Vodafone’s boss has admitted that the telco has “failed customers”.

Picture: Russell Shakespeare

Oath, says this Puncher, who is keenly waiting for his contract to run out. What telco are you with? How’s the service?

It’s Tuesday. What’s on your mind?

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    • TimB says:

      05:11am | 16/10/12

      Ahhh, the Craig Thompson saga. The gift that keeps on giving.

      The longer it goes on, the worse it looks for Labor. They really should have cut their losses from the start.

    • AdamC says:

      08:35am | 16/10/12

      I agree TimB. I wonder what Craig Thomson is trying to achieve by hanging around the Parliament. You would have to think there is a major quid pro quo going on between Thomson and the ALP.

      Meanwhile, the diging around Gillard’s days as a young, naive partner at a law firm seems to have finally yielded something. (http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/gillards-legal-role-demands-inquiry-20121015-27ndo.html) It now looks quite possible that Gillard knowingly gave false information to the relevant WA authorities.

    • Knemon says:

      09:41am | 16/10/12

      “The longer it goes on, the worse it looks for Labor”

      Why so TimB? He’s a cross bencher, even if Thomson is found guilty of these latest charges, the worst penalty he could expect is a few thousand dollars (which would be paid by a third party), not enough to have him evicted from our parliament, then we have the problem with statute of limitations, and finally, by the time this goes through the courts (if at all) we will have gone to the polls.

      The same applies for what AdamC is saying about Gillard, keep on digging AdamC, you never know, you may hit pay dirt some day.

    • Hamish says:

      09:42am | 16/10/12

      AdamC, you misogynist bastard! How dare you criticise Gillard for just being a woman…

    • gobsmack says:

      10:15am | 16/10/12

      You lot are still whingeing.

      By now you should realise that there’s not going to be an early election.

      Get over it.

    • TimB says:

      10:21am | 16/10/12

      “Why so TimB? He’s a cross bencher,”

      You cannot possibly be that naive.

      “...even if Thomson is found guilty of these latest charges, the worst penalty he could expect is a few thousand dollars “

      I think he’s going to be spending a bit more than that defending the court case. And the ALP aren’t going to bail him out this time. He’s looking at bankruptcy.

      And if he’s found guilty of fraud, that’s a criminal charge, not a fine. He’s off to jail then.

      And you can label him a crossbencher all you like then, it won’t change the fact that the ALP will have lost a vote that was all but guaranteed to them.

      Not sure why you insist on arguing about this issue, if I was you I’d quit whilst I was ahead.

    • Knemon says:

      10:31am | 16/10/12

      @ TimB - “Not sure why you insist on arguing about this issue”

      I’m not, I was just pointing out a few facts, Thomson won’t be forced into bankruptcy, someone will foot the bill.

      “if I was you I’d quit whilst I was ahead” - LOL. thanks Tim grin

    • AdamC says:

      10:34am | 16/10/12

      Knemon, well, I suppose that Gillard supporters must have already internalised the idea that lying is OK, at least so long as you are a Labor Prime MInister. Still, it is always interesting to observe how low Laborites will sink in defending the indefensible.

      Hamish, indeed. What more sorry excuses are left?

      Gobsmack, it seems that the Laborites are the ones who are obsessed with an early election. I tend to see cases like Thomson’s as notable in their own right. Incidentally, it is strange how people have been quite happy to base conclusions about Lance Armstrong on the USADA report, rather than swicth off their brains and wait for the thing to be litigated.

      At least the whole Thomson saga may eventually be coming to a head. Which is a good thing.

    • DJ says:

      10:36am | 16/10/12

      careful what you wish for TimB and AdamC - an early election will he HOR only leaving Abbott with a hostile senate and likely 3 elections to repeal the Carbon Tax if he still wants to.

    • TheRealDave says:

      11:05am | 16/10/12

      And yet still not a word on the ‘evidence’ hand delivered by the ‘star witness’ woman who has a LOT more fraud evidence on her than Thomson could have ever dreamed of, who’s knocking off the 2IC of FWA - the same organisation who led the investigation into Thompson and who he himself harassed and intimidfated HSU officials and employees on behalf of said star witness and whistleblower…...

      How long are we going to keep ignoring those actual provable facts for?

      Nah, just easier to go - ‘Oh look, he withdrew cash from an ATM - thats defiantley for Prostitutes then….’

    • TimB says:

      11:08am | 16/10/12

      “I’m not, I was just pointing out a few facts, Thomson won’t be forced into bankruptcy, someone will foot the bill.”

      Who Knemon?

      The ALP have already stated they won’t do it this time. I’m inclined to believe them because it would be political suicide for them to do so. They’re inept, but even they have limits.


      So assuming the ALP don’t prove me wrong and plumb even greater depths of stupidity, who else will foot the bill?

    • TimB says:

      11:58am | 16/10/12

      Dave, ‘Look over there!’ might be a valid tactic in the movies, but it’s not paticularly brilliant here.

      How long can you ignore the evidence already turned up pertaining to Thomson? Squealing about Kathy Jackson won’t make it go away.

    • AdamC says:

      12:16pm | 16/10/12

      TimB says:

      “The ALP have already stated they won’t do it this time. I’m inclined to believe them because it would be political suicide for them to do so. They’re inept, but even they have limits.”

      Er, Tim, “there will be no carbon tax”, etc ...

      Knemon is right. Labor will keep underwriting Thomson until the next election. I have no idea why they would do that, just to buy Juliar a few more squalid months in office, but all the evidence suggests that they will.

    • Knemon says:

      12:27pm | 16/10/12

      @ TimB - I can’t say who but trust me, if needed, someone will.

      There are many assumptions being made here by yourself, personally, I don’t believe this will come to anything prior to the next election…so we’re really banging on about nothing…my lounge on the deck is awaiting and the sun is shining…it’s a beautiful day and I’m thirsty…ciao.

    • TheRealDave says:

      01:29pm | 16/10/12

      Yes…evidence…carefully provided - by hand I might add - by the woman who’s years of fraud against the HSU and its members make Thomson look like a school kid, to her live in boyfriend who was 2ic of the organisation doing the investigation.

      Nothing suss there at all Tim, just business as usual??  wink

    • marley says:

      02:22pm | 16/10/12

      @TheRealDave - look, I understand at least some of the issues around Jackson, but I don’t see that that in any way absolves Thomson.  He’s the guy that signed the cheques, approved the expenditures, had the cellphones.  He’s the guy that said it wasn’t his signature, only to be rebutted by the cops.  He’s the guy that blames it all on a vast conspiracy, yet can’t explain why he signed off on all those sleezy claims..  Jackson may have been as bad or worse, but it doesn’t make Thomson a cleanskin.

    • TimB says:

      02:31pm | 16/10/12

      Dave, I have yet to hear anything about the police even looking at Jackson. Despite the shrill cries of the Truther-esque conspiracy blogger (and former ALP candidate) you’ve been following. Maybe there’s something to it. Maybe not. I don’t really care about Jackson either way. She’s not running my country. Thomson is.

      But until you can come up with a rational explanation how Jackson (or whoever) managed to steal, use & return both Thomson’s credit card & driver’s license without being detected, disguise themselves convincingly enough to match the picture on said license, forge his signature so well that it fooled the NSW police & falsify Thomson’s phone records on the side….

      I think you have to let the evidence against Thomson stand. Cries of ‘But but but Kathy Jackson!’ won’t help you.

      BTW the other insinuation from your favourite Thomson Truther is that this is somehow a Liberal plot, by way of connections between FWA and the Libs. You should ask yourself how this makes any sense This stuff has been going on for years. It predates the 2010 election. The offenses predate the 2007 election. Why go to all this trouble to create a conspiracy aimed at getting Thomson, at the time a mere union figure? How could they possibly know that not only would he be elected as an ALP candidate (in a marginal seat no less) but would later become a critical vote in propping up an utterly inept Labor government?

      It’s ludicrous Dave.

      @ Adam

      “Knemon is right. Labor will keep underwriting Thomson until the next election. I have no idea why they would do that, just to buy Juliar a few more squalid months in office, but all the evidence suggests that they will. “

      I dunno Adam, they’ve been able to fudge lie issue somewhat, with their sycophants pointing to electoral-eve fine print and ignoring the bulk of the election campaign. This declaration is clear-cut beyond even their usual spinning attempts.

      If they even try it, the electorate (not to mention Wilkie) WILL call bullshit. And then punish them.  A potential few more months in power in trade for an even bigger shellacking at the polls?

      Like I said, I can’t believe even Labor can be that dumb. But again, you never know. We’ll see I guess.

    • TimB says:

      03:26pm | 16/10/12

      @ PA Kelvin, Y’know for someone so adamant that he’s innocent of all charges, Thomson is awfully quick to jump on an technicality he can to get himself off.

      One would think that someone so innocent would gladly allow the evidence to speak for itself in a court of law instead of squirming like crazy to avoid it.

    • acotrel says:

      05:32am | 16/10/12

      Dodo is great.

    • Gregg says:

      06:40am | 16/10/12

      Oh no!, acotrel may want me as a dodo buddy!

      But look, something I’ll have to agree with acotrel on and if you want a reasonable service you can always try Dodo for a $10/month home service that runs off the Optus mobile network via their buddy box and neither acotrel or I come in the box and no landline rental and $10 worth of calls but not 1300 numbers and then for your mobiles, also from $10/month which includes $100/m of calls admittedly at a high charge rate of about $1/m but with partners, have one each and you get $1000/m from each to the other, again on Optus.

      Hard to beat if you’re a sensible user.

    • Tony of Poorakistan says:

      09:15am | 16/10/12

      I think Amaysim is excellent - $39.90 a month for unlimited calls and sms (including 1800- and 13- numbers) and you get 4GB of data. 
      Best of all, their call centre is in Australia and populated by people who actually speak english

    • ibast says:

      12:17pm | 16/10/12

      Tried to switch to Dodo, but they mucked me around trying to get my internet connected.  I spent weeks bouncing around Indian call centres.  In the end I gave up.

      Mind I’m in the process of going back to Telstra at the moment and the call centre five step is little different.  The difference might be I may eventually get a connection.

    • Gratuitous Adviser says:

      05:48am | 16/10/12

      “ASYLUM-SEEKERS found by ASIO to be a risk to national security will be given the chance to have their assessments tested by an independent reviewer.”

      Another “expert panel” providing yet more examples of how this Government has lost control of immigration in Australia. 

      I realise the Opposition are kibitzing but the ALP (Rudd) did get themselves into this problem in the first place.

    • Gregg says:

      06:48am | 16/10/12

      What seriously needs to be assessed is the undermining of the ASIO security checks that do occur and not just for asylum seekers.

      What Roxon who is pushing this seems to refuse to acknowledge is that skilled and family visa applicants have to get at least a police check and then for quite a few countries there is also the ASIO requirement and so why should it be watered down for asylum seekers?

      As to those supposedly in Villawood limbo, that could be so easily corrected for in the first place I wonder how refugee status could have even been granted prior to receipt of a security check.
      That refugee status has been granted in some instances would clearly seem to be an administrative oversight and there should be the possibility of revoking the status for with other people who are in Australia and do not pass the immigration character requirements, visas are refused and deportation occurs.

      Just more Labor stuffing about adding to the costs of living in this country and reduction of services for our own needy.

    • marley says:

      07:45am | 16/10/12

      @Gregg - as I understand it, the refugee determination process and the issuance of protection visas are two separate things.  You can be recognised as a refugee according to the terms of the Convention, but be ineligible to receive a permanent residence visa under the Migration Act.

      There was an article in the Legal Section of the Oz last week about the court case, and in a nutshell, the issue is that the Migration Act only allows a recognized refugee to be denied a visa if he falls within the prohibited class defined in the Convention - ie he’s committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, or serious criminal offences.  That he’s a security risk isn’t on the list.

      So, my take is that the government needs to change the wording of the Migration Act to broaden the grounds on which a “refugee” can be denied a visa.

    • Inky says:

      06:10am | 16/10/12

      My contract ran out mid september. I really need to get something sorted out, but I’m not sure which of the crooks to go with. I need a new phone because my one can’t make it through a day without needing a charge anymore but I don’t want to be paying any more than I have to be per month,I don’t use it much.

    • Gregg says:

      06:49am | 16/10/12

      Don’t be a Dodo, get with the bird!

    • TimB says:

      06:57am | 16/10/12

      I’ve never been on a contract myself, I still have the same pre-paid sim from 10 years ago.

      I don’t use the phone much either (for outgoing calls), only when I’m out and about and absolutely need to contact someone.

      I’m currently set up on Optus long-life credit thingy. $30 credit whenever I need a top up (usually once every 2-3 months), it doesn’t expire unless 6 months go past without a top up, & it gives me a pile of bonus credit to use for calls to other Optus mobiles. Pretty cost efficient for me.

    • Greg says:

      09:03am | 16/10/12

      I’ve been with Vodafone, 3, Optus currently with Telstra because they are the only ones you can get reliable service with

    • acotrel says:

      10:11am | 16/10/12


      ‘Don’t be a Dodo, get with the bird! ‘

      Nice sentiment, but isn’t referring to our PM that way, sexist ?

    • Mattb says:

      11:37am | 16/10/12

      i left vodafone 7 years ago due to crap service. been with 3mobile ever since. if vodafone try and put me back on their network once my current contract ends I’ll be off to telstra. which shits me because I think they have crap plans but I spend alot of my time in very remote areas and Telstra (3 runs on Telstra’s towers) is the only one that can be relied on for service.

    • Ben C says:

      12:32pm | 16/10/12

      @ Mattb

      “3 runs on Telstra’s towers”

      I thought 3 went onto Vodafone’s network when they merged.

    • Lyla says:

      02:04pm | 16/10/12

      @Mattb. If you’re with 3, you’re now with Vodafone, not Telstra. They merged about a year ago. You didn’t notice 3’s service suddenly became really crap?

    • AGHAST says:

      02:42pm | 16/10/12

      Get a new battery about $30…...drrrrrrrr

    • Jay says:

      06:26am | 16/10/12

      Senator Bernardi repeats his offensive comments about Gay marriage. I wonder if Alan Jones will interview him and challenge him about his comments. Probably not becuase it would take some form of moral courage and Jones is only interested in keeping his right wing audience happy.

    • nihonin says:

      06:48am | 16/10/12

      ‘Senator Bernardi repeats his offensive comments about Gay marriage.’

      You have every right to be offended by them, same as I have every right not too be offended by them.  Funny how you go on to implicate Alan Jones, are you some kind of Homphobe?

    • Jay says:

      11:28am | 16/10/12

      You believe that gay marriage is equivalent to bestiality makes me wonder whether you have an issue. As a gay man I would have thought Jones would have the courage to pull him up on it, however he is more worried that he may actually out himself before his red necjk audience.One wonders what goes through Bernardi’s mind to even make the comparison? He has serious issues.

    • nihonin says:

      12:22pm | 16/10/12

      ‘You believe that gay marriage is equivalent to bestiality makes me wonder whether you have an issue.’

      Nah I don’t, he’s entitled to his opinion, just as you are to yours.  Which to me are the polar opposites of the same extreme.

    • glenm says:

      01:39pm | 16/10/12

      @Jay , please post the transcript where Bernardi equates beastiality to gay marriage. His comments in parliment did not make this claim,  dont make up false statements to support your preconcieved views.

    • Jay says:

      06:28am | 16/10/12

      If Channel 9 is placed into Administration i wonder whether this will be the beginning of the end of Australian Produced shows purely because of the costs involved?

    • Inky says:

      06:44am | 16/10/12

      Here’s hoping it causes the television industry here to pull it’s head out and change the way it works, rather than causing everything to shut down.

    • Gregg says:

      07:27am | 16/10/12

      Will we lose Gary, James and Sammy?, Oh no not Sammy, sob sob!

    • Fiddler says:

      09:07am | 16/10/12

      We can only hope, maybe they’ll get rid of the local content laws and we can get free to air some of the fantastic foreign shows (IE anything by HBO) on free to air

    • ausspud says:

      11:36am | 16/10/12

      They brought back big brother. Nuff said.

    • sunny says:

      12:44pm | 16/10/12

      A Country Practice was a good show - surely it didn’t break the bank to make but was a good show all the same. Pay your writers the most, not your actors.

    • AngryMoose says:

      06:48am | 16/10/12

      Dealing with vodafone was one of the worst customer service experiences i have ever had.

      After telling me that i was free to leave them, they sneakily put a mysterious amount with a credit controller and ruined my good credit rating. I wouldnt have left them if i was receiving coverage.

      I just moved my wife from vodafone to telstra on a new iphone5 and she is amazed at the difference with the coverage. Telstra has been nothing but brilliant.

      I would never recommend vodafail to anyone and i believe that they will go the way of OneTel.

    • DJ says:

      06:58am | 16/10/12

      sounds like Mr Abbott didn’t raise turning back the boats with the Indonesians - talks the talk…

    • Dash says:

      07:27am | 16/10/12

      260 childcare centres
      A coast guard
      No child shall live without a laptop
      The East Timor Solution
      Green Loans
      Cash for Clunkers
      Pokie machine reform
      Root and Branch tax reform
      Grocery Choices
      Cheaper better childcare
      More Affordable Housing
      Citizens Assembly
      I’m a fiscal conservative
      I fully support PM Rudd
      There will be no Carbon tax

      What was that you were saying about “talks the talk”?

      People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones or walk around naked!

    • Terry2 says:

      07:33am | 16/10/12

      It seems that the coalition policy of turning back or towing back asylum seeker boats is purely hairy chested rhetoric for domestic consumption but evidently never to be raised with Indonesia.
      Stopping the boats and tow back is a central plank to the coalition’s election policy yet it is clearly unacceptable to Indonesia so where does this leave Abbott’s credibilty when he won’t even raise the subject with the Indonesians.
      One commentator suggested that this policy will be quietly be buried if the coalition gain office.

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      07:49am | 16/10/12

      Nice to see you agree Dash.

    • Dash says:

      08:07am | 16/10/12

      @Simonfromlaborville - yeah, I agree that ALP supporters are a pack of hypocrites. Much like the handbag hit squad and people like Peter Garrett who stands silently idle whilst the ALP sells uranium to India!

      The ALP has spent the last 4 years making big announcements they never intended to deliver. It’s rediculous to try to hold someone to account for something that hasn’t happened whilst blindly supporting a party who has turned hollow promises and non delivery into an artform.

      You still get on here and try to defend the indefensible. It seems no matter how many times the ALP screw up, how much union corruption, how many scandals, how much waste and failure, there will still be fools willing to follow them over the nearest cliff.


    • Dash says:

      08:20am | 16/10/12

      @Terry2 -  lets debate credibility shall we. I’ll go first:

      “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead”
      “I fully support PM Rudd”
      “Today I announce the East Timor Solution”
      “We wont touch the private health tax rebate”

      How’s that for starters.

      An ALP supporter who wants to talk about credibility. Too Funny!

    • Tim says:

      08:51am | 16/10/12

      “yeah, I agree that ALP supporters are a pack of hypocrites.”

      LOL, the irony.

    • DJ says:

      09:12am | 16/10/12

      hit a nerve Dash? Tuen back the boats has been a big mantra for Abbott lately he even admonisshed the PMfor going to NY and not Jakarta. Gets his big chance and squibs it! Looks like th Indonesians have se tthe tone of its relationship with an Abbott government early.

    • I hate pies says:

      09:44am | 16/10/12

      Let’s remember who’s in government here.

    • NM says:

      09:56am | 16/10/12

      “Tony Abbott is all tough talk and bluster on home turf, but time and time again he has proven he just doesn’t have the courage to actually raise the issue of turn-backs with President Yudhoyono,

      Perhaps he should send Margie up to Indonesia to do the talking for him.

    • Dash says:

      10:45am | 16/10/12

      @Tim - once again unsubstantiated rhetoric from you.

      @DJ - No just astonished that faced with the mountain of ALP examples of “talk the talk” you want to go there! Throwing out your accusation whilst blindly supporting a party who has turned hollow promises and non delivery into an artform is laughable.

      @ I hate Pies - I often ask myself when the ALP will ever take responsibility for being the government. They continually blame everyone else for the fact they have been the worst government in our history. They lurch from one distaster to the next.

      @NM - and what’s the ALPs record on asylum seekers? The abolision of the LNP Pacific Solution, over 1000 deaths at sea, the announcement on election eve of the East Timor Solution which never existed, the failure of the Malaysian swap deal which would have cost the Australian taxpayer over $200m, the backflip on Nauru!! Perhaps the ALP should not have trashed the LNPs policy in the first place. Perhaps then the ALP would not have blood on its hands! And perhaps you would not be implicated in that by blindly supporting failed government.

      It amazes me, that ALP fanboys want to talk about a policy which has been nothing but a massive massive failure for this government. Not very smart if you ask me. The ALP has created a mess, seen it result in drownings, failed for years to swollow it’s pride, searched aimlessly for a way out, performed a massive backflip and fools still want to try to turn it into a win?? Give me a freakin break. It’s hillarious.

    • DJ says:

      10:45am | 16/10/12

      thank you all I have seen the light - Gillard is the worst prime minister in history and Abbott is fine except for this tiny little thing that I will ignore along with the RU486 decision, the Medicare backflip, supporting Workchoices (he didn’t cross the floor!), the Bernie Banton sledge, the Alan Jones friendship, the Cory Bernardi friendship the Bill Heffernen friendship, the Hanson stitch up, hiring David Oldfield, the costings fiasco at the last election., supporting a proce on carbon at the 2007 election blah blah

      Black and White this is not, neither is pure neither is evil, accept a bit of criticism of your guy every now and again and I might take your whinges a bit more seriously. And yes I do have problems with the ALP time to time but am mature enough to acknowledge them - are you?

    • Tim says:

      11:32am | 16/10/12

      “@Tim - once again unsubstantiated rhetoric from you. “

      Rhetoric? hahaha

      You’re the one who sits on here all day bagging out the ALP for their spending and economic management whilst ignoring the fact that the Libs have policies that are just as wasteful as the ALP ones.

      You conveniently never criticise them over it and when it’s pointed out to you, you ignore it and go on another whinge about the ALP.

      It’s OK, we all know how rusted on you are.

    • Dash says:

      12:33pm | 16/10/12

      @Tim - Once again, you are throwing accusations around without substantiating them.

      The LNP paid off $96billion in ALP debt. Restored the nations AAA credit rating that Keating lost. Presided over the lowest unemployment rate for 30 years. Produced consistent budget surpluses. And delivered 5 years of consecutive tax cuts. That’s the facts.

      They left the incoming ALP over $26billion in surplus. And you just rattle off that they are “just as wasteful” as the ALP despite the facts to the contrary!!

      The ALP has, since gaining office, presided over three consecutive record budget defecits, they have not balanced a budget in over 25years let alone produced a surplus. They have implemented a carbon tax, a profits tax, a flood tax. They have removed the private health tax rebate despite a written pledge not too. They have removed the tax concessions for people saving for their retirement. They have increased the tax free threshold forcing more and more of the tax burden onto the few people already paying the most tax! And they have failed with policy announcement after policy announcement lurching from one disaster to the next!

      They are the facts!

      You need to open your eyes! I am not rusted on at all. I would vote ALP if it was a Hawke Keating styled party. But it is not. It is the most left leaning socialist rabble I have ever seen in power in this country. It is playing class wars and now gender wars. It is controlled and funded by a union movement which represents less than 15% of the people working in this country. It has been embroiled in fraud and corruption and it has done nothing but over promise and under deliver for the last 4 years.

      Now how many more valid reasons do you want from me?

      You are the one who constantly gets on here and defends the ALP despite their failure. Despite the fraud, the corruption and the waste. One has to ask why? And you throw unsubstantiated accusations around just as Gillard and the handbag hit squad does.

      And once again, you attack me personally with insult because you do not seem to be able to create a meaningful factual argument to back up your blind support for the ALP.

      I will gladly debate the failings of this government with you all day long. You, however, are yet to provide and valid reason for your continued support of this failed government!

    • Dash says:

      12:43pm | 16/10/12

      DJ - you do not understand where I am coming from at all. I hate this ALP government with a passion and want to see them gone! I know the opposition is not perfect and I have never said they are. I am far from an Abbott fan boy and have said so on this site.

      However, this is the worst government I have ever seen in this country. They need to go for the good of our economy and everyone in it. And I will not rest until I have seen the back of them.

      Btw the decision on RU486 was made because of the advice given to the government at the time that it was not safe. It had nothing to do with a personal decision of Tony Abbott at the time. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. The ALP have been running that as an example and you have once again swollowed the bullshit hook line and sinker!

      Oh I’m immature now. Sticks and stones mate. I’ll stick to the facts and you can stick to the personal insults. There seems to be quite a bit of that from the ALP of late.

    • DJ says:

      01:04pm | 16/10/12

      but Dash all you have done in this thread is say how bad the ALP is, how about addressing the issue of Abbott squibbing it with SBY and setting a poor standard for a future Abbott Govt relationship with Indonesia?

      All you have done is fling mud and opinion. You call them facts, I can opine as fact that Howard wasted the greates ever gold rush this country will ever see and left us unprepared for the GFC but that is no the question - answer it! I didn’t call you immature was just askin g aquestion same way Abbott (according to J Bishop) was just asking a question about whether women were physiologically inferior to men in regards to leadership.

      But allthat is superflous - please answer how you feel about Abbott not raising turn back the boats, respectfully I am interested.

    • Tim says:

      01:53pm | 16/10/12

      read my last comment then your follow up.
      “You conveniently never criticise them over it and when it’s pointed out to you, you ignore it and go on another whinge about the ALP”

      Fantastic example for my point

      The Liberals supported most of the stimulus packages and haven’t identified large savings measures. They have admitted that they would have gone into deficit just as Labor did.
      Seeing as the majority of the deficits have been due to a massive reduction in predicted revenue why do you keep banging on about the ALP debt when the Libs would also have gone heavily into debt?
      Are you trying to say that the Liberals would have balance the budget and our overall debt standing now? They certainly don’t think so.

      “They have implemented a carbon tax, a profits tax, a flood tax. “

      Carbon tax bad idea as I’ve said many times.

      But how about Abbott’s ridiculous “direct action” plan which will use that precious Taxpayer money you’re always talking about to achieve very little. Putting the cost onto the taxpayer instead of the polluters. I’m sure you’re massively against this although you never seem to mention it in any of your rants about ALP largesse with taxpayer money.
      Funny that?

      Mining tax, very good idea ruined by lobbying to a bastardised version. I thought you were all about spreading the tax base? This would have achieved a good result for individual taxpayers whilst lowering the company tax rate which is also good for business. Isn’t that one of the things you’re always on about.

      Flood tax, not really here nor there. One year paying it, I’m not too fussed.

      How about Tony Abbott’s ridiculous maternity leave scheme? What a disgraceful socialist policy raising taxes to pay for this. I’m sure you’re also massively against it although you never seem to mention it either. Funny that?

      “And you throw unsubstantiated accusations around just as Gillard and the handbag hit squad does.”

      Examples please.

      “And once again, you attack me personally with insult because you do not seem to be able to create a meaningful factual argument to back up your blind support for the ALP. “

      no matter how many times you claim I support the ALP it won’t stick because it’s just silly and not backed up with any evidence. I’m just as harsh on the ALP as I am on the Libs.
      It’s also funny because the only reason that you think it is because I’m not a mindless Liberal drone parroting the party line like yourself.

      If you had even the semblance of balance on any issue you might be credible like some of the other Liberal supporters on this site.

    • glenm says:

      01:54pm | 16/10/12

      @ DJ,  The question is why should he raise the issue of turning back the boats? Surely you would agree that it is our right to decide whom we accept as migrants into Australia.  I am sure the president of Indonesia is reasonably well versed in Australian international affairs, are you suggesting Abbott needed to raise the issue as it was some kind of secret plan. What would you like an opposition leader to do , charge in bang his fist on the table and declare an intention as some sort of threat, like the ALP and the whole live export debarcle.
      Respectfully my opinion is that he is not in the position to be making that the centrepoint of any discussion given he is not the current serving PM.

    • Gregg says:

      02:33pm | 16/10/12

      @Terry2 and DJ
      ” Stopping the boats and tow back is a central plank to the coalition’s election policy yet it is clearly unacceptable to Indonesia so where does this leave Abbott’s credibilty when he won’t even raise the subject with the Indonesians. “

      Well no, it is not a central plank and is merely one of the options that the LNP see in addressing people smuggling and was also raised by Gilly’s special expert committee, that’s the committee Gilly relied on because she sould not work it out with her own people just in case you forget.

      Now as for Tony Abbott not raising it with the Indonesian President, why would he when his visit is more courteous than anything for though he certainly has influence with the current government, he is not the government and so it is just not appropriate that he does discuss detail, not to mention it could be about 12 months before the next election.

      The reaction by the government to what Tony Abbott did not discuss is just amazing and as for Gilly’s response to the media in India, seems old gutter mouth is still putting stuff out that she would be whinging about herself if it had been directed at her.

    • Dash says:

      03:19pm | 16/10/12

      @Tim - you are a lost cause!

      Yes the LNP supported the first stimulus package. But they only supported part of the second. They made it clear that the spend was way too much. And that was proved correct when the RBA lifted interest rates to put the brakes on an over heated economy. Economists estimate the wasted expenditure at apporx $15billion. The second stimulus package was about twice what it should have been. It is an excellent example of ALP waste.

      I keep banging on about ALP debt for two reasons. One, it’s in their blood, they never seem to be able to manage finances. You have to go back over 20years to find a time they balanced the federal budget. And two, I want to know what their plan is to restore the nations finances to the state they were in when they came to power. Given the announcements of the NDIS, the Dental scheme and the School Gonski funding, I think that’s a very valid question. And the ALP continually make announcements and dont deliver!

      You are wrong on the Carbon tax. It is not about making polluters pay. The carbon tax is about the wealth redistribution scheme. It makes high taxpayers pay because it discriminates purely on the basis of income, not pollution. You and I will pay for it regardless as to how we pollute and it will have zero impact on world climate. In fact the ALP has dropped the floor price but left the compensation scheme in place. That’s why it is a fraud. If you buy the argument that it’s about ‘making big polluters pay’ you are not as smart as I thought you were.

      I am not a fan of direct action and have said so on this site. But I will say this, keeping the revenue base inside Australia is much better than letting it flow overseas. The ETS will see Australian revenue flow overseas to line the pockets of shonky carbon credit salesmen sitting in Asia and Africa. And all on the promise that they will plant a tree. That is stupidity. At least under direct action, the revenue base stays inside the country! Much better but still not something i like.

      Flood tax cost me thousands! I hate it for two reasons. Firstly it was put in place because the ALP Qld State government did not take out the appropriate level of insurance. We paid for their incompetence. And secondly, it was pushed onto the top taxpayers. It was not shared evenly across the community at all. The top 5% paid yet again and as you well know, I am not against progressive tax, but too much emphasis is placed on the tiop 10% of PAYG taxpayers. And it is not sustainable!

      No, i do not like or have any time for the parental leave scheme. And I have said that a number of times on this site. But it is not going to be paid for by PAYG taxpayers. And I am way more concerned about the cost of paying for the NDIS. I can tell you, being in insurance, that this is a massive taxpayer funded black hole waiting to happen. And the dental scheme is no better. All I ask is for the government to tell us how these and the Gonski handouts are to be funded. Becauase you and I will be asked to pay for it yet again. Something has to give! Are you not even curious about how the government is going to pay for these?

      The rest of your post is just silly.

    • DJ says:

      03:22pm | 16/10/12

      Gelnm you are right - but this is the standard Abbott has set. I am holding him to his standard. If he can’t do it in opposition what hope is there for him in govt.

      Foreign Affairs until this parliament was a no go partisan area - Abbott changed the rules and has to take his licks on this one

    • Dash says:

      03:29pm | 16/10/12

      @DJ - no I have not flung mud and opinion! In response to your original post I listed 16 announcements or policies as examples of how the ALP talked the talk. No mud, no opinion, just a list of either ALP government non delivery or failure.

      I also highlighted to you that I thought it was strange that you would pick this issue to debate here given it is a policy area which has been an Epic Fail for the ALP government. No mud their either. This has been accepted as a monumental area of stuff up for Labor.

      In terms of your question, I think it is a mute point. I think the key is to stop the boats in the first place. If that happens there will be no boats to tow back. And if the arrivals reduce to the levels we saw under the Howard government (before the ALP dismantled the policy) I think most people would be very happy.

      I’d ask you to take a look at the boat numbers before and after the implementation of the Pacific Solution by the Howard Government. You will see my point is well made. But remember the ALP has not reimplemented TPVs. They have merely backflipped on the Nauru processing.

    • DJ says:

      03:53pm | 16/10/12

      @dash - fair enough, I was mistaken. I thought with Naura and the no advantage test the only major point of difference was towing boats back but obviously there is a lot more to it than that.

      FWIW I think the ALP was entitled o roll things back in 2007, when it become obvious this wasn’t going to work they changed tack, sought advice and come up with the Malaysia solution. For mine the LNP should hav let them try this out as it was based on the best available advice from DIAC at the time. That didn’t happen, more is the shame but then the ALP should have moved quicker to reinstate measures.

      My point in the original post is that Abbott has talked this up very recently and think you and others are down playing the importance of this plank - remember boatphone at the last election campaign. Having doe so and having set this meeting up to make a political point he should have followed through. Just my opinion happy to respectfully differ.

    • Tim says:

      04:35pm | 16/10/12

      my point is I’m equally curious as to how Abbott’s going to pay for his promises and get the budget into surplus as well.

      The ALP will lose the next election by a big margin so I think more pressure needs to be put onto Abbott so he doesn’t continue the stupidity and waste of recent years.

    • marley says:

      05:57pm | 16/10/12

      @Tim - and don’t we all agree on that!  I’m in despair about the short term vision I’ve seen on all sides over the (almost) ten years I’ve lived in this country.  Nothing beyond the next election, or, more recently, the next vote in the House, seems to matter. 

      And I don’t even agree with the platform of the Sex Party.  Where’s an entirely disaffected voter to go?

    • Carz says:

      07:23am | 16/10/12

      PETA are attacking Pokemon. Riding on the franchises latest game release the idiots at PETA have decided that all Pokemon are treated badly. They have even created a parody game called Pokemon Black and Blue which, by all reports, has some pretty nasty imagery embedded in it. Besides being total nut jobs PETA have also managed to make my life as a parent harder as Pokemon is one of the things my 13 year old son with high-functioning Autism obsesses about.


    • nihonin says:

      07:42am | 16/10/12

      Carz, don’t let ‘hugtards’ ruin your day.  Like all things ‘they’ carry on about, it will fade into history by the end of the week.

    • Anubis says:

      08:42am | 16/10/12

      PETA are morons without a clue. I’m with you there Carz - my 12 year old (also in the HF Autism spectrum) has had a fascination and obsession with Pokemon for years now. Games, Books, cards the lot

    • Ben C says:

      09:44am | 16/10/12

      If PETA had any credibility left, they just lost it.

    • egg says:

      10:20am | 16/10/12

      PETA never had any credibility. As an animal rights activist myself (well, you could call me retired but still interested), I’ve been disturbed by their actions for many years now.

    • Baloo says:

      11:07am | 16/10/12

      I had to stop reading before I broke my laptop.

      Breathe, just breathe.

    • Scotchfinger says:

      11:22am | 16/10/12

      I don’t remember Baloo from the Jungle Book being this funny, just sort of dour and pedantic. Who are you really, ‘Baloo’?

    • Baloo says:

      12:29pm | 16/10/12

      Are you asking if someone is using my handle scotch?
      haha I’m confused now.

    • Ben C says:

      12:36pm | 16/10/12

      @ Scotchfinger

      PETA’s gunning for Rudyard Kipling next, for giving Baloo no personality. Baloo’s proving otherwise.

    • Scotchfinger says:

      12:51pm | 16/10/12

      you’re right Ben C. Shere Khan should never have been killed by Mowgli - if only PETA had been represented on the Council of Wolves, Mowgli would have been charged.

    • fml says:

      01:01pm | 16/10/12

      They do make decent calendars.

    • nihonin says:

      01:49pm | 16/10/12

      fml says:

            01:01pm | 16/10/12

            They do make decent calendars.

      They probably do fml, but how do you trap them, with a furry little animal in some kind of trap as bait?

    • Baloo says:

      02:43pm | 16/10/12

      We are willing to work for salmon.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      04:30pm | 16/10/12

      If only PETA could do something about Magic The Gathering…...

    • Dash says:

      07:41am | 16/10/12

      About a week ago on this site, I raised the issue of the ALP attacking our superannuation as a cash cow. I said, “mark my words, this will be the next thing they take away from us”.

      Last night on Q&A, Bill Shorten was asked to clarify if the ALP were going to attack our superannuation to support the waffer thin surplus. He refused to committ or answer that question.

      Makes me bloody nervous. Will someone in the media please tighten the screws on these morons over this. I can see the concessional tax treatment of contibutions removed, and once again it will be for those of us already paying shitloads of tax! If you earn over $80K look out! The ALP are killing super!

      Classic online question last night, “people who are financially successful. Why do you see that as a reason to rob them”? - Absolutely! Shorten - No answer.

      And another issue that came up last night. Shorten was asked to come clean on how the ALP plans to pay for the extra $28b+ that they have announced as part of the NDIS, School funding wealth redistribution, and the dental care scheme for ALP demographics. Once again, he refused to answer.

      Can someone in the media, please ask the ALP to tell us how they are funding these big announcements. Increased taxes? Spending cuts? Or more debt?

      Also what is the ALPs plan to restore our financial position to where they found it? Namely zero debt and surplus budgets. At the rate of $1.5b if it’s managed, it will take them over 100 years to repay what they have racked up in 4 years. Remember, they got last years budget wrong by $22b!

      Oh and the question to Shorten “do you swear, or only in pie shops” was gold!

    • AdamC says:

      08:44am | 16/10/12

      I agree it looks increasingly likely that Labor will use an assault on super to try to rescue its chimerical budget surplus.Which is a little rich, given they are also increasing the compulsory rate of super contributions, neatly snatching away from us that which they are forcing employers to pay us. What Caesar giveth, indeed!

      There was an interesting Henry Ergas piece in the Aus about super taxation yesterday. It occurred to me, after reading that article, why do governments tax concesssional super contributions at all? It seems so counter-productive because, every dollar taken by Auntie Julia is another dollar off the principal that will be invested, therefore denying the saver a potential lifetime of returns on that dollar (and the government a lifetime of taxing those returns.)

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to increase the tax on investment returns in super and eliminate the tax on concessional contributions? Is this just one of those irrational soak the ‘rich’ policies?

    • I hate pies says:

      09:49am | 16/10/12

      Yes, the ALP hate successful people (who aren’t them) and will use any opportunity to attack them and reach into their pockets.
      How good was the question to Shorten about lies and misogyny? He, and the governments smears about Abbotts misogyny were absolutely shot down with one question. Even Tony Jones had a crack at him about changing the definition of the word to suit himself. At the same time Charlie Pickering was shown up to be nothing more than an empty ideologue with no basis for his opinions; he was backtracking quicker than a footy umpire!

    • harry says:

      10:04am | 16/10/12

      How embarrassing was Mirabella?

      I really like the look on her face when they asked her how the court encounter with the children of her close friend (sugar daddy), deceased law professor Colin Howard QC, over the proceeds of Howard’s estate was going.

    • Babs of Sydney says:

      10:53am | 16/10/12

      Harry I’m completely in the dark about the Sophie Mirrabella issue.  I have only heard bits and pieces on The Punch from time to time.  What did she do exactly?  I though it was a matter of her being the benificiary of someone’s will and someone else objecting.  I would have thought a QC would know how to lodge a will appropriately but people have every right to question his last wishes.  Where is the problem and why is it Sophie Mirrabella’s fault?  Did she set up a slush fund and syphon off his assets or something?

    • Tim says:

      11:48am | 16/10/12

      we talked about this last week, the silly talk about robbing people’s Super or getting at it is complete crap.

      “I agree it looks increasingly likely that Labor will use an assault on super to try to rescue its chimerical budget surplus”

      Changing the rules around Super taxation, is not an assault on Super.

      “Classic online question last night, “people who are financially successful. Why do you see that as a reason to rob them”? - Absolutely! Shorten - No answer.”

      Exactly what I’m talking about. How is taxing superannuation being robbed? Unless that is, you consider all taxation robbery.

      Far out, there’s legitimate debate about what the levels of tax concessions people can get from superannuation are but low level whinging like Dash’s should not be part of it.

      Why didn’t Ergas compare the effective tax rates between money that was put in Super and money that wasn’t? Oh that’s right it would have ruined his point.
      You could just as easily say Gittins’ piece in the SMH the other month shows that these concessions make very little difference to the amount the government pays in pensions and are therefore useless.


      I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    • harry says:

      11:53am | 16/10/12

      Let google be your friend.
      It’s much worse than you imagine.

    • ausspud says:

      12:02pm | 16/10/12

      It would’nt surprise me they started scraping the bottom of the barrel with thing’s like the Death tax(inheritence) & a tax on super payout’s.
      Dont forget this is a government that is making struggling businesses increase employee’s super contribution’s.Now everyone in this country know’s that the AUS$ is high,well everyone except Swan,not looking forward to him using that excuse again.

    • Babs of Sydney says:

      01:00pm | 16/10/12

      Harry I just Googled it - thank you - but it seems to me that his children were aware they would not receive anything from their father, that he said he didn’t want to see his son again but had forgotten why (due to his Alzheimer’s I suspect) and the children only wanted a court hearing to determine the Mirrabella’s had done the right thing by their Dad.  It is sad to think he could not have been nursed by his children in his final days but some people are just not up for it .  He obviously loved Sophie very much and I hope she loved him in return but I guess anything else is pure speculation.

    • Dash says:

      01:01pm | 16/10/12

      @Tim - people have forced savings into superannuation. That’s a good thing. Superannuation contributions were concessionally taxed to encourage people to save for their retirement and stay off the public purse. That’s also a good thing. And I might add was something in place since Keating!!!

      This government now is looking very much like it will change the concessional tax treatment of superannuation. But I bet you now, they only do so for high income earners! That is wrong. They are killing super.

      “Changing the rules on super tax is not an assult on super” WTF??? You are kidding right?

      Basically what is happening here is the ALP has seen superannuation as an untapped golden egg. They will go hard after it. And once again, it will be the people already contributing the most financially to the running of this country that they will hit again. The Gillard socialist Forum tax manifesto in action!

      Oh quick call me a whinger. There’s those personal insults again! A lot of that going around the ALP these days! LOL

      @ausspud - yes you are correct. The next thing will be death duties and inheritance tax! This government are slowly implementing the Greens tax policies. That will be next after they destroy superannuation. We need to get rid of these Morons!

      If you are successful, the ALP has a target on your back. But if you are as dumb as dogshit…..here have some cash. How is that sustainable or equitable? It’s bullshit!

    • AdamC says:

      01:15pm | 16/10/12

      Tim says:

      “Changing the rules around Super taxation, is not an assault on Super.”

      I disagree. One of the biggest problem people have with super is the risk of arbitrary rule changes, usually at the expense of super savers. In my view, both the major parties should get together and hammer out a bipartisan approach to superannuation rules and commit not to change them for at least ten years.

      Of course, that will not happen while Swansong has a revenue problem.

    • Tim says:

      02:07pm | 16/10/12

      “Superannuation contributions were concessionally taxed to encourage people to save for their retirement and stay off the public purse”

      Yes but we need to get value for money. As the link I posted shows, the benefit of lower pension payments for giving such large concessions is arguable. Of course there should be concessions but at what level should they be set?
      Too high and it simply allows high income earners to dodge their tax obligations, too low and it doesn’t encourage people to save.
      If we aren’t seeing the reduction in pension payments then why give the benefit?

      “Classic online question last night, “people who are financially successful. Why do you see that as a reason to rob them”? - Absolutely! Shorten - No answer.”

      Back it up. How is changing the tax concessions robbing people? C’mon?

      “If you are successful, the ALP has a target on your back. But if you are as dumb as dogshit…..here have some cash. How is that sustainable or equitable? It’s bullshit!”

      Yes, the Liberal party, the party that started the middle class welfare gravy train are all about helping successful people. Oh wait, no they just throw money at their target base just like the ALP. Too bad I’m part of neither group and get screwed by all of them.

      I’m sure you’re massively against all the wasteful middle class welfare that was started by the Liberals and continued by the Labor party?

      Oh quick, ignore my points so you can go on another whinge about the ALP’s failings whilst completely ignoring those of your beloved Libs.

    • Tim says:

      02:10pm | 16/10/12

      I would agree with you if they significantly change the ongoing investment tax arrangements with regards Super.

      If they only change the ingoing tax concessions on contributions then I would disagree.

    • ramases says:

      08:17am | 16/10/12

      Once again we have seen the result of the revolving door policy of the Australia courts with that clown who took the police on another stolen car rampage on the weekend. He was convicted months ago for the same thing but true to form allowed to go with a slap on the wrist. When are we going to get what was promised to us, truth in sentencing. This current crop of magistrates and judges are living in lal lal land and certainly not in the real world.
        Civil libertarians will argue that putting people in jail doesn’t do any good so how about this idea, we start having chain gangs like they do in Texas where in inmates wear pink overalls and are chained together to work on roads and civic places, repaying their debts to society by working off their sentences for the good of the community
        I for one am sick and tired of seeing people walk away from the courts without so much as a fine because of this bleeding heart mentality that is pervading our society. I’m sick and tired of seeing people under the influence of drink and or drugs killing people with their motor vehicles and given suspended sentences or probation.
        I’m sick and tired of seeing criminals given more rights than the victims or their relatives and its time we the people stood up to be counted. This is a non political issue so there is no excuse to turn it into one, all I ask is that the people charged with the responsibility of sentencing these people do the right thing by the people at large.

    • Fiddler says:

      09:16am | 16/10/12

      it is due to the whole legal fraternity propped up by a great deal of false social science.

      A tough magistrate will constantly have his matters turned over on appeal ,the benchmark for a soft magistrate to be appealed against is a lot harder to meet. There are plenty of offenders out there who have been convicted for over a hundred matters, and yet get done for break and enter (which carries a 14 year max sentence) and will get six months, because social policy is about rehabilitating offenders, not punishing them.
      Problem is most have no interest in changing. It’s not about robbing someone of the opportunity for a second or even third chance, it’s about adequately punishing offenders who are recidivists.

    • NathanA says:

      09:12am | 16/10/12

      I’m with Virgin Mobile, but their service lately has been terrible.

      Received a new iPhone 5 3 weeks ago, on a new plan (but previous contract was up) - but I still can’t use it. They sent me the wrong SIM card (already had a number assigned, rather than a blank one), and seemingly have no interest in getting me a correct one with anything resembling urgency. And to rub it in, they have the nerve to send me a bill with a pro rata amount for the new contract. I’ve contacted them through email, phone and twitter - and each point of contact seems intent on outdoing the other in feigned apologies before doing absolutely nothing.

    • Mick says:

      10:01am | 16/10/12

      My internet account is with Telstra unfortunately. I am only with them because they have a monopoly on the phone lines in my area and wont let any other operators provide internet services on them. Worse still they stubbornly refuse to offer a “naked” internet service and as such we also have to pay for a landline that we literally never use.
      They are quite simply the worst telecommunications company I have ever had this misfortune of dealing with. The customer service is pathetic and their off shore call centres are the bane of my existence. Their communication skills are extremely poor and when they are unable to answer a question or fix a problem they claim they are transfering you to another section and then hang up!!
      Even little things like charging a surcharge for paying bills with a credit card is extremely annoying. They might think all these cost cutting exercises are fattening the bottom line but all it does is drive customers away to telcos with superior customer service.
      If you ever wonder why their share price is so low and people are leaving them in droves look no further. If it wasn’t for the cash cow of fixed line rentals they would have gone broke years ago.
      The ridiculous set up they now have in their stores where you no longer line up at the counter to be served but have to chase the random worker carrying the Ipad, who will then electronically queue you is equally infuriating. As much as I am disgusted with the cost and associated waste of the NBN I can’t wait for it to get here so I can be free of Telstras evil clutches forever.
      Conversely my wife and I have our mobile accounts with Virgin and they have always been fantastic. We are able to pay our bills by credit card without surcharge, their call centres are manned by English speaking Australians and they always take ownership of problems and fix them immediately.

      Rant over.

    • Jay2 says:

      10:27am | 16/10/12

      I use to be with Vodafone four years ago, but their coverage was just terrible and I seemed to go through credit,although I hardly use my mobile other than the odd phone call/text. I went to Telstra, in my area, the consultants showed a real disinterest in actually being remotely helpful and were too busy jerking around with each other in shop.
      I went to Optus pre paid, the consultant was helpful (although, that is a hit and miss in shop) and the plan is great, I never run out of credit. The only thing I can fault, is being regional, the drop out areas, ironically my son is with Vodafone and ironically he now can get coverage where Optus can’t, go figure that one.
      I won’t use Telstra EVER because customer service is always Internationally based and I truly find it hard to conduct a fluent conversation-no good if the consultant and I cannot understand each other.
      I might check out Virgin, to see what they’re like.

    • acotrel says:

      11:05am | 16/10/12

      Telstra managers work really hard at being cynical. They treat their customers like wood ducks. They must be preety s tupid because they still keep trying to get my patronage after putting my bill in the hands of a debt collector, after I’d paid on time for more than forty years, I then gave them the BIG A - But they keep on trying, and I keep telling them to PISS OFF !

    • Gregg says:

      02:47pm | 16/10/12

      Seems like you ought to do a serious look at your total comms requirements.
      See my comment right up top re how to get a home phone and mobiles all on Optus mobile network via Dodo for just $30/m and no landline rental.

      Then if you have 3G reception and even better I suppose with 4G, have a look at going wireless with the internet, again Optus have a WiFi modem for about $99 which includes an initial 8 Gb and it costs $130 for an additional 17.5 Gb on renewal, that being good for up to 12 months, so pretty reasonable value.

      Our home phone, two mobiles and internet cost us all of about $45/m, a savings on what we used to have of about $50/m.

    • Mick says:

      04:09pm | 16/10/12

      @Gregg Thanks but doesn’t suit us as we are on a 50 gig a month plan and go close o hitting the cap so Wifi is too expensive/impractical for our requirements.

    • acotrel says:

      10:15am | 16/10/12

      Mark you calendars for October the 9th next year - New public holiday -  Global Kick A Misogynist’s Backside Day !

    • nihonin says:

      10:39am | 16/10/12

      Gunna be plenty of sore arses on the Labor side of politics here in Australia then, on that day.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:18pm | 16/10/12

      Anyone planning a holiday for the 23rd febuary should shift the dates…. Seems the long range weather forcasters have cancelled their annual picnic.. smile

    • fml says:

      02:54pm | 16/10/12

      The amputees society of australia is already planning a peaceful sit in…

      I for one will sit in support.

    • Ben C says:

      10:42am | 16/10/12

      Currently with Vodafone, was with 3, so I’ve effectively been with the one network for the past 8 or so years. Last night, had a half hour conversation with my mate, who is also on Vodafone. When totalled up, we roughly managed 15 minutes of actually being able to engage in conversation, such was the quality of the signal.

      Problem is, I’m on contract until next year, after putting my fiance’s iPhone 4S on my plan. Lucky for her, she’s on Vodafone prepaid, and can move whenever she likes.

    • Swamp Thing says:

      10:55am | 16/10/12

      Apocalypse now - or next month?

    • fml says:

      01:49pm | 16/10/12

      December 21st 2012.

      A wheel from South America said so.

    • marley says:

      02:22pm | 16/10/12

      @fml - are you allowing for the international date line?

    • fml says:

      04:58pm | 16/10/12


      good point, i wonder if the mayans did?

    • Gregg says:

      02:16pm | 16/10/12

      Gillard, describing to the media whilst in India, Tony Abbott is cowardly, gutless, has no guts!

      It’s all about communication ain’t it and we have been inundated with articles the past couple of weeks with meeting quips, sleasy texting, facebook campaigns, great rants or speeches for some and then more recently in last couple of days how to behave on national television and today about sticking with your guns even after returning from abroad.

      So Julia and Tony go abroad and Tony who is opposition leader btw, and not yet PM and may well never be not only gets lambasted for no real detail discussed on people smuggling when meeting with the Indonesian President, like it is all really about building a personal relationship in the hope that he will be PM.

      So Julia doing a skit in the park in India shows the media and us how you behave in public whilst abroad.
      Very unseemly that she should make references to the leader of the opposition as she has, especially in light of her own claims re how she is continually attacked.

      Words fail me!

    • Baloo says:

      03:57pm | 16/10/12

      Kind of strange, he has nothing to do with Australia.

    • Savory Shapes says:

      06:16pm | 16/10/12

      Ossie Ossie Ossie Oi Oi Oi

    • Gregg says:

      06:22pm | 16/10/12

      Yep, just another attempt to appeal to more people.
      At least it’ll not cost us anything other than wondering about whether Orders of Australia ought to be for those who have done special services for Australia.

      With that annoucement, she went on with questions to call Abbott as cowardly and being gutless just because he took a diplomatic stance in meeting with the Indonesian President, real class act and especially when abroad on diplomacy herself.
      The woman once said she would rather not be dealing with international matters and there’s a lot of people who wish she would for once consider her own thoughts.

    • PJ says:

      03:56pm | 16/10/12

      “what we’re sick of is this scare mongering by the Liberals that we are somehow moving towards a Carbon tax” - Wayne Swan


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