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    • Necron99 says:

      04:38am | 30/12/09

      Can’t they just make special peak-hour trains without seats?

      This sort of thing happens in Paris as well… absurd and dangerous.

    • T.Chong says:

      07:07am | 30/12/09

      Having seen these clips over the years, I’ve wondered what would happen, who would be responsible if there was an accident, fire etc.  The amount of people shoved in the car would make an incident a disaster.
      Maybe the japanese have a different attitude to personal responsibility and liability.  A lawyers paradise?

    • Paul Hyland says:

      07:12am | 30/12/09

      Personally I think it is safer to have a overcrowded carriage.  With a higher preponderance of obesity these days, this means that you are surrounded by “Flesh Air Bags”.

    • Davy says:

      11:52am | 30/12/09

      I was once on a train coming from the brisbane exhibition at closing time. Standing room only. Almost had to be pushed on as in clip. All of a sudden a young kid with too much fairy floss and too many goes on the mighty mouse chundered right in the middle where the doors are. It was amazing that on such a packed train a circle about 2 metres diameter almost instantly appeared.

    • pc says:

      10:30am | 31/12/09

      Hi Lucy, Hi Shipmates

      The ginza line was one of my favourite subway lines in Tokyo. My absolute favourite was the JR Yamanote line that circled the city. Tonight the trains will run all night and most likely the Yamanote line will host a new years party. Its a party whose numbers vary, some more get on, some have to get off. (Usually to go to the toilet) But there’ll always be a group of loud drunk people (mainly foreigners) that most quieter commuters will do their best to ignore, some even share a drink. So spare a thought for all those bus drivers in Tokyo. Who ever talks about buses?

      Well I will, poor buggers, and just in case there are any bus drivers from Japan out there, my name is Patrick Conan Keane, thus pc, and Ive thought about you, and if the moderator feels thats inappropriate I hope they swing into action, of course the bus drivers wont get to hear my story.

      An old Japanese woman sat down next to a young foreign man. She settled into her seat with a polite bow and excuse me. ‘Shes almost as big as a child’ thought the young foreign man. A completely different proportion to most human beings he had known. She was certainly no ‘obatarian’ - the combination of ‘obasan’ (grandmother) and ‘totalitarian’. She put her bag on her lap and opened it up, peering into its evident depth. The young foreign man leant forward, curious. Out of the bag came two ‘onigiri’ - rice balls. She smiled and offered him one. “Here you are.” The young foreign man nodded, in lieu of a bow, and thanked her. He took the onigiri with both hands cupped and placed gently beneath the rice ball. He carefully unwrapped it and daintily, or as daintily as a young foreign man can, took a bite. More nodding and he said after complimentary mouthful, “Delicious. This is the best onigiri I’ve ever had.” The old Japanese woman giggled.

      “Whats that youre doing?”

      Startled our happy couple look up. Standing over them was a middle aged Japanese man with a crude combover and glasses. He pointed to a sign above his head. “There is no eating on the bus.”

      (To be continued…reasons of space)

    • aspetteSumwam says:

      04:37pm | 24/01/10

      I would like too take some time out Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

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      08:37pm | 25/02/10

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