Tonight is Australian TV’s night of nights – the red carpet love-fest that is the Logies. But really, is there anything worth celebrating about Aussie television?

The ugly, talentless, and deeply unpopular Asher Keddie. NB - this is sarcasm, folks. Pic: Supplied

Yes we’ve got more choice than ever before, with the four major channels boosted by an increasing array of digital and Foxtel offerings.

But choice can be deceptive – and if I had a dollar for every time I clicked the remote these days, I could well have outbid Seven and Foxtel for the rights to AFL. Put simply: there’s nothing worth watching.

Remember the Sunday movie blockbuster? You looked forward to it all weekend and talked about it all day Monday. Not anymore. Now it’s Bones, CSI: Somewhere or NCIS: Someplace Else.

Crime. Increasingly gruesome, gratuitous crime has spread like a virus across the viewing week. And if you don’t like crime, you’re force-fed a diet of reality TV that either celebrates culinary creativeness or champions calorie curtailment.

Not just one, watchable cooking or calorie show a week, mind you, but one tedious milk-this-baby-for-all-it’s-worth offering almost every night. With a mind-numbing bombardment of cross-branded commercials to match.

Of course there are exceptions. Australia still produces some excellent news and current affairs shows, particularly ABC and SBS (and my fave locally is Channel 7 news).

Paper Giants, the story of Cleo magazine, was a ripper (and not surprising given the programming vacuum, proved a ratings winner for ABC 1). The Underbelly franchises have unearthed a wealth of Australian talent, Richard Roxburgh’s Rake proved scriptwriting is not dead and the Masterchef finals week is always worth a watch.

But mostly, choosing the night’s viewing is about picking the best of a bad bunch. The much anticipated Offspring was just one more series about an insecure woman needing a man to complete her, while the lame Winners and Losers is currently going three better with four dithering chicks (and in true-to-form Australian stereotyping, the fattest girl is the most insecure of them all). Even Packed to the Rafters needed a death to resurrect increasingly lame storylines.

So the surfing begins, and on to the digital channels we flick. Ancient movies and decades-old US TV series rendered virtually unwatchable by the sheer magnitude of highly targeted ads (bogan blokes on Mate, perky babes on Gem).

Foxtel once lived at our house, but it just got too expensive. By the time we’d selected all the packages needed for access to a handful of our favourite lifestyle, children’s and movie channels, the bill was pushing $1000 a year.

That’s a lot of coin for a non-essential item. Instead of a massive selection of compulsory programs I’ll never watch, how about a modest fee for the few channels I actually like – or is that a choice too far?

Not yet confident to download movies from the internet or into the habit of ordering flicks by post, I remain in the small screen wilderness: spoilt for rotten choice; channel surfing like Kelly Slater; and more often than not switched off by primetime.

Seems I’m part of a nationwide exodus. 

Former TV producer Helen Parker revealed on The Punch that a good TV show in the 1980s attracted about five million viewers, or more than a third of Australia’s population of 14 million. Today’s population is 20 million, but shows that pull just 1.2 million viewers are deemed as ratings gold.

Last week the AFL signed a $1.253 billion, five-year television rights deal with Channel 7, Foxtel and Telstra, making it the biggest deal in Australian sporting history.

Oh, for a record-breaking investment in the production of true ‘quality Australian drama’.

Instead, we wait for months for a decent local show (bring on Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys) while imported programs are repeated or dragged way past their use-by date. Remember Seven’s marketing campaign during of the Australian Open tennis this year? The biggest fanfare was saved for Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy moving to the same night.

So when Logies host Shane Bourne cracks his first gag at Melbourne’s Crown this evening, will I be glued to the box? I’d rather clean the oven.

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    • Tim says:

      06:33am | 01/05/11

      Lucky that I have Fox and love sport. Australian Tv has always been about pandering to the lowest common denominator.
      Seriously, its no wonder that that people watch Packed To The Rafters
      when Kath and Kim is apparently an Australian classic.
      Bogans rule Aussie Tv.

    • Mik says:

      10:55am | 01/05/11

      Bogans rule Australia.

    • nossy says:

      11:40am | 01/05/11

      @Tim whats wrong with Kath and Kim Timmy - thats my favourite show !

    • Mayday says:

      12:19pm | 01/05/11

      Used to think channel 9 was the most bogan channel but it appears that channel 7 have caught up.
      The Logies will be cringeworthy indeed and I for one am so glad for the non commercial channels particularly SBS.
      Chris Lilley, Rake and Paper Giants have been the only standouts this year all on the ABC.
      Thank heavens I can read!!

    • Condor says:

      02:04pm | 01/05/11

      Kath and Kim was satire. One of the best TV shows Australia has ever done. It really poked fun at bogans and most bogans didn’t understand that which made it even more delicious.

      Lainie - if you’re not prepared to download TV shows then you are really missing out on some brilliant TV that will never be shown in Australia because it doesn’t appeal to brain dead bogans and thus won’t attract sufficient ratings to be held by an Australian network.

    • Mitch says:

      03:37pm | 01/05/11

      I don’t know how it is that people make these ridiculous generalisations like “bogans rule Australia” without their heads imploding. In case you hadn’t noticed, Television is rubbish EVERYWHERE. That’s the nature of the medium, it’n not just lowest common denominator, it’s the lowest common denominator of the most stupid and gullible people on the planet.

      The problem for television is nobody with half a brain watches anymore and have far more entertainment options. If they ever happen to be trapped somewhere with a TV on, they will ignore the advertisements anyway. The only way TV can make money is producing shit for gullible idiots that think ads are funny, so stop watching and find something else to do.

    • Mik says:

      07:19pm | 01/05/11

      @Mitch - I agree about the inherent and universal crapness of TV. The fact remains that Australia is a Boganocracy.

    • Bob says:

      12:01am | 02/05/11

      Not true. Australia’s far more of a whineocracy.

    • acotrel says:

      05:25am | 02/05/11

      I’m just about to buy a lap top and connect it to my flat screen TV.  Downloading gives a better range of options than cable or satellite.  Bring on the NBN!!

    • acotrel says:

      05:36am | 02/05/11

      @Mitch I’m largely immune from TV advert ising.  I’ve got a bad dose of cognitive dissonance which effectively means that I literally don’t hear LIES.  The only ads, I’ve noticed of recent times is the one about ‘doggy dentures’, and the one a bout the bloke with the lawn mower who’s going to cut his neighbour’s lunch,  and I still don’t know what products they’re promoting. I don’t watch much TV these days since SelecTV sold out, a nd I no longer get cheap satellite TV.  I don’t know why people pay so much to advertise on TV, it must be pretty ineffective on most people? Unless they are dim?

    • acotrel says:

      05:40am | 02/05/11

      @nossy I love Kath and Kim too.  Kath reminds me so much of my ex! And Sharon is just like one of her friends.  Perhaps we need to do a ferals version of Neighbours?

    • acotrel says:

      05:46am | 02/05/11

      Nossy.  There’s an old bachelor friend of mine who had never seen Kath & Kim.  He lives in a little backwater on the Mornington Peninsular which is full of bogans.  I showed him some of their episodes, and now he’s a dedicated fan.  The programme actually has some meaning for him!

    • Muttley says:

      12:26pm | 02/05/11

      The reason the term bogan is thrown around so much is quite simple. It is an easy way for sad,insignificant people to look down their nose at others. It says more about the user than it does the target.

    • Mik says:

      09:52am | 03/05/11

      @ Bob - whineocracy and boganocracy are almost equivalent
      @ Acrotel - $40 billion seems a bit much for faster TV downloads
      @ Muttleu - I’m a bogan and I’m proud

    • John A Neve says:

      06:36am | 01/05/11

      People love their TV, it’s soothing, repetitious and requires lttle thought. So why spoil it for the viewers and TV stations?
      It’s cheap to produce and if you miss a show on this station, just go to another one, it’ll be on there.
      For those that can’t or won’t cook, the can see real food and how to cook it while munching on their Macca’s.
      TV and politics are the mirrors of a society.

    • Edward James says:

      03:57am | 02/05/11

      With over twenty thousand hours of free to air TV each week I use multiple hard drives to to record twelve hour blocks of programs then click through and cherry pick shows which I may like avoiding all the problems of program over runs and that annoying thing where it is obvious now stations no longer finish right on the half so viewers can change stations and get the beginning of another program. I am able to skip all the intrusive ads, able to rewind and listen until i understand the mumbled dialog.  I am also starting to enjoy watching programs I miss by visiting the channels on the WWW. Next I intend to explore the overseas offerings available by installing a virtual private network on my computer, perhaps explore a new language?  I noticed when watching programs on line the number of ads is so low it comes as a shock I have not worked out how to avoid them but don’t mind they are not intrusive when compared to seven or more ads in each brake on Australian commercial TV. Cross media promotion, market placement, wardrobe malfunctions, are all developing virtual calluses on viewers and listeners acceptance. I have paid for access to interactive news media in the past and may do so again What will advertisers do next, once they realize most consumers resent their boring and repetitive intrusions.? Edward James

    • Frank K says:

      08:02am | 01/05/11

      Great article. I’ve had no tv for about 5 years. I didn’t want my 2 teenage girls to feed mindlessly and be exposed to the drivel of staged reality and the powerfully negative effective of advertising. It often promotes feelings of inadequacy and deprivation. The internet gives more choice but still hard to control. I do miss ABC/SBS sometimes though….

    • Jess says:

      08:03am | 01/05/11

      I love Offspring, and have previously stated in another comment on the Punch how I disagree with the stereotyping that it is simply a woman desperate for a man. And I don’t agree that the “fattest” girl on Winners and Losers is the most insecure. I would consider the “asian” girl, with the drugs, sex and prior weight issues to be the most insecure - which may or may not be stereotyping, but is certainly an interesting reflection on today’s women.

    • Ben81 says:

      12:05pm | 01/05/11

      Offspring is a fun show isn’t it, I don’t even usually get into comedy/dramas like that but I really enjoyed it.  Lots of little things in it that make it great.

    • ibast says:

      08:20am | 03/05/11

      This show really does divide.  I hate it.  I think the main character is an insult to women and is just painful.  The show, like Rush and city homicide, is ridiculously Melbourne-centric and full of cliche’s.

      To me it’s proof we have lost the ability to make good drama in Australia.

    • Ripa says:

      08:05am | 01/05/11

      We love Chris Lilley,he out chasers the chasers. We, me and the missus *snort spit ding* believed Aussie TV has been in need of a purge and it has not happened, and for gods sake, save yourself get onto torrent and watch some real variety, Mounted in Alaska, Swamp people and Gigolos will have you smiling for a while, and who the hell knew such a thing as a cock cage existed.

    • buckyboy says:

      09:00pm | 01/05/11

      If you are into Lilley and the Chasers, no wonder you would be pretty excited about a cock cage. Actually a cock cage is a limp fist. Get a grip, old son.

    • jo says:

      08:08am | 01/05/11

      I agree not much on TV is worth watching, boring crime shows, boring cooking shows. and Abc 24 that is all computerized, and full of repeats, that will shoot down any alternative or different view that does’t fit its agenda.

      No wonder more people are turning to the internet, Thats were I get my news from,  SBS and ABC1 and ABC24 have some shows worth watching. anyway all the more reason to do something more constuctive in our lives, instead of becoming brain dead at the garbage the TV channels feed us.

      It seems to me its all about money today, The TV industry doesnt care anymore what its viewer want only about, how they can all line their pockets,
      This is the world we are living in.

      would it be so hard to have a show for music lovers covering different types of music, for everyones taste,  I am really glad that this article has been written to point out that we are all getting repetitive strain in our hands from turning the remote.

    • Bob says:

      08:34am | 01/05/11

      You obviously don’t watch much SBS or ABC Lainie - there are many good programs on these networks, and one Australian “cop” show of note is East West, with Don Hany.

    • Mik says:

      10:59am | 01/05/11

      And don’t forget “Kick”, set in Multicultural Brunswick where all the different races get along and all issues are resolved at a BBQ at the end of each episode.

    • Scotchy says:

      08:34am | 01/05/11

      I agree , Aussie TV is trash and boring. Even my foxtel is repetitive and lacks real incentive to watch. I doubt TV will improve in time. Sooner or later when we get a decent internet infrastructure with decent speeds and decent caps (yeah Im dreaming) then we will see more offeringds via internet delivery.

    • Bob says:

      08:39am | 01/05/11

      Lots of good things on ABC and SBS Lainie, and many of the dramas have layers that require a little thought and challenge conventional thinking, such as East West, an Australian production.

    • pietro says:

      08:43am | 01/05/11

      “is there anything worth celebrating?”

      I don’t think there is and I, along with many others, have given up watching FTA TV in Australia. I want to watch all my shows in HD, otherwise what is the point of a large-screen TV? So I now download 95% of my TV viewing.

    • John Logie Baird says:

      09:19am | 01/05/11

      Great piece.
      While people have more easily accessible in-home entertainment options than ever before, free-to-air TV has been on the skids with very few new concepts or imaginative offerings.
      Personally, I would rather do any mundane household chore than sit through the nausea-inducing Logie Awards.

    • Reptile says:

      09:22am | 01/05/11

      I’d rather you clean the oven too.

    • Lucy says:

      09:32am | 01/05/11

      Isnt it just commonsense that when you increase choice the number of viewers per program has to go down?

      It wasnt that long ago when, if you lived in the country you had 2 channels ABC and the local (3 if the weather was right and you could pick up SBS) and the the cities you had a huge 5 channels, now there is over 10 channels on FTA and then all the foxtel. More choice.

      Unfortunately the flip side of more choice is less revenue for the TV stations/produces so to compensate for lost revenue we get poorer quality TV shows produced cheaper to make THEIR money stretch further. This then leads to more people finding other forms of entertainment and the cycle repeats in ever diminishing circles.

      The reason I am delaying going digital till I have to is because digital pay give you a better picture but it doesnt improve the quality of the show.

    • Ollie says:

      09:37am | 01/05/11

      The ratings slide isn’t that surprising - as tv execs have admitted, they are bow in competition with iPhones and iPads as much as they are with each other. The game has changed.

      That said, you are quite right about the quality. It’s absolutely dire. Take a look at the three main commercial networks - can anyone point out any high quality, edgy drama? Any proper journalism that doesn’t involve tacky, race baiting tabloid tv? Any arts or culture of any kind - any music, theatre or film? Any in depth documentaries or anything not aimed squarely at a white anglo audience? Anything that featured an aboriginal person, in a positive way at least?

      I’m fact, can anyone say that they’ve actually learned anything, been enlighten or entertained by commercial tv beyond the actual viewing time? Have you walked away from the tv thinking that your life has been enriched?

      Let’s face it, tv execs think you are stupid. The don’t take risks and would rather treat you like spoon fed morons.

    • Darragh Scully says:

      09:38am | 01/05/11

      The here and now concept might work for you mate.
      Try making a little plan that incorporates penciling in when you choose what you want to watch using the TV programs and then making sure that your comfortabel and ready to to enjoy that special time you spend with your TV.
      Maybe though its over, maybe its time let go and get a new TV.

      I think if you have a look at the latest TV you will find it does the Internet, Wireless connections, Digital TV, connects a Hard Drive or USB, and so on and so forth. It might help rekindle your love affair with Entertainment.
      Then again you can also always go 3d. Or go see a 3d movie, or maybe even go to the theatre of a music concert.

      If none of that works just go to bed, turn out the light, turn on the radio and find something to listen to you really like, Better still make sure you buy a new digital radio better still get an internet radio and listen to whats going on in some random third world country or even Canada. lol.

      Or you could just put on some music or even get out the old guitar.
      These are all proven alternatives to Mainstream TV when you have your pencil out and are making a new schedule.

      If this is no good you might have Depression and may need to modify your diet, do more exercise, take a holiday or if all else fails talk to your doctor.

    • St. Michael says:

      10:36am | 01/05/11

      Amazingly, reading a book was not mentioned once here.

    • darragh says:

      03:27pm | 01/05/11

      Someone should write a book about that!

    • The Toaster says:

      09:46am | 01/05/11

      You should switch to the downloading thingy.
      Show like Pillars of the Earth, Treme, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire and many more are just waiting to provide you with well made entertainment.
      And the best part is, since you haven’t seen them, you can watch as many episodes in a row as you like until you catch up.
      I reckon you have at least 12 months of uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

    • Callum says:

      09:59am | 01/05/11

      Was that picture comment necessary? I haven’t had the chance to check out her new show but I think her acting was superb in Love My Way. Beauty is subjective and even though I think she’s incredibly attractive I don’t see what impact her looks have on her ability to perform as an actress.

    • Tory Shepherd

      Tory Shepherd says:

      10:28am | 01/05/11

      Sorry, that was me! And it was meant to be incredibly sarcastic. She’s stunning, talented, massively popular. I’m a huge fan!

    • Erick says:

      10:33am | 01/05/11

      The Internet does not cope well with sarcasm.

    • CD says:

      11:03am | 01/05/11


      I took the pic and caption exactly as you meant it. Ok it did take me a sec but then I laughed at my own stupidity thinking it would be anything else about Asher.

    • Pfft says:

      02:22pm | 01/05/11

      Cross media relationships is probably the main reason for brain dead TV and journalism, genuinely up each others arses,shame you had to retract and grovel,Don’t expect a Pulitzer,although Gore got a woolies trinket

    • Callum says:

      03:31pm | 01/05/11

      Good stuff - I love seeing her on TV and would hate to see her out of work (although her scenes in Wolverine were pretty woeful).

    • The Old Salt says:

      10:18am | 01/05/11

      Agree Callum.  Photo captions should relate to what’s in the story. This caption has just been pulled out of the air by some layout sub with an obvious chip on his/her shoulder. It’s almost actionable. It’s certainly disgusting and says more about the sub editor than it does about the actress.

    • remoteone says:

      10:44am | 01/05/11

      Forget TV, go West to the wild wild web Lainie! First place I could recommend would be TED., I’m sure others would have similar highspots in the chaotic landscape of the internet.

    • Darragh Scully says:

      10:50am | 01/05/11

      There are so many literary critics.
      Whats wrong with the picture.
      Tune into East West 101 on SBS.
      The first week of the new series was unbelievably good.

      Looking forward to the new x factor and australia has talent, looking forward to West TV getting some funding from Donald Trump and some LA Cali input to and stepping up. Looking forward to seeing more AFL games expecially when Tom Scully gets back on his feet and starts working towards 19 touches in a quarter and breaching 40 in a game (not sure which one was equal to the record).  Why they dont bring Count Down back is beyond me. Music is a bit lacking on the TV these days.

      Punch that into your browser.
      Erin Go Bragh.

    • Anthony says:

      11:01am | 01/05/11

      Buy some DVDs or watch some great shows, there are so many, Dexter, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and other shows that have been Rome, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis… So many great shows that have been created and still are being created!

    • Dayra Sully says:

      03:32pm | 01/05/11

      I cant wait to watch season 4 of Sons of Anarchy. I purposely haven’t watched the last episode of season 3 because I was addicted to it and thats they hype to get you to watch the next season.
      And its only due for release for season one on free to air later this year.
      What a joke.

      St Pierre is still the Champ.

    • Peter says:

      12:09pm | 01/05/11

      When ever did commercial television become, or seem to be taken seriously as a part of the ‘entertainment spectrum’?

      I must have blinked!!


    • Ben81 says:

      01:04pm | 01/05/11

      Since abbout 1956 in this country.

    • Alicia says:

      12:46pm | 01/05/11

      Downloading is the way to go. I’m sick of Australian TV channels not staying ‘loyal’ to a TV show. Have way through a season and suddenly it disappears or moves to a different time with repeats.

    • MnM says:

      11:36am | 02/05/11

      Yep. For this reason I almost never watch TV - Paper Giants was, apart from the odd bit of Rage, the first thing I’d bothered to watch in a couple of years. Much easier to just buy the DVDs of anything interesting on Amazon.

    • Grant says:

      01:06pm | 01/05/11

      TV in Australia, Ha, what a joke.

      I personally download my favorite shows and movies online (game of thrones, the daily show) , straight after they have aired in the US and play it through my TV. 

      So either:

      A. watch what you want when you want; or
      B. watch old content that you do not want, and not when you want.

    • Ryan says:

      01:13pm | 01/05/11

      How about a 122 minute movie on public access running for 3 and a half hours.
      These days there seems to be almost as much time in ads as there are shows, the more annoying part is that half of the ads are ads for more shows with lots of ads in them. Foxtel is by far the worst perpetrator for this on their normal channels (not the movie or sports premium channels). We canned Foxtel because there were just too many ads, might as well have been watching the ads on free to air.

    • Null and Void says:

      02:12pm | 01/05/11

      I was planning on washing my walls, if you like me to film it and stream it live as an alternative to the plethora of mundane viewing? You’ll thank me when your brain turns to goo that it took longer because of my compelling must-see content. Produced locally, mind.

    • Knemon says:

      02:56pm | 01/05/11

      There’s other or better options than just free to air (commercial) or pay TV. I took up pay TV about ten years ago to avoid commercials - they now have more adverts than the FTA’s and the content is way over priced…so I cancelled my subscription. I then rediscovered the internet (downloading Etc.), far cheaper and more interesting. Perhaps this article is a mirror reflection of Punch readers or followers of Lainie!

    • Bikinis On Top says:

      02:57pm | 01/05/11

      the Gold Logie should go toJulia Gillard for her portrayal of an Australia Prime Minister in the Soap Opera ” Parliamentary Question Time” Channel Two ABC TV
      Your comment:

    • Thommo says:

      11:01am | 02/05/11

      She shouldn’t even be nominated for atht performance - atrocious!

    • Brad Coward says:

      04:02pm | 01/05/11

      They lost me when I read that Chrissie Swan and Manu Fieldel were up for Most Popular “NEW” Talents.  New ?  Both have been around for what appears to have been a bloody eternity.

    • Brad Coward says:

      04:06pm | 01/05/11

      There’ll be a carbon tax on that Logie.  Producing gold causes pollution.

    • Glen says:

      04:47pm | 01/05/11

      Station Mogul Participating at The Logies, “Internet? Streaming? What are they? Young people don’t watch TV!?! YEAH RIGHT! Our business is just super! Plus a few more ads on FOXTEL won’t hurt!”

    • stephen says:

      05:13pm | 01/05/11

      The Logies is associated with TV Week and always hasbeen.
      It’s a Melbourne thing, and that’s its problem.

      In ‘64 when i was a kid livin in York st St Melb. me old lady was a dancer with HSV (?) 7 just down the road near the new art gallery (past the tram depot) , and even then she was whining about Bert and the IMT crowd bringing in the Yank crowd,(though Tommy Hanlon Junior was a good guy) and saying that we was doomed. (As if we was the precurser to On The Buses.)
      Which we were of course, but we do owe the Yanks this : they gave us a new continent, our own. Our Wars, for better or for worse, have defined us.

    • H B Bear says:

      05:56pm | 01/05/11

      I think that Karl Stefanovic is very talented and thoroughly deserves a Gold Logie.  Channel 9 is an excellent station and David Gyngell is an outstanding CEO.  I’m sure if given another chance, CVC would pay a few billion dollars for it again.

      Oops gotta go.  The nurse is here with my medication.

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      06:31pm | 01/05/11

      What people need to do is visit their libraries and get DVD copies of Water under the Bridge, All the Rivers Run, Against the Wind, Sarah Dane, A fortunate Life, Fran, Caddie, The Battlers, The Shiralee, Sunday too far away and all the amazingly good series made for TV by Kennedy Miller in the late 1970’s and 80’s.

      I have been doing that since my daughter gave me all the Rivers Run for Xmas last year.

      The night of the “wedding” I watched “Angel Baby,” brilliant and sad and wonderfully done.

      These days the movies are crap and the TV shows are worse crap, except for East West 101.

    • Ryan says:

      11:15pm | 01/05/11

      Try getting out “Mugabe and the White African”!

    • Edward James says:

      04:23am | 02/05/11

      The Shiralee, Brian Brown. Sunday too far away, Breaker Morant Jack Thompson now there are some movies which I could watch more than once. Without ads. A big hooray for our shrinking and under funded public libraries. Edward James

    • thatmosis says:

      06:58pm | 01/05/11

      Anothe reason we switched to Austar. The woeful reality shows plus the fact that Australia’s big TV night is headed by an overseas act speaks volumes for the crap that is presented as entertainment to the masses. Mind numbing drivel warpped up in golss for the terminally brain dead.

    • Dave C says:

      07:00pm | 01/05/11

      The people posting have got to remember that taste in TV shows is like taste in music or fashion, ie everyone thinks they are the ones with taste and anybody that disagrees has no taste.

      What I want to watch on TV depends on what mood I am in and if I want to “think” or not. If I want to watch something edumacational or intermalectual I watch ABC News 24, or something like Four Corners, Insight, Insiders or the usual Friday night history show (usually about Hitler, but the last one about Stalin was great) or if I want non fiction and want to think its House MD or any Law and Orders. Rake and Underbelly was brilliant TV as long as you didnt mind the swearing, violence or tits.

      The there are times when I am tired, mentally and physically stuffed and I want to watch some trash, Two and 1/2 Men or any of the old comedies on Go or Mate or 11 or even Are you being served on 7Two. I wish 7 would show Kingswood Country on either Two or Mate… that was funny non pc stuff. Even some of the reality crap is so bad that its funny, does anyone remember “tool academy” or “cheaters” and when oh when can Ten show “Cops” again. These shows show just how stupid some people are in America and that is funny.

      So yeah even bad TV can be good if you just want to relax and vegetate after a hard days work.

      I love my TV watching, almost as much as I like reading the Punch.


    • Faybian says:

      07:27am | 02/05/11

      Thanks for the first reasoned response. You are so right, as with everything it’s horses for courses. If enough get peed off with FTA, then we may see change….

    • Kate says:

      07:07pm | 01/05/11

      Foxtel is definitely essential if you’re a footy fan. No ads after every goal like on the commercial channels, and no games on delay.
      I got Foxtel a couple of years ago after noticing that my team, North Melbourne, were being shafted by free to air channels. Never looked back. Having more choice of what to watch is excellent.

      Having said that, it’s annoying that Foxtel still can’t show overseas shows at the same time as they are released in the States or the UK. But that’s where downloads come in!

    • Caitlyn says:

      10:54am | 02/05/11

      I’m in the same boat, the only reason we have Foxtel is because we barrack for Freo, who very rarely have Free to Air games.
      It does seem strange that Foxtel won’t broadcast an overseas programme until the entire season has finished airing in the US first. I don’t want to wait several months to watch a show that I know I can download a few hours after it aired originally.

    • Jim Peters says:

      07:58pm | 01/05/11

      I have long given up on Australian TV and now solely watch television via DVD and downloads. And I’m not talking just about Australian made television, which is rubbish, but also the programming. Anyone remember when The Soprano’s was airing? That was the last time I tried watching TV One of the greatest and most popular TV shows of all time. What did we get? Random timeslots, out of order episodes, cancelled episodes because of sport etc. The same goes for many other great shows that are never given a chance here. Its disgrace.

      Sadly, unless you are interested in sport, reality TV shows or cringe-inducingly bad cop shows or hospital shows, there really is no reason to turn on the TV in this country.

    • James1 says:

      09:40am | 02/05/11

      In any case, even when they put them on at decent hours, as ABC2 is currently doing with The Wire and Deadwood, who can stop at just one episode?

      That is why I download and buy DVDs instead of watching TV.  No one can tell me when I can watch my favourite shows, and for how long.  I will decide that for myself.

    • Daniel says:

      10:16pm | 01/05/11

      Just watching the Logies now. Not sure there is much that is fancy about Aussie TV. The Logies stage is so tacky and cheesy though.

    • Robert Smissen, rural SA, God's own country says:

      10:32pm | 01/05/11

      I’d rather play Scrabble, chess, read a book or talk to friends via Skype

    • I'm Excited! says:

      04:42am | 02/05/11

      TV is ok for the ads. This week’s specials. Otherwise it’s off, until there’s a good movie on ABC or SBS, usually Saturday night, and a rare early morning offering.  Having a programmable TV capture card in my PC, the machine wakes up, records the show, goes back to sleep. Unfortunately, it’s use is becoming less frequent. Back to the box set of Great Planes to repeat, for the 4th time, with undiminished appeal.

    • deb says:

      05:53am | 02/05/11

      As a footy fan i was almost in tears on Sunday arvo to find not one match was on the box.We dont have Foxtel or pay TV or anything special,but we always had Sunday footy.
      Living in the country we dont have the option of going to matchs or the money,so another pleasure taken away.

    • Johor says:

      08:10am | 02/05/11

      It is the same across the Ditch. Boring, boring and even more mindless. The TV programmer are as mindless as they think the average viewer is. It is with great relief that I find it possible to access SBS 1 and 2 from here in the far North of NZ for extra choice for evening viewing. Even then, it is hardly worth the cost of the electricity to even HAVE a TV set these days. If I watch five hours of TV a week it is by accident, not design.

    • Lyndsay Holme says:

      09:16am | 02/05/11

      There’s always good radio in the form of Classic FM, and RN as well as good old SER and MBS FM stations and nothing beats a good book when the TV cupboard is bare is it increasingly seems to be!

    • FWG says:

      09:46am | 02/05/11

      I agree whith all the above comments, I did read in the green guide i think someone timed the program content of border patrol to be ten minutes taking out time for the adds &what; happened previosly.Also what about the Crap news programs apart from S.B.S world news the rest is nearly all sport & drivell.About time they put some good movie’s on inplace of those endless boring cooking shows &other; socalled reality rubbish.

    • Tigger says:

      09:55am | 02/05/11

      People still watch TV? Though I watch a couple of shows here and there, I find that in general I am far too busy to sit glued to an array of mind-numbing shows I don’t actually like.

      Try the internet, playing some music, reading a book, playing with a pet, doing some exercise, cooking, or even sexy time!

      In a way we should sort of be grateful that TV is so crap - it gives us the option of having a life!

    • Shenanigans says:

      10:06am | 02/05/11

      Anime is where its at, no adds, Awesome story lines and plenty of different titles to watch.
      and whats more, it can be found on the wonderful interwebs, fancy that…

    • Thommo says:

      10:43am | 02/05/11

      Obvioulsy the author didn’t look at last nights Sunday Night Movie Line up - there was Mr & Mrs Smith, Kenny, Lord of teh Rings : return of the king and at least 2 others. Pretty good sunday night line up - maybe not all super new but still quality films. And Ashen is teh most over-rated actress in Australia - she was absolutely ceringe-inducingly woeful as Ita Buttrose.

    • H B Bear's Sockpuppet says:

      10:52am | 02/05/11

      Onya H B Bear (5.56pm) - you nailed it.  I have always found Mr Bear’s comments to be insightful and right on the money.

      The one thing I can’t understand is why Richard Wilkins was not also nominated.  Go Channel 9, you’re killing it.

    • Sam says:

      11:32am | 02/05/11

      I have to agree with Lainie, I and my family got sick to death of Cooking Shows, Cop Shows and Sport ! It may come as a surprise but not all Australians live to watch a football game, or watch some spanner cook food or watch yet another cop show!

      We used to have Pay TV but in the end it got repetitive and had a very poor selection, so we got rid of the pay tv and used the money for a good net connection with a massive download allowance (1000 Gig), so for years we have downloaded all the Television we could ever need. We can download, watch and if its good , keep, if its bad delete.

      i have watched some great shows, shows that will never ever see the light of day on OZ TV. I dont have to put up with countless ads, I dont have to put up with the Station not showing the show because its getting close to Easter or some other reason, I dont have to put up with the Station moving the show to some late night slot on a different day, and i dont have to put up with the Oz Stations simply stopping showing the show because the ratings didnt match some stupid cooking rubbish.

      Australian TV will not improve until Australians show their protest and stop watching this garbage in greater numbers.

      I mean really, how can anyone watch Next Top Model ?????????? Who watches it ?????????? Its a show about people who get paid to wear clothes and walk !!! And that makes Prime Time !!!

    • DJ says:

      11:49am | 02/05/11

      I love how smug you all sound downloading your favorite shows to avoid the ads. Basically you should keep your love of stealing intellectual property to yourself because not only is it illegal (I’ve seen the community announcement ads that you obviously missed) but soon your favorite show won’t be made anymore because they will make no money from advertising revenue. Now you all probably can’t help sounding like snobs but you can stop admitting your a theif and promoting the practice.

    • Sam says:

      12:04pm | 02/05/11

      DJ, If you own a DVD Recorder or an old VHS or a new Hard Drive Tuner Recorder you can record any show on TV. Accusing people of theft is over the top. If every show recorded on peoples recording device in their home is theft then we had better build alot of prisons.

      Also if you look online there are many many many free shows to download that the producers release and they allow people to download. Many Documentaries where the producers and documentary makers actually encourage people to download so they can get their message out there.

      Some people do download illegally, but not all.

    • DJ says:

      12:30pm | 02/05/11

      Sam I’m not talking about recording stuff from the tv for later viewing or chase playing. Obviously I’m also not talking about downloading truely free content. I’m talking about torrents specifically which is what everyone here is talking about when they talk about downloading. The fact is If they want to watch shows not screened here and/or commercial free than they need to buy it. They can do this through sites like amazon but the majority don’t, the majority down load it from a free and illegal torrent. At the end of the day I personally don’t really care, but it’s worth noting the irony that these people complain about the demise of quality programming while actively contributing to it’s demise. Stealing bread because your hungry is still wrong.

    • Reid Wright says:

      12:34pm | 02/05/11

      If Australia kept up to date it would dramatically decrease illegal downloading. There are so many amazing shows that Australia has chosen to ignore it’s ridiculous. Instead we show re runs of CSI and House just in case we missed it the first 2 times. If I am able to watch a show on fox or free to air i will be sure to set aside the time. If it’s not made available to me i’ll find it myself. I’d like to join you in your righteous ways but i’m not sure there is enough space in the saddle of that mighty high horse you are on.

    • Helen says:

      11:51am | 02/05/11

      There’s a lot of alternatives to forking out for better TV.
      Read a book.
      Play a guitar.
      Do some (non-Punch) writing.
      Hire or buy the better series - Black Books, the Wire, Mad Men, Scrubs - and DVD movies of your choice.
      Skype an overseas relative.
      Walk the dog, or the kids.
      Why bother with TV? And you’ll notice none of the above choices involve ads!

    • Dave says:

      11:53am | 02/05/11

      So true. My partner and I often lament the lack of good shows and movies on TV now. I built a media PC a few months ago and loaded it up, we watch way more of that now. Masterchef is about the only show I look forward to these days, pretty sad given that at the end of the day, it’s just a reality cooking show.

    • ibast says:

      11:53am | 02/05/11

      For years I bemoaned the lack of Australian drama, then Rush, Offspring and Packed to the rafters came on.  Now I shut up.

      So now I watch foreign dramas.  Even the Americans are doing it better than us.  Shows like, Big Love and Breaking Bad demonstrate they now understand irony, dark humour and the anti-hero.  Even the commercial House is better than what we produce.

      The Poms are hit and miss these days, but I am enjoying Being human.

      Australia has lost creative and directing talent when it comes to TV drama.

    • pv says:

      12:32pm | 02/05/11

      I don’t bother with AustralianTV anymore.  I just turn to Austar and watch the National Geographic Channels, history, and some movie channels.  Otherwise i turn it off.

      Once in a while a good series comes up like “Paper Giants”. Gone are the days of good Australian Drama.  Get rid of the reality shows - honestly so much crap and we complain about how our youth are turning out?  Then stop feeding them crap.

    • Paul Horn says:

      02:07pm | 02/05/11

      Utter rubbish Lainie! Since new channels like 7mate, SBS2, ABC2 etc have come on air there are far better choices and the quality has improved markedly, especially for the blokes.  Shows like mighty ships, megastructures, top gear etc are fantastic to watch as are the recent WW2 docos on SBS2 . 

      Prior to this evening viewing extended only to womens crap such as feminised crime shows filled with pretty boys and girls where the plot revolved around some attractive woman who was the victim of some weird sexual crime. Women have strange hankerings!

      Anyway I am now out of the garage in the evenings and competing with the missus for the remote!

    • Luke says:

      07:20pm | 02/05/11

      TV is dead
      The internet is here
      Get with the times…

    • Chuck says:

      01:39pm | 03/05/11

      Excellent usage of the Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy as the title there. Whoever wrote that deserves a pay raise


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