That fact that Kevin Rudd, a mere backbencher, was able to get leave from Parliament to travel to China on a private mission points to some clever Opposition mischief.

For a backbencher he's clocking up the flyer miles… Illustration: John Tiedemann

It indicates the Opposition has adopted the strategic calculation that a high profile Mr Rudd is a large scale headache and distraction for Julia Gillard and a constant fuel supply for leadership speculation.

Mr Rudd’s quite clear declaration of support for Ms Gillard last night on the ABC’s 7.30 has put a scratch in the duco of that strategy but the Opposition is likely to keep revving it up.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott approved a pair for Mr Rudd so that he could fly to China to attend a conference of the World Economic Forum, not as a representative of Australia but in his own capacity.

This was an expansive thing for him to do give Mr Abbott had last year warned the minority government that even fathers awaiting the birth of a child might not be granted leave. Arts Minister Simon Crean was prevented from representing the nation at the funeral of artist Margaret Olley almost exactly 12 months ago.

But there was Kevin Rudd jetting to the WEF’s “meeting of the new champions” conference with the Opposition’s best wishes and assistance.

“They obviously like him,” said one senior Labor figure who followed the pairing approval.

Another said that it seemed Mr Rudd was finding it easier to get the Opposition’s support for a pair now than when he was Foreign Minister.

Speculation is that his former Liberal foreign affairs counterpart, shadow minister Julie Bishop, has become Mr Rudd’s friend in high Opposition places. Certainly she has taken an interest in his leadership prospects.

This week she told a Coalition meeting the Rudd v Gillard showdown would come to a head in two weeks.

Ms Bishop claimed Mr Rudd had been telling his Labor supporters that new Government policies, such as removing the floor price on carbon after 2015 and overhauling education funding, had been stolen from him.

“The end game of the Labor Party leadership is nigh,” she forecast, after noting pointedly that Mr Rudd was in China.

This was yet another date marked on the “calendar of doom” various commentators have been drawing up for a couple of years. When each date for a showdown passes without incident another is offered.

By any reasonable estimation, Mr Rudd’s comments last night on national television meant Ms Bishop will have to realign her calendar of doom as well. How ungrateful of Mr Rudd.

“Of course the Government can prevail against Mr Abbott at the next election,” Mr Rudd said. “And that’s why I am supporting this Government under the Prime Minister’s leadership to do so.”

Pressed to identify the Prime Minister by name he said, “I just said that. Under Prime Minister Gillard’s leadership.”

His reluctance to use the Prime Minister’s name probably is a sign they are not yet the best of friends, but also that Mr Rudd probably resents being demanded to do it like a tired party trick - “Come on, say it, say it.”

More important was his quite clear public statement that he would support Julia Gillard leading Labor into the next election. And that he thought she could win.

It might be that Mr Rudd has decided only recently that he will not be asked to return as Prime Minister before the election. But he confirmed last night that his belief was it won’t happen.

Not that he doesn’t want to be leader at some stage. Last night’s interview also was a reminder to colleagues that he was still active and on the ball. His “I won’t be silenced” declaration had nothing to do with anybody in Labor trying to shut him up. He was talking about taking the fight to the Coalition.

Remember, Mr Rudd is fighting for his own survival as an MP in Queensland where Labor’s support is dismal. Any fight for the leadership is secondary.

He is taking that fight up to LNP Premier Campbell Newman while at the same time endorsing Government policies, such as the Pacific Solution II. And he plans to be a constant campaigner for Labor.

Last night his message was, in the words of TEN’s Paul Bongiorno today: “Hi, I’m Kevin from China and I’m here to help.”

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    • Lomax says:

      11:50am | 13/09/12

      Pity the opposition can’t do anything to boost Abbott’s profile and get his rating above Julia’s or Rudd’s.

      Dr NO, the wrecking ball.
      Enemy of women and the working class.
      Not a lot to work with there.

      Oh, I know he was a Rhodes Scholar pugilistic earwig.

    • john says:

      12:58pm | 13/09/12

      “Dr NO, the wrecking ball.”

      as opposed to the wrecking ball KR is swinging atm?

      ..Oh how bitter bitter bitter and sad this all is- parallels of a greek tragedy, PM fresh from father’s death & attending funeral of fallen today and now the Achilles heel of labor KR with 7.30 below constructed a lose lie after 3 goes “i just said that -but in actual fact he did not.” - go KR kick’em in the guts whilst down for the count smile

      from ABC

      [sic}  Kevin Rudd: “Of course the Government can prevail against Mr Abbott at the next election.”

        Leigh Sales: “With Julia Gillard as the leader?”

        Rudd: “Under the prime minister’s leadership to do so.”

        Saes: “Under this prime minister’s leadership?”

        Rudd: “Under the prime minister’s leadership to do so.”

        Sales: “Under Prime Minister Julia Gillard?”

        Rudd: “I just said that. Under Prime Minister Gillard’s leadership.” [sic]

    • David says:

      12:14pm | 13/09/12

      Mal, I’m more interested in analysis of government policy - rather than the agenda of the opposition. You should write about that some time…

    • Rose says:

      01:44pm | 13/09/12

      They are both important, particularly when i seems almost inevitable that the Opposition will form the next government. If the Opposition does form the next government and they are full of nasty little surprises (again, pretty inevitable) people will be screaming “why weren’t we told?”

    • Onlooker says:

      12:17pm | 13/09/12

      I would like to thank Kevin Rudd for coming on tv, my husband and I did listen to him and also to thank Clive Palmer. Both of these men care about Queensland and Kevin cares Australia. To me I don’t care if Kevin is PM or not, Kevin will always be someone I listen to with respect. I know I am not alone in worrying what is happening in Queensland and NS.W. We will end up with a whole generation of sickly illiterate children on the east coast of Australia. I voted Liberal in the last state election as many others did and we have no one to blame but ourselves, we can only wait to rectify our vote in the next state election. Tony Abbott has been honest and has said there will be cuts, and I appreciate his honesty, but if your in N.S.W or Queensland the last thing you want to hear is more cuts.

    • TC says:

      01:22pm | 13/09/12

      Why did you allegedly vote Liberal when you knew the Qld budget was in the red and had lost its AAA rating - did you honestly think you can scamble eggs without breaking them first?

    • Gregg says:

      01:28pm | 13/09/12

      You may want to consider why it is that cuts need to be made and a lot of over spending is certainly not to be disregarded.

      As for Kevin, he is very much for himself and Labor second, his hatred for Tony Abbott of such proportions he’ll do all ion his power not to see him elected even if the majority of Australians decide it is time for Gillard and Labor to be dumped.
      Kevins head seems to be getting rounder and it reminds me of that $45 million blown in attempting to promote Australia as a location for a world cup.
      There is much else he has been associated with that has cost Australia dearly.

    • nihonin says:

      12:19pm | 13/09/12

      ‘Last night his message was, in the words of TEN’s Paul Bongiorno today: “Hi, I’m Kevin from China and I’m here to help.”

      Same shyte, different day, Malcolm.

    • Two Sugars says:

      12:21pm | 13/09/12

      Thanks for the link to the 7:30 interview, Mal. It was very illuminating.
      Rudd’s rewriting of history was incredibly unchallenged by Sales who only a week or so back opened an interview with Abbott by basically calling him a liar.
      I vividly remember Rudd campaigning on a tough stance to asylum seekers, including turning back boats, but Sales blithely allowed him to claim a mandate to dismantle the Pacific Solution when he had nothing of the sort.
      The other beauty that Sales allowed through to the keeper was Rudd’s complaint about the Newman “taking the meat-axe to the public service”. Rudd himself used those very words to describe potential cost cutting measures in the lead up to the 2007 election.
      Is it any wonder that the ABC cops it for bias?
      And about that declaration Rudd made about support for Gillard:
      I’ve seen teeth come out less painfully.

    • Steve Douglas says:

      01:58pm | 13/09/12

      Hey Two Sugars simply stop watching the 7:30 Report as I have. Sales is the Mal Farr of TV - blantenly biased.  It is a pity becausCanberra concept of that show is good. These interviewers simply do not care how biased they are because they are so self important and surely everyone must agree with them. All politicians must be held accountable but with Sales only the Opposition is put in this position.  Therefore I have stopped watching the show as it no longer provides this balance. Kerry O’Brien was an admitted ALP supporter, but at least he dished it out to all and sundry equally.

    • Cat says:

      02:57pm | 13/09/12

      You complain how “blatantly biased ” she is, yet she caned Rudd!? Would Hadley cane Abbott!? Pigs would sooner fly! Not being radical pro lib is not bias! You’re dreamers!

    • Bomb78 says:

      03:30pm | 13/09/12

      Cat: the difference being tax payers fund the ABC - not 2GB. I do not pay for Ray Hadley, and despite being a conservative voter, I don’t have any time for his tripe. I do pay for Leigh Sales, and I would like her to do a fair and balanced job. That means once in a while not only ask a meaningful question to an ALP minister, but getting a meaningful answer to said question.

    • Steve Douglas says:

      04:04pm | 13/09/12

      Cat - Because she supports Gillard - take a walk down memory lane to February 2012 and listen to the spiteful comments about Mr Rudd all from the ALP. So Ms Sales is only following the company line and trying to put Mr Rudd down. My comments, so you understand, take in the sum total of Ms Sales comments since she took over from Kerry O’Brien and she has definitely displayed bias, and if you believe her every word you wouldn’t see that. Everyone has the right to support whichever party you wish. I have heard Kerry O’Brien admits he supports the ALP, but it was balanced reporting when he presented the 7:30 Report. Ms Sales is incapable of doing this even to the point of lining up behind all the haters in the ALP who can’ t tolerate Mr Rudd - go back and listen, for instance, Mr Swan’s comments last February - and we don’ need Lib spin doctors to verify that ( all parties have their spin doctors).

    • Tom says:

      04:31pm | 13/09/12

      Cat, she caned Rudd for the benefit of the ALP.

      She failed to cane Gillard on her carbon tax lie, her affairs with married men or her Slater and Gordon departure. Sales is ABC all the way to its rotten ALP core.

    • Andrew7 says:

      12:21pm | 13/09/12

      “Mr Rudd’s quite clear declaration of support for Ms Gillard last night on the ABC’s 7.30 has put a scratch in the duco of that strategy but the Opposition is likely to keep revving it up.”
      You have got to be kidding! He looked like he was about to vomit when he was FORCED to refer to her as Prime Minister Gillard, he even smurked!
      It is even more clear now than ever that he expects to have her job before the next election.
      The guy proved last night he is a very strange fellow indeed!
      And as far as the Oppostion go, they have nothing to worry about, Gillard and Rudd have made sure about that.

    • RMB says:

      03:12pm | 13/09/12

      Well said Andrew. There was no way the interviewer was letting him off so easy and had to ask him 4 times repeatedly to say her name before he uttered the magic words. It was like watching a trainwreck. And the venom he spat them out with were more telling than the words themselves.  “Clear declaration of support” my arse. Seriously Farr, just when I think you couldn’t be any more biased, you come out with this utter tripe. You’ve officially crossed over from political commentator to paid shill.

    • Babylon says:

      06:03pm | 13/09/12

      Clearly it’s not over yet.

      I believe Rudd thinks he was treated very badly by his bestie,  and wants revenge.

      Within the Labor Party there is obviously still fractions that are keeping Rudd’s hopes alive.

    • NigelC says:

      12:23pm | 13/09/12

      I had no idea that being asked three times before realising there was no way out of uttering those words counts as a “quite clear declaration of support for Ms Gillard” really?
      I sometimes get accused of being one-eyed but your assertion is ridiculous.

    • JoniM says:

      03:14pm | 13/09/12

      Spot on NigelC !

      Mal has obviously joined the swathe of the ALP party faithful in their last ditch effort to retrieve some of the furniture over the coming 12 months. He has joined the ranks of those leftie journalists like David Marr and Barrie Cassidy to do their best for the team !  It all revolves around those usual limited old chestnuts…..smear Abbott relentlessly, escalate Union activity, and paper over to avoid any further negatives for the ALP !
      It is basically all they have !
      But you gotta love their enthusiasm !

    • Dr B S Goh, Australian in Asia says:

      12:44pm | 13/09/12

      Ex-PM K Rudd is the first leader in the World who can speak Mandarin the official Chinese language and he clearly knows China more than any leader in the Western World of his stature. He clearly knows his importance in the World in which China would become the richest nation before 2020. It is interesting that the Hon K Rudd has advertised for an Adviser on foreign affairs someone who can speak Mandarin fluently.

      There are great dangers of a war between China and Japan which may suck in USA and then Australia. K Rudd may need to play an important role to help defuse this dangerous situation. Many people have not learned from history. Was it not an isolated incident in the assassination of an Austrian Duke which led to the First World War and the death of thousands of Australian soldiers?

      Today China warned Japan not to go over the brink over the Diaoyu Islands, see

      The Diaoyu Islands were stolen from China in 1985 when Japan also conquered and occupied Taiwan from then until 1945. These islands are very close to Taiwan, see

      When WW2 ended suddenly USA returned Taiwan to China but kept control of the Diaoyu Islands. In 1972 when USA still considered China as enemy No 1 these Islands were transferred to Japan by USA.

      In the past few months activists from China and Japan have stirred up this issue. In the past few days China has sent ships to these Islands.

      USA has declared it is now neutral in this dispute. If so USA must tell Japan formally that the Diaoyu Islands are not covered by the US-Japan Defense Treaty.

      Australia must also make known to Japan in consultation with USA that these Diaoyu Islands are not covered by the US-Japan Defense Treaty.

      To save face for both China and Japan these two countries must re-affirm that neither party would do anything substantial on these Islands. In order words the best way forward is both nations agree to do nothing on these Islands and stop the activists from both nations from visiting these Islands.

      If there is war, even a limited one, between China and Japan Australia’s economy and defense will be extremely affected.

    • Dr B S Goh, Australian in Asia says:

      01:44pm | 13/09/12

      Correction. Silly misprint. My post should read, The Diaoyu Islands were stolen from China in 1895 when Japan also conquered and occupied Taiwan. This happened as a consequence of the First Sino-Japan War, see

    • tez says:

      03:20pm | 13/09/12

      Thanks Doc There is so much going on in this area and all that seems to matter here is the look on Kevins face and how long it took to answer a question and how soon he can be voted out. I dont care who it is talking with China as long as we are.

    • Bomb78 says:

      03:41pm | 13/09/12

      Same post two or three times this week Doc?

      And there is a difference between ‘richest’ nation and nation with the highest GDP. China will overtake the USA on gross GDP before the end of the decade, but richer? With a billion or so people still living in poverty, I don;t think the term ‘richest’ should be applied to China just yet.

      And the only role KRudd will play in any conflict between China and Japan/USA/Australia will be the Neville Chamberlain role: promise peace and end up with a rocket between his butt cheeks. Stop confusing Rudd’s ability to speak Mandarin with his ability to get respect from the Chinese or his ability to get results in any form of public policy. He was a failure as PM!

    • Jon says:

      12:45pm | 13/09/12

      Please QLD! at the next election put the rest of Australia out of our collective misery by voting him out.

    • Alfie says:

      02:00pm | 13/09/12

      Will do our best Jon.

      Both Rudd and Swan will be toast.

    • Kika says:

      02:50pm | 13/09/12

      I live in his electorate. I won’t be voting him out. He does a pretty good job for us. Sorry.

    • Jim says:

      03:42pm | 13/09/12

      We’re in the business of sending ALP politicians to an early retirement…

    • year of the dragon says:

      04:16pm | 13/09/12

      Kika says:02:50pm | 13/09/12

      “Sorry. “

      You should be.

    • William says:

      12:50pm | 13/09/12

      Mal you have a very strange way of looking at things.
      The interview as most journo’s acknowedge was all about “Kevin” wanting his job back.
      The opposition don’t have to do anything to destabilise the Gillard Govt, why would they bother when there’s “Kevin” as we witnessed yet again last night on our TV’s.
      You really do have your work cut out for you trying to defend him and his actions last night. Good luck, I doubt many people have your take on it.

    • Jane says:

      12:59pm | 13/09/12

      Rudds declaration of support for Gillard last night was believable?
      Oh Mal…stop it please, my sides are hurting from laughing. He reminded us what a fruit loop he still is. I bet the coalition use parts of that hilarious interview in their election campaign.

    • Joan says:

      01:00pm | 13/09/12

      `Mr Rudd’s quite clear declaration of support for Ms Gillard last night on the ABC’s 7.30 `——- Laugh at that one. Leigh Sales extracted that support from Rudd like a dentist wrenching a decayed rotten wisdom tooth from a relucant patient after a third try.  There was no genuine, sincere support for Gillard coming from Rudd.  I wasn’t wearing rose coloured Labor glasses- so Rudds constipated response quite visible.

    • Geronimo says:

      01:07pm | 13/09/12

      KO12 is hovering around in a similar manner employed by Elma Fudd to make that Wascally Wabbott mighty nervous.

    • TC says:

      01:17pm | 13/09/12

      Malcom Farr time for retirement. If you think Rudd was clear in his interview last night that he supports Gillard as the prime Minister you have rocks in your head (as does the Punch editorial team for letting your biased articles on here)

    • KimL says:

      01:32pm | 13/09/12

      Kevin only has to open his mouth and the press and The Lib’s jump on it, the man is entitled to his say on behalf of his electorate, and I think he made a lot of sense. Fortunately Australian’s are waking up that this leadership issue is all pie in the sky, when Kevin or Gillard say a challenge is on..then I will believe it.

    • Gregg says:

      01:34pm | 13/09/12

      Like a few other responses Mal, it seems you got a lot more and something different out of that interview than me.

      It was not much more than a fluff piece and something of a downer when it comes to interviews standards often set by Leigh.
      Perhaps she realised early on there was not much of substance to be gotten from the man in China and she was accurately quite correct other than confirming his ill founded self belief.

    • Ironside says:

      01:35pm | 13/09/12

      So mal what your saying is that RUDD is more trustworthy than the Prime Minister, after all your saying that his declaration of support for the PM who knifed him in the back is so much more credible than her public support of him the day before she knifed him, after already having had staffers draw up the speech?

      Wow so tell me again Mal, why is it we the Australian people would want an untrustworthy person with no vision or conviction, rather than this paragon of virtue (in your eyes) who is so trustworthy that we can take everything he says at face value.

    • Franklyn says:

      01:37pm | 13/09/12

      You doing damage control for Kevin Mal?

    • Steve Douglas says:

      01:41pm | 13/09/12

      Oh Mal I am so grateful of you to point out everything that happens in Australian politics is all that naughty Mr Abbott’s fault - even the sadness that is Mr Rudd.  Every comment you make increasingly demonstrates how irrelevant you are becoming.  Just give up, join a union if you haven’t yet, then seek ALP endorsement for a safe seat, get elected, and then your writings will become relevant again. As then your true intentions will be fully transparent.  Apart from a politician or a shock jock, you are by far the most blantenly biased “reporter” (apologies to real reporters)  in Australia.  I will continue reading your propaganda so I keep informed on how the ALP is thinking as you do it so much better then ALP spin doctors.

    • Dave the Chippie says:

      02:53pm | 13/09/12

      “the sadness that is Mr Rudd”
      “give up, join a union if you haven’t yet”

      Beautifully written. Thank you Steve. You sum it up perfectly mate.

    • Two Sugars says:

      01:47pm | 13/09/12
      Exactly the same type of empty rhetoric that got Rudd elected in the first place.
      That’s what I love most about the left. They think talking about something, and actually achieving it are exactly the same thing.
      The ABC apparently has the same view.

    • andye says:

      04:04pm | 13/09/12

      @Two Sugars - “That’s what I love most about the left. They think talking about something, and actually achieving it are exactly the same thing.”

      Boy, the left are pretty stupid hey. Almost comically stupid. Almost like you are just making lazy vague generalisations.

    • Two Sugars says:

      06:00pm | 13/09/12

      Plenty of examples recently, Andy.
      The as yet unfunded NDIS, another education crusade, and a dental plan that nobody has the money for, least of all the folks claiming credit for it. Not to mention claiming a victory for half fixing something they completely buggered in border control with another couple of billion down the chute.
      Or is that too lazy and vague for you, fanboy?

    • Greg says:

      01:49pm | 13/09/12

      Mal if he knew the question about supporting Gillard was going to be asked please explain then why he just didn’t say it in the begining instead of playing games AND DRAGGING IT OUT like he did (he obviously knew Sales would insist he use Gillards name) and then smiling when he eventually gave in?
      And you call it support for Gillard…..OMG
      Rudd is very strange and scary. I can’t believe he was EVER PM.

    • Alfie says:

      02:05pm | 13/09/12

      Rudd is a like punchbag. Even his own Labor colleagues have given him a flogging (twice!!!). He just doesn’t know when to bugger off.

    • Bear says:

      02:35pm | 13/09/12

      Don’t know why this is such a Liberal wet dream but Ruddy ain’t coming back. Deny it all you want but there is a genuine misogynistic aspect to some of the gillard hate.

    • Jokular says:

      02:55pm | 13/09/12

      Excellent work there Bear, smear people who don’t agree with your ideology as sexist.  Does it then make all of the Left misandrists as well when they call for Malcolm Turnbul to be leader of the opposition over Tony Abbott.

    • Keith says:

      02:59pm | 13/09/12

      I doubt the Libs even care, it’s Labors problem. Why would it make any difference Gillard, Rudd both a joke.

    • Sancho says:

      03:03pm | 13/09/12

      Gillard has the “unmarried woman” target painted on her, but Rudd’s a Chinese-speaking nerd.

      Intellect and internationalism - he’s everything the Right fears most.

    • year of the dragon says:

      03:06pm | 13/09/12

      “there is a genuine misogynistic aspect to some of the gillard hate”

      I’m sure there is - to some that is.

      However, just because a small number of knuckleheads who don’t like women, doesn’t mean that the overwhelming majority of criticism isn’t valid.

      She’s not the first women to be a leader no matter how much of a reactionary she’d like to think she is. The difference is, those genuine trail-blazers didn’t whine when they got criticised.

      Can you imagine what Margaret Thatcher had to deal with when she took on the miners in the 1970s in Britain. How enlightened towards gender equality do you think those blokes were?

      And yet, her legacy makes no mention of her dismissing criticism on any basis other than the merits of the criticism.

      And it’s not only Gillard. I could have held up any one of scores of women leaders from a variety of political persuasions over the centuries, none of whom demonstrated Gillard’s fragile glass jaw.

      Gillard is a terrible PM and, her invoking sexism to deflect criticism is not only pathetic but also doing gender equality a much greater disservice than anything a few neanderthals could possibly do.

    • jaki says:

      03:17pm | 13/09/12

      I don’t want either of these two incompetent morons so does that mean I’m misogynistic towards both genders ?
      Deny it all you want but you know you’re full of shit.

    • Bear says:

      04:02pm | 13/09/12

      Libs themselves may not care but their lackeys on the media seem to. Tell you what, if you can get rid of all the conservatives and become a proper liberal party, ie Turnbull leader, perhaps bring back Mal, and exile the wackos who are Tory, not liberal or Liberal, I’ll support the Liberals.

    • AdamC says:

      04:08pm | 13/09/12

      @jaki, you sound like one of those misogynistic feminists (or feminist misogynists) I have been hearing about ...

    • Alfie says:

      05:02pm | 13/09/12


      “...exile the wackos who are Tory, not liberal or Liberal, I’ll support the Liberals.”

      The Liberals will do just fine without support from the likes of you Bear.

    • year of the dragon says:

      05:04pm | 13/09/12

      Bear says:04:02pm | 13/09/12

      “can get rid of all the conservatives”

      How very totalitarian of you Bear.

    • Kika says:

      02:49pm | 13/09/12

      I don’t think it was a peculiar pick at all - HE SPEAKS FLUENT CHINESE. When you’ve got someone like that on your bench how could you pass them up? The Chinese love it when foreigners can speak their language.

    • JoniM says:

      03:34pm | 13/09/12

      The word I’m hearing from Beijing is that the Chinese actually think he is complete tosser ! As naive as a Greens economic summit !
      One of those “useful idiots” to be used for their own ends as needed !

    • Jokular says:

      03:54pm | 13/09/12

      Especially when they can say ‘Rat Fuckers’ in Mandarin.

    • Esteban says:

      06:32pm | 13/09/12

      In Hong Kong Rudd was/is known as the “hollow man”.

    • just shut up says:

      03:15pm | 13/09/12

      Reading all the coffee beans in America is a clue for KRUDD also

    • KFR says:

      05:10pm | 13/09/12

      Think if you you are reading the tea leaves mal, stop using chardonay goggles. Pretty poor piece this one and always, always, its abbott’s fault. Suppose you will say next you did not see abbott throw a punch 35 years ago but heard the woosh sound of its so it must be true and saw baoott’s goon squad at work.

      Pity is, labor’s verr personal attack on newman in Qld is now the federal labor game plan. Preety disgusting and you suport this rubbish

    • Aaron says:

      05:27pm | 13/09/12

      Geez I’ll be glad when Rudd, Gillard, Swan and Wong are no longer staining my TV screen.


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