Kevin Rudd’s grand plan was to end the blame game with his radical overhaul of hospital funding. He failed. The blame has been flowing thick and fast over hospital funding cuts in Victoria.

Vintage Nicholson circa July 2010…

The federal and state governments should share the blame and both should be ashamed when surgeries are cancelled, hospital beds closed, palliative care slashed and emergency departments shut.

Wayne Swan handed his Cabinet colleague Tanya Plibersek a political hospital pass when his Budget update last year moved the goal posts on health funding. That was in the days when he was still clinging to the hope of bringing down a Budget surplus and being brutal.

A complex formula agreed by Canberra and the states said hospital funding should be cut nationally by $400 million, imposing a $107 million hit in Victoria. It was based on controversial and outdated population figures.

But worse, the change would apply mid-year - after hospital budgets had been set.

The Baillieu Government had already made $616 million worth of cuts. Unlike other states it saw no room to absorb the hit and used it to cover up its own cuts. Patients, doctors and nurses were caught in the middle.

Julia Gillard will go to the polls before Ted Baillieu. The PM has plenty of other problems and has taken the sensible and correct decision to put patients first.

Plus she is trying to hold onto some marginal seats in Victoria where health is one of the top issues concerning voters.

Both sides will continue to argue the other has ripped out money while they have put in record amounts. The public don’t care about the money shuffle.

Gillard wrote to Baillieu last night telling him this was no backdown. She has merely taken $107 million of other money away from Victoria and will give it directly to the Local Hospital Networks to bypass the state government.

What Gillard calls a “rescue package” only fills the hole for this year and only for Victoria.

The Victorian Health Minister David Davis says he will keep fighting and other states are sure to want money too.

The blame game goes on.

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    • Chillin says:

      08:29am | 21/02/13

      I didn’t realise Rudd was still PM?  He must be Minister for Health then?  Neither?  Still his fault though or are we trying to save the sisterhood’s obvious failings?

    • marley says:

      08:55am | 21/02/13

      Baillieue is part of the sisterhood?  Who knew?

      I think the point is that this idea was Rudd’s, and he has to carry at least some of the responsibility for its failure, as do Gillard, Plibersek and the “world’s greatest treasurer,”  along with recalcitrant state premiers.  It is a shining example of failed cooperation between the levels of government.  And that reaches a lot further than simply blaming the “sisterhood.”

    • Chillin says:

      09:26am | 21/02/13

      Not sure I mentioned Baillieue? 

      The author cites Rudd’s grand plan.  Rudd is not the PM.  Rudd is not the Minister for Health.  Rudd has no control over the implementation of the ‘grand plan’.  Those that do, from the Federal perspective…are female.

      How do you carry responsibility for failure if you have been allowed anywhere near your plan for two and a half years?

    • Christian Real says:

      09:30am | 21/02/13

      Sergeagent Shultz
      If you, like others had read the full story then in the 2nd last paragraph of this news story reads:
      “The extra funding that would be delivered by the Federal Government to States and Territories will be delivered direct to Hospitals and other Health services.”
      Sargeant shultz:
      The money/Funds will be given diectly to the Hospitals and Health services, what part are you incapable of understanding?.

    • John A says:

      09:36am | 21/02/13

      Surely this highlights the fact that a ship cannot have two captains.
      Health should either be s state or federal responsibility. I’d plump for state, we could all then see the results and compare them.
      The current federal funds could be apportioned based on case numbers, waiting times and results.

    • marley says:

      09:43am | 21/02/13

      @Chillin - the author mentioned Baillieu. 

      No, Rudd doesn’t have responsibility for the implementation, but he does have to have some responsibility for introducing a flawed system in the first place. 

      Critics of mandatory detention tend to go after Howard and Gillard, yet surely, if you think its wrong, some of the blame has to go to Keating, who introduced it, even though he has been out of government far longer.

      That doesn’t excuse Howard and Gillard, or Gillard and Plibersek, but it doesn’t totally exempt either Keating or Rudd either.

      And surely some of the failure for the hospital policy has to be attributable to Swan as well?  There’s simply no money left to hold up the federal end of the deal. 

      What I’m saying here is that it’s not just the sisterhood that should carry the can on this one; it’s the system itself.

    • Chillin says:

      10:03am | 21/02/13


      I was commenting on the Federal part in the initial statement.  Perhaps you would like me to address statements and submit them to you for approval first?  You know, where you tell me what I am allowed to address?

      More chance of it being a success if you are involved in the project.  Rudd may very well have resolved the issue had he been afforded a say, a stakehold.

      Less, if not no, responsibility if you have zero control over it.

    • dovif says:

      10:05am | 21/02/13

      Rudd: I would like to stop the blame game, can you all go and blame the states

      So the fed government keep cutting funding to health, because the ALP stuffed up the budget, what is new?

    • james says:

      10:38am | 21/02/13

      @Dovif how did they stuff up the budget?

      Why did revenues fall for 2 years in a row from 2008?
      Why do you talk crap every day?

    • jb says:

      10:53am | 21/02/13

      I was thinking the exact thing as I was reading the opinion piece, I was hard pressed to work out any relevance whatsoever to the times, then reading your comment Chiilin I realised, mmm you are right this is just another plant to make rudd the sock puppet, look like, well a sock puppet.

    • marley says:

      11:27am | 21/02/13

      @chillin - I’m not trying to tell you what to comment on, perish the thought.

      I’m just saying that the blame spreads a lot further than the sisterhood, to the budgetary failures of both federal and state governments, and to the inability of the feds and the locals to work together to find solutions.  Of course Gillard and Pilbersek are responsible, but so are a lot of other people, and you’re letting those others off too lightly.

    • dovif says:

      12:02pm | 21/02/13


      We are in 2013, not 2008, please stop talking crap. Expenses from the governent has risen almost 50% and revenue only 20%

      That is how you stuff up the budget

    • Chillin says:

      01:42pm | 21/02/13


      Well then I guess Adam and Eve are also accountable for this mess*.

      (*I haven’t used the theory of evolution as I have yet to see intelligent argument of where man evolved from)

    • PJ says:

      02:02pm | 21/02/13

      Here’s whats been happening.

      We’ve got kids in pain and adults needing life renewing operations.

      Expensive consultants had told Gillard she can:
      - re-claim promised hospital monies to deliver the promised Surplus
      - and squeeze out some votes by humiliating the Coalition States at the same time.

      If she withdraws the Medical funding promised at the beginning of the year.

      In summary we have sick Australians facing ward closures and long waiting lists for operations, as Gillard plays politics with the funding.

      One of her $126 million a year focus groups tells Julia that people in Victoria are beginning to twig its Gillard not Ballieu thats responsible, so half way through the year the promised monies, $107 million, are given back to Victoria only.

      Its a vile and disgusting state of affairs, that we should witness a Federal Government wage war with the States using the withdrawal of promised Hospital Funding, which very sick Australians were depending upon.

      Gillard out.

    • james says:

      02:09pm | 21/02/13


      So that fact that government revenues dropped by 10 billion over 2 years, during the same time as the GFC has no effect on anything?

      And revenues are not 20% higher, that number only works if you includes Costellos last budget.

      Please try harder.

    • JOHN GILBERT says:

      03:06pm | 21/02/13



    • Christian Real says:

      04:46pm | 21/02/13

      cut the crap and the lies sunshine the Federal government is not cutting the funding as you continue to insinuate, you are a liar that Abbott would be proud off.
      The federal Funding will be delivered direct to hospitals and other service providers bypassing the State government.
      I guess that the federal Government cannot trust Newman with the funds.
      PJ, The only one that should be out - out of this Country is an imbecile like you.

    • PJ says:

      04:53pm | 21/02/13

      Oh dear, looks like Gillard has extended the suffering unnecessarily for Victoria’s sick:

      “The damage has already been done. It is going to take some time for the hospitals who receive this money now to reverse the changes they have put in place,’’ Mr Baillieu told 3AW.

      “You don’t do this sort of thing in the middle of the year.

      “They (hospitals) have to rehire staff, they have got to reschedule patients, they have got to reschedule operating theatres - it is going to be very difficult, it is going to take some time, the damage is already done and then on July 1 these cuts resume.’
      - Report from the Herald Sun

      Well done The Gillard Government

    • Mouse says:

      05:22pm | 21/02/13

      No need to shout JohnGilbert, we aren’t deaf!  :o)

    • Sergeant Schultz says:

      08:35am | 21/02/13

      Gillard has already withheld $103 million and in a letter to the Queensland Premier , threatens to withold a further $234 million . In Queensland’s case the complexity of state population increases appears to be the crux of that states’s fight with it’s federal counterpart. Gillard has bluntly told Queensland to reduce elective surgery lists or suffer the further cuts in funding. This is now creates a critical stage in Queensland’s health system which is already reeling from the first round of reneging on federal funding.
      There is no doubt that the main thrust of the embattled Gillard government is to force the states to raise taxes for the required funding. Nothing is free and that fact is now catching up with all Australians with or without private cover.

    • james says:

      09:02am | 21/02/13

      Cambell newman hasnt cut a cent though right?

    • Reader says:

      09:06am | 21/02/13

      If this is even true presumably it’s now OK to breach the APS code of conduct to make an anti Gillard rant!?

    • Christian Real says:

      09:34am | 21/02/13

      The story was in the Courier Mail this morning and written in a misleading way, that would appear that they have breached their code of ethics to stir up and inflame their readers.

    • Mr Sam says:

      11:34am | 21/02/13

      CR, it is only misleading by your standards, the majority of us call it Gillard’s failure! Didn’t she already reform healthcare or was that all a lie?

    • Sergeant Schultz says:

      11:49am | 21/02/13

      Christian Real…ah !  but Christian….it is not a matter of ” will be delivered direct to hospitals and other health services “....Gillard made it a threat in her letter to Premier Newman ” if elective surgery lists are nor reduced by Queensland health , the federal government will direct funds directly to Queensland hospitals.” Now Christian , that is entirely differrent from your version of what is in the C.M.  It seems it is you who is incapable of understanding the printed article .

    • PJ says:

      02:09pm | 21/02/13

      Gillard withheld $107 million in promised Hospital Funding from Victoria.

      But the State Government managed to demonstrate effectively on the Governments ABC radio, that Gillard was playing politics. Great job.

      Hence Gillard did a back flip on the money.

      It should be noted, the monies as yet have not arrived in Victoria.

      Gillard has only said she will back down on the issue because she faces the awkward fact that her actions have created a waiting list of sick kids waiting for a vital operation.

      I repeat. Gillard playing politics with promised Hospital Funding has prolonged the suffering of sick Australian kids.

    • Christian Real says:

      04:48pm | 21/02/13

      Mr Sam
      It was misleading, but then if you have a diasabillity to read the full story then perhaps you should go back and learn how to read properly

    • Christian Real says:

      04:51pm | 21/02/13

      sargeant shultz
      You appear to be talking out of your bum again,but then again Liberals misconstrue the truth to suit themselves

    • Christian Real says:

      04:56pm | 21/02/13

      Sargeant shultz
      I have the printed article and yes I can read much better than you and others obviously
      i have a copy of the original news article from this morning, which like other interesting news stories I have filed.

    • Tedd says:

      05:08pm | 21/02/13

      that’s not true, PJ.

      The Gillard govt has committed an extra $900m odd to Vic for health spending, and Baillieu et al has stripped $600m odd out.

    • Sergeant Schultz says:

      06:39pm | 21/02/13

      So , Christian , you will be quite happy to pay extra state tax to cover the funding for a reduction in the elective surgery lists. Gillard is blackmailing the states to reduce first or do without federal funding. The idea , of course , is for the states to raise taxes because Gilliar does not want to make the unpopular revenue raising decisions. With Labor on the nose worse than a kilo of prawns left in the noon day sun , Juliar is panicking and Rudd is honing his skinning knife to a fine edge.
      Incidently Christian , those lists are rather long because Bligh left two lists : one for those waiting for elective surgery and one for those waiting to go on list for elective surgery. Should have gone to Spec Savers old mate. !

    • Steve says:

      08:37am | 21/02/13

      Neither the Commonwealth politiicans or the States and Territories politiicans are being honest with the public.

      Healthcare and aged care costs are soaring beyond what any government or the taxbase can pay for, but no politician wants to front up and deliver the bad news that Australia cannot afford to have its heathcare expectations fulfilled.

    • andrew says:

      09:11am | 21/02/13

      So true Steve - If australians want to retire in their 60’s they can’t expect to be kept alive into their 80’s and 90’s. The numbers just don’t add up.

    • Gordon says:

      10:27am | 21/02/13

      The freer something is the more it costs.

    • daniel says:

      10:42am | 21/02/13

      So should the age of retirement perhaps be lifted further? To me it’s the only logical step given that there’s a growing ageing population.

    • Noelene says:

      11:12am | 21/02/13

      Apparently we can afford to cover any Tom,Dick or Harry who desires to walk into our country,plus half of their family members as well.When states talk about population growth,where is the growth coming from?

    • andrew says:

      11:25am | 21/02/13

      I have no doubt it will be daniel. I’m expecting that over the next decade or so the aged pension will increase to at least 70 years and super preservation age 65 years, and if life expectancy continues to rise it will need to go higher again. Aged pensions will provide for a less comfortable lifestyle as time goes on too, and medicare will cover less treatments as the funding available reduces.

    • @64 says:

      12:23pm | 21/02/13

      andrew says.

      If australians want to retire in their 60’s they can’t expect to be kept alive into their 80’s and 90’s. The numbers just don’t add up.

      So,  will it be the Greens or one of the two major parties that initiates the Logan Run policy for the aged in oz.

    • maria says:

      02:23pm | 21/02/13

      Neither the Commonwealth politiicans or the States and Territories politiicans are being honest with the public.

      Lies….damned lies and more lies and we have the best system in the world.

      When we have a sick system in which “ shit happens” everyday and when we have the right medecine to cure it why don’t we cure it?

      What kind of doctors do we have?
      witch doctors, spin doctors,quackers

      Who do you believe?

      Tony is happy to keep a sick system I’m wondering why?

    • james says:

      08:41am | 21/02/13

      “The Baillieu Government had already made $616 million worth of cuts. Unlike other states it saw no room to absorb the hit and used it to cover up its own cuts. Patients, doctors and nurses were caught in the middle.”

      So thats fine right? Why do we let them off the hook?

    • Alex says:

      09:14am | 21/02/13

      If there is no money, and federal funding is being axed… Where are you going to find it? Even if you change the party for VIC, it won’t change the fact that there’s no money left…

    • james says:

      09:54am | 21/02/13

      There is no money a both levels but its all the fed’s fault?

      Balanced reporting.

    • Alex says:

      10:54am | 21/02/13

      This is a good question, wish I could see the books for the last 7-10 years. Steve didn’t do VIC any favors by resurrecting unions, and then ALP drove VIC further into the ground, including the Myki project. Which is still crap after millions wasted. Would of rather kept the metcard and pumped that money into health care and education.
      So close to the election, and majority of states being Coalition, it’s going to be a blame game. Federal ALP will blame states, states will blame Federal. Just a useless cycle which doesn’t get any funding on the table.

    • james says:

      11:30am | 21/02/13

      Alex, i agree with most of your points, however the desal was the only viable option, the libs wanted to build(albeit smaller), and the ALP a larger one.

      We seem to forger that there was only 20% in our storages at the time.

    • PJ says:

      02:15pm | 21/02/13

      At the beginning of the year Gillard promised $107 million Hospital Funding.

      Gillard has played politics withdrawing $107 million of hospital funding.

      Sick Kids and adults suffer. Gillard fears the Nation will tune into the results of her playing war with the Coalition States and Victoria gets its funding back.

      Gillard had hoped to use the Hospital Funds for sick Australians to help her get the promised Surplus.

      Nice right?

    • maria says:

      02:27pm | 21/02/13

      The government must be really sick with so many specialists
      any idea how to cure it?

    • james says:

      02:31pm | 21/02/13

      Thanks Ted fail-you for the cuts to health.

      One term premier if he lasts that long.

    • Enough says:

      09:13am | 21/02/13

      The current health minister is a waste of space

    • OLD MAX says:

      09:19am | 21/02/13

      Once again, WAGE (Worst Australian Government Ever) shows its incompetence. Just think of the billions they have wasted on giving so called foreign aid to other countries, before fixing the problems they have created for this country.

    • @64 says:

      12:28pm | 21/02/13

      OLD MAX says:

      Just think of the billions they have wasted on giving so called foreign aid to other countries, before fixing the problems they have created for this country.

      Or when they started sending out $900 cheques to people overseas as well as the dead…..

    • Griffo says:

      09:22am | 21/02/13

      The Gillard Govt NEEDS to cease spending so much of OUR money on the so called ‘refugees’. It is possible to assist some people without all of the overspending on benefits, detention centres etc.
      Time to put OUR money back into OUR country and its facilities for OUR people - lest we become the economic refugees in our own country.

    • Mr Sam says:

      11:36am | 21/02/13

      More boats this last few weeks and they will keep coming now that Gillard has given them the NZ incentive!

    • Davo says:

      09:34am | 21/02/13

      It is extremely unclear as to what is happening in our Hospitals. It is all “he says -she says”  Where do we find out exactly what is happening?

    • Rose says:

      02:43pm | 21/02/13

      Quite simply there are procedures and treatments for all sorts of ailments that never previously existed. We all want these procedures and treatments done if they can improve quality of life or length of life either for ourselves or our loved ones, regardless of age, health and reasonable expectancy of success (if there’s a chance, no matter how slim, we expect doctors to take it).
      All these treatments are expensive, increasingly so, and while people expect more they are not willing to pay more. the government is struggling to keep up with paying for the healthcare we assume to be a basic right. Because healthcare boils down to such an emotional level for most of us, we don’t want to hear the truth, that we want what the government can’t pay for. Neither State nor Federal governments want to tell us that giving dear old 95 year old grandma a hip replacement is a bad ‘investment’, or that as long as dear old grandpa continues to smoke that lung cancer treatment is basically throwing good money down the drain, ditto for morbidly obese (who refuses to change her diet and to do some exercise) Aunty Sue’s diabetes treatments and so on. No, instead of telling us that there are limitations to what can be reasonably provided by universal health care they engage in the blame game between levels of governments.

    • wm says:

      09:35am | 21/02/13

      “The Baillieu Government had already made $616 million worth of cuts. “

      are you serious!!!! where the hell is the front page headline! Unlike Neilson and newspoll, this is stuff that actually affects real people! This is stuff we care about.

      What is wrong with you people at the MSM?

      “Both sides will continue to argue the other has ripped out money while they have put in record amounts. The public don’t care about the money shuffle.”

      what!!!!!! don’t care!!! are you for real! Its OUR money. Its our health, trust me we care! Its the politics we hate.

      Cmon mate, do your job and tell us who’s cut what. Stop trying to hide it. I don’t care about the politics, I care about the numbers and the facts.

      At the moment, trying to read through your obfuscation and fed bashing it sounds like the feds are kicking in an extra $107M while the state libs are taking out $616M.

      Its beyond me how any reasonable person could blame the feds for this?
      There is something fishy going on.

    • wm says:

      04:01pm | 21/02/13

      Thanks alot for that.

      I hope the author of this article goes back and re-writes this article and analyses what Tanya has said and explain to us why its true or not true.
      But I must say, having heard Plibersek talk and Baillieu talk, I must that Plibersek was WAY WAY more convincing.  Baillieu basically acknowledged her numbers while saying “short-term political fix” over and over again, with no figures and no details.

      I must say, I can’t honestly believe Mr Baillieu is an actual premiere. Its quite embarrassing really.

      Also, I can not understand why all News Ltd journalist can not criticise a liberal politician, even when they are so obviously in the wrong as this…THIS NO BLAME GAME. Baillieu’s not even it the game! Pathetic.

    • Elizabeth1 says:

      04:55pm | 21/02/13

      I have to agree wma. Ted seems incompetent . Missing out on transport funding of millions because they failed to get their submission in on time. Unable to provide figures since June 2012 on elective surgery. Cutting preventative health services funding by 36% in 2012. If Victorian health services behaved this way in their business processes with the Vic Gov they would lose their funding quick smart. I believe Ted is inept and disorganised to extreme.

    • Bho Ghan-Pryde says:

      09:39am | 21/02/13

      Nothing to see here. Like everything else the Rudd/Gillard/Swan trifecta put their hands on this funding too has become a total FU. Just add it to the list and move on. It belongs somewhere amongst insulation deaths, illegal boat deaths, budget surpluses, 1990s internet technology at 2020 prices, laws to regulate weather, banning gay marriage, supporting union officials spending members money on prostitutes while talking about misogamy with a slippery muscle man to hand-hold with. Endless debt, a faltering economy despite all the spending. Do you feel richer for the spending and debt? I am sure I have only touched on it, but for sure stuffing up the hospitals – that is small beer for this lot.

    • MP says:

      11:01am | 21/02/13

      I thought Rudd’s ‘End the Blame Game’ meant that the Federal Government would be responsible for the hospital system. The ‘buck stops with him’.

      The states would have given up 30% of their GST, and the federal government would have funded the whole thing.  This never eventuated as most states were hesitant in giving up any of their revenue.

      It also never happened because Rudd was kicked out before anything was finalised.  We will always have state and federal governments of different flavours governing at the same time, and they will always blame each other.

      So maybe the Federal govt being the sole guardian of the hospitals may have been a good idea. But who would be stupid enough to want all that responsiblity?

    • Christine says:

      11:26am | 21/02/13

      Perhaps it is time to review our foreign aid budget and start thinking about our own needs here in Australia,  particularly when our hospitals are so short of money. What sort of goverment would cut funding to a hospital part way through a budget year. Bothstate and federal governments seem involved.  In FNQ , hospital staff are being offered redundancies and yet the hospital system is under pressure with patients.  Have an operation and you are kicked out the next day.

      How much of our budget is now being forcibly spent on the never ending queque jumping boat people who are choosing to live in Australia.

      Does anyone know what countries are we sending foreing aid to and are they all so desperately poor that we must neglect our own sick and disabled people.  Sure we need to help others in need but at what price.

    • @64 says:

      12:31pm | 21/02/13

      Wouldn’t better fiscal management be the place to start

    • noelene says:

      11:31am | 21/02/13

      I can’t seem to find any confirmation that Baillieu has made 616 million worth of cuts to the health service in Victoria? However here in Tasmania Giddings asked the LGH to find 100 million in savings(in other words she cut 100 million in funding),she also asked police to find millions in savings and cut numbers,still the debt is rising.Labor-greens accord is working well here..not.

    • Mr Zack says:

      11:39am | 21/02/13

      Gillard hasn’t done her job in fixing health. It isn’t an easy task and it will not happen overnight. She never started it and now it is too late to do anything. Imagine if you didn’t do your job and expected to get paid. What a world we live in.

    • mikem says:

      01:02pm | 21/02/13

      Do you really think the Libs will do better.  Do they really have the will to tackle the greedy snouts in the health trough who think they have the right to milk the system for as much as they can?  I doubt it.

    • gof says:

      12:00pm | 21/02/13

      Which Health Minister from the previous Coalition government, ripped billions out of the health budget to gives his boss a sanctimonious surplus? Some of the stuff ups from the previous Coalition government just can not be undone.

    • Christian Real says:

      05:08pm | 21/02/13

      You mean the current Liberal Coalition Opposition Leader

    • Tator says:

      05:55pm | 21/02/13

      Gof, /Christian Real
      what a bunch of crap, still trying to peddle that furphy about Abbott. is the real story from a Fairfax reporter.
      To paraphrase.  Firstly, Abbott was NOT HEALTH MINISTER when this occurred.
      Secondly, funding went UP IN REAL TERMS, so no funding was reduced at all.
      Lastly, the so called rip offs were reductions in growth over the forecast period.  And the amounts forecast were forecast by Treasury prior to the Health Agreement being finalised so they were purely assumptions not based on the agreement being negotiated.

    • RAZOR says:

      01:11pm | 21/02/13

      even though Baillieue is the worst Premier in Australias history i dont see why so many pick on him.
      He has not done anything

    • PJ says:

      02:18pm | 21/02/13

      Well done Razor.

      Gillard takes back Hospital funds. Wards close operation waiting lists grow.

      Gillard gives back the promised funding fearing people like you will realise Gillards action has delivered unnecessary suffering.

    • the phantomn says:

      01:15pm | 21/02/13

      Baillieue has fastracked from being labelled Dr Dolittle to Dr Donothing!
      This born to rule even if a fool Blueblood is out of his depth in carpark puddle.

    • PJ says:

      04:07pm | 21/02/13

      The Australian
      “Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek caved in to pressure from the Victorian government to reclaim the money that was cut from the state health budget based on “outdated” population figures. (dirty trick)

      But Ballieu victory over the Federal forces of evil will be shortlived:

      “The federal government will take the money from other commonwealth funding slated for Victoria”

      Gillard’s desperate for funds. Hold on to your pensions here she comes…

    • NikRaf of Victoria says:

      02:48pm | 21/02/13

      if the state lnp government of Victoria had a race with a sloth the sloth would win

    • chuck says:

      03:30pm | 21/02/13

      The nurses (and teachers) should ask for nice new dark blue uniforms, 9 mm pistols, tasers and cap spray - problem solved!

    • alan says:

      04:00pm | 21/02/13

      no matter if RUDD was p.m. again even with the health case o.k. ,it wont make a difference LABOR is finished like rudd is,all washed up.if the GREENS are so against labor WHY ARE THEY STILL BACKING LABOR WITH THEIR VOTE.election now lets not wait,where labor will be destroyed and the greens will be beaten up badly.

    • Abbott is a muppett says:

      04:24pm | 21/02/13

      the Victorian Health Minister David Davis says @@

      who is this clown ?
      never heard of him.
      No doubt another bludging, dithering do nothing Victorian Lib
      Maybe he changed his name fron Fred fredson or Tim Timson.
      The correct moniker should be Dick DichheaD

    • Magwitch says:

      05:01pm | 21/02/13

      If you have ever lived in countries where the financial management of hospitals/health care facilities are run by a medical board you would be hoping that the funding distribution is left to the States. There is so much in-fighting between departments all claiming a higher need,  more political plays than we see in Canberra, lethal cost cutting to stay in budget -  with no more advantage to patients for all that.
      Gillard still thinks that showing ‘tuff’ somehow enhances her standing - but only with the fawning media who treat politics as if it’s some Reality TV show.

    • Julie says:

      05:03pm | 21/02/13

      You are all expecting JG to THINK THINGS THROUGH. This is an exercise she has not ventured to try yet. Neither did her predecessor KR. Otherwise we would have had all the $900 giveaways ‘to save the economy’ linked to buying Australian, which would have saved even more of our economy (and maybe even on an ongoing basis). Then, maybe, we would have had money to spend on things we all need. If they hadn’t already spent that on even more things we didn’t really need.

    • Zack says:

      05:38pm | 21/02/13

      Well since bad healthcare equals bad outcomes for Australians. This government needs to wake up and provide answers as to why we haven’t had this resolved in 2011?


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