You’ll welcome in the New Year in a better way than these families, who received whopping electricity bills from AGL on Christmas Day.

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“People probably aren’t in a good frame of mind on Christmas Day to be receiving an account,” a Salvation Army spokesperson said.

It’s Monday and it’s the last day of 2012. What’s on your minds? Any resolutions for the New Year?

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    • Super D says:

      04:52am | 31/12/12

      Today marks the end of the last full year of Labor government until at least 2020! Raise a glass Australia!!!

    • ZSRenn says:

      07:08am | 31/12/12

      2020? I can see the LNP campaign slogan in 2050 now. “Remember Julia Gillard”

    • Aghast says:

      07:42am | 31/12/12

      Great news Super D!!!!!
      BUT…..i have been frantically searching the headlines…..Has Abbott resigned after apologising to the Australian voters for wasting their time with his shambling rambling.Has he opened a bike shop at the back of Brookie where he can achieve his realistic potential.Perhaps get in touch with real Australians whilst having the odd instant coffee with the workers in the crib room.
      Listen Super.. (May i call you that).. the Libs are not past the post as long as they tolerate Tony the commentator of unread reports as leader.Without bumbling Tony they are shoo in….with Tony they are a better than even chance BUT the window is still open for Labor…..Shit Happens

    • Sate says:

      07:48am | 31/12/12

      Keep hope alive tories.

    • Christian Real says:

      08:09am | 31/12/12

      Super D,
      You are raising your glass far too early with your fantasies about the conservatives regaining power but you can refill it with your tears when the Liberal/National party once again loses another Federal election.
      Surmise as you may but your dreams will unfortunately be shattered ,Abbott will be replaced as Leader of the Opposition before the Election as will some of his colleagues also be replaced.
      2013, The New year will see the Liberal Coalition implode as their smear campaigns and muck raking come back to bite them on the bum.

    • The Microbiologist says:

      08:10am | 31/12/12

      I’m curious as to how many of the ‘party faithful’ not saying which party though, have the right to post under the pseudonym ‘Aghast’ in some posts the screen name seems quite literate and can argue a point quite convincingly, yet in other posts you just can’t help but notice glaring similarities with a certain other poster, who claims to be ‘independent’ yet supports a certain party member.

    • Tim says:

      09:15am | 31/12/12

      Super D,
      yes it’s good that the current government will probably be booted out in the election this year, they’ve made some terrible mistakes.

      But your faith that a Liberal government will be any better (at least until 2020) is strange considering their policies aren’t much different than the current government and their politics have been just as gutter worthy as Labor’s.

    • acotrel says:

      09:56am | 31/12/12

      When Bob Menzies used to cut people down using personal attacks, he used to be touted as being ‘a great orator’ by some - the same people who now describe Julia Gillard’s 2012 achievement in bringing a foolish misogynist to heel as ‘rehearsed’ ?

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      09:58am | 31/12/12

      Who cares? Same old crap, different political party. It’s not like they’re going to stop all the handouts to the welfare junkie-parasites and stop the high immigration…...

    • davo says:

      01:12pm | 31/12/12

      “When Bob Menzies used to cut people down using personal attacks, he used to be touted as being ‘a great orator’ by some - the same people who now describe Julia Gillard’s 2012 achievement in bringing a foolish misogynist to heel as ‘rehearsed’ ? ”           
      Rehearsed as in she knew the “Father died of shame” sledge was coming?

    • rotor says:

      02:24pm | 31/12/12

      @Tim has the right of it. Anyone who believes one side is inherently better than the other is a fool or hopelessly biased or both.

    • Dr B Goh Australian in Asia says:

      06:09am | 31/12/12

      Our former FM K Rudd has just lectured at the National Defence University in Beijing where he warned of the increasing risk of war between China and Japan with the recent election of a new right wing PM in Japan, see

      He is dead right and we in Australia need to understand better the dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkahu Islands, see

      In the first Japan China war of 1895 Japan took over many parts of China including Taiwan and the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. The US took control of these islands at the end of WW2 and in 1972 transferred administrative control to Japan.

      In the Peace Treaty between China and Japan of 1972 Deng Xiao Ping the Chinese leader and negotiator agreed that the two countries put the dispute into cold storage and both countries do not challenge each other on these islands.

      China has used effectively for world peace this cold storage approach in a bigger dispute with lands at the border of China and India.

      Australia should keep out of the dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku but urge China and Japan to put the dispute over these islands into cold storage. Otherwise, China will not retreat and it will respond to any further moves by Japan on these islands. This can lead to a major conflict and war and the USA and Australia can be sucked into it.

      Even without war it will affect the economies of China and Japan our two best customers and thus our economy is at risk as the minimal consequence of this conflict.

    • Vernon says:

      09:21am | 31/12/12

      Unfortunatly I think your onto something, I was watching a Doco about Japan prior to the invashion of Pearl Harbour, much of their navy and airforce was brought up to modern standards by an individual English pilot (forgot his name). Looking at China’s military build up is very worrying after seeing this Doco except that it’s China this time. China’s military is on it’s way to rival the USA rather than just Japan. I’m guessing their is a timetable for China. When it’s able to threaten the USA !

    • Gregg says:

      09:39am | 31/12/12

      You have it about right with
      ” Australia should keep out of the dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku “
      I’d not be too concerned one little bit and just let China and Japan sort it out.

      Now if only a certain former FM could keep himself in cold storage or maybe he could go and hang out with some pole dancers in NY to warm up and see if anyone wants to listen to him about the US also just letting China and Japan sort it out.

      Japan is hardly likely to make a move without knowing they would have support from the US and the US will hardly want to be too deeply involved given their reliance on the Chinese economy.

      Given all the history, I reckon the Japanese might just concede that they kiss these islands closer to mainland China than Japanese main islands goodbye and they might even realise that starting siomething will give China every chance to inflict on them some retribution for the Japanes attrocities committed against the Chinese.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      11:20am | 31/12/12

      War could be beneficial to Australia as long as we stay neutral and sell to both sides…..

    • nihonin says:

      04:03pm | 31/12/12

      SFM a world,war (as history as proven) would be more beneficial to the planet, as it’d reduce the amount human parasites living on it.  wink


      07:03am | 31/12/12

      Hi Punch Team,

      May be we should all say “well done” to the hard working staff members of Australia Post for being slightly too efficient on this occasion!  I am only a little curious to know if the actual Christmas celebrations and over indulgence on certain things like ham, beer and pavlova may have eased the pain a bit? Electricity costs sky rocketing in a country like Australia, I have to say we should all be used to it by now, right? I also wanted to know if there is a change in the Federal government in the upcoming elections in 2013, is the carbon tax bound to be scrapped or here to stay? 

      And most importantly what are the real reasons for such price hikes in the cost of electricity?  When it comes to New Year’s resolutions for almost everyone living in Australia, we could include never to talk about misogyny, carbon tax and asylum seeker issue unless we are all determined to come up with real solutions instead of just complaining endlessly. Because I believe that smart people are after only solutions and what is the point of whining if there isn’t a shred of hope of bringing any kind positive of change in Australian politics any time soon?

      And are all those good enough reasons for not wanting to vote Ms Julia Gillard in the next Federal elections? And most importantly on a more personal level, we should highlight the problem of over eating and obesity in the Western society by sparing a thought for all those half hungry and malnourished children in other parts of the world such as Africa and Asia. Surely we can’t feed the whole world like Mr Michael Jackson planned but it is bound to be good for our cholesterol levels, our waist lines and over all well being.  I personally would like to see less advertisement dollars being spent on such things as ice creams, soft drinks and snack foods. 

      Because the young generation are basically getting a lot of calories with no nutritional value and that is also another form malnutrition in the once prosperous Western societies. It is sad to think that when we do have the money to purchase anything we want on the supermarket shelves, we are automatically reaching for the typical junk food with no vitamins, minerals and empty calories. People living in the Third World don’t have the means to buy or any easy access to nutritious foods like we do so somethings have to change for the better.  Kind regards.

    • nihonin says:

      07:10am | 31/12/12

      6.6 million dollars, to be spent in Sydney alone on fireworks, imagine the waste country wide.  Look up plebs see the pretty lights in the night sky, just don’t look around in the cold harsh light of day tomorrow and see the realities of life, which this money could have been better spent on.

    • sunny says:

      08:46am | 31/12/12

      Yeah what’s the world coming to? In my day a packet of sparklers was all we needed, and we’d have to walk 10 miles barefoot on a dirt track to buy them for sixpence - and if it rained on the way home the sparklers would be ruined, but we didn’t complain.

    • Tory Maguire

      Tory Maguire says:

      08:49am | 31/12/12

      So cynical nihonin…

    • Elphaba says:

      09:04am | 31/12/12

      I’m watching them from a friend’s office balcony in the city.  No fighting the crowds, and I get a prime view.  I’m excited!

    • Tim says:

      09:21am | 31/12/12

      Yeah how dare they spend money on “entertainment”.

      I mean it’s not like the government spends hundreds of millions of dollars supporting sport, the arts, festivals and countless other pointless pursuits.

      Who cares about “tourism”? There’s clearly no money in it.

      That funding would have been better spent giving it to disabled, refugee lesbians.

    • nihonin says:

      09:54am | 31/12/12

      And yet sunny and Tim, a fellow traveler of yours states the same thing, you’re not going to be a hypocrites are you?

      it’s my opinion Tory.

      Have fun Elphaba, just don’t go to close to the edge of balcony wink

      A safe, prosperous and happy 2013 to all my fellow Punchers and mods.


    • Tim says:

      10:38am | 31/12/12

      “a fellow traveler of yours states the same thing”

      What? Who is this fellow traveller and where is he travelling to?

      And you didn’t respond to the thrust of my post. If you think $6million on fireworks is wasted spending for a large entertainment event that will draws millions more in tourism and consumer spending for the day, what do you think of the hundreds of millions (if not billions) spent on other “entertainment” activities?

      You couldn’t possible support any spending on the arts, sport, cultural activities etc. if you think this money is wasted right?

    • nihonin says:

      11:13am | 31/12/12

      Oh how silly of me, I forgot Tim needs the government to keep him entertained, safe and fed.

    • rotor says:

      02:28pm | 31/12/12

      I’m not a huge fireworks fan myself, but one million people will watch the Sydney fireworks live and many more on TV. Few would appear to agree with your grouchy views. At any rate, expect NYE firworks to be a feature in Sydney for many years to come.

    • nihonin says:

      04:00pm | 31/12/12

      You are right rotor, the plebs were distracted by the games in the Colosseum during Roman Times as well.

    • Gregg says:

      07:49am | 31/12/12

      ” Unbelievable! “
      and then…............
      That Tony started fibbing for this is no Python squeeze but like ten Cobra strikes!
      I’ll be getting rid of this Ranga hair style.

      I reckon smart people might just decide to live without mains electricity connected, especially in states where they charge you a daily connection fee.

      I might start up an Alternative to Mains Lifestyle company and market a kit.
      A solar charger and deep cell battery storage with generator back up and smaller fridges, maybe a couple of camping style ones so you can take them camping etc..
      And of course a good BBQ.

      You could probably do it with a progressive add to your system with initially enough power for your fridge and limited appliances/lights by generator alone and minimal battery storage for about $1000, using a laundromat for washing and build from there.

      Penbo with his huge bill might be my first customer.

      It could make for an interesting investigative story Punchers and will certainly beat the hell out of waiting for power shortages as well as another ginormous bill.

    • Christian Real says:

      07:55am | 31/12/12

      6.6 Million on fireworks for Sydney,what a wasteful Liberal?National party State Government in New South Wales.

    • CD says:

      09:06am | 31/12/12

      No comments for this cynical dope Tory?

    • Birko says:

      09:20am | 31/12/12

      So you are forgetting about all the money that the Labor state governments have spent on ridiculous things during their time in government?  You are extremely 1 eyed.  ALL politicians are in it for what they can get!!

    • encee says:

      12:45pm | 31/12/12

      Christian Real I’m pretty sure the fireworks have been going since the year dot. It has sweet FA to do with which party is sitting. NYE fireworks are done in nearly every city in the world.


    • Ohcomeon says:

      09:40am | 31/12/12

      Well if the quotes are accurate, it’s pretty clear he was quite racist.

    • Rose says:

      09:46am | 31/12/12

      That article was written in December 2011, so the disgrace is all yours. Whether they were right or wrong the article was written when he was alive and well and perfectly able to defend himself. You should have looked at the date stamp just under the heading before you said something foolish!

    • Knemon says:

      10:48am | 31/12/12

      Nice work Ben…you idiot.

    • TheRealDave says:

      05:33pm | 31/12/12

      As much as I have always thought Tony Greig was a complete tool - that article is the work of some BA graduate wanker looking to be outraged by something….anything.

      I think I’ve wiped my arse on better writing than that…..

    • Gogo says:

      08:29am | 31/12/12

      Best 2 stories of the year:
      Gillard calls out misogynist, speech goes viral.
      Obama defeats conservative threat to America.

      Best 2 stories of next year:
      Conservatives lose election. Abbott punches wall and resigns in disgrace filing for divorce blaming margie.
      Brough, Pyne and Bishop charged and convicted of sedition.

    • Christian Real says:

      10:56am | 31/12/12

      It would appear that Abbott has had plenty of practice punching walls in his earlier years before entering Parliament.
      I do feel that Abbott won’t have to resign though because he will be defeated in a party room spill early in 2013.

    • stephen says:

      08:30am | 31/12/12

      Why is the Salvation Army - as the above caption implicates - always talking about money, or accounts as if the only reason for unhappiness and a subsequent visit to a charity is because a person cannot pay a bill ?

      Don’t the Salvos do compassion anymore for, say, accidents, crimes, or general misadventure ?

    • Tim k says:

      08:39am | 31/12/12

      Super..I am a committed Liberal voter and would indicate that I will vote for the Liberals again this year without question.
      But if Abbott stays the distance which I do not think he will do, I will have a problem.
      I think his front bench is incompetent, full of Howard hangers on. I would sack them before the election was even thought about.
      There must be a lot of talent waiting for a chance to show their mettle.
      If Abbott does stay on then my vote will have to look for an alternative.
      Dont want the Greens, look forward to an independent, greens second choice.
      Joe and Malcolm as first and second choice. They can rotate if the job is too big for Joe.

    • Gregg says:

      09:29am | 31/12/12

      Tim, there’s nothing like being super confused.
      I’d not say I am a committed Liberal voter and it was 2004 when I last voted Labor because of the Howard’s government decision to support the US attack on Iraq.
      Unlike you I feel Tony Abbott will not just stay the distance but be a strong and committed PM for Australia, one who is able to recognise the need for tough decisions and have them taken rather than resort to putting things off through use of a select non parliamentary committee.

      I certainly see that Julia has shown herself to be of dubious personal qualities over a number of matters and in fact desperation shows through at times, most recently in attempting to use Woodford to get some Queensland fans.
      She better an anyone ought to know that her chances are about like becoming full forward for the Bulldogs.

      I have always seen that it is difficult to judge those in opposition in terms of how would they be as a minister and that goes both ways and if you think back a tad over five years, hardly any of the current ministers would have really been known of too much at all.

      In choosing between Greens and an Independent, are you at all considering the policies of the parties and what damage has been caused to Australia or what the potential damage is?

    • Aghast says:

      09:45am | 31/12/12

      Tim K…. EXACTLY exactly…. ex…bloody…actly my problem too.Unhelpfully Tim Buggered if I know…Jo had the option when Tony stepped up but lacked the inclination or ticker….Malcolm has got the class but would have to be kept on short leash by his backbench…and for a legal man with his courtroom reputation he sure made a hash of Utegate and the dodgy evidence.
      Greg Hunt has the smarts and top rate communication skills
      Your right re Tony being locked into Howards deadwood..BUT..without their support he is a goner. That is a problem being kicked down the road.
      I would like to see a LIb bloodbath and let the strongest survive….Not a pretty sight

    • DJ says:

      05:28pm | 31/12/12

      @Gregg - when has Abbott shown any trait other than being a populist? RU486 maybe

    • Aghast says:

      09:12am | 31/12/12

      Cold and wet in West Coast Tassie no fish and some thieving low life has purloined a highly valued collection of Louis LaMour westerns from the shack. They took 20/30 years of flea market trawling to acquire and are a mainstay of survival in this neck of the woods.
      I am reduced to reading The Human Psyche in Love War & Enlightenment ..surprisingly left by our thief….
      Shock and horror little Kevvie Rudd just jumped out of a page and grabbed me by the throat.
      “Hypomania manifests as increased energy,mild euphoria,optimism and a decreased need for sleep,racing thoughts,pressured speech irritability intrusiveness grandiose thinking and enhanced religiosity”
      HULLO KEVVIE ...the book rambles on to include Benito Mussolini in company with Kev.
      Really makes me wonder why a bloke like Joel Fitzgibbon would support sad little Kev.
      He must figure that a position on the front bench of a shadow ministry in opposition is preferable to that of a backbencher in Government.

    • S.L says:

      10:13am | 31/12/12

      My 7 year old son caught his 1st fish yesterday at Budgewoi on the NSW Central Coast. That’s made his whole holiday!

    • nihonin says:

      01:23pm | 31/12/12

      Congrats S.L. to your son, what did he catch?

    • honininon says:

      04:40pm | 31/12/12

      It was a fish.
      Please try to pay attention.

    • nihonin says:

      05:45pm | 31/12/12

      honininon, hope you didn’t wet yourself thinking of that limp comeback.  Can’t expect anything more from your ideological bent.  wink

      Hope you have a safe 2013 and your party keeps you away from the sharp utensils.

    • Barbara says:

      10:37am | 31/12/12

      Liberal bloodbath, how tempting that would be to rebuild the opposition from new faces and give us an alternative and credible government.

      I went to look at the opposition
      what a shock that is.
      I would sack from the front bench, Julie Bishop, Senator Brandis, Pyne,
      Macfarlane, Andrews,Mirraballa and Billson,

      The outer shadow ministers fail to impress me.God how do they justify them getting paid and doing nothing.

    • tez says:

      01:24pm | 31/12/12

      @Barbara: This is why the Libs are stuck with Abbott . the opposition is about as deep as bird bath..

    • doggone in grafton says:

      10:42am | 31/12/12

      Qantas is at it again. This time it’s an outright ban on transporting Staffy Terriers.
      Now I’m not sure what the statastics are on out of control airborne Staffys, but my hunch is that there would be minimal incidents on record.

      Instead of an outright ban, how about a compromise.
      I would suggest the mandatory use of seat belts for Staffys during the ENTIRE flight, plus a restriction on the amount of alcohol they can consume.
      That should do the trick.

      Happy new year from Jacaranda City.

    • adam says:

      11:12am | 31/12/12

      It’s not the out of control staffies nor the alcohol consumption that’s the problem.

      They all try to join the mile high club

    • vox says:

      02:30pm | 31/12/12

      Nicely sighted PW, and of course the Salvos, who should know better have climbed aboard the Anti/Gov/Libs, (the AGL) bandwagon to publicise the plight of “these(?) families” getting the bad news on Xmas day. It’s the fault of the ALP I hear someone say. Australia Post should be restrained from such heartless behaviour.
      I expect a witty, scathing reply from Nihonin who will probably comment on the fact that I’m a supporter of the ALP, because I’ve alluded to this being another “carbon tax increase” related problem instigated by one of Abbott’s rabbits. If he can’t see the connection, (he probably can’t), then he’ll just say original things like, “rusted on”, and “ALP stooge” and other quotes from Abbott’s seventy four word vocabulary.
      There’s one undeniable quality of the Libs and their tragics to which we all must admit—their damned unpredictability. Even they don’t know what they are doing, or he is saying, tomorrow.
      He can’t speak “off the cuff”, and he thinks that ‘ad libs’ means to count up the 8% that want him as P.M..
      Ah, the wonder of it.

    • PW says:

      10:49am | 31/12/12

      The lady pictured has received her power bill, in an envelope (which she’s holding) , in the post, on Christas Day?


    • TheRealDave says:

      05:37pm | 31/12/12

      Actually - it was e-bills from Origin Energy that arrived all around Qld on Christmas Day.

    • nihonin says:

      12:06pm | 31/12/12

      Shane From Melbourne, do you agree with Gays and Lesbians accessing government funding for something, as same sex couples, they are unable to do naturally…................reproduce?

      You carry on and on about breeders, what about the take aways?

      Same rules apply as I see it, equality all round.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      12:44pm | 31/12/12

      I think I’ve said it elsewhere but welfare should be for the pensioners, short term unemployed and genuinely disabled and no one else. Handouts for the well off are obscene…..

    • nihonin says:

      01:25pm | 31/12/12

      Shane +1

    • Nev says:

      11:58am | 31/12/12

      Come what may, I reckon we all make the most of columns like this while we can, because if the Human rights and anti discrimination bill 2012 gets up, it’s going to be pretty quiet. You can bet everyone at the Australian Fabian Society has their collective fingers crossed.

    • Daniel says:

      12:00pm | 31/12/12

      I hope Australians open their minds and their hearts a bit more in 2013. I hope they see a better cleaner world instead of just the short term profits and politics that we have currently.

    • iansand says:

      04:44pm | 31/12/12

      I’m resolving to break my resolutions.

    • TheRealDave says:

      05:40pm | 31/12/12

      Those ‘kneeling chairs’ are absolute garbage Gregg.

      I have one clown on the whole site who has one of those and every time I sit down at his desk it feels like I am about to fall forward out of the chair… the hell he can sit at it all day is beyond me….

    • Tory Maguire

      Tory Maguire says:

      12:10pm | 31/12/12

      What are your New Year Resolutions Punchers? Mine: to sit up straight at my desk…

    • adam says:

      12:31pm | 31/12/12

      I intend to skulk more, or maybe lurk

    • Knemon says:

      12:41pm | 31/12/12

      I’m curious Tory…how do you normally sit at your desk, I have this image of you slumped over it?

      My resolution - To stay as apolitical as possible.

    • Tory Maguire

      Tory Maguire says:

      01:20pm | 31/12/12

      Not slumped ... more slouched. Bad for my neck!

    • Gregg says:

      01:24pm | 31/12/12

      What all you desk bound workers ought to have Tory is a kneeling chair or stool
      Many different types about and likely some to be seen at places like Office Works.
      Particularly wonderful if you are developing a small of the back weakness from a poorer sitting posture.

      And then if you have a nice safe open flat walking area for exercise, walking backwards is the go and just try it initially for about 100 metres at a time and then back to going forward until you feel comfortable and that too will work wonders to strengthen good posture muscles, maybe even a six pack tum before you know it.

      All the best for the NY and with your resolution.

    • Nev says:

      12:49pm | 31/12/12

      Tory, you sloucher!
      A new years eve resolution…..hmmm… be more proactive, cause that’ll happen. Maybe I should just resolve to make a resolution at some stage!

    • Zeta says:

      01:56pm | 31/12/12

      My New Years resolutions are to finally get my black metal solo project BLACK MASS off the ground, get signed to an underground label in Norway, and get a tattoo on my chest of a claymore anti-personnel mine with ‘FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY’ written across it.

    • LJ Dots says:

      02:12pm | 31/12/12

      Photo Caption: Cool, Gangam Style has lyrics too.

    • days like this in grafton says:

      02:27pm | 31/12/12

      I don’t listen to much new stuff, but that’s as it should be.
      Comes a time, when a lifetime of music and memories fills your
      cup to the brimful - and it’s more than enough.

      I’m planning a trawl through the archives to bring in the new year.
      But I can tell you now that my playlist will be as predictable as
      my DNA. I will inevitably play songs that resonate today as much
      as they did way back then. Songs that literally set my neurones on fire.

      Songs that bring raw emotions to the surface. Some will make me dance and laugh and posture, while others will induce a tear or two.
      And I will relish every minute.

      Here’s a few I’ve kicked off with.

      Dragon - Young Years
      UB40 - Kingston Town
      Van Morrison - Days Like This
      Alison Moyet - Invisible
      Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
      Boston - More Than a Feeling
      David Bowie - Soul Love
      Fine Young Cannibals - Suspicious Minds
      Iggy Pop - Tonight
      Israel Kamakawiwo’ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
      John Cale - Hallelujah
      Mary Black - Song for Ireland
      Neil Young - Four Strong Winds
      Nick Cave - The Ship Song


      Later on I will leave some room ( and time and space) for Pink Floyd.
      Hope you’re all flying too smile

    • stephen says:

      05:01pm | 31/12/12

      Yes thank you, I always wanted to know that song by Boston which I wanted to download to iTunes, but after 20 years, just forgot.

      The only other good song by The Beatles is Eleanor Rigby, though I did read recently, and by a very good listener, too, that ‘Come Together’ has ...‘an intelligent bass-line’ - which is a bit like calling a rubber ball ‘ironic’  i.e. a sassafras of images that reinforces the sometimes felatiousness - get that ? - of the analogy, as if a bass-line that may be good - and George’s certainly was - really needs a promotive word to describe it.
      (My metaphor of that ball still stands : it’s a good’en.)

      Music does not need silly describers - people or adjectives - to evaluate effects, because we, the listeners, are too clever for that, and even though there has been some junk get by us - the junkers, who may get rich temporarily - it is only when we get older and supposedly more powerful culturally - well, at least I am, now - that Bananarama remains inferior to The Supremes, Bill Joel finally got rid of his silly folk roots, ( I wish our Julia would : when she was at The Woodford Folk Festival, she said that she was ...‘one of them’. She certainly is ... one of them ... and John Howard was invited, but didn’t know how to wear thongs) then Lou Rawls did a masterpiece recording only last month ( George Benson did a new solo voice, thus, the price of this CD is worth his voice alone ), and then, finally, after all our sweat, not to mention the guitarists, that excellent but totally stupid singer Lady Gaga wants to set up mental health clinics at her concerts for her listeners, (I do not think that she is capable of feeling the ridiculous irony in that proposal) and put the young at her disposal by offering nutrition classes there, or ‘friendship meetings’  - I’ve been to quite a few live concerts, and ‘friendships’ are the least of her listener’s, worries let me tell you - or relationship meetings, as she says.

      Is this the end of Popular Culture : that we have been wrong all along ?
      Is the sing-a-long and raucous crowd really mad, and should the codgers in tweed in jason recliners inherit the earth ?

    • Richard says:

      03:35pm | 31/12/12

      Umm, how come I have to hide my IP to read your articles today?

    • LJ Dots says:

      04:58pm | 31/12/12

      Richard , same thing happened to me. What did you get - some error message like ‘disallowed key character’?

      Clear your browser cookies and you are good to go OR go with my theory that the FBI have infiltrated The Punch and are tracking the posts.

      All that remains now is to find really cool FBI code-names for the Punch journo’s.

    • Gogo says:

      05:18pm | 31/12/12

      I hear Simon Benson has switched sides and gone to work for some leftie rag.
      Simon has abandoned getting up the Rudd challenge, shaved his chest and is now working with “un-named sources” rumoured to include smokin Joe Hildenburg in order to get up a Turnbull or Hokey challenge.
      Word on the street is that the “cockroach will remain deputy leader in an effort to retain the bitter and twisted old conservative women brigade.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      06:29pm | 31/12/12

      Happy and prosperous New Year to all Punchers and Mods…


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