The racquets smashed by Marcos Baghdatis in last night’s Australian Open outburst have spoken out exclusively about the pain, the hurt and the trauma of racquet abuse.

“This sort of thing should never be tolerated,” said a severely twisted and broken T-Flash 315 Speedflex who preferred to remain anonymous.

“I don’t care if you’re at the Australian Open, Wimbledon or the Kazakhstan Invitational,” the racquet said. “It is simply never acceptable to abuse a racquet in this way.

“My colleagues and I are quality $200 carbon fibre things of beauty. We’re not some throwaway piece of wood and catgut like that Yonex junk Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic use.

“This is not a case of me being highly-strung. I am not just creating a racket for the sake of it. For this volley of abuse, Mr Baghdatis must be punished by tennis authorities.”

The T-Flash 315 Speedflex was far from impressed when told that the standard fine for racquet abuse is a meagre $2,000.

“I am outraged and feel like I have been framed,” he said.

“Last year in the US Open, Serena Williams was fined $2,000 for umpire abuse. All she said was ‘you’re out of control, you’re a hater, and you’re just unattractive inside’.

“If memory serves me, she also dropped a few threats straight from the Kyle Sandilands playbook.

“For that, she gets fined $2,000. But they were just words! Sticks and stones and all that… I have been battered and belted within a string of my life. It’s an outrage!

“Racquets have feelings too, you know.”

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    • Tim says:

      01:12pm | 19/01/12

      Doesn’t he realise that starving kids in Africa could have used those racquets and one day become grand slam champions?

    • Mahhrat says:

      01:15pm | 19/01/12

      And yet, those things will be sold on eBay for a small fortune, with the profits going to an anger management clinic.

    • Erick says:

      01:26pm | 19/01/12

      “Tennis is a racquet”

    • Hoob says:

      01:49pm | 19/01/12


      Don’t stoop to acotrel’s level of humour.

    • Erick says:

      02:24pm | 19/01/12

      #Hoob - I’m sorry.

      I was trying to evoke the famous quote from retired United States Marine Corps Major General Smedley D. Butler. But sometimes I fail. ;__;

    • SimonFromLakemba says:

      02:38pm | 19/01/12

      lol I didn’t mind it?

    • Tim says:

      03:18pm | 19/01/12

      Mahhrat has set the baseline.
      Can anyone smash through the seven pun barrier by lobbing a few into their comments?
      No, I think i’ll let him take this match, I wouldn’t want to need a tie-break.

    • Anthony Sharwood

      Anthony Sharwood says:

      02:34pm | 19/01/12

      Comments on this thread are a little slow. What’s the matter everybody? Cat gut your tongues?

    • Wynston Cruso says:

      02:40pm | 19/01/12

      Ericks comment hurt my brain, but this…. this. Wow. I’m afraid to check the comments in here later. Surely that has to be all of them…

    • Mahhrat says:

      02:51pm | 19/01/12

      Just trying to get a good grip on the situation.  Good to see you really on the ball Ant, though I wonder if the right spin has been put on the article.  I have a nasty feeling we’re courting disaster by not allowing Marcos a return of serve, though considering his behaviour that would be a backhanded compliment at best.

      That’s SIX!! Six puns!! Man I love puns.  Love!! That’s seven!!

    • Anthony Sharwood

      Anthony Sharwood says:

      03:03pm | 19/01/12

      ROFL. Mahhrat totally wins. Straight sets. I bow out of this contest

    • Fork Handles says:

      04:56pm | 19/01/12

      Cucking fats! Gat cut in rennis tackets today is a no no, or an on on, whichever. Selve your suits.

    • Dan Webster says:

      02:39pm | 19/01/12

      He definitely needs to work on his temper.
      Is this worse than praying openly ?  (I get confused these days)

    • Yuri says:

      03:05pm | 19/01/12

      I’m confused about that too. Apparently, throwing a child-like tantrum and throwing racquets is perfectly acceptable behaviour, but someone taking a few seconds to unobtrusively pray is something horrifying that must be stamped out.

    • Cars says:

      03:14pm | 19/01/12

      Throwing a tantrum is natural. Praying is, by definition, unnatural, and therefore creepy.

    • PsychoHyena says:

      07:31pm | 19/01/12

      @Cars, I would have a careful think about that statement and keep an eye on how often you say something that could be classed as a prayer, this includes “Give me strength” and others of that ilk.

    • Seth Brundle says:

      11:16am | 20/01/12

      I often say “for the love of god”, despite not believing in god.  Are you suggesting that I am praying ?

    • Kerryn says:

      02:43pm | 19/01/12

      Question-how does anyone over the age of three throw a tanty big enough to destroy FOUR racquets?  Surely an adult would have calmed down after the first one!

    • BobC says:

      09:02am | 20/01/12

      All I got out of this little episode was that Marcos was extremely unhappy with his “stringer”!

    • nossy says:

      02:47pm | 19/01/12

      The last time I saw someone behave like this was Johhny McEnroe - he used to belt the crap out of racquets and anything else he could get his hands on. Cant say it must help the level of play. Top players like Federer dont go on like this. Bjorn Borg many years ago played ice cold tennis and won 5 Wimbeldons. Maybe Baghdatis , as good as he is, is not really cut out for the game - footy maybe where he can run and kick and tackle?

    • Cynicised says:

      03:34pm | 19/01/12

      I saw Baghdatis play Federer in the Final of the 2006 Aussie Open and it was one the most thrilling and contrasting encounters I’ve ever seen. Ferderer’s cat-like elegance , genius stroke play was contorted with the mercurial tenacity and freakish determination of his opponent. In fact, it’s the only time I’ve seen The Fed show real frustrationson the court. He wanted that title so much and Baghdatis was not going down easily. The   5–7, 7–5, 6–0, 6–2 scoreline hardly encompassed the passion of that match. Roger cried when Rod Laver himself presented him with the trophy. I’ll never forget that moment and that match.

      Baghdatis can play, don’t underestimate him, And though I don’t approve of his behaviour, his racket-smashing turned the momentum of the match last night. He ultimately lost, but it’s a measure of the man’s passion for the game.

    • LJ Dots says:

      04:52pm | 19/01/12

      Federer is great to watch, but he has been known to do a ‘Baghdatis’

      I believe it was Borg (or maybe Lendl?) who also had a similar racquet malfunction while a junior before becoming ‘icemen’.

    • chuck says:

      03:04pm | 19/01/12

      beware of Greeks baring gifts!!!

      I good tradesman never blames his tools!

      Nice to see that someone can have a hissy fit without involving others but how anyone can excited at a game of tennis unless it is either Venus or Serena wearing one of those creations is beyond me. .

    • stephen says:

      03:04pm | 19/01/12

      Last night’s commentator said that this racquet abuse will cost him 1500 bucks.

      These tennis players can afford it, and besides, the game is now that boring that I want to see McEnroe, from up in his box, get down ring-side and show some of these digitalized shadow-boxers what passion is.
      (Any passion will do.)

    • John says:

      08:24pm | 19/01/12

      its like using bomb against civilian, when meeting the opponent, can not do much but lose.

    • Bruce says:

      08:36pm | 19/01/12

      I say, let the rackets go free !!!

    • Pete says:

      12:03am | 20/01/12

      Smashing rackets is so unsurprising from tennis players these days. Proof of the ugly narcissism of this sport’s ‘professionals’. It almost makes me glad tennis has collapsed as a sport in Australia: the last thing we need is more role models like these.

    • Craig says:

      04:13am | 20/01/12

      His racket sponsor must now love him for his underhand criticism. By breaking serve so many times he’s demonstrated that they’re not an ace brand.

      Only fore puns but I scored a real point. Well five puns now, or six if you count the golf reference. Game, set and match.

    • Al2 says:

      04:40am | 20/01/12

      That “prima donna” behavior should not be allowed. It creates a bad example for kids with all the negative consequences thereafter. These people think they can do anything they like, including be total assholes. A $50 000 fine and a year off the international circuit might temper his and people with this kind of behavior. This and any kind of “school” based sport should not allow this kind of behavior at this level of competition, full stop.
      You can be a player, be part of the “show” you get paid handsomely for the privilege, act up to the standard of the sport, not like a 5 year old bad mannered lout. Not on….

    • Budz says:

      08:17am | 20/01/12

      Will someone please think of the children? Oh what rucking fubbish!
      He got fined for it, even if it was $800, who cares?
      Did he hurt anyone? Nope!
      People complain on one hand that they don’t show enough emotion, and then you get a jewel like this where it’s pure raw emotion, and they still complain. Just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy, so you should stop trying.

    • Frank says:

      09:24am | 20/01/12

      can’t wait or the rackets to go ebay…he would make a motza!

    • Cleo Basset says:

      09:59am | 20/01/12

      Yeeks! What a bed-tempered drama queen!

    • Nick says:

      10:34am | 20/01/12

      Perhaps Marcus B was simply indicating he’d like a new racquet sponsor? You know some other manufacturer to give him free s#&t to toss out of his pram. And yes his stringer may well have their phone off the hook today.

    • Dieter Moeckel says:

      11:43am | 20/01/12

      So easily fixed. Allow them one racquet to play with, not a bagful and they will no longer break their racquets.
      Okay if you want give them one or two opportunities to replace racquets if they break due to some structural or other fault.
      There are always simple solutions which in the end curtail slow news story days.
      It’s like referee abuse - one abusive session send them off end of story do not collect $200 ... same on the football field ... one offence and you don’t collect $200 would stop all the shenanigans.

    • stephen says:

      06:27pm | 21/01/12

      Come on Kim.
      You are one of us now.
      We do not fail.


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