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    • B S Goh says:

      05:56am | 06/10/10

      Now that the Federal Elections are over we need to focus on the urgent and the critical problems about saving whales in the Southern Oceans. Many of us are passionate about saving whales so please consider the following point of view which is different from the popular point of view.

      I am a scientist who has worked on saving whales from extinction in the past 40 years. I had developed new mathematics to analyse and manage fisheries.Y.Cohen in Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. Vol. 44: pp75–83 (1987) has published, A review of harvest theory and applications of optimal control theory in fisheries management. This review describes how the mathematics developed in rocket science can be used to manage fisheries more effectively.

      We should focus our attention on the extremely endangered Blue whales rather than the overpopulated Minke whales in the Antarctica. The Blue whales is the largest whale and it was decimated from over 200,000 to its present population of about 3000 from 1870. A total of about 300,000 were killed. When that happened the Minke whales increased and at present IWC data say that there are more than 500,000 Minke whales in Antarctica. Independent and accurate index that Minke whales did better at the expense of Blue whales came from the fact that its age of sexual maturity decreased significantly since 1870.

      Bad luck for the Blue and Minke whales the krill population in Antarctica has decreased by more than 50% due to global warming and this has been documented by a team of British scientists led by Atkinson and published in Nature 2004. The only way we humans can do to save the Blue whales is to cull the Minke whales. We need to ask Japan to cull more Minke whales in the Southern Oceans in order to save the majestic and extremely endangered Blue whales.

    • Bob Higgs says:

      06:41am | 06/10/10

      So the best Tony Abbott can do to explain why he prefers to catch up with his English red brick university chums rather than pay respect to our troops is “don’t question me about it”.  Mr Abbott,  you are not born to rule Australia on behalf of England,  you are a disgrace.

    • acotrel says:

      07:17am | 06/10/10

      ‘Mr Abbott,  you are not born to rule Australia on behalf of England,  you are a disgrace.’

      Do we have another Bob Menzies on our hands?  Will Abbott be the next Warden of the Cinque Ports?

    • T.Chong says:

      07:46am | 06/10/10

      Abbott showed his true form by wanting to hangout with fellow ‘Hooray Harrys and Heriettas” ( twits with tweed and twinsets).
      He was all huffy and tanty that Gillard beat him to Afghanistan.
      Imposing himself on the police station , then getting pix with himself all dressed up with the jacket and taser ( Freud would have had a field day ) is his idea of leadership and gung- ho courage.

    • fairsfair says:

      10:21am | 06/10/10

      This entire exchange is just sad. This is also being discussed in an actual article (which even though was not up when this comment was posted - it was obvious it was on its way).

      I move that open thread be a politics free zone as the one eyed have ample opportunity to ram their petty views down out throats. For those who actually want to see the thoughts of othe people (like the above whale post) - this is your soapbox.

      For all you politics diehards - tone it down - there is more to life.

    • Sam Chowder says:

      11:26am | 06/10/10

      @fairsfair, fairsfair

    • Wayne Fehlhaber says:

      08:20pm | 06/10/10

      Bob Higgs : acotrel : T. Chong.

      This is not really the right thread for politics but someone has to tell you donkeys that this matter has blown up in Gillard’s kisser.
      All you are achieving is bringing ridicule on yourselves . i suggest you all bring yourselves up to date with current revelations of Gillard’s political blunder in this matter. She has made a dill of herself without any assistance from you trio of clowns.

    • Anjuli says:

      12:37pm | 06/10/10

      you are so right Fairsfair I am sure Lucy started this Open Thread as a soap box for comment other than politics.
      How about ,——I never ceased to be amazed at how bad some peoples teeth who appear on TV ,even though they must be very well paid ,Politician, Lawyers ,journalists other professionals .

    • fairsfair says:

      03:14pm | 06/10/10

      Too true. There is no excuse for poor dental hygene in this day and age. I have no issue with crooked teeth (in fact I prefer them to Hollywood straight choppers) but yellowing and decay that is directly related to your own personal failure to brush regularly, is rank. And if you have the money to fix them, why wouldn’t you? If you mug is on telly, if you have an extremely public role, why wouldn’t you?

      If you can open a beer can with your single front tooth - you got problems wink

    • Garry says:

      04:08pm | 06/10/10

      I have a chip on my shoulder today at some of the press reporting of the Dehli games. Not for the complaints on the accomodation etc but back here about our competition against the POMS.

      Example (as I am in Perth)

      What annoys me is that the tired ‘lets stick it to the POMS’ is still being pushed out. Competion is great, I love it when we do beat the POMS but this article struck me as written by a kid with a bee in his bonnet wanting to stir up argument. But they don’t. Having a POM for a wife I pointed her to it and we laughed and read the response from one reader. That reader scoffed at the article and now the comment has been removed.

      We can give but can we not receive? That’s my question as well as ‘arent we really beyond this child like bantering now?’

      That’s my soap box stand for today. Anyone interested in chatting about it.

    • Dan says:

      09:58pm | 06/10/10

      This whole England versus Australia thing can go too far. Personally, apart from the Ashes, I don’t really care about beating England. I much prefer to beat America.

    • fairsfair says:

      09:09am | 07/10/10

      It is much different to our good natured competition with the Kiwis. I have to say I don’t personally have it, but you are right - the mainstream media seem to beat it up a bit.

      Is it subconsciously due to history? The fact we were originally dumped here the way we were, WW1/Winston Churchill/Gallipoli and their offload of Leo Sayer? Perhaps we all harbour a little piece of animosity towards the English (like most of the world these days). But that said - get over it!

      I was in the UK 2001/2002 when we were pretty dominant sportwise. The olympics were current news, Leighton was actually liked and winning something and we had won world cups left right and centre. It was heavily covered in the UK media and there was a bit of annoyance on their part. Major gloating on our - like we as a country actually had something to do with it. Soon enough Johnny Wilkinson was around, we lost the Rugby at home and the balance had shifted. Australia didn’t cope to well with that!

      I don’t really think there is a place for it - but the feeling must be out there amongst some people. After reading this comment yesterday and then watching the news - I actually laughed when I heard that a couple of the poms had beaten us in the pool. Strike me down!

      I am going choose to pin all of this on Leo Sayer wink

    • Dominic says:

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