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    • adie says:

      07:20am | 27/11/12

      Just a reminder to those driving in this horrible weather in Melbourne today to please turn your lights on!  i know they wont help you see better in this light, but it helps the other cars around see you!

      Too many cars fade into the background on days like this - especially black/grey/silver cars.  Other people may not see you if they just glance in their mirrors.

    • stephen says:

      07:39am | 27/11/12

      Come to Brisbane - and all those who are driving here, please turn your lights off. I know I can already see you, and such attention seeking is unnecessary.
      Too many cars want to be seen - especially red ones.
      Other people may get jealous, and glance in their mirrors, and want to go to Melbourne, and want to be - rightly - anonymous.

    • PsychoHyena says:

      01:12pm | 27/11/12

      @adie, I know what you mean, I’ve nearly been side-swiped by cars in fog, etc because they haven’t had their lights on. About time they made it a legal requirement that cars are like motorbikes, turn the engine on and the lights come on.

      Yes I know a lot of modern cars now have an ‘auto’ option for the headlights.

    • OzTrucker says:

      03:48pm | 27/11/12

      I was in Canada recently for a bit of a sticky beak and the first thing I noticed driving around is that all the cars had their lights on all the time. Its the law over there. I honestly believe it make sense to have em on .Even the little grey cars are easier to see miles away,

    • fml says:

      07:26am | 27/11/12

      Those chardonnay drinking scientists need to figure out a food that makes us lose weight. Sort like vegetables…

    • Chris L says:

      08:03am | 27/11/12

      Scientists have discovered a hole in common vocabulary. It occurs when people say “I’ve tried everything to lose weight!”.

      The missing section is suspected to include the words “except exercise and eating right” and would exist in the very centre of the original statement had the laws of physics not caused it to vanish.

    • ibast says:

      08:18am | 27/11/12

      Real scientist drink shandies.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      11:26am | 27/11/12

      Real scientists drink vodka and scrawl equations upon the wall…..

    • subotic says:

      11:34am | 27/11/12

      Cubert J. Farnsworth: I understand how the engines work now. It came to me in a dream. The engines don’t move the ship at all. The ship stays where it is, and the engines move the universe around it.

      Bender: That’s a complete load!

      Cubert J. Farnsworth: Nothing’s a complete load! Not if you can imagine it. That’s what being a scientist is all about.

    • PsychoHyena says:

      12:22pm | 27/11/12

      @Chris L, I assume we’re not applying that directly across the board there. I do know of at least 1 person who has tried everything to lose weight (literally everything short of surgery) but then their weight is the symptom of a health problem rather than “self-inflicted”.

    • TheRealDave says:

      12:42pm | 27/11/12

      No matter how many times I get up off the couch and waddle over to the fridge to grab another pack of Tim Tams or another can of Coke I just can’t seem to lose any weight at all. I’ve tried absolutely nothing for years and its just not working. I’ve blamed everything from genetics to big bone syndrome and plenty of non-scientific made up illnesses and perceived illnesses and its done nothing to help me at all. I have often thought about exercise or introducing a vegetable to my daily feed bags but I am after something that will require absolutely no effort on my behalf. Surely there is something out there for me? Maybe some kind of government sponsored program or grant that I can apply for via my phone or on my computer so I wouldn’t have to get up??

      Anyone? I have a genuine disability here!

    • Mouse says:

      05:16pm | 27/11/12

      SFM, oh no! Do you have to be a scientist to do that??? Geez, there goes my Saturday nights then!!  :o(

      TRD, my heart goes out to you! I can see that you take the effort to actually get off the couch all by yourself and just that deserves a big clap! Keep the thought in that back of your mind, that one day, in the not too distant future, scientists will create food that not only tastes good but makes the bigness fall away!!  I am sure that when the new NDIS comes out, all your problems will disappear and that image in the mirror will look more like the real you every day. Fingers crossed for you, always!  :o)

      ChrisL, if I wasn’t so worried about TRD, I would have written you a bigger reply.  LOL ;o)

    • Chris L says:

      06:10pm | 27/11/12

      @Mouse - If the only concern was having a smaller reflection in the mirror there are concave versions that give pleasing results wink

      I guess the NDIS will have to incorporate fatties. It wouldn’t be PC otherwise.

      @PsychoHyena - I’m sure there’s people for whom the “medical condition” is a real and frustrating fact. They seem to represent a smaller proportion of obese people than a few decades ago for some reason.

    • ma_kelvin says:

      08:16am | 27/11/12

      All my working life I strived to be honest and hardworking and saw with my own eyes within big business, within the union organisations al types of corruption going on.
        For me I have a clear conscience but would have liked to do more about it at the time. Being young I paid the price and suffered the consequences at the time. I wish their was someone or some organsation I could of gone to at the time.  Crime stoppers were not available to me. ( the police were corrupt in Queensland 30 odd years ago so it would not of done me any good anyway..
      Some brave investigative journalists were around at the time but couldn’t break through the corruption/mafia type.
      The truth does come out in the end and history will record those politicians, Union Organisers, Journalists and Big Business doing the wrong thing to the people of Australia.
      Will it take another 30 years for the truth to out?  It is important for the future of Australia and especially our children to make sure we have in place a fair and just system.

    • Draconian says:

      10:27am | 27/11/12

      Welcome to the real world ma.

    • TheRealDave says:

      12:45pm | 27/11/12

      ummm…the whole Fitzgerald thing was done on the back of the 4Corners reports… they, the investigative journalists (who sadly no longer exist), did manage to ‘do’ something.

      The difference now is the increased ‘corporatisation’ of the media which has turned ‘news’ into an entertainment product.

    • ma_kelvin says:

      02:07pm | 27/11/12

      Yes you are 100% correct and I have a chip on my shoulder about it all.
      I know that there are hundreds of journalist around australia that are sitting on important information about corruption and can’t do a god dam thing about it.  The reason why thousands of journists and support teams have been given the boot is the news in general has turned into a joke.  My favouritd program “A current affair” last year had at least one Bra story on every week. I love Tracey Grimshaw but she is not as hard hitting as she once was.  Please bring back Mike Willesee to kick them up the bum as I believe he started on the ABC too.
      This country needs a full hard hitting new segment that will not be swayed by any corporations interest.  Does anyone have the means to do it in Australia? Would Gina,James, Lachlan or any other super rich person interested in helping this country by giving back?

    • TheRealDave says:

      03:27pm | 27/11/12

      Nightly ‘Current Affairs’ shows sold their souls to the chequebook decades ago - sadly. Both ACA and TT are a sad indictment on society and ‘newstainment’ in general.

      Sadly, 60 Minutes isn’t much better

    • ma_kelvin says:

      04:56pm | 27/11/12

      @TheRealDave,  I have a theory and idea for all those journalists that have been made redundant.  Please get together and pool the information on corruption and other relevant stories together.
      I bet with the information they have they could clean up Australia within a year.
      All the journalist that were made redundant were made redundant due to the lack of interest from general public in those newspapers getting rid of them.  Also the economy and new technology is also to blame. 
      However I really believe those of them that are still hungry enough can stay in the game and really make an impact.  They should use the technology to get back into the game.  Pooling resources and mentors like Mike Willesee and others can be done with new technology available today.
      I have a name for the new TV program and internet sites like “The Punch “and the name I would give them is “We Give a Damn” (quickly someone trade mark that name)
      Journo’s like Mike Wilessee and others from 4 corners, old current affairs that are still around would be the mentors of the new breed of Journalists Australia needs to keep those bastards honest.

    • subotic says:

      08:32am | 27/11/12

      Nothin’ like an online stoush between overweight contestants/ hosts on a reality show with the word LOSER in the title.

      Self fulfilling prophecy?

      Ratings grab?

      Just plain desperation?

      Oooops, 15 minutes, times up…..

    • gobsmack says:

      09:54am | 27/11/12

      Clash of the Titans.


      09:04am | 27/11/12

      Hi Punch Team,

      Shows like the Biggest Loser are all about ratings at the expense of certain people’s misery an personal pain, I am only guessing. Is it simply about doing it the right way or the unusual way to get more audience as well as potential contestants. Most people who tend to watch these shows, are simply glad that they don’t have weight problems to begin with.  After watching such shows they might actually believe that they are at their ideal weight and height to begin with. 

      Which actually happens to be a very healthy and positive way of thinking to begin with.  Because there are a lot of people out there with very poor body images, no matter what.  Instead of having these shows we should all have access to healthy life style information provided at schools, work places and community centers.  If the end result is actually losing weight and being healthy, then it has to be a life time plan for most hopefuls who want to lose weight, permanently and seriously.

      I personally feel that it is almost impossible to stick to such a plan when everyone else is just curious to see if you can truly make it or it is just so hopeless like all the other times before. Kind regards.

    • DJ says:

      09:21am | 27/11/12

      MArk Latham on Paul Murray Live last night was quite interesting. He could noy understand why Abbott is so heavy on the pre-parliament career of the PM when there are so many skeletons in his own clset.

      Latham said that he had heard that at private dinners Abbott had confessed he was concerned about a number of things that my come out about his time from Uni to entering parliament.

      Will be interesting to see if Latham’s words are proven true in the new year as he forecasts.

    • AdamC says:

      09:55am | 27/11/12

      If Labor has anything on Abbott, they will use it. There is nothing Abbott can do about it. I doubt there is anything to find, though, given that Labor would have had a muckraking team digging dirt on Abbott for over two years now.

    • ibast says:

      10:16am | 27/11/12

      Could be just Labor creating enough doubt or it could be true.  Abbott has proven repeatedly he is not very politically astute and he will do anything to win.  His own mother must be wondering what her true value is.

      I am, however, guessing it’s just a water muddying exercise by Latham.

    • Tim says:

      10:40am | 27/11/12

      I think the recent events dragging up the past with extremely little actual evidence about both Gillard and Abbott’s previous activities should show you that muckrakers don’t actually need to find anything concrete.
      Rumours and innuendo are enough.

    • Modern Primitive says:

      11:51am | 27/11/12

      Heaven forbid we should have an election be debated on policy rather than personality.

    • TheRealDave says:

      12:49pm | 27/11/12

      Sorry…when did Mark Latham become relevant again??

    • AJ in Perth says:

      01:46pm | 27/11/12

      look, look over there, Tony Abbott!!!

    • Mouse says:

      06:11pm | 27/11/12

      AJ, cute, very cute!!  lol :o)

    • Ben C says:

      09:35am | 27/11/12

      If anyone deserved to sleep in this morning, it would be Peter Siddle and Faf du Plessis.

      On to Perth we go, let’s see how good Steyn, Morkel and co really are - they failed to take ten wickets in Brisbane, and had 550 put on them before they could take ten in Adelaide. If they are as good as their records show, they should be able to take ten wickets in Perth easily.

    • Ally says:

      10:49am | 27/11/12

      Yes, the next test should be pretty great. The Adelaide test was such an incredible contrast between the first and last days.

    • DJ says:

      11:37am | 27/11/12

      it was a great test can’t wait for Perth, will be intresting if to see of they take apunt on Mitch.

    • Knemon says:

      11:56am | 27/11/12

      Agree Ben C…The effort shown by Peter Siddle last night was unbelievable but sadly he might not play in Perth due to his near melt-down in Adelaide. I love test cricket and the game just finished was as good as it gets. My money would be on SA to win in Perth, therefore making an Aussie win a Monty. grin

    • Anubis says:

      01:41pm | 27/11/12

      WTF is this post about? What is a siddle or a faf du plessis? And why should we care when we actually have a life?

    • sunny says:

      02:07pm | 27/11/12

      The Saffas beat us in the last test played at the WACA a few years back. They would have got more lift out of the Adelaide game than us because the draw was like a win to them after being behind the eight ball all game. 2 or 3 of our top batsmen continually failing is a worry - Clarke and Hussey can’t rescue us every game. We’re looking the better team but just saying we still need to be on our toes, and need further improvement to win in Perth. Will be good to see how a Siddle/Johnson attack goes (assuming they pick Johnson).

    • Ben C says:

      02:35pm | 27/11/12

      @ DJ

      I think that would come down to Watson and Siddle - if Watson and Siddle both play, Mitch won’t get a look in. If either doesn’t play (or even both), Mitch should be in. His recent performances are still far from his best, but he looks to be getting there.

      Graeme Smith will be hoping Mitch doesn’t get picked, after the nightmares he suffered last time South Africa were here.

    • TheRealDave says:

      03:31pm | 27/11/12

      I agree with Sunny’s last comment.

      My money - the Saffas will give us an utter toweling atthe WACA. Get your money on them now.

      Remember the last time we had a similar situation? Ashes tour a few years back and I think we had them 9 for with an hour to play on the last day…..and they made it to stumps and the pommy crowds went wild. You would have though they has won the Ashes. I think it was the first or Second test now that I think about it now…..anyways, we folded in the following tests and got our arses handed to us in the Ashes series after that.

      I think history is going to repeat itself here.

    • Gregg says:

      10:02am | 27/11/12

      Ideally!, for a good idea should it not be ” Here ” at ” The Punch!

      Deep sea creature!

    • Draconian says:

      10:33am | 27/11/12

      I love the apology last night to Defence Force personnel who have been traumatised by their commanding officers and “mates” within the force.  Like an apology is really going to do anything.  Gee mate - raped you last night, but I’ll say sorry today and everything will be okay.

      No it won’t.  I’d want to see you pay for your crimes with gaol time.

    • Gordon says:

      11:50am | 27/11/12

      Apologies: damned if you do and damned if you don’t. As I understand it the apology is the first part of an inquiry and restitution process whereby people will be able to tell their stories and (hopefully) many or at least some of the offenders will get what’s coming. Why do you bag something that is badly needed and has only just begun?

      Next thing will be people saying that their hearing was a travesty, that their $50k is an insult, and that the 7 years (or whatever) the perpetrator got is woefully inadequate. Mate, all of that may be true, and I understand that nothing will truly put right the awful things some people have sufferred, but it is better than they have right now, which is SFA.

      Smith has 50 years of mess to clean up and has taken this head-on. I think he deserves some credit.

    • PsychoHyena says:

      01:06pm | 27/11/12

      @Draconian, the apology is more about the institution than the actual act and covers a wider range of acts than rape. It’s about the cover-ups, etc for which an apology is a good first step provided it is followed by changes to the mindset of those previously and currently involved.

      Honestly there is no real difference between that of what’s been happening within religions and what’s been happening within the defence force. Both have been answerable only to themselves. A huge example of the oft-quoted phrase ‘Who watches the watchers’.

    • Draconian says:

      04:20pm | 27/11/12

      @Gordon.  That’s just it.  Do you really think they will get their 7 years?  Do you really think the hearing will do anything?  Do you really think the apology is worth a thing?

      @PsychoHyena .  It doesn’t matter whether or not the institution made the apology.  It means stuff all to anyone and I only used rape as an example.  I bag it because it means nothing.  Maybe if the apology had come from one of the perpetrators, then maybe someone somewhere may be feeling a little better, but until the actual perpetrators are gaoled, then the apology itself means nothing.  I’d rather see them doing something about the problem other than mouthing off an apology that means nothing.

    • Traxster says:

      10:49am | 27/11/12

      TV news the other evening ....thousands protesting about the bombings and killings in Palestine and Israel…...
      Few minutes later another news flash re. the bombing in Pakistan in which seven (7) children were killed…..
      and I wondered ....will the protesters in the first case also come out ‘in protest’ about the second case ?
      D’yathink ??

    • ausspud says:

      11:27am | 27/11/12

      Ajay is so desperate for attention she’ll do anything.
      It’s amaizing how somebody will take photos of a nobody,sell it to a mag & all of a sudden shes gay.She truly is the biggest loser (And Im not talking about her weight which seems to be exploding).

    • subotic is experienced says:

      11:43am | 27/11/12

      Hold on to your Fender Strat whammy bar, the 3rd stone from the Sun gave birth to that voodoo chile on this day back in ‘42.

      ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky….

    • ZSRenn says:

      12:28pm | 27/11/12

      Just announced. Indonesia is contemplating introducing a new curriculum for primary schools from June next year.

      The new curriculum will not include English, Science or Social Studies.

    • Chris L says:

      01:54pm | 27/11/12

      Are they trying to model it after ours?

    • subotic isn't gun shy says:

      02:17pm | 27/11/12

      All praise be to Allah, who sees fit to continue to take His/ Her followers in Islamic countries down the ancient & exulted path of illiteracy and ignorance.

      Let’s hope the females stay home, rite?

    • Rebecca says:

      01:23pm | 27/11/12

      My theory is that Masterchef is an evil plot by Channel 10 to fatten Australia up in between seasons of The Biggest Loser.

    • subotic loses it says:

      02:18pm | 27/11/12

      My theory is that Channel 10 is an evil plot by Channel 10 to stupid-fy Australia up in between seasons of anything on Channel 10.

    • LJ Dots says:

      04:50pm | 27/11/12

      Ha. I think you might be onto something there Rebecca.

      I’ve seen enough James Bond films to know anyone with a cravat is usually stuffed (some prefer the term ‘rellenar’) with pure evil.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      02:12pm | 27/11/12

      Damn new glass’s… Wet my pants.. Go to the tiolet ,pull it out *thinks cant be mine it’s to big* ,so put it away…... wet my pants… Damn glass’s… smile

    • Baloo says:

      02:26pm | 27/11/12

      Bit early for drinking isn’t it? raspberry

    • Chris L says:

      03:29pm | 27/11/12

      @Baloo - It’s only too early if you’re still asleep.

    • sunny says:

      04:28pm | 27/11/12

      pa_kelvin - that’s why I wear coke bottle glasses even though I don’t need ‘em.

      btw the “Lightning Volts TM” one from the other day was a winner! I’ve already made a few million off of it you’ll have to sue me to get your share smile

    • pa_kelvin says:

      05:25pm | 27/11/12

      @sunny…. Sue it is… Dont know where I can find a red headed lawyer to do some Pro-bono work for me?? ....sunny??? smile

    • Mouse says:

      05:31pm | 27/11/12

      hahahahahahahaha!  Have never had that particular problem pa!  Maybe it’s time for you to start taking a seat then, just remember to point whatever it is down, or you are going to get a wet sponge thrown at you by ma_k!  LOL :oD

      Baloo, it’s never too early for that! lol :op

      ChrisL…....... you sleep???????  xo/

      sunny, you are just evil!!!!!  ;o)

    • sunny says:

      06:42pm | 27/11/12

      pa_kelvin “Dont know where I can find a red headed lawyer ” She’s on my team, so I reckon we’ll win that one smile

      Mouse “sunny, you are just evil’ ..*evil laughter for five full minutes* smile

    • Fair Dinkum Aussie says:

      03:22pm | 27/11/12

      Many peop[e I have spoken to in recent times have said that they believe Julia Gillard to be untruthful, moronic, lacking in the ability to make policy and then stick to it, a typical female Labor thug, a man hater and too close, for whatever reason, to Penny Wong and Nicole Roxon. They say her time at Slater and Gordon proves her to be incompetent and lacking in professional judgement. She denies all of these impressions of her character. Believe her or believe me. Make up your own mind

    • TheRealDave says:

      03:48pm | 27/11/12

      Sounds like you had a great Morning Tea at Menzies House…...

    • sunny says:

      06:26pm | 27/11/12

      Fair Dinkum Aussie - I don’t think you really are a fair dinkum Aussie. Most Aussies don’t whinge as much as you do and the problem for you and your stuck up negative Liberal friends is that most Aussies recognise a good political fighter like Gillard when they see one. Bring on whatever you’ve got, and watch our girl go to work.

    • Fair Dinkum Aussie says:

      03:29pm | 27/11/12

      What about this for a theory? Ralph Blewitt is to 2012 and Julia Gillard as Taneth Khemlani was to 1975 and Gough Whitlam.

    • PJ says:

      04:51pm | 27/11/12

      As you know Australia has a Two Tier economy.

      The Top tier is run by China and the Mining Corps.

      The Second tier is run by the Gillard Government, even though they always take credit for the Top tier.

      Lets look at the Second Tier, the one that the Gillard Government actually manages:

      From The Australian:
      “Veteren retailer Gerry Harvey has predicted a wave of retail collapses in the months after Christmas, as struggling stores limp toward the festive sales season.

      Speaking after the company’s annual general meeting, the Harvey Norman chairman said: ?You?ve seen more retailers go out of business in the last two years than you have seen in the history of Australia and there are more retailers currently under pressure.?”

      Well managed economy isn’t it?

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      06:33pm | 27/11/12

      One Direction schedule their Australian tour to conflict with HSC exams and some whiney, sorry-assed teenagers aren’t too happy about it. Tweet #Getalife


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