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    • Eric says:

      03:26am | 19/10/09

      This is one of the tragic consequences of illegal immigration. Kevin Rudd’s open door policy will probably lead to more such events.

    • Daphon says:

      07:10am | 19/10/09

      Eric could you provide details of this open door policy of Rudd’s?  Or is it just a figment of your xenophobic delusions?

      Very little has changed regarding Australia’s handling of refugees since Howard’s days (or Hawke/Keating’s for that matter).

      Shame on us.

    • Ray says:

      07:12am | 19/10/09

      More boats -lose votes

    • NJ says:

      07:20am | 19/10/09

      And why didn’t the country of safety they first arrived in take them in? Why only Australia? Indonesia and Malaysia have a hell of a lot to answer for and I am so against my tax dollars being sent to them as “aid” to help them do what they are supposed to do anyway. Does anyone ask about the war criminals of East Timor 1975 and again in 1999? Where are they hiding and living? Yes, in the same countries that shepherd these alleged refugees our way.

    • Joel B1 says:

      07:41am | 19/10/09

      Off topic on the supposedly open thread…

      Why is Hilter so fashionable right now?

      It seems that barely a day passes without me seeing the old fascist’s name in one context or another. Come on you sociologists give me a hint. (And any Freudian psychiatrists out there can have a go too)

    • Joel B1 says:

      07:56am | 19/10/09

      And just to follow up with some little data.

      A search in ABC online for:
      “Hitler” returns 60 full matches.
      “Roosevelt” returns 23.
      “Winston Churchill” returns 10.

      “Menzies” does get 73 but we can discount most of those I think due to his geo-political relevance.

      So Hitler wins the vote for most popular name dropping! But why?

    • Eric says:

      08:18am | 19/10/09

      Daphon, Kevin Rudd has closed down detention centres and made it easier for unlawful arrivals to get residence. That’s why the flow of unwanted immigrants has increased greatly since his election.

      But you knew this. You just wanted to name-call.

    • Daphon says:

      10:27am | 19/10/09


      They are not unlawful arrivals - they are refugees until they are proved otherwise.  Australia has a lawful obligation to accept these refugees under various treaties we have signed.

      And as you well know, the refugees coming by boat are a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of genuine illegals who arrive by plane and overstay their visas. Interestingly the great majority are white and from the US and Europe. How often do you complain about them?

      Rudd is still putting the refugees in detention centres. And please provide a reference to prove your assertion that it’s easier for them to get residence.

    • Peter says:

      11:09am | 19/10/09

      With India having given two separate donations of $100m US, one in July and the other this month to assist the Tamils in Sri Lanka, (Source Colombo Page newspaper) it has to be asked, “why are these people who paid $4m US (ABC News 18 Oct 09) coming to Australia?”
      Wouldn’t have anything to do with Rudd’s relaxed attitude to Illegal Economic Migrants would it and the prize of permanent residency and endless benefits after their very short “check in” at Christmas Island? Of course not. Well done Rudd.

    • cats says:

      11:15am | 19/10/09

      Daphon, I actually didn’t know that Australia has a lawful obligation to accept genuine refugees. Thanks for letting us know. Now that explains a lot why we can’t simply send them back.

      Correct me if i am wrong, but is the biggest problem with illegal immigration that they don’t have skills to work in Australia? Maybe if we just send them into the outback and they can live out there and farm and stuff. Hey - they wanted a better life, they can make it themselves and not leech off the skilled working taxpayers. And make it compulsory for them to learn English. I’m sick of immigrants not being able to communicate.

      Another problem is with them not wanting to live as part of the multicultural life, which means they must be accepting of how white australians, and other religions and people live their lives. A lot of them can’t accept that others live differently.

      If these problems can be overcome, why should they not be able to live here?

    • Peter says:

      11:22am | 19/10/09

      Daphon—- The illegals are indeed illegals, as soon as they employ criminals to transport them to this country. There is a fully staffed Australian High Commission in Sri Lanka which is fully equipped and able to handle any applications for either asylum or immigration to Australia so tell me, why don’t they either, A, go 50 ks across Palk Strait to Tamil Nadu or, B, Apply through the proper, legal channels? I would suggest that the reason they don’t apply is because their stories of hardship, persecution etc would not stand up to scrutiny so they have decided to do it this way and depend on the support of the PC brigade here in Australia but I do believe that common sense and reality are finally coming into the picture. I see that Italy and Spain are no longer accepting illegal immigrants and are either turning them around or sending them to Libya.
      Lastly, the thousands illegal immigrants you refer to that arrive by air are not illegal until they overstay their visa and it’s only then that any action can be taken to apprehend and deport them, hardly the same as the growing numbers of boat loads arriving via the services of illegal people smugglers.

    • Daphon says:

      01:18pm | 19/10/09


      Perhaps they can’t get to the High Commission. This letter was in today’s Age:

      “EARLIER this year, we flew to Sri Lanka with our daughter, whom we adopted as a toddler in 1978, and her husband. We have taken her back to her country of origin many times to enable her to keep up with its culture.

      It was again frightening to see how Tamils are treated. Our daughter is recognisably of Tamil origin and was treated rudely and in a discriminatory way.

      At the airport when we were leaving, we were stopped from following other cars containing Westerners because of her ethnicity. Despite her father’s protestations and her Australian passport, we were herded by soldiers with AK47s into a rickety bus. It was nerve racking.

      The treatment of our daughter, an Australian citizen for decades, was appalling. If this is how security forces, guards in shopping centres and soldiers behave towards an Australian citizen, then pity help the Tamils who try to make their way to the Australian high commission from the north of the island. We wish them success in finding a peaceful community in which to live with dignity.”

      “arrive by air are not illegal until they overstay their visa”

      And the ‘boat people’ are not illegal either, Peter, because they are refugees.

      I can just imagine what you lot would have thought back in the 30s and 40s when the Jews were trying to escape from Germany.  We did turn them back by refusing them refugee status and sanctuary.  That is why we are signatories to the refugee treaty of 1948.

    • Glen says:

      01:51pm | 19/10/09

      There are 2 components of illegal immigration.  Both highly emotive.  The first is illegal immigration by boat.  This is highly visible and easily manipulated by both sides.  Put simply if you allow any of these illegal immigrants to stay you reward the people smugglers.  The answer is not to allow any of these illegal immigrants to arrive by boats.  Send them back to go through the refugee channels that the poor true refugees in the camps (often widows with kids) are using and whose places the illegal boat immigrants would be taking thus prolonging their suffering.  The second is the overstaying of visas.  The answer here is to fund the agencies necessary to find these illegal immigrants and immediately deport them.  That will be a boost to Australia’s economy by first getting rid of the parasites that are here unlawfully and secondly providing jobs for Australians.

    • M Cooke says:

      02:08pm | 19/10/09

      If Mr Rudd could not predict what would happen when he dismantled John Winston Howard’s Pacific Solution and put in place his stupid lax policies, then he is not a fit person to hold the position of PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA , BRING ON THE ELECTION.

    • AFR says:

      02:30pm | 19/10/09

      M Cooke - you’re absolutely right - lets bring on the election. I look forward to keeping the Libs in opposition for another 3 years.

    • Daphon says:

      03:29pm | 19/10/09

      A lot longer than 3 years I would venture to say, AFR.  Until the LP/Nats totally renew themselves (why are Rudd, Bronwyn Bishop, Tuckey etc etc still holding seats?) and expunge the Howard dogma from their consciousness, they are history.

      With a current predicted loss of around 20 seats, plus the Senate being controlled by the Greens, it should be an interesting 6 years.

      And both the ALP and the Libs/Nat need to take a serious look at the consequences of allowing the Christian lobbyists to hold so much sway.

    • Daphon says:

      04:00pm | 19/10/09

      “why are Rudd, Bronwyn Bishop, Tuckey etc etc still holding seats?”

      Wow, that was a major Freudian slip!!  I meant to write, “why are Ruddock, Bronwyn Bishop, Tuckey etc etc still holding seats?”

    • David says:

      04:41pm | 19/10/09

      Daphon, these people may be proven to be refugees, yet, their mode of entry is illegal.  The Department of Immigration, and the courts and tribunals all refer to them as such.  Maybe you could suggest to the Government that we change the terminology from SIEV (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel) to a more politically correct anagram.  In the past year alone up to 10 people have been killed under the watch of people smugglers on leaky boats en route to Australia.  We call them Illegals because we want to discourage this terrible practice.

    • DJ says:

      05:59pm | 19/10/09

      They are illeagal because they have not entered the country legally and have bypassed many countries on the way here that are under the same obligations. They would have had a cruisy trip if they just went to the closest country that wasn’t Sri Lanka.
      The fact that they cruised here means they were obviously not too scared about the journey and had specific intentions about coming here and ignoring our laws.
      These people should go home or if they are legit refugees sent to another country that will accept them.
      These people jump the queue that others wait in for up to 5 years and if already living here they would cop a smack just for jumping a drinks line that an Aussie has been in for 5 mins.

    • Paul says:

      11:01pm | 19/10/09

      Rubbish they are refugees. Refugees dont fly to a jump of country to get in a boat they paid 10s of thousands of dollars for. refugees are people who HAVE to leave their country because it is unsafe for them to stay. They are required by law to go to the next country and seek refuge. What a load of crap that they are refugees. They are taking advantage of our soft border protection policies. We have a quota of immigrants, and they are simply jumping the cue.

    • Marilyn says:

      01:28am | 20/10/09

      For christs’ sake the ignorance is astonishing.  Do some of you stay wrapped in moth balls for years so you can come out and spout this hate and drivel.

      Get out more, read more.  The refugee convention is enshrined in Australian law and so is the right to arrive without documents.  In fact if people can get nice shiny passports they are not in any danger from their government are they.

      As for stopping in Malaysia or Indonesia - both countries send refugees home to be killed.

      Now grow up little ignoramuses.

      61 The Refugees Convention is a part of conventional international law that has been given legislative effect in Australia: see ss 36 and 65 of the Act. It has always been fundamental to the operation of the Refugees Convention that many applicants for refugee status will, of necessity, have left their countries of nationality unlawfully and therefore, of necessity, will have entered the country in which they seek asylum unlawfully. Jews seeking refuge from war-torn Europe, Tutsis seeking refuge from Rwanda, Kurds seeking refuge from Iraq, Hazaras seeking refuge from the Taliban in Afghanistan and many others, may also be called “unlawful non-citizens” in the countries in which they seek asylum. Such a description, however, conceals, rather than reveals, their lawful entitlement under conventional international law since the early 1950’s (which has been enacted into Australian law) to claim refugee status as persons who are “unlawfully” in the country in which the asylum application is made.
      62 The Refugees Convention implicitly requires that, generally, the signatory countries process applications for refugee status of on-shore applicants irrespective of the legality of their arrival, or continued presence, in that country: see Art 31. That right is not only conferred upon them under international law but is also recognised by the Act (see s 36) and the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) which do not require lawful arrival or presence as a criterion for a protection visa. If the position were otherwise many of the protection obligations undertaken by signatories to the Refugees Convention, including Australia, would be undermined and ultimately rendered nugatory.
      63 Notwithstanding that the applicant is an “unlawful non-citizen” under the Act who entered Australia unlawfully and has had his application for a protection visa refused, in making that application he was exercising a “right” conferred upon him under Australian law.”

    • John says:

      07:20pm | 21/10/09

      And that is exactly why the country has gone to the dogs. When was the last time you put your life on the line for what you believe in? Or is sitting behind the safety of your computer screen sprucking your leftist blind folded opinion. How easy it is to follow. Yes, the ignorance is astonishing, and most obviously on display when one sits and copies and pastes form the words of others, and thinks by any stretch of the imagination that these people are anything like the Jews and the Tutsis. Grow a brain. We have a quota of how many people we will accept into this county, its probably too low, but there is a quota, and these people are simply jumping the cue.

      I ask you, have you ever met a person in the middle of the Timor Sea arriving on a boat. You might want to do that, and actually know what youre talking about, before copying and pasting your next argument!

    • Canelita says:

      07:56pm | 23/10/09

      I would like to say thanks to Marilyn for injecting some reason and educated comment into the discussion. How many refugees have you meet, John?? If you had talked with and heard the stories of people who arrived by boat, you would know that their stories are equal to that of the Jews and the Tutsis.. You only have to hear the news to know of that… Tamils, Hazaras, Iraqia.. they continue to be persecuted and murdered, and hence seek asylum… These people put their life on the line, leave their home and country, because they will be killed if they stay….how much evidence is needed???? Get rid of the moth balls….

    • Dibioponfig says:

      08:02am | 04/01/10

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    • wayne says:

      12:19am | 13/02/10

      I just cant believe some of the comments made here from the so called pro illegal boat people ‘“economic opportunist’  refugees How do you think these people fly out of there countries of origin and arrive in Indonesia you need a passport to enter another country They have passports but they throw them away when they board their $15,000 dollar cruise to Australia you know why they do that because they don’t want to be identified here there must be a reason for that and also for all the bleeding hearts out there why don’t you people   and give up your house and wages to make a better living for these people Because i for one would like to see the tax collected spent on building new hospitals and a better infrastructure in Australia for its tax paying people we take a legal refugee quoter and resettle these people   I only have one more thing to say to those bleeding hearts out there put your own money up to help fund their resettlement not my tax paying dollars

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