Saw this picture in our pic library yesterday. Liked it. Here it is.

You know what they say about eating yellow snow. Pic: Andrew Railton

The image was taken at sunrise on Mt Buller, Victoria and if it doesn’t make you want to leave your desk and go somewhere beautiful, you’re definitely too much of a workaholic.

What’s the last really beautiful view you saw? Any other beautiful or not-to-beautiful stories you’re desperate to share with us today?

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    • PW says:

      05:32am | 24/07/12

      A very nice composition, but I have trouble envying the subjects due to the cost of staying in ski resorts, the nightmare of getting there, and the fact I couldn’t do it when I tried to learn. Something to do with motorcycle riders having trouble due to the way you have to lean being counter-intuitive.

      Must be minus 5 degrees when taking that pic. Here it is 26 degrees at 3am, the other end of the spectrum.

      The view above Baguio, northern Luzon, Philippines is the last breathtaking one I saw. Didn’t get to snap it from the bus though.

    • M says:

      07:03am | 24/07/12

      I imagine snow skiing wouldn’t be much different to water skiing.

    • iansand says:

      08:30am | 24/07/12

      I’m guessing you only went for a weekend.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      09:51am | 24/07/12

      @M   the only hard thing about water skiing is finding a lake with a slope on it. smile

    • Elphaba says:

      09:59am | 24/07/12

      Agreed PW.  I went to the snow last year for the first time and hated it.  All I wanted to do was be on a warm beach in Asia sipping cocktails instead. 

      I’m not envious of the picture people either.

    • Rebecca says:

      03:31pm | 24/07/12

      The last really beautiful view I saw was the stunning Sydney harbour as I was catching the train across the Harbour Bridge on my way to the office just this morning - as I do every day. Who says you have to go on an expensive far away holiday to see and appreciate great things?

    • jb says:

      05:37am | 24/07/12

      You could try crediting the photographer… You used one of my shots before and forgot to credit me too.
      Awesome photographs don’t grow on keyboards you know!

    • Mahhrat says:

      09:54am | 24/07/12

      What, copyright theft?  Say it ain’t so!!

    • Inky says:

      02:12pm | 24/07/12

      On the internet, no less!

    • Kurisu Sonsaku says:

      06:09am | 24/07/12

      A beautiful view - looking across the skyline and down the valley at Hakuba.

    • TChong says:

      07:12am | 24/07/12

      plenty of companies, ,their directors, CEOs, and the like , break laws, embezzel funds etc
      Are these corporate failures and illegalities representative of all the private sector?
      When the private / corporate sector fails to obey laws, then using your line of thought, then the LNP is equally responsible .
      Guilty by association harms both sides of the house.

    • Max Power says:

      09:12am | 24/07/12

      What a load of BS Chong. Private companies are held accountable for fraud, embezzeling and breaking the law, the Unions are not. The Unions are the ALP there is no difference between the two, hence the control the unions wield over their political arm.
      Once again a Labor/Unionist defending the fraud, rorting and illegal activity of a Union and forgetting about the victims, the members who the Unions supposedly represent.

    • nihonin says:

      09:18am | 24/07/12

      ‘Guilty by association harms both sides of the house.’

      Yeah yeah TChong, nice attempt at a segue to drag the Liberals into a story on Labor and its financial contributors.

    • TChong says:

      09:48am | 24/07/12

      I reckon companies and unions should be held to the same regulations and accountability.
      Are there any laws which specifically exempt unions, or their officers holders from fraud ?
      Wow, big fella, only topics to be discussed at Punch, are what you nominate, and only on your terms?
      Didnt know that you are now a Punch moderator.

    • Gratuitous Adviser says:

      11:11am | 24/07/12

      I agree with Bill Shorten that corruption in unions is not widespread (and less than company fraud, I would think) and certainly not to the degree of the HSU. 

      However, I also believe that because of his past and present position/s he, and the union movement in general, has been well aware for many years about this issue and this union.  They must have chosen to go quiet, hoping that it will go away.  The reasons for their blind ignorance would have been varied and selfish but they still should be pilloried for this crime on the health workers of Australia, especially the low paid ones. 

      It looks like Jackson has been vilified and the NSW ALP Right still has more sins to answer for.  As per the Fin Review “Senior members of the faction knew about the state of the Health Services Union for more than a decade and did nothing about it.”

    • nihonin says:

      11:16am | 24/07/12

      Wow TChong, did I hit a nerve?  All I did was point out your ‘they’re both as bad as each other’ spin, can’t try and deflect from the real story TChong.  You can post what you like, you’re points are just s valid as any other Liberal or Labor sycophant who posts here as well.  Just as amusing too.

    • AJ in Perth says:

      01:01pm | 24/07/12


      That’s SFA ...


      For this one, could you try and focus on the issue on hand?

      Yes, yes, there are many companies, directors, CEO’s and individuals involved with fraud, and hopefully justice will eventually be done, but our prime minister?

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      06:08pm | 24/07/12


      One thing I give Gillard credit for is her ability to survive.

      How can she still be in office after all that has occurred? Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

      I mean 28 percent in the poll, Abbott preferred PM?

    • Jay says:

      06:31am | 24/07/12

      The moment of truth for the Greens on Saturday. The Liberals out of the picture, Labors fortunes down and they failed again. Once again we have to listen to the excuses from them.University holidays, people moving were some of the more bizarre excuses given by Adam Bandt.The Greens have peaked and now the downward spiral will start for them. And yesterday on John Faine the other Global warming fraud Tim Flannery made an appearance once again preaching his end of world predictions for Victoria.
      After being totally mauled for years by Andrew Bolt I am surpised he dare sticks his head up since he has zero credibility.I suppose when the Govt is paying you 170K to go around and tell the world that the end is nigh, you have to play your role. It rains=global warming. It doesn’t rain=global warming. It gets colder=global warming. I will be glad to see the back of him when the Liberals take over.

    • nihonin says:

      07:17am | 24/07/12

      Denier, I say denier.  Tim Flannery that is, denier of the truth, the ummm climate changes all year round.  But not to worry fellow Earthians, Labor along with the enabling government member and policy provider, the Greens, have legislated a tax that will save us from all for the changes in climate…......hallelujah, brothers and sisters.

    • gobsmack says:

      07:54am | 24/07/12

      “The Liberals out of the picture..”.

      Exactly.  The Ballieu government isn’t the most popular, is it?

      You’d think with the stench coming form federal Labor and given that Ballieu only has a one seat majority, that they would at least have had a crack at the by—election.  They must be embarrassed at having achieved nothing after a year and a half in office.

    • S.L says:

      08:13am | 24/07/12

      Jay I agree. Now that Uncle Bob has gone skipping off into the wilderness the Greens will fade into oblivion…...........

    • acotrel says:

      08:22am | 24/07/12

      More extreme weather events, world-wide = global warming !
      How are we to manage the risk ?

    • nihonin says:

      09:23am | 24/07/12

      acotrel says:

        08:22am | 24/07/12

        More extreme weather events, world-wide = global warming !
        How are we to manage the risk ?

      I know acotrel, lets introduce a tax, yes a tax!  We’ll make everyone pay (through sleight of hand), but we’ll compensate lower incomes (well anybody who earns less than what we deem rich, we’ll also compensate big emitters as well, to keep them on side).

      That’ll teach the climate.  Brilliant idea…........yes/no?

    • Anubis says:

      09:28am | 24/07/12

      @ acotrel - please detail these “more extreme weather events” and explain why they are more extreme than similar events that have happened in the last 500 years. I am pretty certain that should you look back through recorded history you will find similar events equal to or “more extreme” than your (and Flannery’s) more extreme weather events. Also please indicate why and how these are specifically linked to AGW (or Climate change - whichever is your preferred term nowdays)

    • iansand says:

      09:45am | 24/07/12

      In the US there have been several temperature records set over the past year.  On average, you would expect the records of maxima and minima to be roughly equal.  However, the record maxima have exceeded the record minima by a factor of at least 3.  That suggests that something is happening.

    • Mouse says:

      10:50am | 24/07/12

      Knemon, I have that tune in my head all day now!  lol, just lol!  :o)

    • Jay says:

      01:28pm | 24/07/12

      Ginger Mick: Check out ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ I’ll put your experts against mine any day.

    • Alfie says:

      02:43pm | 24/07/12


      Ballieu just has to be more popular than his Labor rival…you know, what’s-his-face the bald bloke.

    • iansand says:

      02:57pm | 24/07/12

      Jay - There are no experts in The Great Global Warming Swindle.  Where will you find any?

    • Anubis says:

      03:36pm | 24/07/12

      @ iansand - thanks for the link - Can you explain why most papers like this do not look any further back than 1950? They seem to be precluding a significant amount of control data by stopping there. Or is it that it becomes inconvenient for their cause if they include data before the 50’s ?

      Any one would think that climate did not come into existence until 1950 the way the IPCC treats it.

    • iansand says:

      03:51pm | 24/07/12

      Reliable data.  Real scientists don’t make stuff up (unlike your pet denialist puppets)

    • iansand says:

      04:10pm | 24/07/12

      Anubis - Or, as the authors explain “All station records span
      the same period, from 1950 to 2006, to avoid any effect that
      would be introduced by a mix of shorter and longer records.”

      And before you post the link to Wattsupwiththat, the first graph (if you know how to read it) is perfectly consistent with this paper.  Meehl et al are talking about trends in variations from the average.  The big spike in the 1930 is pretty equal with extremes in each direction - high and low.  But that stops being the case in the 70s, 80s and 90s where warm extremes predominate.

      I don’t know why you people listen to such an obvious charlatan.

    • Anubis says:

      04:36pm | 24/07/12

      @ iansand - in regards to whatsupwiththat - I do not use them for reference as they contain as many self serving charlatans as the IPCC. A couple of the obvious charlatans in the whole thing are Flannery and Gore.  But - I have studied climate impact and fluctuations as part of formal studies in History and if you extend the study periods out to (in Australia) 150 to 200 years (temperature, rainfall, tide etc) you will find some fluctuations across average 12 year periods but there really is no major upward trend in that period. I have always found it curious that, on average, the AGW/CC movement uses figures back to the 1970’s and if pushed may go back as far as the 1950’s (as is the case with the study you linked to).

      I understand that recording methods have become more accurate in recent decades BUT recording methods were not that far out going back in time, particularly tidal records. So why the refusal by most groups to include figures over a longer period ?

      A reasoned scientific paper that accounts for the Medieval Warm Period and the mini ice age of the 1700’s is still lacking. Were these caused by AGW or were they part of a wider cycle that is too inconvenient for the warmists? And what about the impending ice age hoo-haa of the early 1980’s? (and yes the scientists involved in that were just as “certain” as the scientists currently involved in AGW). I was working in the fields of Science research granting throughout that period and saw many papers and proposals that supported the theory that we were heading toward a new Ice age. It became a very popular research proposal when it was realised that broaching the subject almost guaranteed grant funding. The only thing that appears to have changed is that they turned the thermometer upside down.

    • Knemon says:

      04:43pm | 24/07/12

      @ Ginger Mick - Thanks for that link, it’s a bit of a read but it has had an effect on my thinking (which isn’t difficult).  After reading that link I now realise Australia is a very small player when it comes to total CO2 emissions, unless China, India and the USA do something soon about reducing their CO2 outputs then what we do is seemingly irrelevant in the overall picture (oops, I shouldn’t have said that), if AGW is fact (which I believe to be true) then I would say we are well and truly fu*ked, carbon tax or no carbon tax it won’t make any difference what we or anyone else does (oops, I shouldn’t have said that either), the Earth will continue to warm.

      I’m so fu*king confused, I don’t know what to think any-more, thanks Ginger Mick…now, where’d I put the bong?

    • iansand says:

      04:59pm | 24/07/12

      The Medieval Warm Period (if it happened) seems to have been a warm period in Europe.  Are there any reliable data extending it globally?

      And if you think that there was certainty about global cooling you are repeating something someone else has told you.  I can assure you that there was no “certainty” about that.

      Finally, a reference to Flannery & Gore as having anything to do with IPCC suggests a lack of information.

      I’m sorry, but if you don’t use Watts you are clearly using someone like him.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      06:00pm | 24/07/12


      Tim Flannery said if we dug up our departed loved ones for the purposes of removing their fillings to save the planet, we could expect to be compensated for the purchase of the pliers.

      Was there ever a mention of the shovel? A shovel is just as expensive as pliers.

    • Gregg says:

      08:25am | 24/07/12

      Noel has been around for younks and has had financial columns for just as long too, not to mention a thriving business that has stood the test of time.
      Pit we cannot say the same for Swannie but yes he does have something of bland nondescript kind of mug.
      Maybe reddish hair and a pointy nose could have seen him become a PM!

    • Gratuitous Adviser says:

      08:30am | 24/07/12

      The top half down to the snoz looks like Swan but after that, not so much.  FYI, Noel Whittaker has seen off almost as many Treasurers as QE2 and I am sure that he will be at it after this one, and the next.

    • jaki says:

      08:49am | 24/07/12

      Nah. He doesn’t really have that “clueless dumbass”  factor that Wayne Swan has.

    • TimB says:

      08:59am | 24/07/12

      What can I say Gregg, first time I’ve come across him. Or maybe he just never had a pic attached before, I dunno. I guess I don’t frequent the financial advice section all that much.

      Maybe he can give Swannie a few pointers smile .

    • Blind Freddy says:

      09:18am | 24/07/12

      Some say acotrel has an obsession - seeing Abbott everywhere and in everything. Now TimB is hallucinating.

      It is funny that someone would look like someone else though.

    • TimB says:

      10:10am | 24/07/12

      ‘Some say acotrel has an obsession - seeing Abbott everywhere and in everything. Now TimB is hallucinating.’

      Why, because I noted an odd resemblance *once*? How in fuck does that compare to Acotrel’s antics?

      Come back to me when I start seeing Swannie’s face on a muffin.

    • Knemon says:

      10:14am | 24/07/12

      LOL @ Blind Freddy grin

    • Gregg says:

      06:39am | 24/07/12

      It certainly has not taken too long for the sunrises to worsen in Iraq it would seem and you have to wonder whether they’ll even be getting any better in Afghanistan before the sun sets on majority of foreign troops being there.
      Afghanistan has so many problems, it would seem no ammount of occupation and foreign aid will be of any good and the latter after occupation will be throwing money away.

      A lot of the middle east will not be so much better off it would seem.

    • subotic says:

      08:04am | 24/07/12

      “Lake Afghanistan” has a nice ring to it.

    • Mark G says:

      11:22am | 24/07/12

      Actually Iraq has made leaps and bounds to stability. Other than a few desperate terror style attacks (ie not direct insurgency) Iraq is relatively quite. Also comparing Iraq to Afghanistan has some serious limitations. They are two very different countries in very different situations.

      Iraqis are largely Arabs and the Sunni Minority (about 9%)lead by Saddam Hussein dominated the Shi’ite Majority for a long time. Prior to the first Gulf war, Iraq had the highest rates of literacy in the Arab world and were easily capable of large scale infrastructure projects. Due to Oil revenues they were a rich and affluent country. Tribalism had largely been overcome by both religious divisions and secularism. Iraq, for most of its history, has either had a strong government or at least one that controlled the vast majority of the country.

      Afghanistan however is very different. They are largely Persians (although the ethnic majority is called Pashtu) and in many cases would actually be offended if you called them Arabs. Its like us getting called New Zealanders or vice versa, only worse because they have a history of killing each other. Afghanistan is poor and has had little to no mineral, gas or oil exploitation. They have remained largely tribal or directly controlled by local warlords. They have never been capable of large scale infrastructure and have never had a united government (unlike Iraq) that has maintained total control of the country (not even the Taliban). Their education rates (mostly male) in the city areas are reasonable (a lot lower than Iraq though) but their education in the provincial areas is almost non-existent. There is a majority of Sunni Muslims (about 80%) rather than Shi’ites as is Iraq. Most of their aggressive culture revolves around a code of conduct called the Pashtuwali which mostly unique which has a basis in Islamic ideologies but is certainly not the standard Islamic doctrine.

      They best way to sum up the difference between the two countries I have heard is this. “If an Iraqi kid holds his hand out to you he probably after lollies. If an Afghan kid holds his hand out to you he is probably after bread.”

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      12:10pm | 24/07/12

      All quiet? So why are we taking Iraqi Asylum Seekers Mark G?

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      12:56pm | 24/07/12


      I’m sure invading them had something to do with it.

      The terrorist attacks they have had would have the West in mourning, but being the Middle East its just ‘shit happens’.

      Iraq will get there, but when their electricity supply and water were bombed in oblivion it makes it hard to have a functioning society.

    • Gregg says:

      01:54pm | 24/07/12

      Of course they are two different countries with different history, a fair bit in common though as far as violence go.
      Iraq had a dictatorship, the Baath Party led by Saddam and hardly what you would called a united government but with his police and military backing, Saddam kept the Sunnies and Shiites from one another’s throats.
      The Batth Party and it’s ruthlessness goes way back to the first world war after which the middle east boarders were drawn up by the French and Brits.

      As for modern day insurgency, I wonder just how much it is another US developed war term for when things are not so good.
      I doubt that you’ll ever find an insurgency enlistment list just as you’ll never find a list of groups and their members of Iraqis including the Baaths, they having formed the majority of the Iraqi military forces under Saddam and quite likely just biding their time.

      Afghanistan has a history of violence and wars going back even well before WW1 and along with the Pashtun being a majority you have got all the various war lords or if you like, now province governors.
      The violence there is endemic and will remain as long as occupiers remain and the Taliban do not want them there.

      The topography has made Iraq and easier country to get around and deploy troops etc. but the Sunnies and Shiites are certainly not the best of buddies and though Iraq has been left in a stronger position, time will tell just how long it’ll be before more violence continues

      As different as the two countries are, time will also tell just what has been achieved by the billions $$$$ , occupation and loss of lives for both and what leaping is still to be done.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      02:53pm | 24/07/12

      Resettlement of Afghans into Australia is on the agenda now, big time.

      How do you think Afghans will settle into mainstream Australian culture?

    • Mahhrat says:

      07:35am | 24/07/12

      My fiancee’s eyes when I woke up this morning.

      I ain’t marrying the girl for nothing, you know.

    • subotic says:

      08:52am | 24/07/12


    • Mahhrat says:

      09:49am | 24/07/12

      *shrugs* You do what works mate wink

      She doesn’t come on the Punch though.  She doesn’t like to watch me flex my ego lol

    • Elphaba says:

      11:05am | 24/07/12

      I think with people on here complaining about how conditional their relationships are (Scotchfinger, I’m looking at you), it’s nice that you can say something like this, Mahhrat. smile

    • subotic goes better with bacon says:

      11:28am | 24/07/12

      My only relationship conditions involve bringing home the bacon and making sure of a good porking every now & then… raspberry

    • Scotchfinger says:

      11:36am | 24/07/12

      @Elphaba, what have I done? I’m a model husband.
      My wife is in the poo, she gave our little fella her engagement ring to ‘play with’ and guess what, it’s disappeared. Yet did I lose it? No! I even did the washing up.

      Nice sentiment Mahhrat. Enjoy the romance while it lasts ha ha!

    • Elphaba says:

      12:22pm | 24/07/12

      Oh come on, it’s all in fun, Scotch. smile

    • Louie the Fly says:

      03:30pm | 24/07/12

      Scotchie - are you checking the poo?

    • Scotchfinger says:

      04:15pm | 24/07/12

      ha ha, good call Louie, but he wouldn’t swallow it. He’s probably just placed it somewhere random. It will turn up in a few year’s time, no doubt…

    • S.L says:

      07:53am | 24/07/12

      Another week gone, another victory for the mighty local under 7s!
      5-3 against tuff opposition again.
      Last week we were up 3-0 with 5 minutes to go and all of sudden they switched off! BANG BANG BANG BANG right on the bell we went down 4-3.
      This week we were neck and neck the whole game and only broke away with 2 late goals to seal the win.
      I only hope next week if we lose, win or draw my (and all the other parents) heart stays in our chests!

    • Mouse says:

      11:02am | 24/07/12

      Congrats to the team SL, a well fought victory!  Good luck for the next game.  :o)

    • Ellis says:

      08:01am | 24/07/12

      Ahh yes. This must be one of those incredibly competent acts of our foreign minister Mal Farr was talking about.

      It was an extraordinary column by Mal the Carr love affair. Well the promote Labor via Carr column.

      First how amazing that a “senior political correspondent” or some such titled person actually thought it newsworthy to point out a minister had actually done a few things right. That speaks volumes all by itself. Labor minister has not stuffed up in 2 months…...newsworthy. How sad.

      Then of course he ignored the declaration of war on PNG and the Brazil kid dead parents for a start let alone the kabuki dancer mis-comparison….and the hits keep coming.

      I love how in other reports of the meeting Carr also told Romney all America had to do was present a credible budget. Good advice. Only a few problems. Romney is not the President, well not yet, soon though. And most importantly there is this little factoid.

      The US has not had a budget for over 3 years. Yes. That is right. Even the Dems have not voted to support Obamas budgets. Imagine that. The President, the smartest one ever just ask him, has not been able to get a budget through fro three years. And of course this is the same President that has borrowed more money, increased debt by more than all the other Presidents that have gone before him.

      Other fun facts about Obama

      1. He eats dogs, true
      2. He walked guns to Mexico that have killed his own border guards and his justice officials covered it up
      3. Thinks if you create a business “you didn’t build that”
      4. Has had more fundraisers than any other President. Ever.

      Heaps more but that will do.

      Perhaps Carr should actually tell the President what to do? Then again perhaps Carr should just shut up before we declare war of Newfoundland.

    • jaki says:

      08:54am | 24/07/12

      I’d say most Americans will be Hoping for Change.

    • Ohcomeon says:

      09:06am | 24/07/12

      On a related note, Fox news where you get all of your insane drivel from has been banned in Canada. They have legislation against news outlets printing and broadcasting outright lies.

      I listen to a fair bit of Fox myself. Except I realise its supposed to be taken as satire.

      Funnily enough, Ive never heard reported on Fox the verified fact that Romney used to dress up as a cop during college and pull people over on the road pretending to be a police officer.

    • TChong says:

      09:14am | 24/07/12

      (Obama) ” he eats dogs , true.”
      You a big fan of Limbaugh ,  Beck, Geller and Fox ?

    • iansand says:

      09:16am | 24/07/12

      Is Change standing?  What party?

      Ellis’ post is a perfect example why we should all be desperately hoping that Obama wins.  The loopy fringe has become the Republican mainstream.

    • Kurisu Sonsaku says:

      12:04pm | 24/07/12

      @ T Chong -  ” he eats dogs , true.”

      You do realise that it was in Obamas book. So it is a quote attributed to him directly.

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      01:08pm | 24/07/12

      Yes when he was a kid in Indonesia, dog in Asia is fairly common, in the West its not a good look.

      Either way bad as one another there, strapping your dog to the car is also a WTF moment.

      Having more fundraisers. cant see whats wrong with that?..

      Guns, interesting - Iran-Contra?...

      Iraqx2, Afghanistan..


    • Ohcomeon says:

      01:13pm | 24/07/12

      Kurisu Sonsaku says: 12:04pm | 24/07/12
      @ T Chong -  ” he eats dogs , true.”

      “You do realise that it was in Obamas book. So it is a quote attributed to him directly.”

      And? Millions of people eat dog in Asia daily. Millions of horses are eaten by the French every year. Do you have a point apart from a vaguely racist smear?

      Does eating specific sorts of protein make you ineligible to govern?

    • Tim says:

      01:30pm | 24/07/12

      you do know the difference between the present and past tense?

      Obama admitted that he ate dog meat when he was a child in Indonesia, not that he eats it now.

      Which I think is probably better than Mitt Romney’s treatment of his dog in 1983, leaving it on the roof of his car for a 12 hr drive.

    • TheRealDave says:

      03:41pm | 24/07/12

      Ellis - thank you for illustrating why we need a media inquiry and enforceable legislation so we can stop the Fox News style drivel from taking further root here in Australia.

    • marley says:

      09:15pm | 24/07/12

      Ohcomeon -”:Fox news where you get all of your insane drivel from has been banned in Canada. They have legislation against news outlets printing and broadcasting outright lies. “

      Bullshit.  You’ve got this from a blogsite that is in fact publishing an outright lie. 

      FoxNews once had a licence to set up in Canada.  It never got around to it, and the licence lapsed.  However, FoxNews USA is carried on all the Canadian cable networks (unlike Aus, almost all Canadians have cable) and on the major satellites as well.  Everyone in Canada has access to it.

      A lot of blogsites talk about licencing problems encountered by what they call ” Fox TV North.”  Even a miniscule amount of homework would show that the so-called Fox North is in fact Sun TV, which is a wholly Canadian owned company with no links to Murdoch and his empire. 

      And by the way, Canada has freedom of expression and freedom of the press written into its constitution.

    • Mouse says:

      08:03am | 24/07/12

      ....and now for something completely different…..
      I got sent this and thought it was funny so would like to share it with you. It may explain things to some of the poor men among us and give a giggle to the ladies.  At least it has nothing to do with politics!  lol
      Why Women Are Crabby
      We started to ‘bud’ in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra contraption that the boys in school would snap until we had calluses on our backs.
      Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we bloated, we cramped, we got the hormone crankies, had to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn’t even know we had.
      Our next little rite of passage was having sex for the first time which was about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn’t end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about.
      Then it was off to Motherhood where we learned to live on dry crackers and water for a few months so we didn’t spend the entire day leaning over Brother John. Of course, amazing creatures that we are (and we are), we learned to live with the growing little angels inside us steadily kicking our innards night and day making us wonder if we were preparing to have Rosemary’s Baby.
      Our once flat bellies looked like we swallowed a whole watermelon and we pee’d our pants every time we sneezed. When the big moment arrived, the dam in our blessed Nether Regions invariably burst right in the middle of the mall and we had to waddle, with our big cartoon feet, moaning in pain, all the way to the ER.
      Then it was huff and puff and beg to die while the OB says, ‘Please stop screaming, Mrs. Hearmeroar. Calm down and push. ‘Just one more good push’ (more like 10), warranting a strong, well-deserved impulse to punch the %$#*@*#!* hubby and doctor square in the nose for making us cram a wiggling, mushroom-headed 10 pound bowling ball through a keyhole.
      After that, it was time to raise those angels, only to find that when all that ‘cute’ wears off, the beautiful little darlings morphed into walking, jabbering, wet, gooey, snot-blowing, life-sucking little poop machines.
      Then come their ‘Teen Years.’ Need I say more?
      When the kids are almost grown, we women hit our voracious sexual prime in our early 40’s - while hubby had his somewhere around his 18th birthday.
      So we progress into the grand finale: ‘The Menopause,’ the Grandmother of all womanhood. It’s either take HRT and chance cancer in those now seasoned ‘buds’ or the aforementioned Nether Regions, or sweat like a hog in July, wash your sheets and pillowcases daily and bite the head off anything that moves.
      Now, you ask WHY women seem to be more spiteful than men, when men get off so easy, INCLUDING the icing on life’s cake: Being able to pee in the woods without soaking their socks…
      So, while I love being a woman, ‘Womanhood’ would make the Great Gandhi a tad crabby. You think women are the ‘weaker sex?’ Yeah right. Bite me.    :o)

    • M says:

      08:51am | 24/07/12

      I loled at sexual prime and 40’s. Classic.

    • Emma says:

      09:24am | 24/07/12

      Who will give us the men’s version? There must be a reason why I prefer being at woman. Not only because that car stopped to let me pass this morning and then nearly ran over the guy walking right behind me…. hehe.

    • che says:

      09:53am | 24/07/12

      I’m sorry, but who are these women who can’t pee in the woods without soaking their socks? Some of us are very good at keeping our socks dry thankyou very much.

    • che says:

      09:56am | 24/07/12

      Is being a woman only about periods and childbirth? I thought we moved on from that decades ago?

    • Emma says:

      11:13am | 24/07/12


      Me. For the life of me I cant pee in the bush or by the side of the road somewhere. I rather hold it until I have tummy pain and wait for the next available toilet.

    • sunny says:

      11:21am | 24/07/12

      Mouse - LOL. Staff at the child birth units in hospitals probably cop more verbal abuse doing their job than parking inspectors! smile

      Robin Williams said husbands like to believe the myth that they’re “sharing the birth experience” ..he says “unless they’re opening an umbrella up their ass, I don’t think so” smile

    • M says:

      11:26am | 24/07/12

      Women are strange.

    • Mouse says:

      11:28am | 24/07/12

      M, well it’s not quite true, it’s actually 60! lol

      Emma, his fault of course, he should have been wearing his safety vest!  LOL

      che, sorry you missed the bit about this being a fun post!  lol ;o)

    • Scotchfinger says:

      12:18pm | 24/07/12

      there was a show on teev last night - Tribal Wives - that showed how young men and women became adults. The girls gathered in a clearing and were whipped with sticks until their backs were torn and bleeding; and the boys had to walk over a row of cows. I know which gender I would rather be, if born into that tribe. he he.

    • che says:

      12:42pm | 24/07/12

      M - Yeah I just don’t get it.

    • Mouse says:

      01:49pm | 24/07/12

      sunny, watched your link and RFLMAO! Robin Williams is good isn’t he? Love the “Oh no, don’t cut it”  “It’s the umbilical cord Mr Williams!” Funny as!! 

      M, yeah maybe, but you love us anyway!!  ;o)

      Scotchy, you like being whipped do you??  lol ;o)

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      02:03pm | 24/07/12

      That reads as a massive whinge, I read it in the voice of Fran Drescher.

    • Inky says:

      02:34pm | 24/07/12

      “Who will give us the men’s version?”

      Oh no, I’m not falling for that. You might as well have asked me to put on a bandana with a target painted on it and go and stand in the middle of a big red X painted on the ground.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      04:40pm | 24/07/12

      I would imagine if a woman was rated 28 percent that would mean she was really crap right?

    • LJ Dots says:

      06:52pm | 24/07/12

      Is it just me or does anyone else have the urge to dab Mouse’s fevered brow with a folded cotton towel while muttering words of encouragement.

      *a smiley belongs here, but I’m using the text version to deceive the emoticon Nazis*.

    • Al Chunk says:

      08:10am | 24/07/12

      What beauty have i seen recently? I was sitting in the warming morning sun on a quiet Queensland beach and in my hand i held the shiny blue of an unopened packet of Walkers cheese and onion crisps. Oh hail the king of savoury snacks.

    • AdamC says:

      09:16am | 24/07/12

      4Corners had a piece about Julian Assange last night. There wasn’t much new in it, but Julian Assange did basically concede in an interview from the Ecuadorian embassy that the reason he fears extradition to Sweden is that he would he held pending trial and, by implication, could not try to flee from a US extradition warrant. The 4Corners team also obtained a document which appears to suggest that a grand jury is investigating Assange and WikiLeaks, not that there is any great surprise there.

      Anyway, something to iView if you have some time on your hands.

    • M says:

      09:56am | 24/07/12

      Thanks AdamC, will check it out tonight.

      The grand jury thing is hardly new though, they’ve been going on about that for months.

    • Knemon says:

      10:40am | 24/07/12

      Why did Julian Assange receive an Interpol Red Notice while at the same time Colonel Gaddafi only had an Orange notice? I found that rather amusing, old news yes, but still strange, as is the Swedish legal system.

      The biggest lesson for Julian here is don’t play two women at once, silly man, I thought he was smarter than that!

    • AdamC says:

      11:01am | 24/07/12

      @M, I had not heard before that any documents had surfaced in connnection with the grand jury. Still, you are right that most people have jus assumed that something of that nature is happening.

      @Knemon, I wasn’t sure what Assange’s lawyer was really on about there. I noticed that the journo didn’t really pursue that issue. However, he did provide what appeared to be Assange’s version of events vis-a-vis the Swedish allegations. It was all a bit he-said, he-said, as the women’s lawyer refused to discuss the case in detail. Of course, in Sweden, as in Australia, we usually have something called a trial to sort these things out. Something which Assange is furiously resisting.

    • Knemon says:

      11:57am | 24/07/12

      “Something which Assange is furiously resisting”

      So would I AdamC, until the USA come out and publicly state that they have no intention of pursuing Assange (which that American dude said they should do, I can’t remember who he was) then I would be more than happy in the Ecuadorian embassy, of more interest is what line the Ecuadorian government take on the matter.

      My reference to the Swedish legal system was in relation to how they appear to be changing their position on what charges Assange is actually facing from one day to another, they keep moving the goal posts so to speak.

    • Esteban says:

      12:31pm | 24/07/12

      I don’t think they are going to extradite Assange. Dragging up all the evidence would be more damaging than letting the issue die.

      Assange is punishing himself so they don’t even need to extradite him to extract a bit of revenge. assange is self impisoned within the Embassy and the USA are laughing behind his back.

      When Assange finally goes to Sweden and faces those charges and is not extradited to the USA he will be pissed off for having impisoned himself.

      Has he got internet in the embassy to do a bit of hacking to amuse himself?

    • M says:

      12:56pm | 24/07/12

      Esteban, the US wants him to hang. You’re being naive if you think this isn’t so.

    • TheRealDave says:

      03:49pm | 24/07/12


      More Assange supporter/defense lawyer bullshit with not a single scrap of actual evidence.

      As usual.

    • Joel B1 says:

      09:32am | 24/07/12

      “SYDNEY - Prime Minister Julia Gillard has written to seven media chief executives offering to them a system of tougher self-regulation.”

      or “Gillard swings out wildly at anyone in reach.”

      Funny how quickly disgruntled and despised politicians turn on you.

      After all, the media sure gave her and Kevin a dream run a two elections ago. Such a dream run in fact that most Australians had no idea how incredibly incompetent they both were (and still are).

    • Ginger Mick says:

      09:39am | 24/07/12

      What’s your taste in water ?

      “New York City opens its first water-only café, selling only tap water for a large price, $US 1 for a cup.”

      I have drunk filtered water for years, tea tastes so much better made on filtered water.  My preference at the moment is a Brita jug.

      Beats bottled water and you can take their re-fillable filter bottle with you.

      Anybody else have a water “thing”?

    • Elphaba says:

      10:40am | 24/07/12

      Nope, I just drink tap water.  They have filtered water here at work, I can’t taste the difference between it and the stuff I get out of my tap in the morning.

      I’m careful about what I drink overseas (particularly in Asia, you shouldn’t even brush your teeth in it), but here in Australia, it’s cheaper straight out of the tap.

    • Knemon says:

      10:49am | 24/07/12

      Didn’t Lucy do a story on this some time back….yesterday I think? confused

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      11:07am | 24/07/12

      Bottled water can be stored in a warehouse for up to a year by suppliers. When I worked overseas, I used to drink London water, largely re cycled, it was reckoned it had been through someone’s kidneys 17 times.

      tongue laugh

    • M says:

      10:00am | 24/07/12

      A friend of mine, who’s right into her health food, has got it into her head the pasturised milk is causing lactose intolerance.

      The organic and health food industry have a lot to answer for.

    • Elphaba says:

      10:46am | 24/07/12

      Silly girl.  The flipside of that is she could contract listeriosis from unpasteurised milk.  Not so bad for her as an adult, a few flu-like symptoms and it’d be over. If she was pregnant, however, that causes a whole different headache.  Premature labour, still birth, and a meningitis infection in the newborn are all possible.

      Just drink lactose-free milk.

    • M says:

      11:12am | 24/07/12

      Erm, I’ll stick with full cream thanks.

    • Ginger Mick says:

      10:27am | 24/07/12

      Never fails to amuse me about the nut cases we have living around us:

      “A MAN who fled with cash after threatening takeaway restaurant staff with a blood-filled syringe was soon arrested - pouring his loot into pokie machines.

      Senior Sergeant Louise Jorgensen said Palmerston police tracked the alleged thief to the gaming room of a bar.”

      He really must have been desperate for free board and lodgings.

    • M says:

      10:46am | 24/07/12

      He’s obviously a victim of the poker machine industry.

    • jaki says:

      11:29am | 24/07/12

      Maybe he missed out on the Schoolkids Bonus.

    • subotic says:

      11:30am | 24/07/12

      Those crazy germans, what will they think of next? I can’t decide if this is sexist, chavanist, or just down right funny.

      I think the same thing every time I vist one of those sites where German people pee on each other….

    • Mouse says:

      03:21pm | 24/07/12

      ChrisL…and your point is?  lol :o)

    • Chris L says:

      06:51pm | 25/07/12

      Te he he!

    • AFR says:

      10:50am | 24/07/12

      Have purchased my NRL GF tickets. Now the Dogs just have to keep winning.

    • TimB says:

      11:30am | 24/07/12

      From your mouth to God’s (/Allah/Buddha/FSM/Xenu’s) ear(s).

      Come on Canterbury

    • Coal Train says:

      12:20pm | 24/07/12

      TimB, you forgot Zesus now your prayers will go unanswered.

    • Tim says:

      12:27pm | 24/07/12

      This is by far the fastest way to hex your team’s year.

      Hope you enjoy seeing a South Sydney Vs Cowboys GF.

    • TimB says:

      12:33pm | 24/07/12

      Oops so I did. I beg his forgiveness.

      And Thor! How could I neglect Thor?

      Oh Mighty Thunderer, please deliver Victory to Cantebury upon the swift wings of the Valkyries.

      I think I’m covered now smile

    • TheRealDave says:

      03:52pm | 24/07/12

      Sorry, as a mad dogs fan of getting close to 40 years - I don’t think this is our year, to be honest. We’ll give it a damn good shake but I think next year will be our year.

      This year will be a good building experience for them.

    • Robert S McCormick says:

      11:01am | 24/07/12

      Last week the Adelaide Advertiser had another stunning sunset photo hidden away on page 3 - over an article about the Murray. It should have been on the front page just as this stunning one is on the front page of “Open Thread”
      Why can’t we have more of this? Why does the Media always give such prominence to the gahstly things that are going on?
      Yes, the latest shooting in the USA is dreadful but we should be used to that sort of thing going on in the USA by now. It is a frequent event. But they happen in the USA not here - yes, they could do - Why does our media print pages & pages of all the gory details? Why do TV Newsreaders, with all choked-up voice, even going so far as to wear black, go on & on & on about what has happened. One such black-clad newsreader even spoke in hushed, oh-so-sad tones & immediately she had finished went back to her normal voice!
      Yet when they are talking about the multiple dozens of innocent men, women & children being slaughtered by extremists they treat it as a sort of throwaway line!
      There is Good news out in the world, maybe if the Media started concentrating on that they would sell more papers!!

    • Testfest says:

      11:41am | 24/07/12

      @ Robert

      Actually no. A guy once started a paper dedicated to “good news” stories only, but he went broke and the paper shut down. As it turned out, people like to hear about bad things happening to other people. I think it satisfies some primal urge for gossip or drama.

      But then came the interwebs to brighten your day!

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:12am | 24/07/12

      Looks like the HSU East Branch is in a whole heap of shit. Main offender Mr Williamson.

    • patsy says:

      11:14am | 24/07/12

      I know this is last weeks’ news but, I watched The Shire for the first time. I’ve been up bush and didn’t watch it and I felt I had to because of all the comments I saw/heard. Also that I’ve been staying at Cronulla weekends while the owners are away.
      I’ve never seen anything like that from the balcony or in the street.. No bumless shorts, no stillettos on the beach and the people do look more fit than fake. Even the folk wearing wetsuits and carrying surfboards wear thongs, no bare feet. That Varnessa looks and acts like maori Kev’s girl, Vanessa from the show Houso’s.
      I’ve made a lot of aquaintances over these weekends and none of them are like this. The closest I saw was at Cronulls RSL. Upstairs the girls behind the bar were too busy playing with each others hair to serve us. It’s called “The Point”. We just said “what’s the point” and left and had dinner somewhere else.
      The Shire is not just Cronulla. It includes areas like Menai and Sylvania , too. Don’t know whether to bring up this show or not when I see my new pals on the weekend. Bet I do.

    • che says:

      12:55pm | 24/07/12

      I watched about five minutes of it last night, it looked to me like they were acting. For a reality show, it didn’t seem very real, and I’ve never even been to the shire.

    • patsy says:

      01:29pm | 24/07/12

      @che-I won’t be looking at it again because I’ll be there Friday. I just had to compare the “reality show” to my experience of being there in “reality”.  I know some are real people trying to act, whereas on Houso’s they are actors/comedians taking the piss.
      And che, we seem to share a skill. The ability to take a piss anywhere without making a mess re your previous above comment. I travel a lot and when you gotta go…...

    • che says:

      02:32pm | 24/07/12

      haha, me too, it’s an essential skill as far as I am concerned smile

    • MattyC says:

      11:20am | 24/07/12

      Just got back from a long weekend at Mt Hotham

      Sore legs but well worth it!

      Very keen to head back in a couple of weeks

    • Luthien Nienna says:

      11:25am | 24/07/12

      A 13 year old girl from Kembla Grange was killed in a quadbike accident earlier this month. The day after the accident our local rag (Illawarra Mercury) had a film and a still photo in their newspaper and on their website, of the girl’s mother, and emergency workers crouched around the girls body, which was covered in a white sheet.

      The footage and photos were aparently on Channel 7, and the mother has posted a comment on the Channel 7 facebook page, protesting their journalist tresspassing on private property, and publishing the footage and pictures. Channel 7 deleted the post.

      A protest group has been started up on Facebook

      Any punchers with thoughts?

    • subotic says:

      12:04pm | 24/07/12

      Ban quadbikes?

      Them things are more dangerous than guns…

    • nihonin says:

      03:13pm | 24/07/12

      Bit more difficult to get through cinema doors though, subotic.

    • Coal Train says:

      12:11pm | 24/07/12

      I think I’ll forgo the man cave (lol jks) and get me one of these bad boys

      Although to be honest I already have 3 LED screens plus a big ol projector hooked up to a computer that cost more then the contents of my living room.
      I can change my appearance all I want but I’ll still be that geeky kid I was in high school.

    • TRBNGR says:

      12:53pm | 24/07/12

      “I can change my appearance all I want but I’ll still be that geeky kid I was in high school.”

      What about one of these? Just the thing for your inner geek I reckon.

    • Coal Train says:

      01:25pm | 24/07/12

      I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that. I think I’ll stick to women thanks….

    • Gordon says:

      12:19pm | 24/07/12

      One evening recently i drove down the Hyland Highway in the hills behind Loy Yang powerstation. In the cool night the magnificent silent, floodlit beauty of that machine was aweinspiring. For a few wisps of steam people all over Victoria were coming home on the trains, watching TV and cooking their dinner and going to bed in warm houses. Yes, I know all about CO2 and climate change, But for all of human history but for the last 100 years humans have shivered, slaved with their own back or those of their animals, and chopped down trees for what comes now painlessly from a powersocket. Roll on the brave new green economy, but it has big shoes to fill.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      01:01pm | 24/07/12

      Most Australians think tackling Climate Change is reducing CO2 through Government liberation of their spare cash and reduction in their standard of living.

      There are other Climate Scientists that say reducing Soot is the way forward and others that say reducing H2O is the way. Even amongst the CO2 fraternity, their articles draw different maps as to how CO2 will affect the earth, reduced or in copious amounts.

      Let me introduce you to a few Climate Change scientists. Some of these Climate Scientists have been forced to admit they had exaggerated the shrinkage figures for Glaciers. Some were at the centre of a scandal over the suppression and manipulation of climate change data. Luckily some Governments want the CO2 theory really really bad, so much do it hurts.

      Over the past 7 months Australia has shed jobs like a child’s mouth evacuating a brussel sprout. Companies in Australia had fought through the GFC in 2008 and the unrestrained high Aussie dollar, now they have the Carbon tax. The Government has provided temporary  Carbon tax survival packages for some Companies. But hitting Emissions Targets means reducing GDP.

      Against the backdrop of Australia sacrificing its economy inline with guidelines from Climate Scientists, we have Asia and India building up their Coal Fired Power Stations, which will inject 3.6 BILLION tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. While Australia is busy handicapping its Coal Fired Power Stations, Globally the usage will increase by 35 percent with an investment of $140 Billion dollars.

      Climate scientist say that if we want a slight reduction in average global temperatures in 1000 years, all nations must reduce their CO2 emissions to pre industrial revolution figures. Doing that will maybe get the seas cooled to stop them rising. A long shot in anyone’s language.

      How has our past request for world peace been received globally? No more wars in the world? Despite CND and global agreement that a nuclear war will kill off much of the planet, nuclear capability grows.

      So how do you expect a request to all nations will go, that asks that they empoverish their countries for Climate Change theories?

    • sunny says:

      08:45pm | 24/07/12

      I think in each paragraph you have trotted out a new fear. And a few old ones too like “nuclear war” geez you’ll have to do better than that.

      If you think the carbon tax will impoverish Australia you’ve got rocks in your head. Quoting from an SMH story yesterday Access Economics director Chris Richardson said the carbon tax would have little economic impact. ‘‘It is a far bigger issue politically than economically.’‘

      and people like you are getting every political inch out of it.

      And on CO2, a story tonight on News says 8000 years’ worth of natural CO2 increases have been created in the 200 years since the industrial revolution.

      “hitting Emissions Targets means reducing GDP”
      No, hitting emissions targets means reducing the bullshit and getting on with it.

    • Jay says:

      01:21pm | 24/07/12

      David Hicks:“Something that I’ve said all along ... I feel that this has cleared my name,” Mr Hicks said.
      “I feel like this acknowledges Guantanamo Bay and everything is illegal.”
      The guy who met Bin Laden on more than one occasion and was committed to fighting jihad is now claiming that everything he did was right?
      He is a traitor and should be in jail. He is a disgrace to the brave men and women who are serving in Afghanistan and who sacrifice their lives. i hope Ben Roberts-Smith doesn’t cross paths with him. It could get very ugly for Hicks.

    • Ian1 says:

      01:27pm | 24/07/12

      In relation to the headline “PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has defended trade union officials saying the disgraced East branch of the Health Services Union (HUS) was not reflective of their good work.”

      If the Prime Minister were serious, surely she would heed the call to bring the union movement, rogues or otherwise, and their organisations under the same governance principles of corporations law.  Any other lip service she pays suggesting the movement is “all good, nothing to see here,” is beneath the high office of Prime Minister and flies in the face of the facts.  Even moreso after explosive revelations of corruption and worse which continue to be reported of the Union movement.

      Are we really to believe Julia when she says the HSU East branch is an abberation?  Surely not.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      02:48pm | 24/07/12

      Thomson was facing alleged 157 criminal charges for 4 years. Thomson helps make Government policy.

      Slipper was to be restored to the Chair as soon as they could align his self written taxi chits with his movements.

      Whose contributing to the Election Campaign?

      Is it me or has the Australian political world got grubbier recently?

      Does the end result of continued Power justify the means enacted to maintain it?

    • iansand says:

      01:34pm | 24/07/12

      Getting back to views in the last few months, Monument Valley sunrise from my hotel room.

      Of course I have a photo

    • Coal Train says:

      01:59pm | 24/07/12

      Not nearly enough dragons

    • Gladys says:

      02:51pm | 24/07/12

      You don’t mention your pjs here.

    • che says:

      02:38pm | 24/07/12

      I’ve never seen snow, would be a great holiday. However I think I would just end up in front of a fire with a big old drink in my hand. So no different to normal really.

    • Inky says:

      04:12pm | 24/07/12

      With recent events, there’s a lot of talk about the right to bear arms.

      Frankly, I find this idea of it being a right morally repulsive. There is no good reason to hunt such a majestic creature purely for the purpose of amputating its arms, and it is nothing short of abomination to then graft those arms onto your body. I don’t care about any US second ammendment, the entire thing is repulsive and needs to be stamped out.

    • melsyd007 says:

      05:03pm | 24/07/12

      dad or granddad was born july 24 1912


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