

      “Roxon can’t act on my advise because she lacks the intellectual ability to comprehend my points.”

      Wow, Against the Man, you’re wasted posting comments on the Internet. Get yourself straight to Canberra and run the show! smile

    • Rose says:

      11:21am | 10/04/11

      Couldnt agree more. He’s one of a few punch trolls who LIVE ONLINE and rarely see the sunlight. Must be great sitting on your butt all day doing nothing but rambling on online blogs. But then Labor is quick giving dole bludgers handouts so they can do nothing but whine in in anon.

    • Against the Man says:

      12:27pm | 10/04/11

      Seano it looks like Rudd is getting to knife Gilltard and you are looking ever more the fool. HaHaHa keep posting more, the ALP sure could do with more loser supporters like you smile

      @ James, me in Canberra with those morons? It would be easier for me to train chimps smile

    • Seano says:

      01:08pm | 10/04/11

      “Loser”? I’m not the one thinking that irrational spite filled rants and insults are changing anyone’s opinion.

    • Against the Man says:

      02:33pm | 10/04/11

      Seano, it is Gillard and her government’s performance that is changing opinions. And I’ve said before, I’m happy to shut up if others can change my opinion. I’m not asking for much, just show me that this government is on the right track. Simple.

      So far everything from budget blowouts, to broken promises, more tax and unable to deliver policies from the Rudd era… isn’t looking good buddy.

    • Seano says:

      04:05pm | 10/04/11

      Go back and read some of your insane jibberish, bile and ranting. Why would anyone sensible person take you seriously?

    • Against the Man says:

      03:58pm | 11/04/11

      Poor Seano, just be glad you are not a teacher in LAbor led Tassie. Ouch another debate point you won’t be able to discuss.

      Making you look like a foolish ALP troll is too easy and lots of fun smile

    • biff says:

      07:21am | 10/04/11

      I pity the most nervous person in Canberra: Julia Gillard’s food taster. He or she must be thinking that every mouthful might be the last.

    • Pig watcher says:

      10:58am | 10/04/11

      @ biff - It does not seem to stop her shovelling it in,she is on holidays and at the Plastic surgeon as she want to be a presentable communist for the royal bash, all that free food,you can bet it wont be brain food she gorges on,A self indulgent slob this woman

    • The Badger says:

      02:27pm | 10/04/11

      Not everybody is as big an eater as your old lady.
      Pig watcher - good name for you.


      07:22am | 10/04/11

      Hi David,

      Even in our personal lives somehow, we all choose the remember the happier times!!  I am not certain how me Mr Kevin Rudd has ended up in his current situation, really!!  May be Mr Rudd has not done enough, to their own detriment his own Labor Party members as well!  As the Australian Public would definitely want and deserve a better deal from the one we have been served recently!!

      May be, we all do like the others, in order to look at the brighter and lighter side of life!!  After all the doom and gloom, I personally think that Mr Kevin Rudd could use some good news, just like the rest of the population!!  What is lacking in the Federal Labor Government is basically a sense of unity and togetherness, which is totally a negative, when you consider what has happened in the not too distant past.  Where do we all go from here??  Life is full of lessons for those who are truly willing to learn!!  Best regards to your editors.

    • Super D says:

      07:25am | 10/04/11

      Actually Gillard should sack Rudd, tell Wilkie to get stuffed on poker machines and the Greens to stick their wacko policies in a bin.  Basically she should call their bluff.  Can anyone actually imagine any of them bringing down a Labor government in the full knowledge Tony Abbott would become Prime Minister?  It’s just ridiculous to entertain for a second the thought that any of them would actually do it. 

      Each of them would simply rationalise their grievances - better to be in parliament and doing some good than out in the case of Wilkie, I won’t get to be known as the wronged hero in the case of Rudd, even the Greens have never been rational or pragmatic would learn fast.  Gillard could then run with the slogan “Nobody’s bitch” behind her.

    • Against the Man says:

      09:33am | 10/04/11

      So Super D you are saying Gillard is everybody’s bitch? Mmmmmm Fine Words the coward might not like to heat that. But who cares smile

      She makes her parents proud doesn’t she? smile

    • Adam says:

      09:47am | 10/04/11

      @ Super D - “Actually Gillard should sack Rudd, tell Wilkie to get stuffed on poker machines and the Greens to stick their wacko policies in a bin.”

      Or you could have just voted for the LNP. It would have achieved the same ends.

    • RobJ says:

      10:12am | 10/04/11

      Sack Rudd? She’d be sacking herself, the last thing Gillard needs is a bi-election in Rudd’s seat.

    • Why don't they just says:

      10:26am | 10/04/11

      Don’t you just love the retarded conservatives always trying to tell government what to do.
      It would be funny if you weren’t so pathetic.
      Hope you’re enjoying opposition, it suits you.

    • Joan says:

      11:40am | 10/04/11

      Actually the people of Australia should sack Gillard…. whistleblower Rudd just confirms and adds to the list of deceits of Gillard

    • James In Footscray says:

      07:37am | 10/04/11

      I sincerely love your work David P but ... didn’t Mark Kenny write exactly the same article yesterday?!

    • Freeman says:

      10:07am | 10/04/11

      there was also the similar article on the ABC yesterday. but the points made weren’t all the same. I guess there is a consensus that Rudd is acting rogue like.

    • John A Neve says:

      10:46am | 10/04/11


      “Consensus” of who or what?

      Rudd in hie own way is doing just what Pauline tried to do eg stir the pot.
      The very trouble with our political scene, is the fact our pollies try to conform. Party dogma is killing individual thought. If we continue with this, ‘the party is always right thing’, why have candidates? 
      We could all just vote for a party and then let the party members give the positions to whoever they like.

    • Freeman says:

      12:40pm | 10/04/11


      a consensus amongst journos that Rudd is out of control and that Gillard can do little about it. Pressure for pollies to tow the party line is nothing new. neither is a dis-jointed member out for revenge.

      do you really think Rudd has cut loose because of his dissagreement with the party’s direction? not me, I’m with the author in thinking his motivation is more personal. you gotta admit he’s an egotistical grub

    • Chris L says:

      09:14pm | 10/04/11

      Do you think this will at least stop the Lib fans from whinging about “media bias” to explain why they’re in opposition? Probably too much to hope for.

    • Damian Parkhill says:

      09:57pm | 10/04/11

      @James, yeah we saw the same article yesterday, while its a opinion I tend to be of the thought that more than one of these articles at a time is little more than slack journalism and the time that went into making it would be better spent on more pressing issues.

      Some examples - 

      “Gun rampage in Netherlands - Do gun controls really work?”

      “Teenage smoking - a tale of government refusal to ban a tax asset”

      “The names change but things remain the same - Eygptian protest once more”

      “Is there any point about trying to salvage a i-reputation?”

      Plenty of ideas pulled straight from the front page of yet we’re stuck with more of the same from the Punch

    • Colby says:

      07:37am | 10/04/11

      Methinks you read far too much into this.
      Create division where there is none.
      The media should report the news, not try to create it.

    • Paulb says:

      09:20am | 10/04/11

      Yep, no division to be seen here, just happy smiling faces and a room filled with love, move along…

    • Lance says:

      09:30am | 10/04/11

      You must be living under a rock.

    • Garry says:

      09:43am | 10/04/11

      Yes Colby, everything’s peachy. It’s all imaginary stuff.

    • Trent says:

      09:48am | 10/04/11

      Deluded, is the first word that comes to mind after reading your comment.
      “The media should report the news, not try to create it.”
      Um, I thought I heard Kevin talking to the media somewhere?

    • girder says:

      10:32am | 10/04/11

      some are easily led and you are some.
      enjoying opposition are you?
      well get used to it.

    • iansand says:

      07:51am | 10/04/11

      Oddly enough, this display of ego demonstrates why he should never have been leader.  Although that could be said about any politician, including Gillard.

    • CD says:

      10:16am | 10/04/11

      The desire to be a politician is the very reason a person should be banned from doing so….I paraphrase and apologies to the brilliant Billy Connelly for this line

    • Joan says:

      11:44am | 10/04/11

      Yep I`m with you ....thumbs down to Labor….

    • Tony of Poorakistan says:

      01:32pm | 11/04/11

      Actually ... his problems are the fact that he focuses too narrowly and he can’t delegate. He also needs to learn that when someone presents a PACKAGE solution, it is only a solution if you implement the whole package.
      I think he could learn to change this and he actually does have a few quality traits of hios own. He’s a better person and a better leader than Gillard.

    • Joel B1 says:

      07:54am | 10/04/11

      Sweet, sweet revenge, it’s worth it!

      Personally I prefer the decades long approach, but Rudd’s strategy is slowly winning me around to the short-term game.

      Love it!

    • Fed says:

      08:00am | 10/04/11

      Not a fan of either, but if Krudd wants a pound of flesh for revenge, I think he deserves it!

    • Phil says:

      08:08am | 10/04/11

      Intersting times indeed. The more he leaks the more I like Kevin. For all the laborites,

      I would love to see Juliar come out sack Kevin and call an election on climate change. That would be a fantastic result for all. I love hearing Wayne Swan try and sound regal but end up like a blubbering kid. (mind you I did personally agree on the ASX move he made)

      That way she can go back to being a no good lawyer at the left wing S & G and we can get a good government for Australia.

      The world is in for a tough time in the next 2 years, we need someone with ability running the show, not some puppet lacking in ability. I have said for 12 months, the US could default shortly that will send the world financial markets in a spin, congress late last week moved closer to that point,but that deadlock may have moved on since.

      If I were labor I would be considering who can lead them starting now. M/s Gillard is useless. But who, Swan (no chance) Shorten (maybe his MIL can assist)  Combet (could they afford another left winger union hack) or Rudd who even though he was not flash was much better than Gillard, not that this is a major achievement (I think even TC could do a better job than her)

      I think that the best KRUDD could hope for was Q & A with KRudd, JGillard, BShorten, WSwan, LOakes, TJones and ABolt, now that would rate its head off.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      11:23am | 10/04/11

      Good government for Australia? Where are we going to find that? Has some mythical political party popped up that I don’t know about?

    • Holly says:

      08:09am | 10/04/11

      Good grief another rehash of a rehash making my breakfast pretty indigestible.  It would be funny if it were not so serious.

      Please explain how Julia Gillard finds herself under siege from a man who has no numbers in caucus.  The caucus chooses the pm.

      Rather than “coquettish”, Rudd’s indiscreet and over the top behaviour is dangerous for someone who holds the position of foreign minister.  That should be your concern instead of fawning over his every word, encouraging his attention seeking behaviour.

    • Paulb says:

      09:35am | 10/04/11

      You don’t seem to be getting the bigger picture of paralyzed, divided government that this whole dirty scenario has given us, Holly.  Rudd has Gillard more nervous than Abbott could ever do. This is classic, almost traditional ALP division at work.  Of course the media will report it, and so they should as it cuts directly to the competence of our governance.  Open discussion of all this beats the time-honoured Stalinist method of airbrushing “disgraced” people out of State photos and footage all of a sudden.  Your breakfast would be a lot more indigestible if that were the state of our politics.

    • LAD says:

      09:35am | 10/04/11

      If Gillards polling keeps nose diving and Labors 2 p/p and primary sink further to unelectable levels, they will need to consider it if they want to survive. Especially if Rudd keeps improving in the polls, then he is the only answer they have to stay in Government.

    • Joan says:

      11:54am | 10/04/11

      Whistleblower Kev confirmed what all Australians suspected but gave benefit of doubt….  Gillard role in ETS .... Gillards deceit stands large and clear now ........ no matter how much she says it is past history, won’t discuss cabinet meetings etc etc.. Of course being an ex-lawyer don’t expect the truth of cabinet meetings to pass her lips, no way will she incriminate herself.
      Enjoy your hash browns Holly…. or was it rehash you were having this morning?

    • Kathy says:

      02:46pm | 10/04/11

      Holly, have you forgotten the Ace that Kevin holds up his sleeve?  She needs him, in order to hang on to the job she pinched from him.  It’s fantastic!! And to paraphrase Keating he is going to “repay” her slowly for the knifing.

    • Jade says:

      09:06am | 10/04/11

      “He has already become something of a martyr, particularly in his home state of Queensland”

      Bleh! I hate it when people say that us Queenslanders love and support Kevin *spew* I have only met 1 person (who can’t vote anyway) who thinks Kevin did a good job and would like him to be PM again.

    • CD says:

      10:28am | 10/04/11

      My God just how much do you get around?

      I live in Qld and I’d like to know how many people you’ve actually spoken to or did you miss Kev’s latest caper there? I enjoy the play with him and Gillard but that’s all. No time for either.

      At least I keep my opinions to at least semi factual.

    • jade says:

      01:32pm | 10/04/11

      I get around a bit wink All I am saying is that out of all the people I know/talk to about politics… all aren’t a fan.  I am not stating any facts.

    • Eyes Green says:

      02:31pm | 10/04/11

      A Queenslander giving political advice - now that is a joke, considering what politicians they have already dumped on the Australian political scene. Which electorate does the QLD opposition leader represent?  - Do you know? - the constituents who elected him?

      Too much alcohol mixed with the Sun has a severe effect on the brain.

    • Steve of Cornubia says:

      09:07am | 10/04/11

      Why do you dismiss the anti-tax rallies as absurd, David? Are you, as seems to be true of most lefties, of the opinion that, if you’re not of the Left, you don’t deserve a voice?

    • Freeman says:

      10:15am | 10/04/11

      eaxctly, why was it absurd? apparently because one guy had a sign that said “gillard is bob browns bitch”. while that sign has an element of truth to it, it wasn’t the message the whole congregation was pushing. I think the lefties were truly stunned to see conservatives rally against anything because we usually do our protesting at the ballot box.

    • CD says:

      10:21am | 10/04/11

      Spot on Steve….about to comment on that just now. Why was this rally absurd Penbo?

      Note when writing of Gillard it was ‘that carbon tax’ not ‘that lie of a carbon tax’

      Oh to actually have a piece written with facts alone and not journalistic opinion…. Oops forgot these days they do seem to feel their opinions elect govts and are awaited by all like pieces from a religious book.

    • B says:

      09:23am | 10/04/11

      Labor stooge article.  All I can say!!!!

      Fancy calling the Anti-Climate Change rally Absurd.  IT WASNT ABSURD. It was critical thinking, intelligent, Australian’s who have a concern for the future of this country.  A thing YOU David seem to not care about!!  Its not Absurd when you offer a differing opinion or want to protest.  Its called a democracy for a reason. 

      I know you, the greens, and the labor stooges want a Socialist Paradise to be created is Australia where only YOUR views are worth anything (as if they re worth anything now anyway)

      Im sick of the punch giving air/digital electronic signals to these Socialist Wankers.  They advocate the view that they are superior and anyone elses view does not matter.  Well in the scheme of things what you say doesnt matter.  because the Majority of this country see through your ridiculous lie.  Your in the Minority David.  Enjoy it because in 10 years we will all be saying, “I told you so, Climate Change is a HOAX”

      How to keep something secret:  Do it out in the open and no one will notice what your doing!!  Do it in secret and everyone will try to find out what it is!!

    • C says:

      10:29am | 10/04/11

      Lunatic fringe calling others stooges.
      Enjoying life on the fringe? Vote for Pauline did you?
      xenophobic capitalist wanker you are.

    • Seano says:

      10:39am | 10/04/11

      “It was critical thinking, intelligent, Australian’s who have a concern for the future of this country. “

      Would the bit where the called the PM a witch and a bitch be evidence of inteligence or critical thinking?

    • Rubber Monkey says:

      11:28am | 10/04/11

      B, read your own comments if you want to see an example of absurdity.  You say “I know you, the greens, and the labor stooges want a Socialist Paradise to be created is Australia where only YOUR views are worth anything (as if they re worth anything now anyway)”  Then you say “Its called democracy for a reason”.

      Newsflash Einstein, the last 2 democratic elections held in this country rejected the coalition and elected Labor.  If you really believed in democracy you wouldn’t write the dogmatic drivel you do.  You don’t though, you want to tell everybody else what to do and how to think.

      Good luck with that you tosser.

    • Levi says:

      12:11pm | 10/04/11

      Rubber Monkey and C…...Proof that lefties can not, under any circumstances, comment without name calling. “Xenophobic capitalist wanker” and “tosser”, the refuge of scared little greenies who know that they are going to be wiped out at the next election by the very thing they fear the most, an evil CATHOLIC. Haha. Your belived Ms Roxon questioned Abbotts’ motivations when he completed the Iron Man Challenge. That’s the definition of an extremist, a HEALTH MINISTER who criticises someones fitness to score cheap political points. I thought it showed a healthy work/life balance, but hey what would i know being an evil conservative?

      I think there are less extremists these days on the right than there are on the left. Anti-semitism anybody? Staple diet of the greens.

      Oh yes and let’s introduce two new taxes, one on mining, the other on EVERYTHING. Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Watch foreign investment flood into Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Brazil etc. now. While we can sit back and give ourselves a pat on our now impoverished backs saying “At least we decreased global emissions by 0.1%” YAY!!

      Enjoy government while you can people. Once again it will be left to us to pick up the pieces

    • C says:

      12:46pm | 10/04/11

      You are a “Xenophobic capitalist wanker” and “tosser”.
      struck a chord with you didn’t it you naughty boy?

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      01:16pm | 10/04/11

      Political Parties that govern for the good of Australia, “critical thinking, intelligent, Australian’s (sic) who have a concern for the future of this country.” It is like I’ve wandered into the Twilight Zone where these mythical things actually exist…..

    • Ben81 says:

      02:47pm | 10/04/11

      OK the original post here is over the top and a little unhinged, but is there really any illustration of weaker minds on the internet than those who come in and do nothing but call people names then follow that up with the “oooh, struck a nerve did I” kind of stuff?

    • Chris L says:

      09:27pm | 10/04/11

      “Labor stooge article.  All I can say!!!!” - wow, even an article that practically drools over the possibility that there is some dissention in the Labor party isn’t good enough for some right wingers.

      Funny how that childish name calling didn’t upset Levi at all, but somehow those responding to it did.

    • Thjinking Voter says:

      09:35am | 10/04/11

      My problemis not what Julia can’t do about Kevin but what I can’t do about Julia as well as Kevin - until the next election.

    • chungo mung says:

      10:18am | 10/04/11

      Are you a journo Penbo? I feel, that partisan assumption and the construction of your own truth really don’t make for a form of genuine journalism. Of course, we do live in an age where ‘opinion’ is the new ‘reporting of the facts’. Underneath it, this is the same old story seeking to divide your enemy, with literary licence and antagonisation. And the same old story people have been harping on about since Q and A the other night.

      It seems that the desperation of many people to see the crumbling of this govt, over-rides desire for the country to be run well. If conservative attitudes win in the end, and see to the demise of the govt (which is not the real purpose of an opposition in a democratic system) we will have successfully disrupted the progress of our nation for the desires of a conservative (lib/nat) portion of the nation who self righteously believe (as a given) that only their ideology should run this country. I say this in an analogous way, not a legally precise way, but seeking the demise of a nations govt, seeking leadership change so far out of the election cycle without due course (outside of not liking the way things are being done on an ideological level) is some treasonous stuff. Regardless of what way I vote at an election, when the peoples opinions have dictated a course for the nation (in this case the democratic outcome sees Labour hold on to power with the influence of greens and indies) then for the sake of the country and in respect of democratic process, you have to accept the result. You can oppose the ideas and offer alternatives but niggling away at every weakness you can find in the hope of felling the sitting govt is so oblivious to democratic process (which is what we have) and the running of the nation.

      The more i read this type of journalism, the more i feel as though journo’s out there are just choosing to platform their own personal belief agendas. In doing so trying to effect the political landscape by rustling up reality out of the presumptions and interpretations they dream up - in the world of their own partisan perspectives.

    • Liz says:

      10:49am | 10/04/11

      Journalists could ask Kevin Eleven if he recalls the Pinocchio PM’s 6th March 2006 statement, and if he believes it to be true:

      Gillard:  “One of the things that I least respect in politics is people who lack loyalty. It’s not in me to be like that.”

    • Ben81 says:

      10:50am | 10/04/11

      Absurd -
      1. utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false: an absurd explanation.

      Well let’s see, they were protesting against a tax to change the weather that simply won’t change the weather that we were specifically and explicitly promised wouldn’t happen in the first place during the election campaign, how is that even remotely ‘absurd’?  Are you sure you didn’t mean to apply that description to the carbon tax?

      I saw a few twits with absurd signs and a few people there with interesting views which is par for the course at rallies, but you’re just going to have to get used to people making noise about it David.

    • Col. of Blackburn says:

      11:03am | 10/04/11

      I am sure that all those family groups, middle aged old farts like me and the senior citizens who attended the Melbourne rally would welcome your thoughts that they were attending a ridiculous rally. Nobody has yet commented on the fact that a lot of the ‘silent majority’ got out and spoke!

    • Holly says:

      11:04am | 10/04/11

      To Paul B bless him, the bigger picture I get is of a very strong determined woman doing the hard yards for the future of this country.  Meanwhile two “boy men” Rudd and Abbott parade around- clear cases of arrested development , stuck in some egotistical “look at me” mode of behaviour.  Who is creating the bigger picture you see - the media no less.  Meanwhile on the sidelines we have another sandpit tantrum from Wilkie.

      Rudds polling only reflects what the coalition respondents tell the pollsters.  In the same manner that Labor respondents put Turnbull above Abbott when asked who would make better pm.

    • Mickael says:

      01:34pm | 10/04/11

      Rudd looked pretty popular walking around Hurstville being swamped like a movie star by hundreds of people , cheering and waving. Everywhere he goes he gets the same treatment, happens in Qld too of course on a regualr basis.
      I don’t see Turnbull getting a hero’s welcome when he’s out.
      I’m an Abbott/Coalition supporter, but I must say I’m really starting to like Kevin11. He really is a hero.

    • Rosie says:

      06:09pm | 10/04/11

      @ Mickael

      Yup, like you am a Abbott/Coalition supporter but starting to like and appreciate very much how Kevin 11 is going about his job! Bravo to Kevin 11 the Legend!

    • Felipe says:

      11:21am | 10/04/11

      I wonder what the 3 independents (Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie) are waiting for.  Are they waiting for total destruction of Labor and the country before they act? Or are they so scared of a new election when they face their electorates once more to beg for their votes.  If they do a turnaround and give the Coalition the majority now, they can salvage the their reputation and have a much healthier chance of being reelected come 2013.

    • Against the Man says:

      12:35pm | 10/04/11

      The 3 stooges are finished. Windsor will retire as a reclusive country boy. Okie and family will eventually migrate to escape the perpetual shame and Wilkie will most likely go insane and shoot up a casino (no people were hurt but 20 pokie machines didn’t stand a chance).

    • Bruce says:

      04:03pm | 10/04/11

      Felipe: The 3 stooges are not that bright or strong on principle. They all know this term in government is their only chance for their peice of lifetime glory (or shame). I believe they will stick it out and compromise their principles for powers sake. If they did have the courage to swap sides, and who is say they might swap again, the LNP would have to immediately call an election to clear the decks, which would most probably wipe out the independents and most of the greens. No ! the stooges have made their bed and they are going to lie in it !

    • Eyes Green says:

      12:01pm | 10/04/11

      Way too funny ATM - The ALP now have two preferred leaders far more popular in the peoples mind than Tony Abbott…ha ha ha, that’s funny.

    • Against the Man says:

      12:39pm | 10/04/11

      Come on Green eyes get them to call my bluff. Lets have a double dissolution election. What have you to lose? It would be your chance to wipe out Abbott… you guys promised to do last time? Now that is way too funny.

    • the whisperer says:

      12:10pm | 10/04/11

      The pastime of the empty people, calling someone, or some group vile names, has become very popular in this posting area. ‘The P.M. is a ‘bitch’, the P.M. is a liar, a coward, an athiest, a woman”, so on ad infinitm. No one seems to have any answers to the P.M. solving problems, just vitreol. If Tony Abbott was P.M.,  the same people would be reminding us of how he considers women inferior, how his Catholic masters in Rome dictate his every move through the thoroughly disgraced Cardinal Pell, wouldn’t they. How he resorts to foul language when he can’t manage a response worthy of those he represents when overseas. Us. I can’t recall any of the posters saying he should have said “this” or “that”.  It all reminds me of the crowd of blokes, (and shielas), standing on the sidelines because they lack the ability to be selected, shouting abuse at those who put their hands up. And if any of you were in a room, with only the P.M., would you rant and rave and call her names? Of course you wouldn’t. And we all know why.
      By the way, (I hate acronyms), when you attack someone for a typo or “using a word that doesn’t exist”, just remember, we all make mistakes, yes, even you. And like the brainsmall troglodytes of bygone eras we would all be grunting away if no-one had used a word that “didn’t exist”. 
      And ATM and Bob, et al. Find a purpose in life. There’s a whole world out there without mindless hate.

    • Eyes Green says:

      12:15pm | 10/04/11

      When push comes to shove - The Australian public will support Julia Gillard over Tony Abbott any day.

      The worst mistake Abbott made was saying ‘shit happens’ when young Australian soldiers lose their lives, or was he only joking about loss of life?

      The only perceived mistake Gillard made was putting her country first, before that of the LNP!

    • Against the Man says:

      12:41pm | 10/04/11

      So call a DD election, come on what are you afraid of? Oh thats right Eyes Green like the ALP is full of hot air…..........keep running scared smile

    • Ben81 says:

      12:51pm | 10/04/11

      Nice barrel scraping there.

    • Andy says:

      01:42pm | 10/04/11

      And another rattled ALP/Gillard supporter in tears.

    • Eyes Green says:

      01:47pm | 10/04/11

      @ ATM - Do you even understand what a double dissolution of parliament is, or what is required for one to be called?? Some reading would do you well.

      @ Ben81 - Just stating it as I see it, after years of copping it, sometimes I give it back.

      Tony Abbott has admitted that unless the words coming from his mouth are scripted, that voters cannot trust him to tell the truth. So which leader is more truthful? I can answer that…Doctor Bob Brown - the only politician in Canberra with any integrity what so ever.

    • Against the Man says:

      02:35pm | 10/04/11

      Yes, I do.

      Gonna call one?

    • Ben81 says:

      02:40pm | 10/04/11

      Oh yes, Bob Brown is a good well meaning bloke.  I’ll give him that.  Pity about his party and policies.

    • Bris Jack says:

      04:33pm | 10/04/11

      What BS, where have you been?

    • james milton says:

      07:30pm | 10/04/11

      “Doctor Bob Brown - the only politician in Canberra with any integrity what so ever. “

      AHAHAHAHA!!!! Gold, Jerry, Gold!!

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      10:16pm | 10/04/11

      @Against the Man- A Double Dissolution can only be called under Section 57 if the Bill has been rejected twice by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both are dissolved by the Governor General. The Prime Minister or the political party in power have no power to call a double dissolution, although it might be possible to engineer one….

    • St. Michael says:

      12:09am | 11/04/11

      @ Shane from Melbourne: although in reality the PM is the one to trigger the process, since the Governor General (well, except for that lovely comic series of moments in 1975) always follows the PM’s advice or instructions as a matter of Constitutional protocol.  The PM would probably call on the GG to say two bills had been rejected by the Senate.  The GG, after some fannying about, would ask if she wanted a DD.  The PM would say yes.  The GG would then dissolve both Houses and instruct a general election be called.

    • jim says:

      12:50pm | 10/04/11

      Kevin Rudd doesn’t need a comeback. He’s already cemented in history his footprint and as far as I’m concerned, thats good enough accomplishment for a lifetime.

      We’ll wait for the rest of Labor to get decimated

    • drsusancalvin says:

      01:57pm | 10/04/11

      I think I get it. Newspapers are a business, good journalism costs money. It must be more efficient, (but not effective) to just make stuff up. Please,  less opinion and more substance.

    • MrRight says:

      02:23pm | 10/04/11

      Sorry Julia.

    • Shallow says:

      02:27pm | 10/04/11

      Kevin Rudd will outsmart Gillard who is so out of her depth as PM that she Gillard belongs in shallow water because she ie so shallow herself! Now that Gillard has been under public scrutiny as PM the public dont like what they see!
      Gillard can go back to being eg a minister for (shallow) water because she simply cant handle foreign affairs ! Gillard is a policy free zone so too bad for her if KRudd hits back at her! So what was he supposed to do be a pushover so Juliar can get a free run! Not on her life so good on you Kevin sock it to her the public are with you by a clear mile!

    • Jamie says:

      02:36pm | 10/04/11

      As much as I would love to see KR back as PM, I don’t want his childish shenanigans to ruin Labor’s chances at another term. Be the bigger man, Mr. Rudd and support your party.

    • Lee from WA says:

      02:58pm | 10/04/11

      Labor is getting what it deserves.

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      03:27pm | 10/04/11

      Have all the journos in this country got so bored they have to make up this crap?

      Every Murdoch editorial has been exactly the same and none of them amount to a hill of beans.

    • TimB says:

      07:21pm | 10/04/11

      Tsk tsk. Poor Marilyn. The denial you must be in.

      Exactly which part is being made up according to your demented mind?

    • james milton says:

      07:32pm | 10/04/11

      “Make up this crap?”

      I take it you didn’t see Rudd’s performance on Q&A?

      Nothing is being made up, we are witnessing the collapse of Labor and it’s extremely entertaining!!

    • Tator says:

      07:48pm | 10/04/11

      Well Maz,
      You are reading it - say no more.

    • Edward James says:

      10:43am | 11/04/11

      @ Marilyn Shepherd, Why do you think so many of the alleged members of the two parties not much preferred are so keen to spin political history, which is all about our perceptions?  If Kevin Rudd is willing to be so talkative lets all of use using post as a political soap box to publicly revisit the alleged cover up of rape and abuse in children’s homes in Queensland. No doubt there are plenty of anon posters who have something to offer the proletariat visiting this Punch string. What a shame so many posting here are not willing to identify themselves. Could it be most of them need to remain anonymous paid party hacks because readers believe they have identified as having political barrows to push ?
      Edward James

    • Edward James says:

      10:43am | 11/04/11

      @ Marilyn Shepherd, Why do you think so many of the alleged members of the two parties not much preferred are so keen to spin political history, which is all about our perceptions?  If Kevin Rudd is willing to be so talkative lets all of use using post as a political soap box to publicly revisit the alleged cover up of rape and abuse in children’s homes in Queensland. No doubt there are plenty of anon posters who have something to offer the proletariat visiting this Punch string. What a shame so many posting here are not willing to identify themselves. Could it be most of them need to remain anonymous paid party hacks because readers believe they have identified as having political barrows to push ?
      Edward James

    • michael j says:

      03:43pm | 10/04/11

      I don’t care anymore my love for the ALP died the day bob hawke made false promises while pissed,,, trouble is that’s not really a lie ,is it ?

    • The Redman says:

      03:56pm | 10/04/11

      Well, I hope if Rudd comes back that he’s learned from his mistake. His biggest single mistake was not calling an election after two years of his first term (like Howard did). Rudd had the vast majority of opinion behind him and there was a clear frustration from those who voted for the ALP in 2007 at the Coalition’s refusal to recognise the result and to continue to block the ALP’s election policies. I have absolutely no doubt that had Rudd called in 2009, he would have gained the Senate, or at least the Coalition would have lost the balance of power - as they did in 2010. If he was advised not to call after the initial climate change bill was rejected twice in the Senate (or any of the several of the bills that where rejected more than once), then it was very poor advice indeed. If it was his own decision, it was a foolish one. He would without doubt still be PM.

      Secondly, related to the above, he seems to have surrounded himself with singularly incompetant and inexperience advisors, especially when it is so apparent that they allowed Rudd to be completely outmoenourvered, not to mention totally blindsided by Gillards’ supporters.

      But my understanding is that a major point of discontent with Rudd was his style of leadership, as least as much if not more than his policies.  It has been widely reported that his style was more dictatorial that consensus, and he was obsessed by the minutae of every single matter. He lost support of his Ministry because he didn’t let Ministers have the freedom to do their jobs. He made virtually every major, and even minor, announcement himself.

      I don’t mind a PM having a temper, but it appears that much of his temper tantrums were petulance, rather than passion; his anger directed against those who differed from his views. In many ways, Rudd’s wish for reform was on par with Whitlam’s. The problem Whitlam had was that none of his colleagues had any experience of Government - the ALP had been out of power for 25 years. That was not the case with Rudd, and he failed to take advantage of the significant experience of Governance within the Party.

      That is not to say that the leader cannot have a significant say in policy, but to ignore the views of talented, educated and passionate people in the cabinet can only lead to a loss of favour. If a leader is insistant on a policy which many in the Party feel is wrong or misdirected, then the leader must convince the party by the force of his or her argument and personality, not by the force of ones temper.

      I think the ALP will win in 2013 whether the leader is Gillard or Rudd. But if Rudd is going to resume the top job, then I truly hope he has learned from his many

    • confuzzled says:

      05:16pm | 10/04/11

      Why do people think this is a bad thing? I’m sick of parties towing the line that everyone in the party agrees with everything… It’s time for MORE politicians to come out and say what they truly think. I’m sick of the idiots on this country punishing Labor for essentially trying to be truthful, when it was the same idiots who had a go at them for lying. And no, i’m not pro-Labor, i just wish people understood the benefits of healthy debate, that is the point of democracy, at the moment we essentially have a system of two autocratic parties with seldom differences fighting over the small amount of swinging seats.

    • Edward James says:

      11:24am | 11/04/11

      Healthy debate cant happen while politicians sail under a false flag. We have just had an election in NSW where the alternate, Liberal National Coalition promised change,  while actively supporting party members who were suspect based on their past performance. Now I am wondering how much money I must spend in full page ads to expose their duplicity? to political attack ads
        Edward James 0243419140

    • hermes says:

      06:23pm | 10/04/11

      I genuinely don’t know anyone who likes Julia Gillard, or thinks she is doing a good job. Perhaps some do, but like in the dying days of John Howard’s term, are too embarrassed to admit it. On the other hand, I know many people who think Kevin Rudd was badly done over; and are finding his revenge extremely amusing. And my friends and family run the gamut of political opinions, from hard left socialist greenies, all the way to very conservative voters…the only thing they have in common politically is the opinion that Labor is stuffing up goverment…and Gillard and Swan are the worst of a bad bunch.

    • Shane says:

      08:19pm | 10/04/11

      Briefly read all your comments and the best bit is you all missed the fact that they both hate the unions they want the middle ground Australians, yet you all keep voting for the Labour pardy as Julya calls it. Kev wants ultimate control the rest are there for support if it all turns pear shaped, Julya wants everyone involved as long as it’s her signature on the final draft if it get’s through even better. All Julya wants you to remember is that when Wayne and whatever his name is ‘‘was’’ in New York they made an impression. Sad fact is that most Labour voters were taking their children to their private schools when Jules made this statement and the kids broke out in hilareous laughter that the PM could make such a grammitical mistake on such a hyperbowl!

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      12:10am | 11/04/11

      What the hell is a “grammitical mistake”? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and all that jazz….Also a little invention called punctuation might help

    • jack spratt says:

      08:09am | 11/04/11

      It’s easy to get confused with this Rudd Stuff. He is a snotty little attention grabber who, as FM, has just made yet another grave error in wanting to get stuck into Libya which has become another Vietnam. He doesn’t accept that a few old ladies weeping at a street stroll means nothing when the rest of the population despises his crass conceit. Julia has made dozens of bad mistakes and he sees it. Let them both gallop off into the sunset and wait till the LNPs exhaust their popularity in 10 years. By then Labor will have top guns like Howes and Shorten and Combet and other pinko unionists ready to step up. WOW, what class !!!

    • casba says:

      08:32am | 11/04/11

      I used to think we could not do worse than KRudd for PM until we got Julia. However, now I am iniclined to say, ‘Come back Kevin, all is forgiven.’ At least his speech is not an embarrassment when he opens his mouth like she is.  Last week on ‘7:30 Report ’ with Chris Uhlmann, I heard her pronounce ‘hyper bowl’ when she was meaning to say ‘hyperbole’, when she was referring to the buzz around Kevin’s appearance on ‘Q & A’ last week.  That a PM does not know how to pronounce this word is appalling, especially given that she wants to raise the standard of education in ‘this nation’! Is this proof that she probably does not write her own material and is just sprouting from a prepared speech that someone else had written for her or is it another sign of her lack of that special something that our political leaders should exude? The saddest and most telling thing about this ignorance however, is that not one journalist has even commented on this embarrassing gaffe yet, not even after the news grab was replayed on ‘Insiders’ yesterday morning!

    • Andy says:

      04:19pm | 11/04/11

      Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt both commented on her “hyperbowling”. Check it out, it’s a crack-up. They also pointed out that Combet and Keating were offenders with this word as well.

    • mc says:

      01:56pm | 11/04/11

      Casba, Channel 7 likened the prime minister’s ‘hyperbole’ moment to Kath & Kim, repeatedly showing segments from 7.30 and the Kath & Kim episode about wanting to be ‘effluent’.

    • ian says:

      02:41pm | 11/04/11

      Rudd had his chance as Prime Minister and failed…its time for him to grow up and stop acting like a spoilt attention seeking brat.  It was not Julia’s decision alone that dismissed him as PM but that of the Labor caucus.  If Rudd keeps on acting like he is, then Labor should get rid of him before he destroys the ALP’s chances of re-election, thats if he has not succeeded in doing that already.  If any politician has a big smile on his face it would be Tony Abbott, he’s getting a free ride to becoming the next Prime Minister.

    • Peter says:

      06:06pm | 11/04/11

      Juliar has no intent of sacking Rudd, nor indeed is worried about a by-election. Her greatest fear is Rudd turning Independant, no by-election just a rampant Rudd on the loose, and he may even choose to back a different minority Government.

    • Emily says:

      08:45pm | 11/04/11

      Why some people still has such rosy memory of Rudd the Dudd?  He was there when all these failed Labor policies were delivered: $900 bribe to everyone; pink batts; BER; refugee; NBN; carbon tax etc etc.  He is just as useless and brainless as Gillard the Harlot and Swan the goose.  M Ferguson and Crean have at least half a brain each.  Rudd, Gillard and Swan add together don’t even have half a brain share between them.  The only value Gillard and Rudd have now is to provide inspiration for the future script writers on “Yes Minister” TV series.  For general public it is as entertaining as “Mud wrestling”: some would find it entertaining, some just totally disgusted with it.


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