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    • marley says:

      06:06am | 23/01/13

      I see Pat O’Shane was the magistrate.  Now there’s a surprise.

    • TimB says:

      06:50am | 23/01/13

      Err, when did I put Macklin down?

      Even for a troll, you’re not paticularly smart.

    • acotrel says:

      07:20am | 23/01/13

      Misogynist and Rhodes Scholar are mutually exclusive labels.

    • Fiddler says:

      07:37am | 23/01/13

      see Tim, since Pat O’Shane was the magistrate and the offender was a muslim that makes you a double misogynist (against Macklin and O’Shane) and a double racist (O’Shane and Halaby). Well according to some morons on this site.

      Wasn’t O’Shane meant to have been excluded from criminal matters after she completely botched that assault on the ambulance officer?

    • TimB says:

      08:29am | 23/01/13

      ‘Misogynist and Rhodes Scholar are mutually exclusive labels. ‘

      If that’s the case, it’s good to see you admit that Tony Abbott is not a misogynist. Seeing as he *is* a Rhodes Scholar and all.

    • Tell It Like It Is says:

      08:53am | 23/01/13

      Yes, “surprise” indeed that Pat O’Shane was the magistrate!  And while some of her recent decisions are being investigated. But how incredibly coincidental that she has apparently only a small number of days to work in 2013 before she goes on long leave, before she retires.
      Amazing that this case ended up on her list. Hope that young man buys a lottery ticket!  Still working AND getting a “disability” pension - and how many more are they like him leaching away funds for those with obvious/real disabilities! - he’s not doing too badly.  And how long would it have gone on?

    • Thomas says:

      08:55am | 23/01/13


      According to whom? Nobody said anything of the sort. You wouldn’t just be making stuff up and trolling, would you?

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      09:43am | 23/01/13

      Yes I agree TimB. Disregarding him for a second though, the whole welfare system needs a shake up. How he was entitled to anything in the first place is where the main issue is.

      Nice to see people jumping to conclusions about what people may or may not say though.

      O’Shane shouldn’t even be working anymore, she is that loony.

    • AdamC says:

      10:05am | 23/01/13

      TimB, I reckon pensioners, etc, should have a ‘social obligation’. That is, you riot, you get your pension cut. For these sorts of lowlives, that would be a better deterrent to anti-social behaviour than a slap on the wrist from a batty magistrate.

      It is people like this dude that undermine confidence in our migration system. (Even though I assume Omar Halaby was born here.) As well as being lazy, thuggish and possibly a welfare cheat, he also appears to be a terrorism supporter. What a charmer!

    • marley says:

      10:43am | 23/01/13

      Well, if this guy is really working on a construction site, I think he ought to be required to repay all his benefits, starting now.  But to be honest, I’m a bit less concerned about yet another dole bludger than about a justice system that would allow a loose cannon like O’Shane make it all the way through to well paid retirement without doing anything to sanction her often outrageous behaviour and decision-making.  Ultimately, a magistrate has more impact on society and our perception of justice than some feckless idiot with a milk crate.

    • Aghast says:

      11:16am | 23/01/13

      Being a Rhodes schoolar is a indication of a degree of intelligence..The charges laid against Abbott of Misogyny were hypocritical/dubious.Really a ploy used to deflect the pressure of the Slipper question.What a pity Abbott did not use some of that much vaunted intelligence and nip the whole drama in the bud.Had he handled the pressure of the moment better and simply STOOD UP at the box Gillard would have had to SHUT UP and sit down loosing momentum.The speaker had little choice but agree Gillard was off subject. END OF STORY.But no…just like..Did you visit Pell… Just like Get It In Writing..Just like Shit Happens…Asbestos Burnie…BHP report…Slipper Judgement…
      Unfairly a lot of that mud has stuck…because Tony has a problem that no one puts their finger on…he is awkward..lacks charisma..that spark of leadership is missing…People expect Tony to stuff up under pressure..he does quite they have doubts
      The Libs insist this bloke Abbott is the best they have to offer as a PM…I reckon they at least 4 who would do a better job…they really dont need to be that good to replace Tony as PM.Mind you he has done a top job for the party as Opposition Leader.BUT PM is all together a different kettle of fish.
      I have a mate in Melbourne drives around in 60s Mini Moke he has a Bentley in the garage.No point in having the bloody thing if you dont use it….A bit like Tony and his Rhodes schoolar intelligence.Very disappointing but i reckon true.The party should face up to those hard cold facts.That would consign Gillard to the scrap heap

    • Thomas says:

      11:23am | 23/01/13


      Nobody said “since Pat O’Shane was the magistrate and the offender was a muslim that makes you a double misogynist (against Macklin and O’Shane) and a double racist (O’Shane and Halaby).”

      But if you are who I suspect you are, I bet you already knew that.

    • Chris L says:

      11:38am | 23/01/13

      Halaby looks so dainty in the photograph of him smashing the windscreen. Like he’s worried about breaking a nail.

    • Stained says:

      03:38pm | 23/01/13

      Yes TimB, but when did this country become the rubbish dump for the world’s trash?  This arsehole ought to be deported, forget the deception of the Disability Pension, Fk him off back to the place he calls home!  I’m assuming he was born overseas, surely noone could be that bitter and twisted for his entire 19 years in this country unless he is fuelled by parents of hatred.  I’m over my taxes going to this type of shit.  How about the gutless Chris Bowen and Nic Roxon step in, this is their territory.

    • Seymour says:

      06:28pm | 23/01/13


      “when did this country become the rubbish dump for the world’s trash?”

      Just over 200 years ago.

    • Mahhrat says:

      06:30am | 23/01/13

      I wonder what Lance Armstrong would have to say about revelations that Beyonce lip-synced the Star Spangled Banner yesterday?

      Seriously though, I feel bad for the Navy Band. I can’t imagine there would be many higher honours in that job than playing your national anthem for your President in front of like a billion or so people, when suddenly, “Sorry kiddo, we aren’t playing just in case a multi-award winning singer fluffs a line.” Screw that.

    • Blind Freddy says:

      08:34am | 23/01/13

      A spokesman for the Navy Band was reported, on ABCNEWS Breakfast, as saying that their music was also pre-recorded. Maybe they aren’t as upset as you imagine.

    • Andrew says:

      11:46am | 23/01/13

      It makes sense that they lip-synched. In other breaking news, nearly every single bit of singing that has been done in major event opening ceremonies like the olympics, award ceremonies, TV appearances are lip synced as well. Hell, the cauldron at the Barcelona olympic games wasn’t actually lit by the archer.

      In these type of situations they don’t want to risk anything going wrong and that is not necessarily just base don the singer fluffing a line, they don’t want the microphone to cut out as well amongst other things.

      By pre-recording they can have as close to complete control over having everything go through ok.

      Also, i wonder if the people who are making a big deal about the whole lip synching thing have ever liked a boy band, brittany spears, justin beiber only to name a few.

    • ns says:

      06:43am | 23/01/13

      Not sure on the motives of the Prime Minister endorsing Nova Peris for a Senate seat, especially when Nova is not a member of the Labor Party. I hope it’s not just the race thing, we don’t need anymore devisiveness in Australia. Don’t get me wrong, good on Nova for giving it a go, but did anyone else think she sounded out of her depth?

    • nihonin says:

      07:14am | 23/01/13

      This is just her way of getting in on Australia Day first, so none of her office staff can fuck it up for her, before she does.  wink

    • Fiddler says:

      07:33am | 23/01/13

      I’m pretty sure of her motives.

      And yes, she sounded out of her depth. Why Warren Mundine would have been a far better choice is that he already commanded some form of respect, both from the party (as in members) and on the floor.

      Nova will be thought of as a novelty and not taken seriously, like Peter Garrett.

    • John says:

      07:46am | 23/01/13


      Really? It sure sounds like you hope it’s “just a race thing”..

      “Don’t get me wrong but ...”

      Oh dear.

    • ns says:

      08:16am | 23/01/13


      The Prime Minister’s own words seem to confirm it. I have no problem with Nova being in Politics, just the way it was handled by the PM and now Nova is caught in the middle of a political cat fight….....

      Nova is an Australian Sporting Champion, not “just” an Aboriginal.

    • gobsmack says:

      08:24am | 23/01/13

      The Northern Territory Labor government had three indigenous women serve as ministers - Marion Scrymgour, Alison Anderson and Barbara McCarthy.

      Any of these (particularly Ms Scrymgour who was at one time deputy Chief Minister) would have been better condidates than a former hockey player.

      Unfortunately, Scrymgour and Anderson each had a falling out with the ALP and left the party.

    • Gregg says:

      08:28am | 23/01/13

      What the detail is of Julia’s approach might be anyone’s guess though one thing for sure, she will be hoping it might be seen as a popular choice in many areas that could see the ALP get some undecided across the line to their side when it comes to election time.

      That’s politics, getting the numbers to remain in power and for her to remain PM and then there are some pundits talking of the revenge against Kevin supporters as being behind why she would choose the NT Senate ticket to nominate Peris.

      She probably sees it as a No lose and all to gain move but then you never know and Julia may have made another decision she will live to regret, not that it may really affect her personally too much.

    • Tell It Like It Is says:

      09:01am | 23/01/13

      You “hope it’s not a race thing” @ns. It is none other than that. Sticks out a mile; blatant racial exploitation.  And we will have nothing but more divisiveness in Australia until we get rid of the toxic government.
      I am not fan of Obama but I was heartened by his speech yesterday which was so inclusive. Nothing but gender/race/class warfare here. Desperate measures…

    • John says:

      09:22am | 23/01/13


      What Prime Minister’s own words “seem” to “confirm it” ?

      Who said that Nova Peris is “just” an Aboriginal” (sic) ?

      You’re just making this crap up.

    • It's_my_opinion says:

      09:39am | 23/01/13

      Hey @John,

      The PM kept making references to Peris’ Aboriginality like it was the only thing she had going for her. (before you have a go - she did mention Peris’ other achievements, but it was not as much as the Aboriginal & Female factor).

      Why bring nastiness to a comment that was without, or are you just a serial antagoniser.

    • John says:

      10:46am | 23/01/13


      What nastiness?

      Who said “Peris’ Aboriginality was the only thing she had going for her”?

      Did you make that up too, or are you just a serial antagoniser?

    • Tell It Like It Is says:

      12:22pm | 23/01/13

      @John “Who said ‘Peris’ Aboriginality was the only thing she had going for her’?”  Well, actually the PM did basically.  Very sad for Peris; so patronising to her but it wasn’t about Peris, was it?

    • Michael says:

      12:57pm | 23/01/13

      Gobsmack…you mean Malarndirri McCarthy right?

    • John says:

      02:07pm | 23/01/13


      No, actually the PM didn’t. You just made that up too.

    • It's_my_opinion says:

      02:41pm | 23/01/13


      You remind me of a toddler who repeats the same thing when they have nothing else to say….....

      “did you just make that up….”  Bahahahaha

    • John says:

      04:10pm | 23/01/13


      It’s not my fault if you just make stuff up because you have nothing else to say.

    • Trevor says:

      07:02am | 23/01/13

      Go Obama! Let’s just hope his actions match his rhetoric this term.

    • Chillin says:

      07:21am | 23/01/13

      Can’t see why it would, since he did nothing the first four years.

    • Haha says:

      08:59am | 23/01/13


      Try telling that to Osama Bin Laden.

    • subotic says:

      09:36am | 23/01/13

      If he tries to change the Second Amendment, then citizens will no doubt employ it.

      Psssst. Actually a “Win - Win” if you ask me….

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      09:50am | 23/01/13

      What would you call ‘doing something’ then?

      Starting two wars in two different countries, sending America into recession and basically being a general flop for 8 years.

    • Chillin says:

      11:23am | 23/01/13


      Despite what you have read, Obama didn’t actually leave the Oval office to kill OBL.

      That ground work to find him, why it was done during the BUSH administration, but don’t let me interrupt you drinking the Kool Aid.


      I imagine you think the response after 9/11 should have been - do nothing - how very patriotic of you.  Let terrorists kill your citizens and walk away scot free…interesting thought process.

      Obama DIDN’T bring the troops home, like he said he would.
      Obama SPENT more than BUSH in just four years (and more than the previous five Presidents).  How’s that recession looking?
      Obama hasn’t been a general flop for 8 years because he hasn’t done the time yet, but he will no doubt prove to be a do nothing President, except speak a lot shit and think the people will fall for it (and only fool those like yourself)

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      11:44am | 23/01/13


      ” imagine you think the response after 9/11 should have been - do nothing - how very patriotic of you.  Let terrorists kill your citizens and walk away scot free…interesting thought process.”

      Never said that, nice try though. Assuming 11 of the terrorists were Saudi that might have been a pretty good option, but he couldn’t spoil his old man’s bromance with the King. Iraq had nothing to do with it and Afghanistan was a minor player.

      “Obama DIDN’T bring the troops home, like he said he would.”

      He is bringing them home.
      “Obama SPENT more than BUSH in just four years (and more than the previous five Presidents).  How’s that recession looking?”

      Stimulus had too happen, a majority of his ‘spending’ were leftovers from Bush which ran into his term.

      “Obama hasn’t been a general flop for 8 years because he hasn’t done the time yet, but he will no doubt prove to be a do nothing President, except speak a lot shit and think the people will fall for it (and only fool those like yourself)”

      So I am a fool, judging by your posts I know who looks more the fool.

    • Chris L says:

      12:11pm | 23/01/13

      @Chillin - Iraq had nothing to do with 911.

    • Chillin says:

      12:49pm | 23/01/13


      Maybe you should check where Al-Qaeda have their operations (hint, training camps in Iraq and Afghanistan..surprise,surprise!). 

      The war had to end some time, no doubt, of course you and your kind will claim it was Obama who brought them home, though he hasn’t yet, but Bush had plans to do so all along and a time frame.  Claim the credit for doing nothing is a standard though.

      Bush’s spending issues were caused by Clinton’s housing for the poor flop, which crushed world economies.

      I didn’t call you a fool, I said you are fooled.  Tad over sensitive.


      Not sure if Obama has his camo on there or not?  He must have flown Airforce one to do the job though, right?

      Oh you mean he didn’t actually shoot OBL??? Just said yes do it and sent actual MEN to risk their lives?  Must have been such a nightmare for him.  Such risk!  No doubt a medal is needed here or perhaps another Nobel Prize for Peace?

    • Chris L says:

      01:39pm | 23/01/13

      @Chillin - Maybe you should check your history. Al-Qaeda had no presence in Iraq before the invasion. Nil. Hussein wouldn’t allow them to get so much as a toe in.

      After the invasion suddenly Al-Qaeda not only had access but a host of willing recruits.

    • Haha says:

      02:13pm | 23/01/13


      If the President “did nothing for the first four years”, then you could tell that to Osama Bin Laden, but you can’t, so you’ve been proven wrong.

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      02:26pm | 23/01/13


      Just sees facts bypass you or you just dont want to recognise them because it doesnt suit your agenda.

      The crisis America faces right now started in 70s, Clinton just cops the blame from the Right because they have to blame someone apart from Bush. The bill which repealed glass-stegal was introduced by Republicans.

      Sorry, mis-read the fool part.

    • Colin says:

      07:12am | 23/01/13


      Yesterday, as I sat eating my lunch and reading some small-circulation rag that passes as an academic journal in these parts, a man with whom I had a nodding acquaintance sidled up to me and asked if he could join me. I acquiesced readily enough and – as I was already feeling relatively magnanimous - I even allowed myself to be engaged in chitchat. This all seemed to be going well enough in an off-hand, not-too-familiar sort of way when - out of nowhere - he dropped the word: Chemtrails.

      Oh, he didn’t say it straight away, of course; first he set the scene by saying that he was going to tell me about something that I, “Probably already was aware of” but, if I didn’t, it was something that someone in My Position Should Certainly Need To Know About. It was then that he launched into a lengthy and inconceivable story of subterfuge, conspiracies, ultra-secret government agencies, ridiculous chemical assignations, and many and further tales of sinister motives and plots that would have been considered too crazy for an episode of The Twilight Zone.

      After several minutes of him regaling me with this nonsense (and with me staring at him goggle-eyed in disbelief and with my jaw no doubt hanging open), my brain finally whirred into action and engaged my mouth to vent a response. After haranguing this individual about the idiocy of his tale, his obvious gullibility, and the fact that if he continued to spout such nonsense - particularly in the setting in which we work - that he would be locked up as a Complete and Utter Lunatic. Needless to say, we are no longer on speaking terms.

      So, fellow Punchians, I urge you to be diligent in putting these Chemtrail fruit-loops in their place. Because anyone who is such a patently stupid, tinfoil-hat-wearing loon as to believe that of the tens of thousands of engineers, pilots, ground crew, and airline staff who design, build, maintain, refurbish, crew, handle, load and attend to every single commercial airliner, have never, ever blown the whistle on any device that supposedly bombards the population from on high, is a danger to themselves and the General Public…

    • Fiddler says:

      08:08am | 23/01/13

      I find such people amusing, not “shocking” as you do. How dare anyone think differently to you, even if they are a bit insane.
      But then you feel that talking to another person makes you “magnanimous” as opposed to “doing what every other normal person does, pretty much every day”

    • gobsmack says:

      08:12am | 23/01/13

      You should have suggested he contribute to the Punch.

      There’s always room for another loonie on this site.  Oh, and I’m not suggesting that you are one of them.

    • nihonin says:

      08:15am | 23/01/13

      Chemtrails, aren’t they what drug addicts who prefer to sniff their ‘recreational’ have under their noses?

    • craig2 says:

      08:27am | 23/01/13

      Well Colin….....I don’t what to say…......ummmmm….....s##t happens?

    • Tim says:

      08:28am | 23/01/13

      We had a Chemtrailer on The Punch a while back. He was funny.

    • Aidan says:

      08:45am | 23/01/13

      “I urge you to be diligent in putting these Chemtrail fruit-loops in their place.”

      They don’t have a place. They all live in their parent’s basement.

    • Gregg says:

      08:47am | 23/01/13

      But Colin,
      Did you really give him a chance to explain further?
      Like ” the tens of thousands of engineers, pilots, ground crew, and airline staff who design, build, maintain, refurbish, crew, handle, load and attend to every single commercial airliner, have never, ever blown the whistle “

      And would they really know?
      For it is the government deep black ( not as in race but secretiveness ) departments that even Obama has not been told off nor will he for it is something like the Star Chamber workings and have you ever wondered about the cosy relationship of the US with the Saudis and their common interest in maintaining control of the planet even when oil supplies are on the decline.

      There are Oil companies in on the plot too and a very select few technologists who have seen to it that fuel gets produced with the desired properties, undetected and of no impact on the combustion performance but certainly designed to have as many on the planet as possible having desired thoughts and thoughts able to be engineered from without in such a manner as you yourself would never doubt that your thinking is exactly as you would expect it to be.

    • Colin says:

      09:09am | 23/01/13

      @ Aidan

      “They all live in their parent’s basement.”

      You know, Aidan, I actually think this guys DOES still live with his mum, come to think of it…Whether or not that’s in a basement, I don’t know. But just the same…

      @ Gregg

      I ardently hope that your post is just one long pi$$take, because if it isn’t, I suggest that you immediately seek a referral from your GP to a psychiatrist for treatment of your obvious delusional disorder.

    • jamie says:

      09:27am | 23/01/13

      Chemtrails - Beck’s finest song.

    • Colin says:

      09:30am | 23/01/13

      @ Fiddler

      Apart from the fact, Fiddler, that such people aren’t as harmless as you make them out (specifically because such conspiracy nonsense is wrong, backward, anti-scientific, dangerous twaddle), their ‘different’ way of thinking is helping to undermine The True Nature of Human Knowledge. And the position occupied by the person in question makes such errant thought completely unacceptable.

      But, hey, what do you care; you got to have a dig at me in response, didn’t you..?

      @ Gobsmack

      “You should have suggested he contribute to the Punch.”

      I already think he does - I have seen one or two posts that fit his bizarre manner.

    • subotic says:

      09:43am | 23/01/13

      I urge you to be diligent in putting these Chemtrail fruit-loops in their place


      Colon, get back in your place.

      Can I call you a cab, too?

    • Shane* says:

      10:07am | 23/01/13

      I have a conspiracy theory for you: Antiperspirant. It’s getting weaker.

      For years I had a trusted brand, and working in an air conditioned office, I had little need for the XTREEM wetness protection offered by other brands.

      Then my trusty brand stopped being quite so effective. So I switched, hunted for a new brand, even tried a few of the XTREEM SPORTZ varieties, and all to no avail. Even tried switching back to the trusted brand, which was still too weak.

      Either I am sweatier than ever before (admittedly a possibility) or the recent explosion of brands offering a ‘Clinical Protection’ product at $15+ a pop has led to a deliberate and scandalous reduction in antiperspirant effectiveness.

      And no, I’m not just accidentally buying deodorant instead of antiperspirant. I recognise the difference.

    • Colin says:

      10:18am | 23/01/13

      @ Shane*

      “I have a conspiracy theory for you: Antiperspirant. It’s getting weaker.”

      You’re absolutely right. Big Pharma, under the direction of the Deep, deep black division of the Sneaky Tricks department of the Gubmint, has been quietly siphoning off key ingredients required for use in chemtrails. But - and here’s the really clever part - no-one (except me) knows about it because the water has been tainted with a drug that makes you forget.. But I am perfectly safe, because I just drink my own urine…

      Oh, and Gregg knows all about it too; just ask him.

    • AFR says:

      10:45am | 23/01/13

      Is anti-antiperspirant even good for you? Surely, we have sweat glands for a reason?

      I saw my poor dog struggling with the heat on Friday without them and was thankful for mine.

    • Fiddler says:

      12:02pm | 23/01/13

      @ Colin, all I did was put your words up there into the context of everyday people.

      And no, he isn’t dangerous, nor are his opinions. Most people will either smile politely and ignore him or argue with them. I personally fund the things they say interesting and amusing, even if I don’t believe a thing that they say, but I’m open minded enough not to be personally offended by people who think differently to me, unless they have the power to unfairly and adversely affect others. Which chemtrailers do not.

    • Gregg says:

      08:35am | 23/01/13

      Even with our free speech principles and having an Open thread I do not really think any female, let alone a Federal Senator, be they Labor or LNP deserve to be labelled a cow or vindictive cow and hence I have forwarded the following email to The Punch team, posting it here just in case the email does not get read until later.

      ” Hey Punchers,

      I reckon you all do a reasonable job most times even if I may disagree on some views held but I also agree with many that are put forward and it is usually interesting and entertaining to read of other posters views, it all often enlightening to how some may think about how our world ticks or ought to.

      That being said, I reckon you could pay a closer attention to the quality of some posts being made and todays open thread is probably one example I reckon warrants some moderation to help keep standards where they ought to be.

      I am not a Labor supporter, nor are I always a LNP supporter and as I suspect you would like, I would like to see whatever government we have doing the best for Australia and all Australians.
      There are probably many Labor supporters somewhat distressed by the PMs actions yesterday in putting forward her Captains choice in Nova Peris, not least the sitting NT Labor senator, thus:

      ”  Derrick says: 05:55am | 23/01/13
      Well well well didnt the Liberal fanboys make arses of themself here yesterday with the nasty racist comments to primeminister Gillard and Mrs Nova Paris. Mrs Gillard has chose a decent honest person to be senator and all we hear from all the Lib fans is about her skin colour ! You all should be ASHAMED !!! And Labor has made you prove the point just like with the misogeny point that you all and Rabbott fell into like flies into a trap ! Haha. If it didnt mean that people were upset about the bile you spewed out yesterday then I would be falling on the floor laughing ! Mrs Paris will be a excellent senator as Mrs Gillard has said and anyone who doesnt like it can harden up or leave. As for that Crossin cow she showed yesterday by speaking against Mrs Gillard that she is a nasty vindictive loser who showed why she has no future. Get out and get a real job for the first time in your life Crossin and quit the leaching off the party purse !

      Despite the general tone of the post, does any female senator deserve to be referred to as a cow!

      And then Derrick whoever he is and somewhat of a recent find or one who has found the Punch also posts a bit further down:

      Derrick says: 06:16am | 23/01/13
      That two faced nasty vindictive cow Crossin showed her true colours yesterday just as Mrs Julia Gillard predicted. Leave the Labor party and do everyone a favour or get behind the leader, your choice deary.

      I do reckon Derrick has a few problems and he is not doing the quality The Punch can have too many favours.

      Over to you Punchers,

      Gregg “

      That said we could always collectively choose to ignore Derrick and other serial ranters.

    • subotic calls a spade a shovel says:

      09:41am | 23/01/13

      Well Greggles, I guess that’s why we sort-of have a bit of democratic free speech here, dontcha think, pussycat?

      I don’t agree with pretty much anything good ol’ Derrick/ acotrel says, but he’s got a right to have a one-eyed, bigoted, ignorant viewpoint.

      Just like all of us, right sunshine?

      Or is that the privilege of just a select few….

    • fml says:

      10:11am | 23/01/13


      There won’t be anyone left if we ban people who call “da ladies” names, extend that to every other group and we would probably only have marley posting to himself. :D

      I say let there be swears! I wouldn’t know what do myself if I didn’t get my daily dose of being called a socialist, lefty, leftard communist, muslim apologist. I wonder if that would fit on my car’s number plate?

    • Chris L says:

      10:13am | 23/01/13

      I usually just skip over Derrick’s posts the way I do with PJ and the like (although today I suggested on his thread that he may be a Poe). Zombies are slow and easy to outrun.

    • Tim says:

      10:38am | 23/01/13

      Funny that you didn’t write this email about the hundreds of cut and paste posts Babylon/PJ and others have submitted over the last couple of months.

      Derrick is a troll, and it’s funny that so many people take his posts seriously when they are beyond retarded. There’s no need for reply when they are so obviously designed to get people riled up.

      I’m more worried about the posters who are clearly posting lies and half truths from a political standpoint and are designed to have people take them seriously.

      if you can’t tell the difference between acotrel, Christian Real, Vox and Derrick then I worry for you.
      Some of them post extremely silly stuff but it’s obvious they are being serious, Derrick is just posting for replies and the Lolz.

    • Meh says:

      10:57am | 23/01/13


      If we ignored serial ranters then nobody would reply to anybody. Everyone who comments here is a serial ranter, especially those who describe others as such.

    • DocBud says:

      12:13pm | 23/01/13

      The problem with limiting free speech is determing who sets the standards. Now we know, apparently it is Gregg’s sensitivities which trump everyone else’s.

      I personally think the comments were doing a perfectly good job of dealing with Derrick’s ridiculous and hateful post. I for one would urge the Punchers to reinstate the thread.

    • GregE says:

      01:19pm | 23/01/13

      @fml, I tend to agree but there have been LNP supporters turfed out of this place for far less. And some of them were driving much debate. Isn’t that what this place is all about?

      I fear in this year of election, this kind of thing is only going to get worse.

      I miss Dash, Elphaba, Fairsfair and Nossy. All of them were great contributors in their own ways. None of them were party members and hit this site with various contributions. Fairsfair and Dash had both had articles they had written published. Now they’ve gone for one reason or another.

      I think this place is going to get smashed up this year by paid up party members asked to do a job.

      Bring back the music, the poetry, the Cairns connection and Gav’s speedos.

    • marley says:

      01:37pm | 23/01/13

      @fml - I’m with you.  Let the ranters run free and wild.  According to informed opinion,  I’m one of them, so I’ve got a vested interest in keeping the wide open spaces of the Punch wide and open.  Besides which, I hate talking to myself.

      Let it suffice to call the hypocrites hypocrites, rather than to silence them.  And yeah, bring back the Cairns connection.

    • DocBud says:

      05:01pm | 23/01/13

      What is the point of deleting Derrick’s posts when Gregg quotes them verbatim?

      By deleting the entire thread, the efforts of all those who commented including some worthwhile and valid points have been wasted.

    • marley says:

      06:06pm | 23/01/13

      @docbud - agree entirely.  The whole point of free speech is to let Derrick have his say, and then everyone dive in to challenge what he says.

    • Trevor says:

      09:08am | 23/01/13

      Recently I watched the US elections and was stunned not at the knowledge of the long term members and senators, but the ability to bring Federal money into their as their highest priority. That was the big issue.
      On the plane home I had a discussion about the Senate and the overall incompetence of members from both sides, and how difficult it was to get any ministerial potential, at even the lowest level.
      The replacement of Ms Crossin for 15 years without any potential for promotion, is a good sign both sides should look at.
      Bob Carr was a gift from heaven as the ALP had nil in reserve, to take up the heavy hitting in the Senate.
      My feeling is that two terms of 6 years as a senator, has to show some good experience and potential for the front bench to be retained.
      The same goes for House of Reps members from both sides.
      I dont think of getting rid of Ms Crossin a bad thing, but rather getting more talent into Parliament as being hugely desirable.

    • marley says:

      09:32am | 23/01/13

      Personally, I’d like to see the party members have a say in who gets to run, rather than have it all imposed by imperial fiat from on high.  Maybe if the inner sanctum of the party paid a little more attention to the broader membership, and approached the management of the party in a more democratic fashion, they would have rather more talent in the ranks.  As it is, the ranks are comprised of ambitious hacks and little more.

    • OverIt says:

      11:47am | 23/01/13

      Lina, the ALP support base is anyone at all it can muster up any votes from.  It long ago stopped acting in the best interests of the ‘working man’ it originally represented and has a history of wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on hare-brained and ill thought out schemes that fail miserably, while reducing funding to the needy and disadvantaged.

      Expect much more of the same if elected again later this year.

    • Tim says:

      11:52am | 23/01/13

      I don’t think they’re harming anything.

      You can’t just have a free for all on these positions, it would cost the government billions. Aren’t we all about fiscal responsibility these days?

    • R says:

      09:55am | 23/01/13

      Australia Day is coming up, and apparently I have to eat lamb, drink a whole carton of beer and love footy and/or cricket to be considered ‘straaayan.
      Personally I think being a good member of the community is more important…

      I’m proud to be “Un-Australian” (looking at you, Sam Kekovich).

    • fml says:

      10:15am | 23/01/13

      I think I might throw some shrimp on the barbie and walk around doing a crocodile dundee impersonation. I think retro Australian is making a come back.

    • marley says:

      11:06am | 23/01/13

      I’m going to the beach.  Then I’m going to have tandoori prawns, mango salad and a very chilled sauvi blanc.  And I am not going to watch cricket.  I think that makes me half Australian.

    • Tim says:

      11:49am | 23/01/13

      I don’t know how Un-Australian you are but clearly you are lacking a sense of humour and need a transplant stat.

    • Grandma says:

      10:01am | 23/01/13

      Yesterday I posted on David Koch’s column about breastfeeding in public. I’m a little stunned at the ageist replies I received, but was too busy to read them til after the replies were closed off Because of my pen name I was assumed to be an elderly lady who makes biscuits etc. Yes I’ve just retired due to ill health, but I’m not ancient. A short time ago I was managing offices, and was the one who fixed the computers, office equipment etc and soothed the clients who had been upset by brash young staff. The repairman who suggested I shouldn’t have a garden tool with a saw attachment was put in his place when I told him I have a full size chainsaw . I spend far too much time on the internet, but have contacted relatives all over the world and traced my family back many generations. I love to spend time with my grandchildren, and play a mean game of pirates. At 57 I’m not ready to be consigned to the ‘ancient’ bracket, but I do a very good ‘cranky old lady’ impersonation.

    • Colin says:

      10:13am | 23/01/13

      Lisa: Thanks for buying us these toys, Grampa.

      Grampa: Ehh, why didn’t you get something useful, like storm windows, or a nice pipe organ? I’m thirsty! Ew, what smells like mustard? There sure a lot of ugly people in your neighborhood. Oh! Look at that one.

      (Homer parks the car in the driveway; everyone jumps out except Grampa.)

      Grampa: Ow, my glaucoma just got worse. The president is a Demmycrat. (Everyone rushes into the house) Hello? I can’t unbuckle my seat belt. Hello? (Honks horn repeatedly)

    • Philosopher says:

      10:20am | 23/01/13

      I know what you mean, Grandma; because of my pen name people assume I am interested in philosophy. BTW the reaction came not due to your moniker, but because your post belittling women who shamelessly nurse their infants in public, despite the lack of a Taliban-endorsed covering, made you sound like you were born before WW1.

      PS the Anzac biscuit crack was actually complimentary - I hope you make Brownies as well?

    • subotic says:

      10:35am | 23/01/13

      @Philosopher, I always assumed you were into Speed-Metal, meth, and good cheese with a glass of port. Funny that, huh?

      As for Grandma, I’m a regular on German websites that cater for the more mature purveyor of smut…

    • Tim says:

      10:40am | 23/01/13

      Yeah Grandma doesn’t necessarily mean old.

      Look at our new soon to be senator Nova Peris, she was a Grandma at age 40.

      Damn those ageists.

    • Grandma says:

      01:04pm | 23/01/13

      Philosopher, I was not belittling women, I was asking them to to respect other people and their views. Breastfeeding doesn’t particularly bother me, but my late mother found it offensive, and she’d rant for hours about it.  I understand women feeding their babies in public, but they can do it without making a fuss. Having seen the facilities provided for nursing mothers these days, I’m surprised they want to feed in public. My daughter always used the rooms at shopping centres, comfy chairs, child-proof doors, microwaves etc., very nice.
      Small families have changed the perception of parenting, children have become the centre of the parents’ world, and they think we should smile at their children’s behaviour. Pretty sure my great grandmother didn’t have time to make her eight children princes and princesses.

    • Philosopher says:

      02:28pm | 23/01/13

      @Young Grandma: there was a good article in the Australian magazine a few weeks ago about the new generation of single children born in China with severe entitlement syndrome. Did you read it?

    • sami says:

      03:32pm | 23/01/13

      @Grandma What was ageist about them? Your comments came across far more ageist than any of the responses.

      Also I’m 29 and have been making amazing ANZAC biscuits for years, where’s the problem with that? Nothing ageist about bickies! Thanks for the reminder Philosopher, I might make some tonight smile

    • Philosopher says:

      03:58pm | 23/01/13

      see? Biscuits bring us together! Kochie tears us apart *grrrr*

    • Grandma says:

      05:10pm | 23/01/13

      sami, there is nothing ageist about good manners and showing respect for others.

    • Philosopher says:

      10:32am | 23/01/13

      Zoos: a necessary evil or a cruel carry-over of Victorian England? That wonderful baby elephant is born into a gilded cage, and will never learn how to pick his way across a lush forest glade, or avoid stepping on a detonator from the Vietnam War. A sanctuary, the apologists say? Sure, a sanctuary from deforestation as we purchase billions of litres of palm oil. Good punchers, shop wisely and Avoid Palm Oil!

    • Philosopher says:

      12:15pm | 23/01/13

      gobsmack, that’s because the keeper washed her hair with cheap palm oil shampoo. Imagine the anger!

    • Baloo says:

      02:25pm | 23/01/13

      In other zoo news, the zoo in Naples has 48 hours of food left for it’s animals and can’t afford any more.

      How ridiculous is that!

    • gobsmack says:

      02:49pm | 23/01/13


      The carnivores at the zoo needn’t starve.

    • Philosopher says:

      03:03pm | 23/01/13

      I hope the zebras like Margherita pizza.

    • subotic says:

      03:06pm | 23/01/13

      Elephants taste great.

      Kinda like chicken.

      Or monkey brain…

    • Andrew says:

      11:07am | 23/01/13

      I always find it so amusing when one side of politics has a go at the other and pretend that there side don’t do the exact same thing.

      It just seems so pointless and energy that could be spent doing something else. (I am aware of this sentence being completley ironic seeing how it can be true for exactly what i am doing now as well so i will just go and do something else now).

    • Chris L says:

      12:30pm | 23/01/13

      It’s a chuckle, especially when you see people committing the exact same acts they accuse others of in the very same post. Like accusing someone of using ad hominem arguments while calling them names, or accusing them of using straw man arguments while deliberately misquoting them.

      It’s part of the fun of reading the comments section.

    • AdamC says:

      01:08pm | 23/01/13

      I know I am biased, but where is the Coalition version of Julia’s carbon tax betrayal? Where are the Liberal Party Craig Thomsons or Eddie Obeids? And at least celebrity conservative candidates, like Malcolm Turnbull and John Alexander, actually had to bear the, seemingly gross, indignity of actually fronting a preselection committee.

      No party has a mortgage on cynicism, opportunism or even dishonesty, but that is not to say that all parties are as bad as each other.

    • Chris L says:

      03:03pm | 23/01/13

      @AdamC - I would put Abbott’s ironclad guarantee or the pension increase Howard promised but never delivered in the same category.

      People can defend these saying that circumstances had changed between the promise and the result. This is quite reasonable and makes for fair debate.

      Those same people might then ignore circumstances such as the first hung parliament since 1941 (not something anyone foresaw) and the carbon price promise (from the very same address as the “no carbon tax” quote). After all, the main difference between what was promised and what was delivered was the missing people’s assembly and the fact that the price was fixed (“like a tax”) for three years instead of one.

      To me, this is little different from Howard promising no new taxes in 1996 for the next full term, then producing 130 new taxes. I saw that one coming, same as children still living in poverty in 1990, and it was just as clear to me before the last election that Gillard would be giving us a carbon price. Even Andrew Bolt was saying this.

      So, on one side we get “changed circumstances” and, if we’re feeling uncharitable, “broken promises”, but on the other side we get “carbon tax betrayal”.

      I’m not actually trying to defend Labor, I certainly didn’t vote for them (mostly due to the attempt at internet censorship). I’m just trying to point out how things we’ll accept from one side become dramatic and unforgivable from the other.

      As far as I’m concerned they are both as bad as each other. I recommend as many people look elsewhere as possible. There are other choices and, if we give them our support, they may put a little fear in the complacent major parties.

    • davo says:

      03:19pm | 23/01/13

      AdamC says:
      “I know I am biased, but where is the Coalition version of Julia’s carbon tax betrayal?”

      Work choices?

    • AdamC says:

      03:27pm | 23/01/13

      Chris L, you are too clever to buy into that epically stupid, after-the-fact justification for Julia’s carbon tax betrayal. Julia implemented a carbon tax because she was worried the Greens would refuse to support her government, triggering a second election that she would have lost. So the only real ‘circumstance’ that changed was Gillard’s own venality and desire for power irrespective of the level of popular support for her.

      What I have always found particularly galling about that whole sequence of events is, had Tony Abbott been as prepared as Julia to go against his word - in his case on the NBN - we may well have avoided this awful government altogether. 

      I suppose that illustrates my point. Just because both sides can be bad does not mean they are as bad as each other.

    • Chris L says:

      04:10pm | 23/01/13

      I rest my case.

      (apologies if this comment is duplicated. The Punch is handing out error messages again.)

    • subotic says:

      12:42pm | 23/01/13

      In all seriousness Anubis, I am truly sad that your friend and mine was a “Fall Guy” for a certain individual’s Far-Right of the Extreme Right ego Power Trip moment.

      But at least it was nice to see how the ego trippers react in the exact same way as the ideologies they curse in the same breath. Y’know… “If you don’t like/ agree with it, kill it!”

      There’s an ironic bit of pot/kettle/black GOLD, right there, brother…

    • marley says:

      01:11pm | 23/01/13

      okay, I give up.  Watcha talkin about, subo?

    • subotic says:

      03:05pm | 23/01/13

      Secret men’s business marley.

      I’m talking about how Everything starts with an E….

      Especially “Fall Guy”.

    • marley says:

      04:02pm | 23/01/13

      Aha.  Secret men’s business indeed.  I managed to pretty much stay clear of that one and I think I’ll continue in that vein.  Personally, I’d rather be arguing with the person who cannot be named than with the many-headed hydra that keeps popping up to annoy me.

    • Terry Hills from Terrey Hills says:

      01:06pm | 23/01/13

      One less graffiti “artist” in the gene pool, apparently.

    • tez says:

      06:37pm | 23/01/13

      Nothing on Punch about the Kurt Feanley speach on people with disabilities does nobody think this is an important enough to disuss or is too much a lefty thing to get a mention.

    • Evalee says:

      09:30pm | 23/01/13

      Interviewed for a job in BrisVegas… all you BrisVegans, tell me, what suburbs do I avoid when looking for a place to live?

    • subotic says:

      08:36am | 24/01/13

      Logan Central.

      nuff said…


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