There are two ways to see Russell Crowe’s decision to renounce his 37.5 per cent stake of the Rabbitohs football club for “family reasons”.

Off to do the school drop off… Photo: Herald Sun

You could see him as a role model for the thoroughly modern man; a father prepared to make personal sacrifices in the name of family.

Or, you could take a more cynical approach and question whether Crowe’s time would be better saved slicing off a couple of movies from schedule every year.

Or how about cutting back on those punishing personal training sessions he’s so fond of posting on Twitter these days?

But nobody likes an armchair marriage expert, so I’m going with the first one.

Russell Crowe might be a wildly successful actor, with a range of artistic accolades and an impressive bank account, but that doesn’t make him immune to the pressures of being a modern day dad, juggling the conflicting demands of career, relationships and parenting.

As he said himself, “It’s pretty simple, I have to make more time for my family,” he said.

Crowe’s right. It is an exceptionally straightforward explanation, and one that quickly dispels any old-fashioned notions of a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.
Obviously the guy’s trade offs are different to most. While the average bloke might forfeit his weekly game of indoor cricket in favour of a few extra hours with these kids, Crowe is selling off his stake in a 104 year old football club.

Still, the principle is the same. As parenting expert Dr Peter West told The Punch this morning, there is huge pressure on modern fathers to play an active and present role in their children’s lives.

“Women’s roles have evolved in modern society. Where even 20 years ago, a pregnant woman is more visible in daily life, men are expected to be at the maternity bedside and so it continues throughout the life of the child,” he said.

West also said workshops he runs with new fathers he encourages dad only time with the kids as a matter of priority.

“So many new dads tell me that they’re keen to redress the good but absent roles that their own fathers played. And these improved relationships will ensure children are more thoughtfully than previous generations,” he said.

Similarly, psychologist Meredith Fuller said that this bond is now considered vital to a child’s development. Self esteem, future relationships and career path can all be positively influenced from a healthy and active relationship with both parents.

All of which is well and good and probably quite applicable in the case of Russ. Then again, maybe he just ditched the Rabbitohs because he got sick of a losing cause.

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    • Sarah Bath says:

      12:25pm | 19/11/12

      who cares. Sport exists just to appease the masses and make them forget about the important issues.  Why dont you write about real issues like Marriage equity,  live meat exporting, climate change or what Abbot did at uni

    • Ex says:

      12:35pm | 19/11/12

      or write about how sarah has no positive contribution to make…

    • St. Michael says:

      01:41pm | 19/11/12

      Ladies and gentlemen in particular, we present the main reason why being a Green is bad for your mental health.

      Who cares about the bonds between fathers and their kids, after all? Fathers are only there to provide money before and after the marriage is over.  /sarcasm

    • Paul says:

      02:10pm | 19/11/12

      Let me humor you for a moment…

      - Marriage equity: Sure, I’m in favour… My lesbian sister has actually been married for a while now.  Can’t wait to get in in Australia.
      - Live meat exporting: I have nothing against it.. I just wish the folks at the other end would adhere to the same standards as me.. but then I like eating meat and recognise that humans are omnivores.  I have however gone out with girls that think differently and I respected their opinions.
      - Climate change: Yup, thats what planets do (Mars is a prime example). Oh, you mean _man made_ climate change? OK, so I recycle and am a bit more “green” than I once was… but sure we really need to look to terraforming Mars and other planets.
      - What Abbot did at uni : You spend your day thinking about Abott’s doings 30+ years ago?  It’s called obsession and leads to stalking.  You should really see someone…

      Being serious for a moment, anthropology would suggest you are wrong and that (like most animals) we needs sport to learn to think and interact with our society.  It has in fact been shown that those that do sport regularly are more intelligent _on average_ than those that don’t (it seems those geeks are offset by the plain lazy).  So sport plays an important role in our lives and is not a social construct (even though the rules are constructs).

      On a different note, if people want to forget about certain issues just for a moment… what is wrong with that?  God knows people need a break from worrying about “issues” all the time!

      Sarah - I would rather be me with the ability to “switch on and off” than you who wants to dwell on your percieved “issues” all the time.  I would also not wnat to know someone who is so depressive in person as you must be a truely misable piece of work.

      Have a nice day smile

    • JAM says:

      02:13pm | 19/11/12

      What about music, concerts, tv, movies, theatre, nightclubs? Any other enjoyable hobbies you might have? Knitting?

    • Sam says:

      04:02pm | 19/11/12

      Who gives a stuff about gays marrying or a few sheep getting a boat trip.

      It’s cricket season and that means BBQ’s!!!!

    • Gregg says:

      12:59pm | 19/11/12

      It might just also have something to do with finances, especially if his Dancing with the Stars wife is still cosy with her dance instructor and separation/divorce and subsequent costs are on the agenda.

    • SM says:

      01:08pm | 19/11/12

      “There are two ways to see Russell Crowe’s decision to renounce his 37.5 per cent stake of the Rabbitohs football club for family reasons”.

      There are more than 2 Lucy, including the club being in serious debt.  Rusty’s bailing at the right time I’d suggest

    • Maximus Porkus says:

      01:27pm | 19/11/12

      Perhaps he needs to make sure the coffers are full when his ex-wife decides to tell all about Rusty’s deeds while a “hapily married” man.
      Go, Russ, go!

    • Baloo says:

      01:30pm | 19/11/12

      Is there any reason why Russel has decided to dress as a hobo?

    • Bob Smith says:

      02:22pm | 19/11/12

      It might have something to do with divorce settlements?

    • Haxton Waag says:

      01:50pm | 19/11/12

      He’s selling up to pay for his ark, of course. The Flood is coming.

    • DG says:

      02:19pm | 19/11/12

      Maybe it’s because Souths are terrible and have been unable to buy a premiership

    • Notvelty says:

      02:27pm | 19/11/12

      Gosh. A South’s “supporter” jumping ship in tough times? Well, I never! Fortunately we all know that Souths is never a drain on the whole code and never, ever play the legacy card to ensure they get carried by other clubs for years and always care more about developing the game than maintaining their fashionable clique. Honest.

    • Daz says:

      02:58pm | 19/11/12

      Russell Crowe is a wanker who can’t follow through. He raised the hopes of so many battlers now he’s deserting them. Maybe he should stick to movies where he can play some pretty role. Real life is probably a bit too hard for him.

      Oh I see he’s back in touch with Meg Ryan now. Or she is with him. Raised her hopes too but again no follow through.

    • Markus says:

      04:12pm | 19/11/12

      Ah yes, the battlers. Also known as the people who profess to be diehard Souths supporters, but have not actually paid to go to one of their matches in the last 30 years.

    • Whateva says:

      03:30pm | 19/11/12

      Meh! I think Russell Crowe is a wanker and a poor actor.

    • JAM says:

      04:16pm | 19/11/12

      Judging from the comments I think most people are taking the cynical option, Lucy. I’m tipping you wanted to discuss modern fatherhood and women’s roles? Sorry I have little to offer in that too, but I do hope it gives him more time to wow us with another blockbuster soon!

    • Don says:

      05:58pm | 19/11/12

      He tried and didn’t do as well as he hoped. At least he tried, should be more of that.


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