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    • Dr B S Goh, Australian in Asia says:

      08:07am | 01/01/13

      With each passing year some older people would think about mortality and immortality. I like to share with my contemporaries an amazing story about fungus, the only biological species which may sometimes be said to immortal. There is an amazing report about one particular fungus which has grown to be a 38-acre, 1,000-ton Armillaria which is thought to be 1,500 to 10,000 years old, see

      Wish one and all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Tony says:

      04:00pm | 01/01/13

      @suraman says: That is great news, no more Abbott!!!

    • CD says:

      08:54am | 01/01/13

      No comments area coming up for Tory’s rape piece so I’ll post here.

      “Don’t tell women how to dress
      Tell men not to rape”

      To all may 2013 be a great year for you.  My partner will see it in because his life was given back to him by a wonderful off duty nurse who worked on him for 20 mins with CPR compressions after a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

      Learn CPR.  You may one day be that sole person who didn’t stand back and just wait for an ambulance to arrive while a person died.

    • sunny says:

      09:44am | 01/01/13

      *vomit* ..

      ...*vomit* ..

      gimme a minute ..

    • sunny says:

      10:37am | 01/01/13

      ..that’s better - Happy New Year!

    • Philosopher says:

      12:49pm | 01/01/13

      sunny! You could at least have run to the toilet!

    • sunny says:

      02:30pm | 01/01/13

      Philosopher - I actually posted from the toilet - it doubles as my office (just like the Fonz).

    • OzTrucker says:

      09:57am | 01/01/13

      Yeah happy new year and all that.

      I really enjoyed it. You know the fireworks and all that. Particularly enjoyed the neighbour’s sock puppet yappy dog going absolutely ballistic and keeping on after it was all over. We were treated to a lovely little local show we could not see from where we are but we heard quite well.

      Then I got to thinking. Why do we spend (waste) so much money on fireworks. What’s worse we are going to do it all again on the 26th.

      How many doctors, nurses, policemen (or is that police persons these days) fire persons and teachers would the funds from even one of these extravagances provide? Hell they could have just paid a bill or two. We do have a few to pay here in NSW.

      Each one of these celebrations has to be bigger and better than the last and god forbid another country might outdo us in the waste. (a bit like the Olympics isn’t it)

      While I’m at it what’s with all this “happy holiday” rubbish?

      And another thing, has anyone else seen the bra add where the woman says “you all know the bra was designed by men” and goes on to complain about underwires and small cups and all the other issues. She then goes on to say the bra designed by a woman is just perfect. “designed by women for women”  How the hell is it men’s fault if women don’t buy a bra that actually fits them? That add really annoys me!

      Anyway happy new year.

    • mother trucker says:

      10:36am | 01/01/13

      Don’t tell me, an old codger right?

    • Gregg says:

      10:49am | 01/01/13

      Maybe the ad itself is a womans initiative to strike at the supposed superiority of the male ego.
      ” How the hell is it men’s fault if women don’t buy a bra that actually fits them? “
      How often have you been out trying to get a good bra?

      Make it a NY resolution, not so much to go and try some bras on but just not watching the Ad or look for the finer good in it!
      Meanwhile enjoy more quality time in the NY not watching Tele.

    • ramases says:

      11:31am | 01/01/13

      I’ve actually found an add that I and many other men can relate to. Its the No More gaps add where the woman gets dressed, late as usual, then decides to change the dress and the man in sheer desperation tells her he is going to fix the wall. The look on the woman’s face is one most men know when we point out the bloody obvious. The add goes on but in reality its the closest thing to the truth that’s been on TV for decades.
        As a studier of female ways over the last 65 odd years I’ve come to these conclusions.
        A woman will always when told of an upcoming party go into her wardrobe and pick out an outfit to wear, she will then pick out the jewellery that goes with that outfit and all the odds and sods that go with that, this process can last a few hours to a few days as outfits are chosen and discarded. On the night of the party she will change her mind again and the whole process restarts resulting in the man being ready well before time and sitting around waiting with enough time to repaint the house or change the engine in the car or both.
        A woman will take a list into a supermarket to buy food etc but will not look at that list until she is ready to join the queue to the checkouts and then finds that she has forgotten certain items which necessitate a trip back into the bowels of the shop on what should be a one minute excursion that usually take a lifetime.
        A woman will check out every product of a certain kind on the shelf but always buy the one that she has bought each and every time that she has shopped there, multiply this by an average of 50 items and its a no real surprise that most men that accompany their women on these forays have that resigned look on their faces.
        A woman will go into every dress shop in a centre especially if it has a SALE sign on a rack of clothes and go through every item one by one, try on an item or two and then come out without a thing with the excuse that she doesn’t need anything but will repeat the process at the next shop and the next and the next.
        Interested to see how many men can add to this list as its only a very short portion of a very long list and the number of women who deny categorically that these points are true.
      Happy New Year or Not depending on your preferences.

    • Elphaba says:

      11:56am | 01/01/13


      While we’re at it, lets not spend money on tourism, the arts etc… it’s such a waste!  Don’t even consider the amount of money that expenditure brings in or anything…

      My view of the Harbour fireworks was unimpeded, and I didn’t have to camp out for a spot.  Thank goodness for friends who work in city highrises with harbour view balconies.

      Happy New Year.

    • OzTrucker says:

      12:00pm | 01/01/13

      So Mother, it’s ok with you if the government just goes and wastes our tax dollars on fireworks for a bit of a show? I’m not exactly an old codger but I do have the common sense to realise the stupidity of wasting money on a party when you have more important bills to pay. Maybe it’s just my irresponsible attitude, paying the bill etc. So take your sarcastic me me me attitude and do you know what.

      Gregg,  I wonder how long you have spent looking for a good bra. It may come as a surprise to you but that average bloke, well me anyway, does not spend a whole lot of time hunting for a good bra. But I do know a bit of sexism when I see it. It’s not the sexism of the add it’s the double standard the add represents and we see it time and again in all sorts of places.

      As for new year resolutions. They are BS. If you want to change something in your life then change it. Ok!

      Happy Holidays raspberry

    • mother trucker says:

      12:49pm | 01/01/13

      just as I thought
      thanks for confirming my guess

    • Gregg says:

      10:59am | 01/01/13

      I was probably already snoozing when the hand ticked over for the countdown to another dawn.
      But really, just how crazy are some people, well lets say millions of people, some sleeping out from 6 am on the 30th apparently to get a good harbourside vantage point in Sydney and turnstiles and all set up, it reported that some ticketed areas for up to $375/h! were sold out in November!, all to be in a crush of humanity going Ooh Aah and not even Glen McGrath in sight these days.

      And then getting home too!
      All a bit crazy and I do hope they charge enough to cover all the costs of the fireworks and all additional staff of organisers and emergency workers etc.

      Just another evening here, even if I did have more to drink than usual, watch the Edinborough Tattoo and decide today would be just another day and 2013 will likely be much as 2012 was with the eception of an election and having to see/hear/read more of politicians than we might otherwise do.

      Have a happy if same NY people.

    • blonde_theroy says:

      11:57am | 01/01/13

      New Year, new beginnings for those of us willing to change for the better. My theory is simple “keep it simple”.  Have fun, help others and be grateful for everything you have.  I was blessed with a creative mind and I always thinking outside the box. My main passion is to help Australia become the best it can be. You have heard of Einstein theory welcome to the Blonde Theory.
      Political parties and our current system should be banned in Australia altogether.  People could create a local group of concerned citizens/shareholders for each local area. People meet every month to solve local problems and run it like a business.
      Yes we should have a governing body but make it more like a Head Office not a whole city called Canberra.  The environment, health, education, employment can be run like a business and outcomes would be achieved without political interference.
      We would still have a democracy with voting but the area voters would like Shareholders and judging if the CEO and members of the Board of Australia should stay.
      I see it in our future the only way to survive the so called Fiscal Cliffs of this world is to run a tight ship and run it well. No more politics make Australia a fun place not a sleazy place to live.

    • Philosopher says:

      01:08pm | 01/01/13

      did you think of this last night while passing the doobie around, then stumble off to write it down because you knew you would forget it come the sober light of day? I’ve done that! Maybe your new beginning should be, stop smoking buds.

    • blonde_theroy says:

      03:29pm | 01/01/13

      @philosopher,  As you are the so called philosopher maybe you should have the buds I don’t need them.  I am high on life and want it to be better.  Whats your theory or don’t you have one? Anyway Philosopher you want get anywhere if you don’t put it out there.  A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
      Albert Einstein

    • Tony says:

      04:03pm | 01/01/13

      Dear, dear, when is this country going to wake up and accept that it’s not a democracy when forced to vote.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      12:44pm | 01/01/13

      What was with the Punch yesterday?? Y2K moments all day..
      Happy new year to all..

    • sunny says:

      02:25pm | 01/01/13

      Cheers pa - Happy new year.

      “Y2K moments”  I think it was the Y2.013K bug (aka the Mayan bug).

    • Philosopher says:

      03:02pm | 01/01/13

      Hwy Patrol: ‘Sir, you’ve just run over three people and you have an open case of vodka on the front passenger seat. Tell me why I should not arrest you.’
      Driver: ‘I voted for Putin! He’s a distant cousin, and I love all his work.’
      Hwy Patrol: ‘Ok, drive on.’

    • sunny says:

      03:40pm | 01/01/13

      Sounds like an open and shut case.

    • Tony says:

      03:58pm | 01/01/13

      My New Year’s resolutions are to start smoking again, quit my diet, and watch a lot of TV. I think I owe myself some realistic goals.


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