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    • Emma says:

      06:04am | 03/08/12

      I want to say goodbye. I will not be able to punch anymore from next week on. Was my pleasure to meet you all.

    • nihonin says:

      07:31am | 03/08/12

      Take care and enjoy life Emma, thanks for the comments.

    • John F says:

      07:34am | 03/08/12

      We love you Emma !

    • Gregg says:

      07:51am | 03/08/12

      Good to see someone going into a more productive job Emma.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      08:04am | 03/08/12

      Hhmmmm woman of mystery. Where would you be going where you could not access the Internet?

    • Chris L says:

      08:08am | 03/08/12

      Best of luck Emma!

    • subotic says:

      08:16am | 03/08/12

      Runaway runaway.

      Don’t look back or you’ll turn into a pillar of Erick….

    • Michael says:

      08:22am | 03/08/12

      Seeya Emma, best of luck with the new position.

    • Wayne Kerr says:

      08:39am | 03/08/12

      All the best Emma and good luck in your new job.  Hopefully we’ll see you back here again when you get settled in. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts.  Take care.

    • Mahhrat says:

      08:55am | 03/08/12


      Happy trails!

    • Cry in my Gin says:

      09:24am | 03/08/12

      Where are you going that the Internet does not exist? Or are you taking a self imposed electronic fast? Just curious.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      09:45am | 03/08/12

      Surely you can still be on The Punch while at work Emma…..Just about every-one else here is. smile

    • Max Redlands says:

      10:51am | 03/08/12

      @ Babylon in Canberra

      ” Where would you be going where you could not access the Internet?”

      @Cry in my Gin

      “Where are you going that the Internet does not exist?”

      Gaol perhaps??

      Just kidding Emma - good luck - I enjoyed reading your contributions.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      11:03am | 03/08/12


      Did she say something negative about the carbon tax? Typed 16% as opposed to 15%? thought that was just a $7000 fine?

    • Emma says:

      11:08am | 03/08/12

      Thanks, Youre lovely. I am sure the new job has internet just as well, but I will be damned if I have another job where I dont have anything to do.
      And whenever someone says something against ze Germans, tell them from me where to stick it.

    • M says:

      11:24am | 03/08/12

      If we’re going to stereotype it’s spelt “Ze Chermanz.”

    • ausspud says:

      12:29pm | 03/08/12

      Ze German’s are coming (All the best Emma)

    • nihonin says:

      06:16am | 03/08/12

      Mmmmmmmm whale meat with cheese on toast for breakfast…....Domo arigato.

    • Chris L says:

      08:16am | 03/08/12

      I wonder if it tastes like chicken.

    • sunny says:

      08:28am | 03/08/12

      Whale meat again, don’t know where, don’t know when ...

    • nihonin says:

      10:07am | 03/08/12

      Made me laugh, sunny, cheers.

    • sunny says:

      10:27am | 03/08/12

      just realised it would have been a good one to sing to Emma today.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      11:41am | 03/08/12

      it’s a message from nature, ‘this is what will happen to Australia if we have another term of the Gillard Government, ...all wash up.’

      Don’t let this magnificent creatures death be in vein!

    • sunny says:

      12:43pm | 03/08/12

      They couldn’t find any external cause of death on that whale so yeah the cause might have actually been “in vein”. Impressive diagnosis.

      Probably too much deep fried krill and not enough exercise.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:11pm | 03/08/12

      Is it vein, vain, or vane??? smile

    • Tesfest says:

      02:22pm | 03/08/12


      Try saying “Whale oil be forked” in an irish accent.

    • Chris L says:

      03:28pm | 03/08/12

      Maybe it would have survived if the guy with the chainsaw hadn’t cut it up.

    • Jason Todd says:

      04:44pm | 03/08/12



      Dying in vein is death in a blood vessel. Dying in vane is death within a weather sensing apparatus.

    • acotrel says:

      06:40am | 03/08/12

      The Japanese could take the carcass and use it for ‘research’ !

    • andye says:

      08:01am | 03/08/12

      They could use the Labor carcass for research - how do brainless creatures operate smile ?

    • andye says:

      08:01am | 03/08/12

      They could use the Labor carcass for research - how do brainless creatures operate smile ?

    • Kurisu Sonsaku says:

      08:10am | 03/08/12

      No we’d just eat it. raspberry

    • Japanese Whale Researcher says:

      09:48am | 03/08/12


      No we couldn’t, it’s too decayed to make any cosmetics with ....... oh i mean yes, sorry, yes research we might be able to use it for research.

    • Chris says:

      10:03am | 03/08/12

      all that chain oil on it now might make it taste a little… icky (oh - I mean may disrupt the research results)


    • MarkS says:

      11:13am | 03/08/12

      I knew someone who had a demolitions licence & was contacted in relation to blowing stranded dead whales up instead of having to cut them up with chain saws.

    • Tim says:

      02:22pm | 03/08/12

      “I knew someone who had a demolitions licence & was contacted in relation to blowing stranded dead whales “


    • Vision says:

      07:39am | 03/08/12

      Why would they M, it gives the media licence to attack them whenever they desire?  Just like footballers, they only do it so they can deride them.  Athletes aren’t role models.  Parents are…

    • Michael says:

      08:04am | 03/08/12

      losers need role models too smile

    • gobsmack says:

      08:06am | 03/08/12

      There are too many tourists in Australia’s olympic team.

      The athletes should be banned from using Facebook and Twitter in the 3 months leading up to the games.  They should be housed in grim accommodation and not allowed out.  They should be banned from using alcohol or fratenising before and after the games.

      I’m sick of hearing non-performing athletes saying after their failure what a “great experience” it’s been to be part of the games.

      They’re there to compete in the sport of their choice not to have a bloody holiday.

      The above restrictions would not faze those who are serious about their sport and are there to compete.

    • Chris L says:

      08:22am | 03/08/12

      Good point Vision. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall hearing anyone in real life referring to athletes as role models or as heroes.

    • Mark G says:

      09:50am | 03/08/12

      You mean as opposed to the other great celebrity role models.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      10:37am | 03/08/12

      My only role model were my parents. How are sports people seen as role models (hero worship) wrong for the younger generation ,I dont understand.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      11:11am | 03/08/12

      there’s nothing better than seeing Aussies win!

      The Looney Lefties have been suffering of late. One of their objectives is the destruction of Australian nationalism, so as to align us to the doctrines of Karl Marx. You’ll remember the $530,000 paid to consultants to see if they could get rid on Anzac Day, the most iconic day in our national calendar.

      So I raise my Moka to you, Looney Leftie, for having the restraint to keep quiet and let us enjoy the Olympics.

      The fact that our brother and sister Australians are there, competing with the best in the world, is really something.

    • M says:

      12:27pm | 03/08/12

      Define Australian nationalism, because those words conjure images of tattooed southern crosses and eureka flags on people who should know better.

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      01:28pm | 03/08/12


      Yep that’s exactly how the UK Labour party did it. Made the English feel ashamed of their country, their flag and themselves. Drew a lovely equation just like you have below, but added in racism as a topping sauce.

      Totally wrong.

      Obviously this left wing sickness has come out from England.

      If voting Labor means you have to despise your country, your flag, then they’ll never have my vote.

    • Carz says:

      07:17am | 03/08/12

      Thanks so much for providing such a nauseating image so early in the morning. I think I’ll give breakfast a miss now.

    • M says:

      07:48am | 03/08/12

      Really? You’re that precious?

    • Cry in my Gin says:

      09:20am | 03/08/12

      On you way to work stop off at Bunnings and buy yourself a 20 liter drum of “harden up” you big wuss. No one forced you to come here.

    • Tubs666 says:

      04:17pm | 03/08/12

      I hope you didn’t watch that show SBS had on sunday night then, Was a dissection of a sperm whale. Loved the bit when the lady got a face full of juices after saying “I just have to be careful I don’t puncture its stomach”

    • thatmosis says:

      07:53am | 03/08/12

      Role models????? This group is more like has beens before they were ever beens. As for the Olympics when will it be over, I usually watch Channel 10 news before I watch the Local News but lately all we get is 5 mins of news and the rest the bloody Olympics plus a quarter of an hour of sport, for that read Bronco’s crap.
        Don’t these TV people realise that not everyone is enamoured of this Olympic crap and would like to see what is going on in the world when we have the news.
        Thank god it will be over soon although I suspect that we will have weeks of why this didn’t happen and why that didn’t happen and why this team was so bad etc etc etc. Let’s face it people they started to believe their own publicity but showed their true colours when they were soundly beaten again and again.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      10:14am | 03/08/12

      Dont you realise the world stops for the Olympics ,and nothing else actually happens in the way of news until after the Olympics…Imagine if they went all year how better a world we would live in?? smile No wars, no mass shootings , no crime….

    • Daniel says:

      07:57am | 03/08/12

      Yeah what a shocking job. I guess someone had to do it. I think it would have been better if the whole thing was just buried somewhere.

    • Gregg says:

      08:00am | 03/08/12

      They could have a WHALE of a beach barbecue and plenty of left overs for hungry skinny dogs.

    • Ginger Mick says:

      10:27am | 03/08/12


      Time to start making plenty of sun creme lotion.

      We are going to need it.  (and mosquito repellent)

    • pa_kelvin says:

      10:40am | 03/08/12

      @ginger….I know where theres a whole lot of whale oil to start that sunscreen. smile

    • Anubis says:

      12:13pm | 03/08/12

      One thing they forgot to mention in this article about Antarctica 50 million years ago. It was not the South Pole then. It was a part of Gondwanaland and the breakup of the vast continent and gradual continental drift had not managed to move Antarctica to the current chilly location it now occupies.

      This article is typical of the warmist propaganda - highlight worst case scenario, exaggerate and don’t put in facts that may be relevant to the story if they contradict the scare campaign message you are trying to put forward.

    • Markus says:

      12:21pm | 03/08/12

      Prior to the split 100-million odd years ago, Australia and Antarctica formed a single tropical continent.

      It is therefore only fair that Australians get first dibs on the new Antarctic tropical paradise.

    • ausspud says:

      12:36pm | 03/08/12

      And most of it’s still ours(I hope)

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      01:39pm | 03/08/12

      Yep Aus has most of it, with the rest going to POMs, Chile, Argentina and Norway.

      It’ll be a fun sun paradise for Aussies if Climate scientists have got it right.

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      02:12pm | 03/08/12

      Pretty sure 50 million years ago the Earth wasn’t in an Ice Age either, which it is now. With or without our help, the Earth will warm up again.

      Anubis, what exactly is ‘warmist propoganda’? Do you deny the basic chemistry that explains how greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earths atmosphere, and that the release of more of these gases even over a short period can warm the Earth further?  I’m genuinely interested in whether or not people deny AGW or global warming in general, and how.

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      02:39pm | 03/08/12

      I should probably clarify by saying that, after years of study and reading peoples research and informed opinions that I am sure of the following:

      The Earth is warming, as it has done naturally in cycles that have occured over the billions of years the Earth has existed. It is now warming again as we come out of an interglacial period in the current ice age. The release of greenhouse gases by humans exacerbates this process, but I don’t think that it does to the extent that we will solely be responsible for melting the entirety of the ice of Antarctica as well as vast areas in the Arctic. Finally, I don’t think that making people pay extra for everything will in any way affect a naturally occuring phenomenon that has occured over the last few billion years, and neither will it affect the meagre human influence on this phenomenon.

      I thought I’d just ask the question because it seems some people don’t ‘believe’ in humanity’s ability to affect natural climate change even by a small margin, when basic chemistry says otherwise. I think we should be doing something such as using less and becoming more energy efficient, but not at the cost of peoples livelihood. And no matter what we do to ourselves, the Earth will go on existing regardless of whether or not we have wiped ourselves out, and it won’t care. The use of the term ‘warmist’ just puts me off, and makes me scared to think that people actually form their opinions around science they know very little about.

      I thought the article was a bit dramatic, and misleading with things like: “The discovery provides a startling glimpse of what might be in store for the world in centuries to come if global warming continues unchecked.” This is misleading, as global warming will continue ‘unchecked’ regardless of what we do, because it’s what the Earth would be doing naturally if we were not here. It also portrays humanity as being solely responsible for climate change, which is just retarded.

    • Anubis says:

      03:39pm | 03/08/12

      @ Admiral Ackbar - I do not deny the possibility of human activity exacerbating warming.  I have great doubts about the “doomsday” predictions of high profile AGW activists like Gore, Flannery, Gillard etc.  Governments worldwide have found an answer to their holy grail of being able to tax the air that we breath through the AGW movement. I worked for many years in the field of research grants administration and can clearly remember when the impending ice age was the big thing and just being able to link your research into that field improved your grant potential by a factor of 80%. This movement however was reduced when funding agencies (particularly Governments) had to find resources for a more immediate issue, AIDS. The majority of discretionary research monies then got diverted to medical research, particularly if a link could be made in to AIDS research, no matter how tenuous. This field also received major media coverage and the issue of global cooling subsided under the weight of it.
      AIDS has now lost a lot of the focus it had and his has given the climate people the opportunity to run with their cause which is now the “catastrophic” effects of global warming.

      The whole issue is just as much political as it is science related.

      The whole AGW scare campaign has been overplayed with regular pronouncements of impending “catastrophic” outcomes arising from the modelling, even though the modelling has been unable to match real world events. Sufficient doubt is around about the so called scientific consensus. Even after the billions of dollars spent not one scientist is able to point to verifiable human trigger to these events. Yet as soon as doubt is raised about scientific papers or so called results the cries of Denier and sceptic come thick and fast, true debate is actively discouraged and closed down. The whole movement has done so much damage to accepted scientific protocols and procedures and and has the potential to totally discredit the peer review system. There are far too many high profile self- interests involved that filtering the truth out of the bullshit is near on impossible.

      Like you I do not think that making people pay extra for everything will in any way affect the warming, particularly when it is considered that we are still in a natural warming following the mini Ice Age event of the 1700’s. Treasury modelling has shown that the Carbon Tax (and subsequent ETS) are going to have no affect on Australia’s Co2 emmissions, the modelling actually shows that our emissions will continue. In the mean time the whole emphasis on Co2 as the baddie means that real pollution (chemical and industrial) is being neglected to the detriment of the environment. If the Government were really serious about reducing our emissions we would already be well on the way to developing a nuclear power industry in this country, the only viable technology to sustain Australia’s power capabilities whilst still reducing emissions.

      As far as your question about warmist propaganda I think I covered that with

      “highlight worst case scenario, exaggerate and don’t put in facts that may be relevant to the story if they contradict the scare campaign message you are trying to put forward”

      Flannery and Gore are prime examples - scare the bejesus out of the average Joe by exaggerating dire outcomes (see Flannery’s “we will never again see dam filling rain”). Whilst at the same time accepting his high paid Government spokesman position while also accepting millions of dollars of taxpayers money to dig holes in South Australia for his Quixotic “windmill tilt” at hot rock power generation.

    • TB says:

      08:07am | 03/08/12

      Is that Tony Abbot at a another fish fileting photo op?
      Was it the carbon tax that killed that whale-allah?

    • Bill says:

      08:26am | 03/08/12

      Phew! Looks like Sydney stinks even more than usual!

    • Joel B1 says:

      08:29am | 03/08/12

      Another day, another slightly sinister silence from most of the press about the biggest story of the year.

      Did PM Gillard collude in the embezzlement of hard working union members when she set up a company that was used to do just that?

      How is it possible be “young and naive” at age 37 and also a partner in a prestigious law firm?

      And why have journalists been fired when they dare to mention the dead whale in the room?

    • Anubis says:

      12:01pm | 03/08/12

      Stay tuned JoelB1, there is more to come. It seems an ex union official in the know is ready to spill the beans if he can get immunity from prosecution. Apparently throughout this whole fiasco it is alleged that Gillard lived the high life receiving “gifts” of tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes from her union boyfriend, assistance with her mortgage and more. Nothing suspect about a union person on an average wage lavishing tens of thousands of dollars on his girlfriend. Certainly nothing to make said “young and naive” law firm partner to suspect anything wrong. Apparently many unionists have unlimited financial resources stashed under their mattresses in order to lavish expensive gifts on “young and naive” 37 year old girlfriends.

      Stocking up on popcorn in anticipation of legal immunity being granted,

    • ausspud says:

      12:41pm | 03/08/12

      If it does come out,the amount of time it will take to investigate will make the Thomsen affair seem efficient.

    • TimB says:

      01:34pm | 03/08/12

      Allegations aside, I’m more concerned with Gillard’s claim that she was ‘young and naive’ at the age of thirty freaking seven.

      Anyone who freely admits to being that utterly clueless at that age should not be Prime Minister.

    • AJ in Perth says:

      02:10pm | 03/08/12

      Joel B1

      I’ve been wondering for a few weeks now ...  What worries me even more is, does Tony A knows about it, and if so, why isn’t he jumping on this like a ton of bricks as with Craig T and Slipper?


      There’s that, or it could also explain why the investigation into Craig T has taken so long and why he indeed enjoys Julia G’s full support.

    • Fiddler says:

      08:39am | 03/08/12

      Mmm…. whale

    • Joel B1 says:

      08:48am | 03/08/12

      Anyone care for a retraction at The Punch?

      Just last week you ran a triumphant, gloating story “A mammoth slap in the face for climate change deniers”

      Well it was wrong, as in, factually incorrect. And it’s being disappeared.

      “The SMH even arranged triumphant artwork, the article was given a big splash. Those articles are disappearing. Presumably neither newspaper is proud of having been fooled by Muller.”


      “Right now, possibly, there are editors and writers at Fairfax who realize maybe they’ve been duped: the unwitting victims of monopoly science, where only one side of the story was investigated.”

    • iansand says:

      10:54am | 03/08/12

      Source appears to be Jo Nova.  She makes Bolt and Watts look well informed.  It would be like me using Al Gore as a source.

      As always, a focus on people and not data.

    • TimB says:

      11:16am | 03/08/12

      “As always, a focus on people and not data.”

      This after whining about the source being Jo Nova.

      Hypocrisy thy name is iansand.

    • Michael says:

      11:24am | 03/08/12

      You offer names of people, no data Iansand…

    • Tim says:

      11:49am | 03/08/12

      Links please?
      Or are the punch meant to retract something just because Joel says so.

    • iansand says:

      11:59am | 03/08/12

      But Muller offered data.

    • Mahhrat says:

      08:57am | 03/08/12

      Thankfully I’ve only got prawns for my pizza tonight…

      Ah, home-made pizza and the company of my daughter and nieces.  Quality.

    • Cry in my Gin says:

      10:44am | 03/08/12

      Vegemite, a layer of fresh sliced tomatoes, a little cracked black pepper and topped with cheese. Then nutella with sliced banana pizza for desert. Ice cream or whipped cream to taste!
      Yay for home made pizza night!!!!

    • Mahhrat says:

      11:08am | 03/08/12

      BBQ chicken for the kids, I’m having one with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato and olives (antipasto pizza?). 

      I like the nutella n banana idea though!!  I’m told marshmallows also work well.

    • KH says:

      09:16am | 03/08/12

      Good to see the royals out so obviously going for Britain at the Olympics.  Funny, I thought the future king will be our head of state as well?  And yet, he doesn’t seem that interested in anything we do.

      This is why I’m a republican, and always will be.  I will argue to the death that a head of state should first and foremost be a supporter of the state they are the head of.  They should also live here.  Every time I see this over the last few days it annoys the hell out of me - when it comes down to it, they are British.  Not Australian.  We are nothing to them.

    • HappyG says:

      10:16am | 03/08/12

      How dare they. Don’t they know that it’s mandatory to support the Australians ?  Maybe team GB is giving them something to cheer about. Unlike some of our precious , spoilt, under achievers. By the way we had a referendum about this… lost. Move on.

    • KH says:

      10:36am | 03/08/12

      No, we had a rigged vote by Howard, designed to fail by introducing models without any proper debate.  A majority didn’t like the model proposed - that does not mean they don’t agree that an Australian should be the head of state.

      As for ‘losing’ - I don’t really care - the point is if you are the head of state of multiple states, then you should publicly be a little more neutral.

    • HappyG says:

      10:51am | 03/08/12

      OK it was rigged ???????? I’ll post Wills a couple of flags so he can cheer on the Commonwealth countries. Oh wait, we have a Commonwealth games for that. Find something else to whinge about.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      10:54am | 03/08/12

      Do they have to pay for their tickets??

    • ausspud says:

      12:48pm | 03/08/12

      You must be one of those multicultural lovers that wants to break all links with the UK,Well seeing this country was founded thanks to the work of the Monarchy,maybe you should piss-off to a Republic.

    • Knemon says:

      02:45pm | 03/08/12

      Spot on KH about our head of state and the referendum, John Howard went out of his way to ensure that the ‘no’ vote was never going to lose, it was a loaded question orchestrated by none other than the lying rodent himself.

      “They should also live here”

      They should also be born here.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      09:42am | 03/08/12

      Motor-mouth Magnuson missed missiling down the pool .....again. 18 year old kayaker Fox wins silver…yey.

    • Mahhrat says:

      09:45am | 03/08/12

      The ALP internal polling shows Gillard is out. Who leaked it? She is out!

    • Mahhrat says:

      11:09am | 03/08/12


      Someone is copying me!  That’s awesome, I have my own stalker.

    • TimB says:

      11:20am | 03/08/12

      I saw that. It warms my heart.

      Come on ALP. You’ve got two months left so I can win my bet with Knemon. Can her already.

    • TimB says:

      11:45am | 03/08/12

      Wait, that wasn’t you Mahhrat?

      This is getting beyond a joke. Chris L was recently impersonated. AtM has been targeted. Chongy and myself have both been victims of this practice in the past. I’m fairly certain the recent return of Persephone with a newly minted ultra-defeatist attitude is a fake as well. And to top it off, I’ve also seen some very untypical posts from Andye that set off alarm bells. Who knows how many others have been cloned.

      Whoever is responsible is clearly a sad and miserable individual. And it’d be nice if the Punch team actually addressed the problem.

    • subohhratic says:

      11:57am | 03/08/12

      Huh? There’s a new Mahhrat?

      I wanted a new Mall Rat.

      Close enuff I guess *shrugs*

    • Anubis says:

      12:05pm | 03/08/12

      There you Mahhrat - you’ve finally made it as a puncher by having your own troll/copycat. Keep up the good work

    • Blogger Formally Known As Chris L1 says:

      12:06pm | 03/08/12

      Welcome to the club Mahhrat.

    • Joel B1 says:

      12:17pm | 03/08/12

      Congrats Mahhrat!

    • the artist formerly known as subotic says:

      12:49pm | 03/08/12

      I want more subotic trolls and impersonators.

      I collect them.

      The same way ancient aliens collected cows and probed them.

    • Mahhrat says:

      01:52pm | 03/08/12

      Yeah cheers everybody.  I suppose I should put up some kind of disclaimer on Monday that some of my opinions are not necessarily my opinions!

      What I don’t understand is how I’ve apparently got enough credibility that such nonsense would carry weight with the rest of you?

      I mean, I’m always up for a good trolling, but this ALP thing?  Seriously?  I didn’t even vote for the stupid party.

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      02:22pm | 03/08/12

      You can’t see this, but I’m high fiving Chris L in my mind right now.

    • James1 says:

      03:15pm | 03/08/12

      Same here, Admiral.  Except mine is a fist bump.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      10:29am | 03/08/12

      Problem is our swimmers are selected at trials monthes before the games . Trials should be 5-6 weeks before so that you get your in-form swimmers.

    • M says:

      11:03am | 03/08/12

      They are proffesional atheletes, one would think that they’d be “in form” all of the time.

    • Tim says:

      11:54am | 03/08/12

      If they were getting close to PB’s then I would say that our country just hasn’t been good enought, but they aren’t even getting close to their best times.

      Many of our swimmers have been significantly slower than they’ve been swimming recently. Something has obviously been affecting performance.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      12:28pm | 03/08/12

      @Tim ...Stilnox??

    • gm2 says:

      12:31pm | 03/08/12

      @ pa_kelvin, Trials need to be further out than 5-6 weeks, normally swimmers taper for majot events and i think you wold find it very disruptive to a training routine to taper for two major events so close together. Maybe the banning of stillnox might have something to do with it?  A good nights sleep is hard when you are nervous about a big event, sometimes you need some help to nod off.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      12:52pm | 03/08/12

      @gm2….I was lead to believe American trials only 6 weeks from Olympic starting.

    • AdamC says:

      02:32pm | 03/08/12

      I have seen some reporting about the timing of the trials too. That may have been a factor, but it is hard to believe it was the salient one. It is time for our swimming bodies to have a good think about how to improve things next time around.

    • Knemon says:

      03:18pm | 03/08/12

      Dare I say it, yeah I will….choking comes to mind!

      ...and stop believing or reading all the hype prior, other nations have caught up with us, so what.

      I did notice Greg Norman was watching Lleyton Hewitt play, perhaps Adam Scott is there as well, they probably gave pep talks to our athletes prior to the games starting?

    • George says:

      10:10am | 03/08/12

      They’re probably being bad shedloads of money to do it. I’ll take a guess - $200k.

      I’d do it with an axe for that!

    • Mark G says:

      12:05pm | 03/08/12

      Why do we need to sent food? Shouldn’t the Glorious magnificent honourable great powerful awsome leader be able to pull food out his arse and save his people?

    • Markus says:

      12:42pm | 03/08/12

      @Mark G, he can, he just knows that Western nations are so terribly inferior to the North Korean powerhouse that he needs to accept their aid packages to stimulate the West’s failing economies.

      The world should be grateful of his benevolence.

    • Ian1 says:

      12:51pm | 03/08/12

      Mark G - your suggestion isn’t too far fetched.

      The delicacy of DongTwedgi from JaeJu Island is sort of like that.
      DongTwedgi litterally translates “sh!t pig”, and is in reference to pork sourced from the Island.  Pigs traditionally live under the two storey houses, and the HuaJungShil ((toilet - hole in the floor) not to be confused with HuaJungShel (make-up)) is where the pigs renowned for their flavour across the country derive their primary feed.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:16pm | 03/08/12

      @Ian1….I reeeally didn’t need to know that, but thanks anyway….I think. smile

    • Babylon in Canberra says:

      11:26am | 03/08/12

      NSW electricity bills are rising an average 19 percent per year presently.

      Here is a breakdown of the contribution of green schemes to the average NSW electricity bill of $2117:

      Carbon pricing mechanism $169
      Climate change levy $48
      NSW Energy Saving scheme $13
      Large Scale Renewable Energy target $32
      Small Scale Renewable Energy target $64

      About 50 percent of our electricity increases can be attributed to carbon pricing. Carbon pricing is about 15 percent of our total bill and rising.

      #NSW carbon pricing has already been in the system since last year and was responsible for 34 percent of last years price increases.# Gradual introduction prevents a sudden shock to Aussie.

      Why are we suffering this pain?

      So that ‘compensation’ payments can be made to Labor voters and bail out packages for the Big Polluters?

      The suffering is all in vein.

      Coal Fired Power Station development in Asia will add 2.6 Billion tons of CO2 and from India 955 million tons annually. It takes 10 years for these investments to be realised, so no one in that region is going to do anything meaningful for Climate change till 2020 plus.

      Even the Gillard Government has subsidised out Industries, Power Generators $5.5 Billion and Coal Miners $1.3 Billion. (source: Daily Telegraph).

      It’s Muggins Aussie holding the Climate Change baby all on his/her own at the moment.

      If the Gillard Government withdrew the ‘compensation’, about 50 percent of us would feel pain.

      It’s too much too soon. Lets revoke the carbon tax and work toward a Global solution that commits all Nations not just poor old Aussie.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:55am | 03/08/12

      Didn’t you post something similiar in yesterdays Punch??

    • Tim says:

      12:22pm | 03/08/12

      All of Babylon’s comments sort of meld into one big ball of stupid so it’s not unsurprising that you think you’ve seen it before.

      so the majority of recent rises have nothing to do with carbon prices and green schemes only make up a small percentage of the total bill.
      Yep, damn Gillard.

      Perhaps you should look at the main reason that electricity prices have been increasing by so much in recent times - peak power demands mainly caused by the proliferation of air conditioners.

      If people designed their housed better and didn’t require perfectly climate controlled environments then their bills would be significantly lower. If you want to use lots of energy, be prepared to pay the true cost.

      I thought the Liberals were all about user pays?

    • Zeta says:

      11:26am | 03/08/12

      It would be so tempting to just carve off a bit and toss it in a wok with some garlic and ginger.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      02:13pm | 03/08/12

      @Zeta ....Prob need some tips from Ian1…See pig post above. smile

    • ian1 says:

      02:26pm | 03/08/12

      Couldn’t we send it to the Japanese or Norwegians and reduce their next “scientific” cull by one?

      Or extract what’s the secret ingredient in perfumes first, then send the carcass over?

    • Ginger Mick says:

      11:37am | 03/08/12

      Another Labor ” victory” after the Health debacle we are now told:,queensland-faces-5-billion-it-repair-bill.aspx

      “Queensland faces $5 billion IT repair bill”

      The Queensland Government could be forced to spend up to $5 billion in the next three to five years to fix its 50 most vulnerable IT systems following a state-wide audit.

      The audit, announced in May, has so far covered 600 IT projects and systems of a total 900 projects and 10,000 systems to be studied by October.

      One in six systems were identified as “critically vulnerable” or “fragile”, meaning they were out-of-date, had declining vendor support or required massive upgrade investments.

      Another great case for Linux and open systems.

    • nihonin says:

      11:52am | 03/08/12

      Another great case for Linux and open systems.

      True true Ginger Mick, best OS if all you do is basic office work, surf the net, email or download (not torrents as that’s illegal).  wink

    • Ian1 says:

      12:14pm | 03/08/12

      Open-source you mean, Linux boxes are notoriously shut to viruses/malware and hackers…  if not for the kernel exploits.

      BSD?  If only vendors for the software apps needed to run government supported platforms other than MicroSoft.  Not that I don’t completely and inherently trust the US agencies that are able to access every keystroke because we run MS on Intel…

    • AdamC says:

      11:49am | 03/08/12

      It looks like I have picked a bad occasion for my ‘first time’. That is, my first time agreeing with something Wayne Swan says!

      The Coalition are, indeed, ‘all over the shop’ on this issue. Of course, in a perfect world, I would prefer that foreign government-linked corporations could not buy up Australian assets. However, we live in an imperfect world. A world in which Australia needs foreign capital (and, in the not-too-distant future, will need foreign labour too) to develop its agricultural potential.

      In that context, telling Chinese state enterprises to ‘go jump’ is definitely not in Australia’s national interest!

    • M says:

      12:40pm | 03/08/12

      Interesting, as my current line of employment almost entirely revolves around money from foreign investors, albeit private rather than government run.

      As far as you being against foreign ownership of australian assetts, is it from a worry that the profits will be heading overseas or that the produce would be heading overseas without so much as seeing an Australian wholesaler on the way out the farm gate?

      With regards to foreign labour, are you on about menial low paying jobs or skilled migrants?

    • AdamC says:

      01:45pm | 03/08/12

      M, I do not have any problem with foreign investors, as such. However, I do get a little more concerned about foreign government-linked entities buying Australian assets. I must admit, though, it is difficult to really articulate why. In any event, my anxiety about state-owned enterprises pales in compariso to my fear that Australian agriculture will be starved of necessary foreign capital and, in time, foreign labour. So, I say bring on the Chinese government!

      In terms of labour, Australia will soon be screaming out for both skilled and unskilled labour in rural areas. The populations of many of these areas are ageing much faster than the rest of the country and, in many cases, the populations are shrinking.

    • Joel B1 says:

      12:08pm | 03/08/12

      The ALP lurches, no, that’s too active, drags it’s carcass from debacle to debacle.

      Bill Shorten, Workplace Relations Minister is alleged to has said “F*CK” to a shop attendant when she said she’d run out of hot pies.

      There’s video of this disgraceful episode but no sound. Any lip-readers about the place?

      I’d like to think I could make it up. But it’s beyond me. Especially the irony.

    • HappyG says:

      01:18pm | 03/08/12

      Well it is the job of the little people to ensure our masters and betters in the glorious Labor party have their treats available at all times. Remember Kev’s rant at the poor hostie on the PMs jet. God help the poor sod that has to tell barge arse that they’ve run out of chocolate muffins !!!!

    • TimB says:

      01:18pm | 03/08/12

      I actually rather like Shorten’s account of the incident:

      ‘Shorten denies swearing at Wong, but says she indeed lost his business for telling him that if she microwaved his son’s pie it would be “soft, like Julia Gillard”. ‘

      Gold. Give that woman a medal. And poor Shorten. How precious.

    • Gordon says:

      01:58pm | 03/08/12

      Was it an expletive or an answer to “what can I do for you?”

    • Knemon says:

      03:24pm | 03/08/12

      Even funnier…she was a Labor supporter - LOL.

    • Ross says:

      12:33pm | 03/08/12

      Maybe the Playford council in SA could have bid on that dead wale that washed up and processed it into food parcels for the pensioners with quarantined Centerlink payments .No use wasting all that food .

    • ausspud says:

      12:56pm | 03/08/12

      I cant wait to taste that ‘WASHARPHIN”.I sure do hope they add Cranberry stuffing wink

    • Bitten says:

      01:21pm | 03/08/12

      Genius. But it’s probably a bit far gone by this stage in the game so forget the cranberry stuffing, baby’s gonna need some seriously spiced up curry powder in that sucker!

    • Octavius says:

      01:36pm | 03/08/12

      “Punch on: Open thread 03/07/2012”

      When did the Punch Team get their hands on a time machine? I really do not want to have to live through July agin.

    • che says:

      02:08pm | 03/08/12

      I didn’t even notice that till you pointed it out! Very observant.

    • Tory Maguire

      Tory Maguire says:

      03:08pm | 03/08/12

      Woops! That was me.

    • Martha says:

      02:05pm | 03/08/12

      News International and its directors may face criminal charges in Britain after it emerged the parties could be liable for phone-hacking offences under ‘‘neglect of duty’’ laws

      Both Rupert and James Murdoch sat on the News boards.

      Can’t wait for this to reach these shores.
      Way to end your “career” Rupert. You will be remembered as a criminal. Your dad would be proud

    • Mark G says:

      03:35pm | 03/08/12

      End his career? who exactly does Rupert Murdoch work for?

    • M says:

      04:31pm | 03/08/12

      I’m pretty sure it’s either the illuminate or the skull and bones society.

    • thatmosis says:

      03:34pm | 03/08/12

      I see the school cleaners invaded the Queensland Parliament today and want certainty.
        Well I suppose sacking the lot, we have the pictures, and replacing them with contractors might give them certainty. From my experience with both Unions and contractors its contractors by a country mile for efficiency, cost and no strikes, way to go.

    • B.O. says:

      06:27pm | 03/08/12

      who was born on August 4 2012?
      change is coming to america ! yes it can !

    • stephen says:

      09:59pm | 03/08/12

      Nice name.
      Keep it.

    • Di says:

      06:53pm | 03/08/12

      I want to know why the Australian Government is selling Aussie land to overseas countries ....WHY ?  Other Countries around the world are leasing their to foreign investors but both Liberal and Labour have laid out the welcome mat for countries around the world to buy our children’s future….70% of Australian agricultural land has been SOLD to foreign investors…


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