Kevin Rudd’s got a lot of explaining to do over his decision to spend $38 million whacking the mining industry over the head. Question Time is on again today. Join us here from 2pm for live coverage.

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    • Winston James says:

      02:44pm | 31/05/10

      I’m disappointed in the shortsighted and misguided ‘rage’ being directed at this broken promise. 

      Yes, it is a broken promise, but its a promise that had to be broken under the circumstances (circumstances that would not have been envisaged when the promise was made).

      The government simply cannot stand by and allow only one side of the debate being heard.  Advertising works, and it works well.

      The mining companies are only just getting started with their marketing, and their screaming will only get louder and uglier.

      Whether you agree or disagree with the SPMT you have to agree that it would be a foolish government to stand by a 3 year old election promise, made under completely different circumstances, while they watch everything they’ve worked for go down the sh*t chute.

    • Grumbles says:

      05:09pm | 31/05/10

      Last election the Unions spent 100’s of Millions misinforming the public regards industrial relations, actually they are STILL at it, claiming a return to the Libs is a return to WC’s. It was under these circumstances that Kevin Rudd made his guarentee. No different from the one we find ourselves in today, however the shoe is on the other foot, and only one party made a promise to fix it.

      I see from your post your a Labor supporter, not an Australian supporter as you would rather see a Labor government for the better or worse of Australia.

      Personally, I voted for the Libs the last two times, but will vote for the Liberal Democratic party (LDP) this election as neither major party is trying to shrink the government. Stop defending the actions of a Liar and a Deviant, and start barracking for what is right for Australia. Less government, more looking after yourself.

    • Dick J says:

      04:10pm | 31/05/10

      I disagree, strongly disagree. Why should the government spend money on promoting something which is not law. The bill has not even been drafted let alone gone through the Senate and passed into law. There is a consultation process aparently going on between the government and the miners.

      I suggest you look at the adds. They are in no way related to or explain the RSPT. They are propoganda at the taxpayers expense. Gobells and Stalin would be pleased.

      If Rudd can’t explain a tax that wasn’t part of the Henry review anyway why should we pay for his ineptitude.

    • Christian Real says:

      05:43am | 01/06/10

      Dick J
      Why should mjners think and believe that they are more powerful and above the elected government?
      It appears that the miners are able to buy the Liberal/National party with generous donations to fill the Liberal party coffers,but they haven’t been able to buy the A.L.P in the same way.
      The miners appear to be attempting to blackmail,coerce and intimidate the Government into caving in to their demands,by saying that mining projects will be scrapped and that they will set up mines in other countries..
      Fact is,that these mining companies are not going to pull up stakes and abandon unmined riches that still lays in Australian soil.
      A story in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday revealed that coal miners stand to rake in more than $80 billion in the first five years of a Resouces Super Profits Tax.

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