What has become increasingly clear from the dithering statements from the three independents is they are unlikely to announce a decision on who will form government today.

Tony Windsor is still speaking in some kind of Yoda code, now worried that the three buddies will split:

“To talk to the other two about the possible prospect of a 75-all I must, in which case we might have to even rethink our own thoughts.  Yeesssssss.

“How the other two are going to vote, I know not.  Going to put our cards on the table today we are.  To see if we can get to something that is stable, the main objective here is. If we cannot get to something, stable we may well end up back at the polls, that is.”

(That was a Yoda translation of what Windsor actually told journalists this morning, it really wasn’t far off)

Anyway in the tradition of delays here’s some highlights of the third day of the Lord’s test from the 2005 Ashes series. If you’ve any particular request we can change the highlights reel later on. 

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    • Mr Pastry says:

      11:21am | 06/09/10

      Nice to see the three indie musketeers enjoying the spotlight.  With the economy going so well without politicians interfering, let’s hope they can string it out for another year or two.

    • T.Chong says:

      11:37am | 06/09/10

      Agree Mr P.
      We seem to be doing alright without Tony Gillard, or Julie Abbott.
      Being wondering though, Mr Pastry, you didnt arrive at your name thru some type of “American Pie “(movie, not ballad) type moment ? Did you ?  wink

    • Joan says:

      01:33pm | 06/09/10

      I have had enough of their antics….. 2 weeks has been long enough, another election please-  I couldn’t stand listening to the 3 independent ditherings for another 3 years- I have endured enough!

    • Mr Pastry says:

      02:17pm | 06/09/10

      @ T.Chong - tried with a steak and gravy pie, now that was hot.

    • Mike t says:

      02:49pm | 06/09/10

      They seem to be taking this opportunity to highlight that the way the government needs to run is to be more transparent and for the people… they are encouraging a move away from pork barelling and making decision based purely on winning votes…....... These are all wonderful suggestions and ones that the entire population would welcome, however, they lose alot of credibility when at the same time they ask for a wish list that suits thier electroate/political agenda. This is hardly the fair and democratic process they are calling for..

    • brno says:

      12:32pm | 06/09/10

      Leo - wrong vid, but the right spirit. Should have gone with day 1 from the same test, one of the best days of test cricket in the modern era. Included:

      - Harmison drawing blood from JL and Punter’s forearm and scone respectively in the first few overs before putting on a fast bowling clinic collecting and five wickets for his troubles
      - Simon Jones making the ball talk in collecting Marto’s outside edge with his first delivery in the series, Bob Massie-eqsue
      - Australia shell-shocked all out for 190 at 5ish an over after SK Warne cameo at the end
      - Glenn McGrath’s 500th test wicket first ball after the tea interval and the chaos that ensued
      - McGrath’s figures of 5/10 at one stage bowling down the slope at Lord’s - through the gate of Vaughn and Freddie - absolute magic, unforgettable spell
      - Lee dismissing Flash Ash Giles last ball of the day hit wicket, stepping on his stumps petrified, to leave England reeling at 7/92 at the close

      The price of admission was the best $800 I’ve ever spent (read, given a scalper)

    • Leo Shanahan

      Leo Shanahan says:

      12:46pm | 06/09/10

      Alright then Brno, consider it done. Rain delay video to be changed shortly.

    • Macca says:

      04:50pm | 06/09/10

      I’d rather watch Glenn McGrath’s 300th wicket when he go Jimmy Adams for the Hatrick. That or the following test at Perth where he got 7 for bugger all. That was Pidgeon at his best and I’m yet to see an Australian Pace Bowler match him (too young for Lillie / Thomo)

    • Denny Crane says:

      12:57pm | 06/09/10

      Tony Windsor is more worried about his own seat, then the future of the country, he can forsee that should we go back to the polls before christmas, that there will be less independents, and he could be one of those who has gone

    • Richard says:

      03:51pm | 06/09/10

      That’s right, Windsor went home on the weekend and was therefore subjected first-hand to the palpable anxiety amongst most rural voters for that “witch” Gillard to be kicked out of office. Tucked away safely in bureacrat-land (i.e. Canberra), Oakeshott has been led astray with delusions of granduer by the pandering of Labor apologists and seems likely to side with Labor. Windsor and Katter know that if they follow suit they would be comitting political suicide, so we may well see a 75seat-all gridlock

    • Frank Honest says:

      01:42pm | 06/09/10

      Perhaps the missing link here, might be Katter laying his billion dollars on the Libs at even money,now that is a political win/win for Kennedy,as Pittsburgh Phil says ,never bet on anything that can talk

    • Gregg says:

      03:17pm | 06/09/10

      Perhaps there’ll be no change but just like there have been some great innings collapses, the rate the AEC scoreboard is ticking over, it’ll be more than interesting if a late surge for Coranagamite sees an altering of seat allocations.

      I just wonder whether all this talk of stability and reform is more Yoda for wanting to be sure of being on the winning team!, perhaps a bit of Pakistani play being more the pitch.

    • Northern Steve says:

      08:00pm | 06/09/10

      How much of the counting is still to be done?  ALP’s about 770 votes ahead.  Seems a bit unlikely to change at this stage.

    • Peter Simmons says:

      04:27pm | 06/09/10

      The Independents will give the ALP another go which should please T Chong and others from Hawker Britten,  who do not reveal their true identity.
      Funny how only the right of politics have the decency to have their real names shown.
      Anyway we will be going back to the Polls within 18 months when this farce is over.
      This ALP/Greens/Independent alliance will fold quicker than Superman on laundry day. (Apologies to Bart Simpson.


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