TV audiences across China have had their chance to watch an anarchist uprising against a totalitarian government, with the release of V for Vendetta for the first time.

Hey, isn't that the Anonymous guy?

They also may be seeing Natalie Portman with a shaved head for the first time.

It’s Friday! And we’re nearly at the end of the year. What’s on your mind?

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    • John says:

      04:21am | 21/12/12

      This movie is communist propaganda.  It’s about British Nazi’s controlling a society and christian priests going after little girls. Just more propaganda and excrement from commie Hollywood.

    • TChong says:

      06:57am | 21/12/12

      Yes, those damn hollywood commies.
      Some say they are almost as bad as The Illinois Nazis. ( I hate the Illinois Nazis, dont you ? )  wink

    • PsychoHyena says:

      07:36am | 21/12/12

      @John, wtf? It’s about rising up against oppression and the importance of fighting for not only one’s freedom but the freedom of all.

      But hey if that’s a communist agenda, I guess I’m a commie.

    • subotic says:

      08:06am | 21/12/12

      Charles Montgomery Burns: [Playing a WWII game] Wait, I’m shooting at Nazis? That’s not how I remember it.

    • Economist says:

      08:22am | 21/12/12

      Communist? I didn’t realise V was all about a classless, moneyless, common ownership society? What were you watching? It’s one of my all time favourite films based on a graphic novel.

      I am a little surprised that the Punch hasn’t done a series on end of year lists. Though my favourite was themovie list on, up yesterday that’s now been removed. An accurate write up.  So here goes, here is my list o film this year.

      Most surprising scene: Goes to either penis enlargement in Magic Mike, or the Hulk punching Thor in Avengers.

      Favourite scene: Final 4 minutes of the Dark Knight Rises.

      Franchise or Remake that surprised me: Was Total Recall. Wasn’t as bad as I was expecting so I enjoyed it.

      As the article highlighted, so glad Twilight is over and fortunately the final film doesn’t look like it is going to gross a billion.

    • Philosopher says:

      09:28am | 21/12/12

      favourite scene in Twilight: Bella tears out the throat of Edward Cullen, gulps down his blood, then, completely nude and smeared with gore, discovers she has a personality after all and goes on a Feminazi revenge attack for the rest of the film. Oh, that’s right, that didn’t happen. Sigh.

    • Ben C says:

      09:56am | 21/12/12

      Favourite scene in Twilight: the closing credits.

    • iansand says:

      10:17am | 21/12/12

      I’m surprised that anyone has seen the credits oof Twilight.  Why did you wait that long?

    • Ben C says:

      11:17am | 21/12/12

      @ iansand

      That was the only point of the movie during which I was awake.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:41am | 21/12/12

      Whats Twilight???

    • TimB says:

      12:18pm | 21/12/12

      What with this ‘wait that long’ rubbish?

      The real question is, why were any of you in the vicinity of a Twilight showing at all?

      Haven’t seen a single minute of any of these films (not counting trailers on TV), and with any luck, I never will.

      Philosopher’s version sounds awesome though. Call me when that gets made.

    • Traxster says:

      12:48pm | 21/12/12

      There seems to be an awful lot of Vampire movies out lately….
      What’s all that about ?

    • TChong says:

      05:21am | 21/12/12

      Since we have survived The Apocalypso, I think we are all obliged to see things anew.
      Nor more Labor Luv vies,No more Liberal Rednecks, just Unitarians, so we can all agree with each other on every issue.
      Now lets all sing “Morning Has Broken”, “Kumbya ” and “Its A Small World”
      Peace To All Brother Suns, Sister Moons.

    • TimB says:

      07:11am | 21/12/12

      We also have Unitarian icecream.

      ...But there’s nothing here.

      Exactly smile

    • ZSRenn says:

      07:17am | 21/12/12

      I’m thinking it will happen when the Mayan timeline crosses into the 21st Chongy which still gives us a couple of hours. I have three more than you so if it does end, can you let me know because I will make those three three to remember.

    • TChong says:

      07:31am | 21/12/12

      You’ll be the first for the text, once we reach planet Koozbane.

    • sunny says:

      09:46am | 21/12/12

      In 1999 I think it was a West Australian state pollie was asked what WA had in place to avoid the Y2K bug and he said something like Well we’re going to call New Zealand at 8pm on new year’s eve and if they’re screwed we’ve got a full four hours to get it sorted.

    • Derrick says:

      05:40am | 21/12/12

      Abbott and Liberals have now put us into huge debt with all the negative talk and nastiness towards the honourable Mrs Gillard !

    • Chris L says:

      08:06am | 21/12/12

      You wait ‘till Billy Goat Gruff gets to your bridge!

    • Punch Police says:

      08:07am | 21/12/12

      Nothing to troll here, move along.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      08:19am | 21/12/12

      MRS Gillard??? When was the wedding… I thought she was going out with Timmy….

    • acotrel says:

      04:23pm | 21/12/12

      That wouldn’t have destroyed much needed business confidence

    • acotrel says:

      04:26pm | 21/12/12

      ‘You wait ‘till Billy Goat Gruff gets to your bridge!’

      Snedden or McMahon ?
      Or are you indirectly referring to Mal Brough ?

    • gobsmack says:

      06:10am | 21/12/12

      That mask looks nothing like the contemporary pictures of Guy Fawkes, which depict him with a full beard.

      It appears to sport the facial hair that was in vogue in the 1620s and 1630s, some twenty years after his death.  For example, see the painting of the “Laughing Cavalier”.

      Did the original comic claim it was a Guy Fawkes mask or has this become a general assumption?

      BTW, I like the joke that Guy Fawkes is the only person in history to enter Parliament with honest intentions.

    • PsychoHyena says:

      07:41am | 21/12/12

      @gobsmack, I think it’s supposed to be a romanticised image of Guy Fawkes more than anything else.

      Oh and I watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the other night for a laugh and found that the ‘subtext’ gave me a lot to think about, mainly the opening monologue re myths and legends: ‘People remember the battle but not the blood’.

    • Gerard says:

      08:18am | 21/12/12

      The original graphic novel did state that it was a Guy Fawkes mask. That was the whole point. In the movie however, the actor portraying Fawkes does have…well, not a full beard, but certainly a lot more facial hair than the mask suggests.

      Great that the Chinese are now watching this movie. Just wish a few more Australians would do the same.

    • Kat says:

      08:39am | 21/12/12

      Pretty sure I read somewhere (probably Wikipedia, yay!) that the current Guy Fawkes mask is a stylised version from the cover of the book V for Vendetta that the movie is based off smile

    • Markus says:

      09:11am | 21/12/12

      @Psycho, I just finished reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter too.
      Really interesting read, it did a fantastic job of linking all major events in Lincoln’s life back to vampires.
      Given that the book and the movie script were written by the same guy, I was surprised at how different they were.

    • Mahhrat says:

      06:13am | 21/12/12

      Two weeks into the new job!  Things are going reasonably well.  I’ve been remembering things better than I thought I would.

      Not much ‘net access though, so no Punching unless the Punch crew get a decent smartphone app going on Android (nudge nudge).

      To all the peeps (in case I can’t get back here), happy holidays and new years’!  Stay safe, eat well, love those around you, and don’t worry too much about the politics.

    • Chris L says:

      08:09am | 21/12/12

      Don’t worry too much about the politics?! We’ve got the Slipper case judgement and Swann’s surplus confession! How could either side contain themselves?

      Yule-tide greetings to you Mahhrat!

    • pa_kelvin says:

      08:23am | 21/12/12

      Mahhrat…. I’d be lobbying for better net access if I were you..
      Happy holidays… smile

    • subotic says:

      08:41am | 21/12/12


      Never heard of him….

    • Joel M-J says:

      09:15am | 21/12/12

      I did note your absence this past two weeks actually.

    • I hate pies says:

      11:31am | 21/12/12

      Stupid private sector, making you work for your money…it’s not fair

    • nihonin says:

      06:16am | 21/12/12

      Julian Assange Christmas Speech.  Talk about the delusion of self importance.

    • Knemon says:

      01:34pm | 21/12/12

      Hi nihonin, I’m a self confessed supporter of Assange but sadly I agree with you. The longer he stays put in the Ecuadorian embassy the more delusional he appears, it’s time for him to face the music (if any), grow some cojones and go to Sweden…he can’t stay where he is forever…surely?

    • AdamC says:

      02:00pm | 21/12/12

      Knemon, I get the impression that a number of Assange supporters are starting to think the same way.

    • Bertrand says:

      06:25am | 21/12/12

      Hmmm… just read yesterday’s thread on the Westboro Baptist Church - someone was using my handle to post hate speech about gays.

      Just to be clear, that certainly wasn’t me writing that crap.

    • Aghast says:

      06:44am | 21/12/12

      DFAT London office has run out of Stress Leave Application forms…UK is on full terrorist alert lockdown…Israel has moved to code RED full military alert mode.
      Our very own Tony Abbott (he who would be PM) is contributing to the Australia-Israel-UK Leadership dialogue.
      He has been taking his anti foot twitch medication and promised not to speak for long.Hopefully not long enough to trigger his inevitable foot in mouth spasm.
      Obviously if “Shit does not happen” it will be"Bullshit” or a load of “Crap”.His advisors/minders have supplied him with a current report of the situation.Unfortunately it is in his In File under the BHP and Slipper Judgement papers.Tony was seen perusing Fifty Shades of Gray and mumbling on about the gift of virginity…whatever that means.
      It is understood from a unnamed source that he will support Israels right to secure borders but the final call will result from party polling re Jewish voter numbers in Bondi verse Islamic numbers in Western Sydney.
      Shadow Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has been caught short.Not sure wether to change her shoes or leader.Loyalty issues between Brendan Nelson,Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott have clouded the issue of loyalty.To divert attention she has set todays agenda on Abortion and Abbotts
      mixed messages as former health minister.All very confusing for the Poms and Israelis.

    • Rickster says:

      10:22am | 21/12/12

      Is there any way we can trade Tones for someone else?...........anyone at all?......leave Tony there and send us Bill Bailey. I know he’s just another clown but at least Bill can play piano.

    • iansand says:

      07:42am | 21/12/12

      The annual moment of dread is approaching.  That time when you realise you have forgotten to buy a present for some obscure second cousin who will be attending Christmas lunch, and the only shop still open is the 7-11 attached to the local servo.  A limp sausage roll or a litre of oil?  Which will it be?

    • TimB says:

      08:31am | 21/12/12

      Why not both? Drown the roll in oil and then set it on fire.

      Nice and crispy hot now.

    • jaki says:

      08:55am | 21/12/12

      ALWAYS have a few spare ready-wrapped boxes of Ferrero Rocher’s handy. Gets me out of a pickle every year.

    • Philosopher says:

      09:19am | 21/12/12

      iansand, that’s what trashy unwanted presents from Christmas Past are for. Take those sickly sweet-smelling candles from Dusk or that twee little puppy-themed mug, re-wrap and Voila! But keep track of who gave them to you originally, there is the potential for things to get very, very awkward.

    • Markus says:

      09:55am | 21/12/12

      I see your obscure second cousin, and raise you my own mother.
      My current plan of action is to order something online asap, then lay the blame on a delay in shipping from overseas.

    • Markus says:

      10:30am | 21/12/12

      “But keep track of who gave them to you originally, there is the potential for things to get very, very awkward.”
      If you get caught, say something along the lines of you couldn’t remember who you received it from, but really liked it when you got X as a gift X years ago so stole the idea.
      Flattery will get you everywhere.

    • ramases says:

      10:31am | 21/12/12

      We have got that problem beaten ,we don’t give gifts on this pagan day,simple, that way no one is left out. Buy presents for days that really matter like personal birthdays and anniversaries, makes more sense than spending up on unwanted gifts that are either recycled or shoved in a cupboard.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      11:47am | 21/12/12

      Online gift voucher that you can print out at home. Problem solved

    • Tim says:

      02:19pm | 21/12/12

      Give Rosie a call, iansand. She’s got boxes full of Tony Abbott’s “book” that her rellies sent back. You’ll never see that second cousin again.

    • fml says:

      08:42am | 21/12/12

      That’s why im going to the pub at 3!

    • Philosopher says:

      08:43am | 21/12/12

      no, they were right: we are all dead! Makes sense, the same zombies lurching around moaning incoherently… George A Romero was also right, Hell must be full. Still, some of the zombies are quite cute. Hi zombie girl, what’s your name?... ha ha, that tickles… ok, that’s enough… oh no…

    • subotic says:

      11:11am | 21/12/12

      Bender: Man, the future’s a total craphole, and whoever lives here is a crap-faced sack of crap!

      [to people at the camp next to them]

      Bender: No offense, fellas.

      Year 10,000 Man: Don’t sweat it, man.

    • Django says:

      08:10am | 21/12/12

      I don’t see the issue with Custom Officers, it’s only drugs after all?

    • fml says:

      08:27am | 21/12/12

      Now that we know they weren’t muslim let the rationalisation begin in 3, 2 ....

    • Jon Snow says:

      08:19am | 21/12/12

      Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all nights to come.

    • TChong says:

      08:54am | 21/12/12

      Your horn wakes the sleepers?
      Well, thats rather candid , but good for you having enough courage to make such usually private information availble for all to share.

    • Mother of Dragons says:

      09:17am | 21/12/12

      Go back to sleep Jon Snow - all is well at the wall

    • Jon Snow says:

      09:37am | 21/12/12

      Tchong = Treacherous Lannister spy and eunuch?

    • Philosopher says:

      10:19am | 21/12/12

      I love the way Punchers post quotes without referencing them. Plagiarism may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it also makes you seem like a try-hard. What’s more, GRR Martin ain’t Tolkien or Malory, to judge by this piece of faffle.

    • TChong says:

      10:31am | 21/12/12

      A spy for The House of Lannister ?
      Being a spy for The House of Atradreidis would be better.
      Get to fly in space ships, vanquish the evil House of Harkonnen,
      fang into a big plate of melange, rule the universe.
      Makes the House of Lannister looks like the king of the sandpit.
      Besides, dont the Lannisters have some issue about debt?
      No good to me, with my MasterCard bill.
      AS for the eunuch, - no., thats a step too far for me,  wont be joining you in that one.

    • Jon Snow says:

      11:03am | 21/12/12

      the only try hard here is you Philosopher for having an issue with a simple harmless GoT quote… go back to your inferior Tolkien and Malory.

    • Chris L says:

      01:47pm | 21/12/12


      Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger!

    • Markus says:

      02:49pm | 21/12/12

      “Makes the House of Lannister looks like the king of the sandpit.”
      He who controls the sandpit, controls the universe.

    • Sickemrex says:

      02:52pm | 21/12/12

      I prefer the books to the show but the Jaime Lannister actor makes the tv very pretty to watch.

    • A Concerned Citizen says:

      08:25am | 21/12/12

      I missed the discussion about Anonymous leaking the personal details of the Westboro Church members; and although once again it certainly raises a lot of issues of morality and the right of ordinary people to determine guilt and punishment, I am over all not particularly sorry to hear this.
      Quite frankly, I’m more interested in preventing Westboro from somehow learning about these funeral events’ precise time and location.

      At the end of the day, Westboro members (like the radio DJs) are going to mostly be subjected to the same kind of nastiness that they dish out to others on a daily basis, and will have to consider the risk of that before trying it again in future.

      I for one am thankful that twisted dregs of society who harass and bully strangers when trying to work, or trying to grieve, can no longer hide behind their anonymity to protect them from the repercussions of their actions anymore. Because really, that is the only way such things will be prevented.

    • AdamC says:

      08:36am | 21/12/12

      I noticed this article concerning the various merits of buying vs renting:

      Given our Aussie preference for home ownership over renting, it is usually the case that renting is significantly cheaper than buying. The exceptions are places where a large proportion of residents are somewhat temporary. (Think near universities and CBDs.) However, given low and falling rates and sluggish prices, that dynamic may be shifting a little.

      Perhaps this is the time for the Punch’s prosepective first home buyers to enter the market?

      (Geez, I sound like a real estate commentator!)

    • Anubis says:

      09:21am | 21/12/12

      With the reduction of Interest rates to record lows that should equate to rents coming down to more realistic levels. Hmmmm, why aren’t rents coming down? Landlords are reaping benefits through negative gearing, reduced interest rates yet they keep putting rents up (blame it on the standard CPI turkey). Methinks greed pays a larger part in this. A bit like Credit Card rates never coming down when official interest rates drop. Now that would be of benefit to more people than mortgage rates dropping.

      Couple of fine topics for discussion there

    • DJ says:

      09:48am | 21/12/12

      @AdamC - my brother has just bought after years of renting as the gap between repayments and what he is paying in rent is quite narrow. He has done well as he is a saver and for the types like him who can but the best part of buying for the masses is the forced savings aspect.

    • gobsmack says:

      09:52am | 21/12/12

      The best time to enter the market is just before rents and house prices start rising.  Unfortunately, it’s not easy to say when that is.

      Until then, I’ll stick to paying low rent in one of Melbourne’s more desirable suburbs.

    • AdamC says:

      10:39am | 21/12/12

      Anubis, the article points out that rents are rising more slowly. Clearly, nominal falls in rents are unlikely.

      DJ, exactly. That savings discipline is the real benefit of home ownership, especially for people like me.

      Gobsmack, I always pictured you as living in South Yarra. You know, the whole Commercial Road bit.

    • TimB says:

      12:09pm | 21/12/12

      I jumped in a few years back during the GFC when interest rates first tumbled.

      Got a decent 2 bedroom flat within half an hour travel time from work. Total current repayments are $330 a week- And that’s a holdover from when rates were at their highest a year or 2 back.  I could probably get away with a bit less now.

      And seeing decent 2 bedroom flats in my area can rent at $300-400 a week…I’m laughing.

    • gobsmack says:

      12:14pm | 21/12/12


      Northcote actually.

    • Knemon says:

      01:24pm | 21/12/12

      For what it’s worth (yeah OK, not much). I’m tipping house prices will fall over the next twelve months, as will interest rates, unemployment will rise as our economy takes a bit of a dip. I don’t usually predict doom and gloom, but I am worried about the next 12 months or more, mind you, a lot will depend on what happens in the USA and Europe and currently it’s not a good look.

      I also concede for the first time that Gillard and the ALP are finished (shock horror). Hockey and Robb could inherit quite a mess, so they should be careful on what pre-election promises they make as the cupboard will be rather bare, I certainly don’t envy them…in saying all of this, I’m usually wrong, so the opposite will most likely happen grin Cheers all.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      08:50am | 21/12/12

      Is the Punch still going to be open during the holidays, or is it going to be like the Weekend Punch??? Could a Moderator please advise…

    • Tory Maguire

      Tory Maguire says:

      12:27pm | 21/12/12

      HI pa_Kelvin, we’ll be here but in skeleton form so it will be more like a weekend.

      Merry Christmas!

    • pa_kelvin says:

      12:34pm | 21/12/12

      Thanks Tory.. To you and the others have a great Christmas and new year..
      It’s been a great year of Punching thanks to you and the other Moderators, much appreciated… smile

    • iansand says:

      01:04pm | 21/12/12

      Pebbo - Start feeding them again.  This starvation policy will never work smile

    • Rickster says:

      09:03am | 21/12/12

      Hey there Adelaide , anyone catch the Jeremy Cordux show last night on the community channel 44? If not you missed a real treat, a bit of a clone of The Bolt Report where Jeremy “interviewed” my fav polly Chris (the attack poodle)Pyne suggesting he would make a great premier for SA. I also liked his segment ” The Court Of Pompus Opinion” Sorry if I got your last name wrong Jerry and dont go on about free speach, only rich barstards who can afford thier own TV show have free speach.

    • Dan says:

      09:42am | 21/12/12

      Rich and suffering from severe relevance deprivation (and no, you couldn’t pay me enough to watch that self-opinionated clown).

    • Anubis Pratchett says:

      09:32am | 21/12/12

      Merry Christmas and a happy Hogswatchnight to all the regular Punch contributors. May the Hogfather grant all your wishes for the year to come

    • Philosopher says:

      10:22am | 21/12/12

      is it still ok to eat ham?

    • fml says:

      10:53am | 21/12/12

      Only in bed, and if its honey glazed…

    • Economist says:

      11:45am | 21/12/12

      Yes Merry Xmas and I hope all Punchers have a relaxing time. I’d like to acknowledge the managers of the site and allowing us to provide comments, plus also the running of The humour on the Punch is better than all the other sites of its type.

    • Philosopher says:

      12:23pm | 21/12/12

      yes we’d all like to acknowledge the Moderators with a great big… raspberry. Ha ha just joking. Merry bla blah blah etcetera.

    • sunny says:

      02:08pm | 21/12/12

      Philosopher - I’m almost moved to tears and heartily extend the same sentiment, a merry bla blah blah to you and a happy and prosperous blah etcetera and shit.

    • subotic says:

      02:09pm | 21/12/12

      Fry: Ooh. “Big Pink.” It’s the only gum with the breath-freshening power of ham.

      Bender: And it pinkens your teeth as you chew.

    • fml says:

      10:11am | 21/12/12


      Today is the last day I can p!ss people on the punch off for three weeks. I have some work to do..

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:46am | 21/12/12

      What!!! No computer at home??

    • fml says:

      12:21pm | 21/12/12

      On holiday!

      Roaming charges are a ...

    • fml says:

      10:14am | 21/12/12

      Happy Kwanza everyone!

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      11:51am | 21/12/12

      Evil bastard…..

    • Anubis says:

      12:46pm | 21/12/12

      Just tried to go to that link Ausspud and the web filter thingy they have here blocked it saying the site was not suitable:

      The web page you tried to open contains material that contravenes the company’s Acceptable Usage Policy. .
      The page you are trying to browse to is categorized as “Illegal Drugs”

      So Justin Bieber =illegal drugs. Always thought there was something suss about helmet hair.

    • sunny says:

      01:55pm | 21/12/12

      ausspud - looks like you’re coming down with a Bieber Fever. There’s only one known cure - stay hydrated, take vitamin C and give yourself an uppercut.

    • ausspud says:

      10:46am | 21/12/12

      Wishing everyone a Merry X-Mas and a happy new year.
      The best way to celebrate is through song-

    • Ben C says:

      11:53am | 21/12/12

      Final day of work today, before two weeks off, before getting back into the swing on 7 January.

      To everyone here on the Punch, including my occasional sparring partners iansand and Colin, and the Punch staff, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and if I don’t swing by before then, all the best for the New Year.

    • subotic says:

      02:07pm | 21/12/12

      Just in case we do die tonite….

      Philip J. Fry: So, what was the purpose of life anyway?

      Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth: Who knows? Probably some hogwash about the human spirit.

      Bender: Mmm-hmm.

      Philip J. Fry: Sounds about right.

      Later you crazy bunch of Punchers….

    • Anubis says:

      03:02pm | 21/12/12

      The FWA is a bought and paid for LNP mob. Wow, just WOW. Fairwork Australia is a Labor Party institute. Setup by, designed by and staffed by Labor. How do you in your wildest dreams say it is bought and paid for by the LNP.

      Honestly TheRealDave - do you have unicorns farting rainbows in your backyard or isn’t there enough room for them because of all the fairies and pixies?

    • iansand says:

      03:31pm | 21/12/12

      Courts don’t like forum shopping.  My guess is that this will be thrown out of FWA for the same reasons that it was tossed out of the Federal Court but with the added ground of blatant forum shopping.

    • TheRealDave says:

      02:27pm | 21/12/12

      And with that - I am out of here Punchers! I have officially ‘clocked off’ for the year from work. I’m back on Jan 7 but I may drop into the Punch from time to time as I get really really really sick of the kids…...or if the cricket gets rained out…

      So from the whole RealDave family up here in our underground bunker in an undisclosed location -  I wish all the Punch Staff, Contributors and my fellow Punchers - of all flavours, all the very best for a Happy and above all a SAFE Christmas and hope that 2013 not only happens and the Mayans were indeed incorrect, but its an awesome year for everyone…well…mostly everyone wink

      GO THE DOGGIES IN 2013!!!!!!

    • Evalee says:

      03:35pm | 21/12/12

      I hope you all have a great break - eat and drink and play with the pooches!  Oh, and naps…have lots of naps.  smile

    • Gregg says:

      04:02pm | 21/12/12

      I suppose we should be looking on this as the Year of Imaginations and today Imagination Day.
      1. Julia has had all sorts of imaginations, and really hard to say which has been the biggest, Slipper would slip into Speaking real easy rather than texting, a committee to decide for her on how to combat the people smuggling racket Labor has supported, Craig Thompson is a saint, a couple of guys from the AWU never existed!, all her problems would be wiped out by end of days! and Wayne Swann would be an exemplar deputy PM so I can safely go on holidays.
      2. A guy called Bob imagined no one would notice some creative accounting to swipe $375M from where it really would have been foreign Aid.
      3. Another guy called Wayne has been imagining against the worst reality that people would believe him when he says there will be a surplus.
      Wayne imagines he will slip in the truth when everyone is thinking of end of days and Julia will not notice anything while she is on holidays.

      So end of days has been a fizzer so far and all Labor supporters imagine Julia deserves a rest and that Tony Abbott took a last minute trip so as not to have to comment about Peter Slipper.
      Yep, get the imagination working overtime on just how many people smuggler boats there will be in the next year, how many rescues needed, how many deaths at sea, how many more people will be wandering around our communities with little to do whilst your taxes support them and how big the deficit will become

      Should the next year be Year of the Slippery?

    • PJ says:

      05:49pm | 21/12/12

      Get a grip Gregg, Abbott had that trip arranged months ago.

    • PJ says:

      05:51pm | 21/12/12

      Why was the Surplus not delivered as promised and promised and promised?

      “Julia! Get your hands out of that International Foreign Aid Donation Box! ”


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