In the name of God, why should anyone be force-fed the word of the Lord while they’re shopping?

Feeling pretty good about Judgement Day. Pic: Greg Higgs

That swarthy dude with his dulcet tones outside Roger David in Rundle Mall? He can convert me to men’s suits any day. But these sanctimonious sermonisers and their 100-decibel rantings? No way, Jesu.

Myer is My Sunday place of worship, thank you very much, and Adelaide City Council can have My Vote for ridding our secular shopping strip of these screechy preachers who are apparently just as deafening as chain saws, jackhammers and farm tractors.

I wouldn’t want that outside my home. I wouldn’t want it outside my favourite Hills grocery store.

And retailers in Rundle Mall, who say they lose as much as $1500 in trade during these God-awful assemblies, most certainly don’t need preachers turning consumers away in the lead-up to the vital pre-Christmas shopping period.

Besides, who wants to hear about Christ when we’re trying to Christmas shop?

But here’s what I’m thinking. If this preaching palaver is done right, and more particularly in the right location, perhaps we can turn this abject annoyance into a niche attraction?

Adelaide is the Opine Capital of Australia. We’ve all got an opinion. About everything. Rambling is our entertainment of choice – we even prefer talkback radio over music stations in the mornings.

So imagine, if you will, a quaint little corner of Adelaide where those with a view are encouraged to verbalise.

Former Treasurer Kevin Foley on the top 10 tricks of ageing Lotharios.

Business SA chief Peter Vaughan on this season’s must-have brands when public holiday shopping.

City councillor Anne Moran on the unique structure of every blade of grass in the parklands.

Sunday Mail columnist Peter Goers on the joys of dieting.

ABC891 announcer Matthew Abraham on ... well, just pick any topic and he’ll argue against it.

Come to think of it, it’s actually quite surprising that Adelaide doesn’t already have a designated Speakers’ Corner (apart from the old spot in the Botanic Gardens that sees more music than speaking these days - Ed.): a place where you can like them or loathe them or leave well alone; a place where preachers, too, can have their voice.

Speakers’ Corner in London has been a symbol of grassroots democracy since 1872. Every Sunday for nearly 130 years, people have rocked up to the same corner of Hyde Park, with nothing more than a milk crate or stepladder for a stage, and spouted forth on politics, religion and everything in between.

It’s been the site of some of the biggest demonstrations in the UK, and past speakers include Karl Marx and George Orwell.

No subject is taboo, so long as the police don’t find it unlawful, it’s not spattered with profanity and you don’t mind a little friendly heckling.

Admittedly, it’s listed as #2 on a website for The 10 Worst London Tourist Attractions – but it does attract tourists (as well, apparently, as some speakers with absolutely no talent for public speaking).

Adelaide would do it better. We developed the Festival of Ideas, we’ve got Thinkers in Residence and we’ve turned punchy public debate into an interminable art form. How hard can a Speakers’ Corner be?

Hindmarsh Square is the perfect place for our Speakers’ Corner. Somewhere along North Terrace would work well, too.

But there is nothing to be gained by preachers continuing their campaign to proselytise in Rundle Mall. I imagine it’s turning even the most sympathetic ear against them.
And let’s not forget that tolerance is a two-way street.

Stay in Rundle Mall and continue to alienate thousands. Or claim a less invasive part of Adelaide as a legitimate Speakers’ Corner, and draw a crowd who truly want to hear (and perhaps dispute) what’s on your mind.

That’s my two bob’s worth, anyway.

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    • Jason Todd says:

      05:19am | 06/11/11

      Lainie, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have been watching this particular group of preachers with interest for a long time now. I have had discussions with them, I have appeared at demonstrations, and I have clashed with them in the mall. While I think the speakers corner idea is a great one, the problem is this particular group would never use it. This group wants to air its opinions, on main street, in the spotlight, come hell or high water because they honestly believe that they have a divine mandate to do so. It honestly appears at times that they thrive on sowing discord.

      While I don’t particularly object to them airing their opinion, I strongly object to the methods by which they air them. I was perfectly happy to let them do their thing, provided they grant me the right of rebuttal) right up until their ‘preaching’ became big and mean. It started as one man on a milk crate, now it has become a group with amplification, banners and bells and whistles, not so much airing their opinion as outright abusing all those who dare to come within earshot.

      Better get some coffee into me, good discussion here today.

    • Tedd says:

      05:44am | 07/11/11

      The way they do it suggests a sense of entitlement and a profound grandiosity.  Throw in a lack of empathy, then check out the DSM IV….

    • G says:

      09:22am | 07/11/11

      I object to them airing what in my opinion is neither appropriate nor Christian things to be saying, especially when it comes to insulting mothers in front of their children.  The fact they just stand there and scream homophobic insults at women just because they have short hair astonishes me.  Anyone who supports their right to be at this place clearly has not witnessed what they are actually doing.

    • Jason Todd says:

      08:09pm | 07/11/11

      G - When I say I don’t object to them airing their opinion, what I mean is they have every right to hold and air unpopular views. It is a tough line to tread when you are talking about freedom of speech though. I have witnessed what they are up to, and I agree that hurling abuse at the shopping public is an innapropriate way to communicate their view.

    • michael j says:

      05:28am | 06/11/11

      surely if there was any truth to the shop keepers losing $1,500 while these gentile folk sprouted the truth there would be a claim for damages,anyway if their in SA im sure they could be moved on under the bikie law,,,,

    • Anna says:

      05:32am | 06/11/11

      Agree, If only they could read this article, Jesus never scary people away he draw them to him with his wisdom and loving ways.

    • the apologist says:

      07:51am | 07/11/11

      Except for that time when he wipped the money changers out of the temple… reminds me a little of people who have turned Christmas into a commercial enterprise.

    • Erick says:

      05:59am | 06/11/11

      It seems the problem is not so much the preaching, as the amplification. Council should ban the use of amplifiers in the mall without a permit.

    • Mahhrat says:

      07:48am | 06/11/11

      Doesn’t say much for free speech though, huh.

      (That said, I agree with you.  The freedom to voice your opinion shouldn’t come with the caveat of being a dick about it.)

    • malohi says:

      08:26am | 06/11/11

      Shouting at people does not constitute free speech; just a public nuisance.

      People should learn that there is no such thing as free speech in the form of being able to say anything you want in any place at any volume. No country or race in history has permitted this.

    • Erick says:

      09:23am | 06/11/11

      @Mahhrat - Banning amplifiers in the mall wouldn’t be a ban on free speech. It would be a ban on one person’s voice being able to drown out all others in a certain space. This would actually protect the speech rights of those who don’t have an amplifier, while not stopping the preachers from saying their peace.

    • Jason Todd says:

      07:05pm | 06/11/11

      Erick, as I said, I’m quite familiar with the case. Under the Rundle Mall by-laws, use of amplification without of permit is prohibited as is busking\performing or preaching.

      However, the group have questioned the Rundle Mall by laws, taken it to court and the by-laws restricting them from preaching has been called into question, as apparently it restricts their right to free political discourse. Now, whether or not this invalidates the amplification by-law also is up for interpretation, but given how litigious this group is, and how charged their demonstrations get, SAPOL, ACC and Rundle Mall management are often not inclined to intervene. This means that they get away with it.

      Yes, it is a messy situation, and it is causing a lot of people a lot of headaches.

    • Aaron says:

      11:47pm | 06/11/11

      Keep in mind that in Australia we do not have the right to free speech (as much as I’d like it so we could ban that Filter). The problem is in the amplification. Free speech (Let’s just say we have a right to it) covers the ability to voice your opinion without resulting in a reduction of your freedoms or harm to you for expressing said opinion. There’s nothing in the concept of free speech that even approaches the right to have your free speech louder than anything else. Were that the case we’d be designing nuclear warheads to explode with a message at 175dB (180 being the theoretical maximum, if I recall correctly).

      What’s more is that this kind of preaching is actually not too biblical…. Just putting it out there.

    • Pastor Sauce says:

      06:37am | 06/11/11

      Yet here we are on a Sunday morning and Lainie is preaching from the pulpit of The Punch on the sins of preaching to the public via her preferred platform.  Sanctimonious hypocrite.  Amen!

    • John says:

      09:29am | 06/11/11

      What an immature comment. She was talking about people who make a public nuisance of themselves and harass others. YOU on the other hand chose to come to this website and read this article. grow up you child.

    • marley says:

      09:34am | 06/11/11

      She’s not doing with an amplifier.  If you’re message isn’t powerful enough without electronics to help it along, maybe you need to work on the message, not the volume.

    • LJ Dots says:

      11:52am | 06/11/11

      I don’t get it Pastor Sauce. I re-read the article, this time with the speakers cranked up high enough to bend light and still got nothing. Lainie is obviously doing something wrong here.

    • Paleoflatus says:

      06:54am | 06/11/11

      Christianity didn’t do the Roman Empire a lot of good and it’s not doing the American Empire much good, either. The Romans began with their own gods and America was founded as a secular republic. I just hope that we don’t follow America downhill for the same reasons.

    • John the Zombie says:

      08:42am | 06/11/11

      So didnt Islam do any good for the Persian and Moghul empire and is not doing any good for Iran, Syria, Pakistan and other Arab nations. I am only pointing this out to you becos I always ask the question, why attack Christianity, why not also point out flaws in other groups such as Islam. Best example is the debate over gay marriage. No alot of ppl like to point out Christianity yet Islam is also opposed to it but you never get that mentioned. Perfect example is a group of Muslims in Britian went around thier neighbourhood and put up signs stating gay free zone yet did anyone critize them, Nope.

      Another interesting matter to support my arguement is Athiest. They love taking shots at Christians but rarely will they even mentioned critism of Islam.

      I would say if you want to make a comment you look at all groups. Also not radical Islam groups do the same as these guys in Britian and also last year on rememberance day radical Islamic guys burt poppies.

    • Chris L says:

      02:50pm | 06/11/11

      John that gay free zone, as you said, was in Brittain. I’m not surprised you heard little about it, unless you’re logging in from the fair island (in which case it’s a problem for your neighbourhood, not ours).

      When imams begin screeching Islam from the street corner and successfully lobbying for laws to make us more like them, you’ll hear the same kind of backlash Christianity gets from those of us who oppose that kind of bullying.

      The reason you’ve noticed so much criticism of Christianity is because that is the religion we get bombarded with. You probably don’t even notice that bombardment as it suits your preferences and I expect that, to you, it’s music to your ears. To me it’s no better than someone playing doof doof too loud in their car or the teenager sitting behind me on the bus yakking into her phone about who asked who out, and how shocking someone’s choice of blouse at school yesterday was.

    • John the Zombie says:

      05:39pm | 06/11/11

      Chris L let me point out that I am a Sikh. If you read my first post you will notice that I made a comment saying if they ask you tell them I have a bag of marshmallows to take along.

      Pls note I stated that the gay free zone was in the UK and was more of a point then stating it is happening here, yet.

      So you seem to forget the current push to introduce Sharia law in Australia or to allow Islamic banking. Maybe you have chosen to keep your head in the sand. Maybe actually read my post as I am referring to Atheist in general and not in Australia. You ppl try to act as though you are not like religious fundamentalist out there but you are exactly the same. You attack anyone who doesn’t support your view and try in your entire manner to actually find fault in religions. If you think this is untrue maybe you should go back to articles on the Punch that talk about religion and see how ppl like you Atheist refer to ppl who are religious. I think terms like fairy believers are used so pls don’t take the high ground with me.

      Also notes Chris L, I don’t have subs in my car nor do I care about what blouse looks good or not. I think you were trying to make a point that only uneducated and Bogans believe in religion while those who are educated don’t. Proving my point that Atheist they are as hard line as the radicals I see in the middle of Rundle Mall when I go on my little strolls.

    • Chris L says:

      07:10pm | 06/11/11

      John, if you’re going to expect me to read all your other posts before responding to this one (in which you did not specify your religion, leaving me to assume it is the one you were defending) then perhaps you could read through my history of posts and see whether I refer to theists as “sky believers”. Mind you, I would consider such words extremely mild compared to “burn in hell” and “immoral sinner”. I haven’t had any gurus trying to interfere with my life so far, so that might explain how I can not believe in sikhism, yet not feel the need to get it the hell out of my life.

      If someone pointing out to you that your religion has faults is too much to bear, I would suggest one of the following solutions:
      1: You learn more about your own religion in order to find counter arguments.
      2: You don’t bring up religion, thus avoiding having to hear other people’s views on it.
      3: You listen to what their saying and either accept those faults or re-evalute your position on the religion in question.

      No, I did not forget the push for Sharia Law or Islamic banking. I am confident that Sharia Law will not be accepted in this country, after all, I did specify “successful” lobbying, and it’s the Christians getting their way in that regard.

      Besides, Tory did a piece on Sharia Law back in May and people were very vocal about their opposition to that and to…. (can you guess?)... religion. Which religion were they opposing? Islam. See how the subject of the article tends to factor into the responses?

      BTW I wasn’t suggesting you were the one playing doof doof in your car or that you had a thing for blouses. I was comparing the joy of having religion screamed at me to other such audio intrusions. If you want to extrapolate further and make up a different meaning that what I intended (which I thought looked obvious enough) that is your choice.

      PS. religious fundamentalists have a record of bombings and assassination for their religion. Has anyone ever killed specifically in the name of atheism? Ever in the history of the world?

    • Lloyd says:

      09:10pm | 06/11/11

      John, you should read PinkNews (if you don’t already.) It spoke of the punishment the young man who put up those gay free zone posters got. It wasn’t too harsh, just a fine. There are some outspoken people who criticise Islam for it’s explicit homophobic message. Peter Tatchell is one.

    • Fran Smith says:

      06:58am | 06/11/11

      Try learning some tolerance, Lainie. Do you also hate those horrible homeless people selling the Big Issue magazine? Or the Salvos seeking donations to feed the poor?

      I bet you wouln’t be writing this article if it was muslims expressing their right to free speech in your precious Adelaide mall.

      Suck it up, princess.

    • Katie says:

      08:44am | 06/11/11

      Well, the Big Issue sellers and Salvo donation collectors aren’t screeching that I’m going to hell when I’m trying to do a little innocent shopping. You can hear it all over the mall and they single out passers-by. There’s absolutely no comparison - but I guess you’re determined not to see that.

    • Dave says:

      09:23am | 06/11/11

      As Lanie said “tolerance is a two way street”.  Religion is like masturbation, it should be done in private, not be practiced publicly to harrass passersby. Suck it up, Fran!  Remember to be tolerant of my opinion

    • Vicki PS says:

      01:56pm | 06/11/11

      Fran, I’ve never had someone selling Big Issue bellowing about the evils of homosexuality.  The Salvos don’t bellow at all and they actually get in and help people.  Why make smart-arse comments about what Lainie would do if Muslims made a similar noisy obnoxious display?  They haven’t.  But I bet Lainie would be writing a similar article if Martians landed in Rundle Mall and started eating these antisocial “Christians”.  Choke on it, princess!

    • Jane2 says:

      02:51pm | 06/11/11

      I do have issues with the Big Issues sellers because I know how much some of these “homeless” earn every day and its all 100% tax free. Many earn well over $100 per day 100% tax free, thats the equivalent of over $30,000pa if it was taxed.

    • Jason Todd says:

      07:13pm | 06/11/11

      Fran, I hate to say it, but you are comparing two completely different issues. If the Big Issue sellers or the Salvos set up a mall blocking demonstration, where they shrieked at me through a megaphone about how I am a terrible human being for not buying Big Issue or donating to the Salvos, which then spurned loud, peace disrupting counter protests then you are damn right I would have a problem with them.
      Ditto if it was Muslims, Buddhists, Scientologists, Sikhs, Druids or Seventh Day Adventists.

      It’s worth noting that we don’t actually have a sanctified legal right to free speech in Australia. We have the right to free political discourse, and this is where these preachers have snuck through. Having said that, I don’t have a problem with free speech, I am happy to let them have and express their opinions, but like the “shouting ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre” argument sometimes you have to look at the potential outcomes. These preachers are derogatory and inflammatory, there have been cases of violence, and it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. I’d rather see a peaceful resolution than this issue reaching its tipping point.

    • Mike says:

      07:07am | 06/11/11

      I don’t have issues with anyone’s religion, but I do have issues with someone else of any faith, who doesn’t even know me, telling me that “I am a worthless sinner” and I “am going to hell” for it.  How dare you. 

      Who are they (or anyone else - except some much higher power, if it indeed does exist) to judge my or anyone else’s worth ?!

      I have stopped walking in the mall because of this, and it is a whole lot more pleasant.  I also thought that the whole point of any religion was ‘salvation’ and to ‘forgive sins’ ?

    • John the Zombie says:

      08:33am | 06/11/11

      The best reply Mike is to tell these guys, yep I know im going to hell and I have already got my marshmellow bags ready to go.

    • acotrel says:

      01:44am | 07/11/11

      ’  I have stopped walking in the mall because of this, and it is a whole lot more pleasant’

      wonder what the law says about creating a public nuisance?  The State EPA legislation is written in terms of loss of amenity in the environment.  Surely this overt religous bullshit is just another form of pollution ? Even dog owners aren’t permitted to foul the footpath in public places.

    • the apologist says:

      07:55am | 07/11/11

      Mike, you’re right, the Christian religion is all about salvation and forgiveness of sins. But people need to realise they are sinners first before this is relevant. The Bible teaches that we are all sinners, so Christians who are worth their salt should not be self-righteous in preaching the gospel - on the contrary, there should be love demonstrated in the knowledge that they are no better than anyone else.

    • Anne71 says:

      12:43pm | 07/11/11

      Agreed, Mike. Those preachers have conveniently forgotten one very important verse in the Bible: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”  In other words, the teaching is that nobody except God has the right to judge anybody.
      Reminds me of a quote from a song by The Proclaimers, called “The Light”:- “I believe in God all right, it’s folks like you (those preachers) I just can’t stand”.

    • Anne71 says:

      12:44pm | 07/11/11

      Agreed, Mike. Those preachers have conveniently forgotten one very important verse in the Bible: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”  In other words, the teaching is that nobody except God has the right to judge anybody.
      Reminds me of a quote from a song by The Proclaimers, called “The Light”:- “I believe in God all right, it’s folks like you (those preachers) I just can’t stand”.

    • WTF? says:

      07:36am | 06/11/11

      Hell Lainine,
      You are living in your own private Adelaide.

    • Pastor Sauce says:

      04:42pm | 06/11/11

      Now this I like!


      07:38am | 06/11/11

      Hi Lainie,

      I do not much about doing the right or wrong thing!!  But to say the least, these people standing on street corners do manage to get my attention, somehow!!  Surely, they are not doing any harm to anyone, right??

      At the same time reminding every one that there will be a Judgment Day, as well as the fact that we might be questioned about all our good & bad deeds during our life time, right??  The actual question of the day is that “does anyone actually have so much faith to believe in all that anymore”??

      It is a nice little reminder about the Christmas Spirit & all that.  I am also wondering why y would you not want to hear about Jesus Christ during the Christmas period, anyway??  I think it could be very timely & purposeful to some of us, anyway!!

      It might also serve the purpose of stopping most people from spending far too much money around this time of the year!!  A little bit of self discipline & control never hurt anyone, right??  And looking at the really funny side of it, 
      I actually find these particular type of people a little entertaining as well!!  Best regards to your editors.

    • John the Zombie says:

      08:36am | 06/11/11

      NESLIHAN KUROSAWA didnt you know that xams is not about Jesus or the unity of family or just about been happy with what we have but about the presents and gifts we give others.

      As I said before South Park has a episode for all occassion and it has one on this topic of xmas.

    • Fi says:

      05:24pm | 06/11/11

      Clearly someone who hasn’t heard the preachers. This isnt reminding people of the Christmas spirit, it’s shouting at women that they are sluts and are going to hell.

    • John the Zombie says:

      05:41pm | 06/11/11

      Fi I live in the city and on my days off I go for a walk through the city and I have nvr seen these guys yell at women and call them sluts so I am not sure who you are refering to.

      Maybe better to say they are uncovered meat

    • Jason Todd says:

      07:17pm | 06/11/11

      John the Zombie - You obviously haven’t been watching for long enough. Having said that, I haven’t heard them use the word ‘slut’, but have used other more antiquated terms on the same theme (Trollop, Harlot etc). Also, it is painfully misdirected. My partner was accused of being a harlot when walking past them on her way to a job interview for which she was wearing formal business attire.
      Work that one out.


      11:10pm | 06/11/11

      Hi there,

      I certainly have not witnessed any name calling on my part to this day. May be, these so called preachers have some kind of hidden message that they are trying to the convey to the general population. Somehow, I think their methods might be a little different & out dated for some of us.

      I also must say that I have only tried to point out some things, as an observer only!!  However, as previously discussed Religious Holidays should be about thinking of the less fortunate, being tolerant, showing compassion as well as being charitable to others around us. Best regards to your editors.

    • Lord Blackadder says:

      07:59pm | 07/11/11

      I don’t want to hear about Jesus Christ during the Christmas period as Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Christmas. Christmas is yet another pre-Christian era festival (a combination of Yule, Saturnalia and winter solstice) hijacked by the Christian faith in order to get more bums on seats and shut up the dissenting pagan rabble. December 25 wasn’t even chosen by the Catholic Church as Jesus’ birthday until the 4th Century AD. I suggest you research your “faith” a little more before making assumptions about the “Christmas Spirit”.

    • Samuel says:

      07:43am | 06/11/11

      Just curious: does the same apply to the occupy protesters?

    • nihonin says:

      08:37am | 06/11/11

      Obviously not, they have genuine concerns, ask them and they wouldn’t be able to tell you what they are, but you’ll have to wait till they stop arguing amongst themselves as to who’s turn it is to talk now.

    • The Galah from Hervey Bay says:

      09:11am | 06/11/11

      Samuel…good question !

    • Chris L says:

      02:56pm | 06/11/11

      Yeah, they’re pretty annoying as well. They haven’t been loud in Brisbane so it’s not the kind of audial assaut Lainie’s talking about, but they’ve caused a no go zone that I’m not happy about. If only they had a coherent message (even one I disagreed with) I’d be ok with it.

    • Apostate says:

      08:45am | 06/11/11

      The Atheists should have a go with another amplifier beside them.  But no, Atheists are critical thinkers and would not debase their belief system.

    • John the Zombie says:

      05:54pm | 06/11/11

      Apostate ICB on your notion Atheist are free thinker and will not try to debase someone’s belief. If this is true why does Atheist have websites attacking other ppl religions and pointing out things they believe are false. Why do Atheist call ppl who believe in religion fairy believers (and yes this has happened many time on the punch site).

      I have pasted a link below ansd will let you read it where it clearly shows that atheist have set up a website trying to debunk all religions, which is opposed to your own words that they are not.

      Also one last question for you? Will you as an atheist if you see someone been forced by violence to convert and be threatened with death (I don’t mean been told you will go to hell) but physically and given the choice to die or convert would you pick up the sword and go and defend those ppl been threatened with your own life. Ill tell you something one religion did this.

    • Steve M says:

      11:02am | 07/11/11

        There is a vast difference between creating a website to publish your beliefs or lack thereof, and screaming your beliefs in peoples faces as they walk past.

    • Tim the Toolman says:

      12:18pm | 07/11/11

      “Ill tell you something one religion did this.”

      How droll…saying how good religion is in that it will defend someone from being converted or killed, when it is religion threatening death in the first place. 

      Consider John, a world without religion…that person wouldn’t have been threatened with death in the first place, now would they?

    • Jason Todd says:

      08:14pm | 07/11/11

      John - Trying to think of which religion you mean. I can’t actually think of a religion that actively defended converts that didn’t also attempt to convert by force. Buddhists maybe? But then, they are the non-violent sort to start with.

    • John says:

      08:46am | 06/11/11

      The marketing of homosexuality is an attack of western civilization.
      It’s called subversion. Most likely lead by Marxist anti-christian atheists who control most of western media. These types of people are decaying the west, prompting everything that will destroy the west, immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, minority rights, human rights propaganda inc, bisexuality, homosexuality, bestiality, anti-Christianity dividing the family..etc It’s all about weakening the cultural structure and moral structure of the west, to destroy it and it’s also suspected after it’s destroyed, it will try and create a communist society, where people are trained like dogs to obey the state. If you look at Europe and America, it’s been heavily infected by this self destructive liberal leftist Marxist plague. The people are too divided too weak to even push their slave masters back. They are laughing as they watch us shallow their poison, and self destruct.

    • Not that Kate says:

      09:38am | 06/11/11

      I’m sorry, what?

    • P. Darvio says:

      09:39am | 06/11/11

      And who can we blame for Communism and Socialism- CHRISTIANITY !!!

      Yes those left pinkie commo Christians, who like Fictional Jesus Person (FJP), are bashing up bankers and Wall Street.

      Yes FJP hates Capitalism because he, as per the Christian Bible, assaulted and bashed up bankers who were simply going about their capitalist banking business. We know that Christianity is trying to destroy Capitalism - because the Christian Bible hates bankers and banks, and bashes them up and wants a religious theocratic state based on communism and socialism, and to destroy the banking system, and replace interest with usury – because charging interest is a SIN. Its time to get this anti-banking anti-capitalist pro Commo Christianity out of our schools and secular Government.

    • palone says:

      12:02pm | 06/11/11

      John, I realise from your comments that you have a problem with the language, (I say that in an understanding way not in a critical way), and that you may have simply failed to make your point.
      Having said that, do you really believe that the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, and other hotbeds of homosexuality are Marxist, anti-christian, Atheists?
      Lainie, as a product of the most visually beautiful City in the Nation, I can assure you that I spent youthful Sundays debating these self-same issues at the Elder Park area of the Torrens along with sometimes thousands of others. Beer crates abounded, and so did the loonies, and I’m not sure which group was the least intelligent.
      I know this—If I went to the Mall and started listing known acts of corruption to the crowd I would be moved on quick-smart. The police are empowered to do this, but remove christians? Not on your bloody life!

    • Mattb says:

      02:04pm | 06/11/11

      P darvio

      Please explain, in regards to your ‘wiki backed’ anti- socialism rants, why the majority of religious christian/ catholic nutjobs that are in our state and federal parliaments occupy the space of the far right?. According to your logic the greens must all be rapant Christians. I don’t know if anyone else can, but I just can’t see that being the case..

    • John says:

      03:02pm | 06/11/11

      You people don’t tend to see the big agenda, you just look at the cog wheels which avoiding the entire system. This what I’ve noticed. You are always falling into the traps of arguing between left and right, between this party and that party. While not realizing the debate is controlled and meaning less. Sheep being herded, manufactured consent. I mean like i care about the liberal and labor party, does it matter, they all the same. Do i care about bush or obama or blair, brown and Cameron. There is no democracy in the west, what you you are seeing its purely theater, they are more like actors then politicians. They care more about their pay checks, then their country’s. Do you think your nightly news media informs you about reality? or the reality it wants you to see? Wake up.

    • Chris L says:

      03:03pm | 06/11/11

      @Mattb - I think that’s his point. The most vocal Christians seem to also be the ones who are against the kind of socialist teachings Jesus gave in the bible.

      As an atheist I tend to find P.Darvio a bit too fundamentalist toward our shared non-belief, but in this case I think he/she has a very good point.

    • acotrel says:

      01:33am | 07/11/11

      ‘The marketing of homosexuality is an attack of western civilization. ‘

      Even if you are not gay, you should at least be willing to learn ? I just hope they never make it compulsory !

    • Me says:

      09:06am | 07/11/11

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Don’t have kids!!

    • Anonymous says:

      11:46am | 07/11/11

      The fact that you consider Homosexuality an attack on anything instantly renders your argument insane and makes people think of you as a nutjob with a two-digit IQ.

      Until anyone can legitimately prove that homosexuality harms others in any way, people who show such irrational hatred towards a group of people who have different sexual preferences will remain idiots.

    • Paulb says:

      02:46pm | 07/11/11

      Straight from the American Fundamental-case straw-man playbook.  There’s always one.

    • marley says:

      06:29am | 07/11/11

      And here I thought John was the loopiest character on the Punch.  My mistake.

    • iansand says:

      09:37am | 06/11/11

      Something interesting happening in Adelaide?  Wonders will never cease.  Although it is not really very interesting.

    • stephen says:

      09:50am | 06/11/11

      If they could give out discount vouchers for noodle-box or eagle-boys then I’d take up the mantle and stop the flock folding into the mold ... otherwise, having everlasting life’s too long a wait to spend my super.
      (I’m assuming that I get everlasting life and not the tax commissioner.)

    • Condor says:

      10:00am | 06/11/11

      We used to lock these nutbags up in a mental asylum.

      We should go back to doing that.

      Or go with the Speaker’s Corner where these nutters and gibberers can fling spittle at each other.

    • RJ says:

      10:45am | 06/11/11

      Jesus - Save me from your followers!!!

    • P. Darvio says:

      10:46am | 06/11/11

      Christianity’s message of hate, violence and racism continues.

    • John says:

      03:27pm | 06/11/11

      The articles implies the reserve. “Let’s tell these bloody street preachers where to go”

      Basically lets tell Christianity to thuk off. even though it implies “these” the natural reaction to readers is Christians, not these. This anti-christian sentiment which is being promoted by the western media is utter disgusting. I guess it proves my point that the western media is on an anti-christian agenda and has it’s roots in marxist critical theory. It makes me wonder if in 20 years, if Christians will be dragged through the streets and stapled on cross’s in their own west. These Marxists are certainly breeding a generation of christian haters.

    • Lloyd says:

      09:17pm | 06/11/11

      John: STFU

    • Luce says:

      10:32am | 07/11/11

      Christians: one of the largest religious groups on the planet, and, according to John, one of the most persecuted.

      John, I think you need to stop smoking buddy. Your paranoia is getting a little out of control.

    • scumbag says:

      12:46pm | 06/11/11

      Ah, Adelaide, the city of churches. It’s a good place for them, and for the un/fortunate individuals who ought to be revered in some way,  to be so worried about their fellow man as to want them saved by a combination of an invisible God, a Son of God, and a Holy Spirit, (caps in respect).  Tell them where to go by all means, except of course to Queensland. Don’t send your surplus idiots here, we have a surfeit of indigenous ones, as well as those who have already escaped from other states and territories. Border protection needs revision!

    • Chris L says:

      03:06pm | 06/11/11

      Yeah, not to Queensland please! We’re still coming to grips with how many poofs have been living among us for all these years!

    • Jane2 says:

      02:54pm | 06/11/11

      Isnt do unto others as you would have them do unto you one of the commandments?I often wonder what the preachers reaction would be if you had a megaphone and preached devil worship to them?

    • pj says:

      03:08pm | 06/11/11

      I don’t mind the more reverent christian groups..however,I do oppose those religions that find the need to disrupt our Australian way by bellowing out across the peace and quiet of our land! Please be still,we don’t need your anti-Christ message.

    • wearestardust says:

      03:20pm | 06/11/11

      A couple of thoughts from someone who was involved in a bit of street preaching (albeit in support and not directly ranting) back in the day, before I gave up religion for an extended Lent.

      It’s important to keep in mind that these people are completely out of touch with how they are perceived and think that any objections to their style and messages are because of the hardness of heart or resistance to the holy spirit of the listeners - it would never occur to them that ranting at and abusing passers-by doesn’t go down well in normal society.  It also doesn’t occur to them that their ‘in-language’ is utterly obscure to outsiders.

      On occasion that stands out to me was when one of the preachers got into the face of a passer-by, ranted at them and finished by telling the passer-by that they (the preacher) were cursing them so they could come to understand their need for Jesus.  The preacher told me this with some smugness about how the passer-by had been challenged by the power of the Holy Spirit; it is one of my regrets that I was insufficiently brave to point out that the reaction was probably due to having their face covered in spittle at point blank range.

      It’s also to be noted that, even though regrettably one only rarely hears it being admitted, reasonable and decent religious folk find this sort of street harassment, not to mention groups like Catch the Fire and the ACL, to be as objectionable as the rest of us think they are.

    • the apologist says:

      07:59am | 07/11/11

      what made you reject your faith?

    • Sick of the BS says:

      10:32pm | 06/11/11

      Its interesting to note the pro christian movement folks seem to think its a ok for them to bellow their views to passers by,apparently because us atheists arent vocal enough against the muslims? wtf? I hate all religion,it has caused so much disharmony and needless deaths and despair moreso than anything else. Yet i dont feel the need to get a megaphone and scream at someone who is religious that their ideals differ to my own.
      @ John: You piss and moan about homosexuality and bisexuality perverting our society and that somehow its atheists fault?How ironic is it that Catholic priests have been destroying the lives of our young boys thanks to their kiddie fiddling for decades (if not centuries) regardless of your religious persuasion,surely you can see the infallibilty of your anti homosexual rants of the religious here? Im not sure whats worse,the f#$ks who touch up the kiddies or the scum who then protect them? tell me mate!

    • A Dose of Reality says:

      11:43pm | 06/11/11

      These ‘preachers’ seem to be practicing what would be referred to as assault.  I’m quite sure that if a salesperson treated passer-bys in a like manner he/she would immediately be arrested and charged.  Why not these?  Because the Law retreats in negligence from anything connected to the christian ‘church’.

    • Seamus says:

      07:03am | 07/11/11

      You’ll have something to gripe about when it is a group of Muslims ramming Islam down your throat.

    • marley says:

      08:15am | 07/11/11

      I don’t care whether it’s Christianity or Islam, if it’s being rammed down my throat I damn well am going to gripe.

    • Paulb says:

      02:53pm | 07/11/11

      This article isn’t about Muslims though, is it.  Its about raving mad christians of which there are more than enough.  Enough with the attempts here to establish some kind of moral equivalency by playing the Muslim straw-man.

    • Jason Todd says:

      08:29pm | 07/11/11

      You’re right. I will. And I will have something to gripe about if it was Buddhists, Sikhs or Scientologists too.

      If I am to understand your subtext correctly though, are you suggesting that we should allow this level of abuse to go on, because if the christian\catholic community isn’t vocal, then our whole society will spontaneously convert to a different religion? Bit paranoid don’t you think?

    • Joanne Bennett says:

      07:16am | 07/11/11

      Why is it only christians that have to preach at others?  Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc don’t seem to need to do this.  Can’t be much of a religion if they’ve got to go door to door or hound people in shopping precincts looking for converts.  I’m just saying!

    • Mitch says:

      12:45pm | 07/11/11

      @Joanne Bennet: The Bible calls Christians to spread the good news of Jesus, so that as many people as possible can be saved. If Jews, Muslims, Buddhists etc. don’t do this it’s presumably because they haven’t been given the same imperative. Having said this, this particular group are way off beam and an embarrassment to the rest of us. There are right ways to spread the good news and screaming damnation through a megaphone isn’t one of them.

    • Barry from Adelaide says:

      07:49am | 07/11/11

      The Council’s attempts to remove these hate - filled shouters from Rundle Mall have my full support!

    • Al says:

      08:01am | 07/11/11

      The main thing that I have against these preachers is this:
      If I wanted to hear a sermon I have many options to choose from to do this, attend a place of worship, use the internet, read religous texts etc.
      However, if I decide I don’t wish to hear a sermon on how I am going to hell (or other place of punishment stipulated by a religion) for whatever reason why should I have it inflicted on me in a public place where there is no information available previously that this will occur? Isn’t this infringing on my right to choose which religion I will follow without being verbaly assaulted by those with other views?
      The realy funny thing though is unless I am in a rush I absolutely LOVE baiting these preachers into displaying their own ignorance of their own ‘holy texts’, it is realy amazing how little most of them know.

    • David Johnson says:

      08:33am | 07/11/11

      I’d rather these guys than an ‘Occupy Adelaide’ group.

    • Alf says:

      08:44am | 07/11/11

      What about those annoying people in t-shirts who try signing you up to the miriad of international Save the Whatevers on every street corner? Or the ones who wan’t to smear you with make-up in the shopping mall? I wish they would just fuck off.

    • Sam P says:

      09:29am | 07/11/11

      This is a big issue in Adelaide and is really turning people away from the mall - a real problem for shoppers and retailers alike. I’ve heard them scream at people with true viciousness. Totally unchristian. I know the Libs have introduced a Bill to address it. Remains to be seen whether the Labor gov will support it or not. Here’s the link to their presser about it:

    • Anonymous says:

      11:37am | 07/11/11

      Street preachers cross the line between free speech and hate speech. They are public menaces and should be treated as such.

    • fml says:

      12:05pm | 07/11/11

      What if they are manic?

    • Sarah says:

      12:46pm | 07/11/11

      “Besides, who wants to hear about Christ when we’re trying to Christmas shop?”

      Um… Seriously? Missing the point much? It’s not called CHRISTmas for nothing.

    • Paulb says:

      02:48pm | 07/11/11

      Nice Sarah.  Very two dimensional, child-like thought process at work here.  Obviously religion works with you.

    • Jason Todd says:

      08:40pm | 07/11/11

      I’d happily wander by and leave them undisturbed if they were discussing christ at christmas. However, considering that chances are I wouldn’t be able to wander past these guys without having them scream at me that I am an immoral sodomite who is destined for the bowels of hell for all eternity unless I fall at their feet and worship the one true lord. Not a great family shopping experience, even if you manage to pipe a few bars of “Good King Wenceslas” behind it.

      Bear in mind also that these aren’t your normal flavour christian sect, we are talking about Young Earth Creationists here, guys that fly their flag behind the banner of the likes of Ray Comfort (Bananaman) and Kirk Cameron. Guys who like to think that evolution is a lie, the earth is just 6000 years old and women are best kept barefoot and pregnant. I think people are right to be worried.

    • Pastor Flagon says:

      01:24pm | 07/11/11

      Sarah, I fear the devil’s work is at play. I think Beelzebub has absconded with your satire gene ....

    • bob says:

      12:50pm | 23/11/11

      These guys also beleive that black people are the descendants of Ham, and are cursed by God.

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