Somewhere amid the fanfare over his ability to speak fluent Mandarin and his merciless work ethic, it has slipped by unnoticed that Kevin Rudd shares the all-important first letter of the Kardashian klan. Err sorry, that should be clan.

And now, for my next act…!

From mum Kris to daughter Kim and assorted siblings, only names beginning with K will suffice. Even the romantic bit players (Kris, Kanye) are expected to conform to this peculiar preoccupation with the 11th member of the alphabet.

But it is not here that the similarities end between the world’s most famous reality family and Australia’s most famous on-again/off-again prime minister.

In recent days both Kim Kardashian and the former Labor leader have taken to social media to share baby snaps of loved ones in what, in both instances, was a thinly veiled exercise in self-promotion.

First up was Rudd, who felt compelled to tweet a photo of himself reclining on the lounge with his new granddaughter.

“Heaps of fun having baby Josephine home,” he confided to his one million plus followers.

Clearly no stranger to the desire to share an intimate family moment with a mass audience, everyone’s favourite Kardashian was quick to follow suit, posting a poolside photo of her nephew.

“My little Mason!!!!” she gushed for the benefit of one or two people whose eyes might have actually been drawn to her words and not the accompanying image of her curvaceous posterior.

Surely even onlookers particularly susceptible to cooing over babies and toddlers were left with little choice but to suspect that behind the respective cuteness lies a self-serving strategy.

For Kardashian it was merely an excuse to showcase her most famous asset – her photogenic rear end – and assure her fans that not even pregnancy can diminish her sex appeal. 

As for Rudd, who also posted a video of him sitting alongside his granddaughter while she celebrated her first Chinese New Year, it’s a tactic so transparent even a political dunce can decipher the encrypted message with ease.

I have a family! I’m a granddad! And a doting one at that!

Sure flight attendants and lowly office staff might flee in terror at the sight of me but I can’t be all bad if an adorable baby is smiling in my direction!

While he’s hardly the first politician to use a family album as leverage, there’s an undeniably more ominous subtext to the kissing-a-baby cliché when your rival just happens to have once been famously labelled “deliberately barren”. 

As we all know, the Member for Griffith is not just any backbencher seeking to capitalise on a folksy image among his local electorate.

His key – some might say only – objective is to further undermine the woman who replaced him as prime minister almost three years ago.

And what better way to pit himself against Julia Gillard than by reminding voters of his credentials as a husband, father and grandfather at every possible opportunity?

Even when devoid of a more sinister motive, the time-honoured phenomenon of politicians smooching unsuspecting babies has never been anything short of bizarre.

Just who is supposed to be won over by the awkward tussle between an uncomfortable MP and suspicious tot? Has a single vote ever been swayed by this most manipulative and hackneyed of political ploys?

If we are to survive the long months ahead until the campaign-that-isn’t-really-an-official-campaign-just-yet finally draws to a close in September, a few courtesies must be observed.

Imposing a limit on the number of television commercials the major parties are allowed to screen per day would be a good start.

So too a moratorium on vision of politicians cuddling up with human beings who are approximately 18 years too young to vote. And yes, Kevin Kardashian, that includes babies who happen to be members of your immediate family.

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    • acotrel says:

      05:22am | 07/02/13

      ‘And what better way to pit himself against Julia Gillard than by reminding voters of his credentials as a husband, father and grandfather at every possible opportunity?’

      Never mind about that !  When are we going to see Abbott reveal his great big new ideas for the future of Australia ?:  And don’t refer us to some bullshit download to store on our computers and treasure, because my PC Tools will kill it like any other virus.
      Where is the website which declares Abbott’s agenda ?
      When I think of him becoming PM, it is like considering having my leg cut off.

    • Mo says:

      07:15am | 07/02/13

      Having Gillard for the past couple of years has been like having both my legs cut off!  the worst prime minister Australia has had.

    • Steve Douglas says:

      07:40am | 07/02/13

      Abbott, Abbott ,  Abbott, Abbott.  Even in article that is not even about Abbott, Abbott, Abbott etc.  God you seem to be able to think about nothing else. Good luck with your amputation after Sept 14.

    • maree says:

      07:57am | 07/02/13

      acotrel: The left or right leg ? K. Rudd is a media tart !

    • dafall says:

      08:19am | 07/02/13

      Gnaw it off instead acotrel.  Much more excruciating - and play one of his stilted, no policy speeches while you’re at it.

    • Alfie says:

      08:31am | 07/02/13

      “When I think of him becoming PM, it is like considering having my leg cut off”

      You are already a burden on the taxpayer acotrel, no need to make matters worse.

    • Paul says:

      12:04pm | 07/02/13

      Abbot has 20+ pages of plan 9 months out… Last election, ALP released a 6 point plan - 3 weeks before the election!

      Oh and Acotrel - Shut up already.  Everyone on this whole site is sick and tired of your obsession with Abbot… regardless of whom we support.  Can you not for once just contribute something meaningful?  If we wanted your partisan point of view we could read your incessant daily ramblings on ALP connect!

    • Knemon says:

      12:24pm | 07/02/13

      Paul - “Everyone on this whole site is sick and tired of your obsession with Abbot”

      You don’t speak for ‘everyone’ Paul, I for one (and I wouldn’t be alone) find acotrel quite amusing, he is by far one of the finest ‘trollers’ The Punch has ever seen, the comments from people who ‘bite’ are even more amusing.

    • Martin G says:

      01:56pm | 07/02/13

      @Knemon… well said. Acotrel is one of the finest political commentators I have ever read.
      Keep up the good work!!!!

    • michael says:

      03:10pm | 07/02/13

      You must be terrified of a good man acotrel, are you one of the Labor goons that fear T Abbott to the point of screaming Abbott Abbott Abbott in your dreams, you poor soul.

      All these people crying out for Kev. What did Kevy do apart from starting the destruction that Gillard continued on with. He is a dud now as he was before, rude, boastful bully, arrogant little me me man. The lot of this Labor sham are the SAME. You better have the saw ready.

    • Ted says:

      03:32pm | 07/02/13

      Than you should promote a system of direct democracy a la Switzerland in which only the people are sovereign and shit happens would be history.

    • jg says:

      03:40pm | 07/02/13

      I’d like to see a fight to death between Credlin and acronob.

      The fatman would be toast in minutes.

    • Al says:

      03:57pm | 07/02/13

      michael - don’t worry, they always come after you when you point out the the problem with Kevey was that he was ALL talk and NO follow through.
      Great at PR and well actualy thats about it, great at PR.

    • Greg in Chengdu says:

      05:01pm | 07/02/13

      We know gillards agenda “Stay in power AT ALL COSTS! and to hell with the country”

    • nihonin says:

      05:32am | 07/02/13

      ‘thinly veiled exercise in self-promotion.’

      What Kevin Rudd being coy lol, nope don’t believe you, we’re not all as stupid as party acolytes.

    • Zack says:

      05:48am | 07/02/13

      KRudd a father, grandfather, husband with a wife and a real family who has to deal with real family problems. Compared to a real/fake Julia who clearly isn’t in the same boat, well the scenario speaks for itself.

    • Sonia says:

      07:05am | 07/02/13

      The scenario does speak for itself, she clearly is all about herself. Voters will punish the selfish Gillard come Sept 14th by hell or high water!

    • acotrel says:

      07:15am | 07/02/13

      Your attack on Julia based on her life choices does you no credit.  There are a lot of us who would have been much better people if we had remained unmarried and could choose to be ourselves. Unhappy marriages pull us all down, and they are widespread throughout the community. Some others seem to have relationships where they can act as control freaks.

    • Max says:

      07:30am | 07/02/13

      It does. We’ve just learnt a lot about you.

    • Nathan says:

      07:36am | 07/02/13

      So being a family man makes you a better leader is the only assumption to make after your comment. Rudd is the master of deception says he is supporting the leadership but rocks the boat in the back ground. Speak to people who dealt with him in qld and they will tell you he is not to be trusted even by politicians standards.

      Only people with family no know to deal with family matters? How would Rudd who comes from an affluent family and has successful wife be able to relate to a struggling family.  He doesn’t have anything in common, compassion and an understanding of the issues struggling families face is key.

    • Zoe B says:

      07:39am | 07/02/13

      Her regular behaviour tells everyone this woman is all abouts herself. I can’t see her in a role of responsibility for others. Her back-stabbing of Rudd is what defines her.

    • Steve Douglas says:

      07:46am | 07/02/13

      Zack even though I am not a fan of JG, to suggest that if you aren’t married or do not have children you cannot be a politician or have policies involving families is wrong.  Any sensible person could understand the plight of all in society.  Your prescription would rule out many good and sensible people from the political process.

    • maree says:

      08:59am | 07/02/13

      acotrel: your continual, bias attacks on Tony Abbott do you no credit !

    • Fred of no particular political persuasion says:

      11:06am | 07/02/13


      Come on now.  Admit it.  These blogs are part of your therapy aren’t they?  Your psychiatrist has recommended this as a way of controlling your pathological fixation on TA.

    • soton says:

      12:24pm | 07/02/13


      Unhappy marriages pull us all down, and they are widespread throughout the community.

      Seriously, after reading your posts i’m surprised that you even managed pulling in the first place.

    • Mr Sam says:

      01:17pm | 07/02/13

      Gillard made this personal when she attacked Abbott with the lie he was a misogynist without appreciating the impact it might have on his wife and daughters. She made it personal for personal gain. A female being childless isn’t a problem; the problem Gillard has is that she lives up to the unfounded stereotype of childless women being selfish and self-centred. What Gillard has demonstrated is selfishness, self centredness and the fact this is how she treats even those in her own party says it all. Her personal life reflects her political life which reflects a less then satisfactory chharacter.

    • Tator says:

      02:05pm | 07/02/13

      Rudd grew up with his father being a share farmer, not the most affluent of occupations, plus when his father died, he received a scholarship because of his families poverty to board at Marist College and it was only after his mother qualified as a nurse, that this ended and he studied at Nambour High School.  Plus raising a family on a nurses salary is not affluence either.

    • simonfromlakemba says:

      02:48pm | 07/02/13

      Well pointed out Tator.

      Turnbull Much the same as well.

    • JoniM says:

      03:49pm | 07/02/13

      “..he received a scholarship because of his families poverty to board at Marist College ..”

      Well that probably provides an explanation as to why he mixes so well with his colleagues . So should we say ” Sorry ’ for stealing him away from his family or investigate the College for the obvious abuses ?


      06:51am | 07/02/13

      Hi Sarrah,

      Mr Kevin Rudd is such a charming person with perfect family shots to show the world. Somehow he still happens to be a perfect role model for why Australian families would vote for such warm and family oriented person, right?  Oh then again his isn’t a candidate in the Australian Federal elections this year and that is real shame! I have always thought that he has served his party, the ALP well during the time of his leadership.  I am only guessing that Mr Kevin Rudd is overdue for some well earned family time and may be for a foreign mission overseas?  Who can tell for certain?

      The other politicians on the either side of the Australian politics could learn a few things from him like having that special touch when it comes to dealing with the members of the public, in a charming way!  I still wonder if we really vote for more strong and assertive figures in Australian politics, who don’t actually deliver on those promises anyway?  As well as the fact that we tend to forget easily the details of our recent history in the Australian Federal politics?  Does that mean we are bound to make the same mistakes over and over again?  Kind regards.

    • KimL says:

      06:57am | 07/02/13

      Kevin has a do I know? I have him on facebook along with thousand of other people, we don’t care Kev is not PM, we like him..short and simple. That is the difference between Kevin and Gillard and Abbott.. Turnbull and Rudd both have many fans..why? neither are the leader of their parties they are not pop stars or movie stars..both men are liked and respected. Money can’t buy that and neither Gillard or Abbott will ever have that amount of popularity. I wish Kevin would come back and clean all of this mess up..I doubt he will but he will stay liked by me on facebook and anywhere else.

    • SAm says:

      11:40am | 07/02/13

      +1. I dont care if hes tough to work with, he gets stuff done and is a gentleman to the people. He should be our PM. Best couple of years this country has had in decades and no, im not being satirical or sarcasting, thats my genuine belief

    • Tell It Like It Is says:

      12:48pm | 07/02/13

      I think you should consult someone about your drug problem @Sam.
      Otherwise, the next thing you’ll be saying is that Gillard has been the best PM we’ve ever had - instead of the worst and most embarrassing.

    • Onlooker says:

      07:02am | 07/02/13

      Did it ever occur to you K Rudd may just be a proud granddad? the press has beat the take over of the leadership to put it simply..we don’t believe you have cried wolf to much

    • Gobert says:

      11:30am | 07/02/13 let on to everyone that Sarrah isn’t a very good journo..

      Though I do give her credit for noticing that Rudd’s and Kardashian’s first names do both start with ‘K’ and that they both know other people they are related to that they like to take photos of.

    • acotrel says:

      07:58am | 07/02/13

      Wishing won’t make a leadership challenge happen.  Abbott will just have to come up with the goods. Let’s face it, you know he is hopeless.

    • Bubba Ray says:

      01:01pm | 07/02/13

      Yeah in 86 they said Little Johnny was hopeless too.

      Still that worked out all right.

    • Alfie says:

      08:36am | 07/02/13

      Every time there is a crisis in the ALP (almost daily now), the spectre of Krudd reappears. All I can think is, geez they must be desperate.

    • Robert S McCormick says:

      08:51am | 07/02/13

      Though it may take time, the Truth will always emerge.
      The latest damning report about Julia Gillard comes from one of the ALP’s very own.
      In the Adelaide Advertiser today, the undemocratically, racially-based dismissal of NT Senator Trish Crossin by Julia Gillard & her replacement by Nova Peris, an Aboriginal Northern Territorian, had absolutely nothing to do with Nova’s gender nor race. It had nothing to do with the desire for the ALP, so very, very, belatedly to have a Female Aboriginal take a seat in the Federal Parliament.
      Gillard reportedly told Trish Crossin, a number of times, that her decision was based soley on Gillard’s personal need to “create a legacy for herself as leader of the ALP”
      No apologies, Julia, but you have long-since created your own ‘legacy’. It makes very, very ugly, nasty reading.
      Your ghost-written biography needs only 3 Chapters, after which people will feel so abused they will toss it away.
      There are only 3 chapter titles possible;
      Chapter 1: “My Disloyalty”
      Chapter 2: “My Dishonesty”
      Chapter 3: “My Racism”
      What Julia did to Trish Crossin was despicable. It was Racist in the extreme.
      As was suggested when Gillard appointed Nova Peris, it is patently obvious that Gillard, solely to create this phony “legacy” for herself &, even more racist than her wrongful dismissal of Senator Trish Crossin, she simply used Nova Peris as her pawn.

    • Davo says:

      11:28am | 07/02/13

      Nicely put Robert -  the opposition don’t need to say anything when the Government is showing its true self.

    • Rachel says:

      01:45pm | 07/02/13

      Maybe is is actually drawing up her CV for her next job, cause labor don’t hand out cushy jobs post politics, oops excuse me my head fell off I was laughing so much.

    • Rachel says:

      01:54pm | 07/02/13

      Besides I thought Gillards legacy was, there will be no carbon tax, or was open transparent government, at this rate her legacy will just be a big lie.

    • workitout says:

      06:42pm | 07/02/13

      why is it when I read a report in the new of anything realy weird or gross has happens it is always followed by in South Australia

    • Borderer says:

      08:55am | 07/02/13

      K-Rudd looks so good because despite being a failure as a PM he was fortunately (for him, definately not us) replaced by the walking catastophe that is Julia Gillard.
      There’s a reason why his polling was tanking and the party pretty much dropped him like a hot rock and it wasn’t because he’s a nice guy and a good leader.

    • Dicko says:

      09:02am | 07/02/13

      Even Gillard’s adopted the “kids for votes” philosophy as her new twitter profile shows.

    • Cath says:

      09:08am | 07/02/13

      Politicians should pretend their families don’t exist just because Julia Gillard is unmarried and childless?  What crap.  Who is the kid in JG’s new twitterpic - looks like a miniature Nicola Roxon!

    • Colin says:

      09:25am | 07/02/13

      Oh, how I would hate to be any relation to KRudd; with a foul-temper and a sarcastic, foul-mouth, he would be an absolute nightmare of a grand-dad or - even worse - father..!

    • nihonin says:

      10:16am | 07/02/13

      Worse still, when he came to visit you and was walking up the garden path towards you, you’d be looking over his shoulder for the obligatory photographer or camera crew.

    • Colin says:

      10:49am | 07/02/13

      @ nihonin

      “’d be looking over his shoulder for the obligatory photographer or camera crew. “

      Which someone had…*ahem*...“anonymously”...*cough*...tipped off to get a photo opportunity…

    • nihonin says:

      12:31pm | 07/02/13

      @Colin…...............who on Earth, would do such a thing as to anonymously ‘tip’ off the media?

    • PsychoHyena says:

      12:35pm | 07/02/13

      @Colin, unfortunately some of the roughest and toughest looking guys I know are absolute teddy bears when it comes to their family, the only time they let loose is when their family is in danger or threatened.

      On the same token I can sort of relate with Rudd, stress will often alter a person’s personality and cause them to react in ways they normally wouldn’t react.

      If you say that hasn’t happened to you, then congratulations you are yet to find your weakness.

    • Colin says:

      01:15pm | 07/02/13

      @ PsychoHyena

      “...stress will often alter a person’s personality and cause them to react in ways they normally wouldn’t react.”

      Indeed, it will, But the Prime Minister of our country should learn to keep their temper in check a little more; yelling at some minor functionary about food didn’t exactly make him a shining exemplar of how we want a person in control of a government, a military, and a nation to behave…

      As for “rough” and “tough” looking guys, I confess to not being intimately involved with any of them and know not of their supposed gentleness or otherwise. The closest I have come to observing such behaviour is when I saw one of the maintenance staff (who could be classed as ‘Rough” looking; he has a tattoo and smokes cigarettes) kick over a waste bin in the car park that he seemed to be angry with. I tried not to extrapolate his pointless anger with inanimate objects to any further violence that he may exhibit with his family.

      Nevertheless, I did give him a wide berth when he passed me in the corridor subsequent to observing that incident…

    • NSS says:

      02:25pm | 07/02/13


      K Rudd as a person is probably a very nice bloke. And yep, this article strikes me as an underhanded attempt to bring out all the fools who judge J Gillard on her marital and child -bearing status, whilst having a swing at Ruddy in the process. A fishing expedition, relying on the grubs, if you will.

      I get that he is probably a demon to have as a boss. It’s not uncommon in the corporate world, especially when major stress arises from major stakes. It sounds to me like he may need a bit of help with his management style, but there’s no doubting the guy has a large following and much respect in the community.

    • NightStalker says:

      09:28am | 07/02/13

      So long as the people remember the krudd that jooliar knifed, the first second best worst prime minister we have ever had being stuck by the first best worst prime minister we’ve ever had relegating whitlam way down to the first third best worst prime minister we’ve ever had.  Remember this people on the 14 September and for good measure out windsor way they’re not an oakshott within integrity either.

    • Mr Sam says:

      09:39am | 07/02/13

      Rudd is reminding everyone that Gillard is not a traditional person with traditional values. Rudd is a ALP politician. Rudd is slowly attacking Gillard’s already wounded credibility and morality. Rudd not Abbott is going to slowly peel away her ability to beat the LNP. Rudd will have his way. It is pretty enjoyable to watch the ALP eat itself alive.

    • JoniM says:

      04:07pm | 07/02/13

      Yep !

      In the parlance of KRudd…..Revenge is a dish best served sucked from a sauce bottle !

    • Murray says:

      10:05am | 07/02/13

      God, I hope the ALP does not come to its senses and replace Gillard with Rudd .
      Equally I do hope the Liberals do finally come to their senses and replace Abbott with just about anybody else.
      With Gillard and Abbott in place - I reckon the ALP will survive with enough seats to have a real shot within 2 election cycles.
      With Rudd and Abbott in place it would probably be a lot closer but still a Lib win.
      With Gillard against anybody other than the odious Abbott, the Libs could come close to totally destroying the ALP - and isn’t that a goal worth achieving?

    • Iggy Crash says:

      10:45am | 07/02/13

      Did it ever occur to you that KRudd uses his social media the way it’s supposed to be used? He’s reaching out to the people who use social media and he has a following because people like him. He shares his opinions, he reaches out to people in an effort to help, he shows personal parts of his life. This is what social media is for. I follow him because he’s interesting and because I like what I see of him as a person. Everyone plans their social media, they put thought into what they’re about to say, it’s ALL orchestrated.

    • Gordon says:

      10:48am | 07/02/13

      In the words of the man himself “just gimme a break”. If he’s an attention whore why feed it? If he’s just posting a photo of his grandkid to a few (thousand) intimate friends we don’t need a minute political dissection of it. If Jules loses in Sept he will probably put his hand up again. This is about as startling and newsworthy as the sun coming up in the morning..

    • Paul C says:

      11:03am | 07/02/13

      What a Triumph for Women!  Australia’s first Female PM and she is a disaster!  Well Done Labor!

      Oh course they will bring back Rudd, it is their only chance, but he will need to sit it out in opposition for a while I would think.  Labor is all about self preservation - it’s their only goal.

    • davo says:

      11:33am | 07/02/13

      Good old Krudd, just like a swan, very graceful to watch but paddling furiously underneath.  Watch your back Julia, the writing is on the wall.

    • tez says:

      11:33am | 07/02/13

      Heard Rudd say ‘‘give us a break’’ yesterday, I think he has been listening to too many liberal commentators lately. That is often their catch cry.

    • molly moate says:

      11:34am | 07/02/13

      God I wish everyone would stop going on about K Rudd. Where were the cameras when all the Liberal leaders (who had been dumped, one after another). Peacock, Nelson, Downer etc. Why didn’t anyone think they would try to contest again (actually howard did). No this is more about the fact that a WOMAN dared take over the leadership of an australian political party. Shame on Aust. for not celebrating our 1st woman PM regardless of whether we agreed with her politics or not.  Just goes to show how much farther we need to go in the equality stakes in this country.

    • LJ Dots says:

      12:02pm | 07/02/13

      @molly moate, just quickly, the Liberal names you mention were all in opposition at the time. What better time to change a leader than in opposition? Getting rid of the sitting Prime Minister carries a lot more baggage.

      In addition, I will not ‘celebrate’ bad policy and implementation from a male Prime Minister purely because we share the same gender.

    • tez says:

      12:07pm | 07/02/13

      Agree Molly and the country won’t go any farther while a woman is demeaned for not being married and not having children and daring to take over as leader of a political party, It will remain a mans world while those men who don’t hate woman say and write crap about one just because she is a woman.

    • Confused says:

      01:12pm | 07/02/13

      Why would we celebrate her just for being the 1st woman PM and disregard her politics?  Sorry I’m a little confused and not sure if you’re being sarcastic. 

      She is there to be the PM.  It is all about her politics and should have NOTHING to do with gender.  Equality means judging people on their performance not whether they are a man or woman. 

      This is the silliest thing I’ve read all day.

    • Knemon says:

      01:57pm | 07/02/13

      Confused - We may not celebrate Gillard being our first female PM, but history will forever record that she was our first female PM, like her or not, that recognition can never be taken away from Gillard, in the same vein, Maggie Thatcher, Helen Clark Et Al. Whereas, Mr Abbott will go down in history as just another has been conservative leader and or PM. Ms Gillard will be long remembered over Mr Abbott…and for what it’s worth, I personally couldn’t give a FF about either.

    • LIz says:

      11:49am | 07/02/13

      And like the Kardashian klan we don’t bother tuning in at all and that now inculdes the Rudd klan who joined the wrong party that is full of faceless men who back stab all the way to the poles.

      Bring on the election, the Australian voting public will not fall for the trashy antics of a minority gov’t ruled by a woman who dumped Rudd and he has never got over it.

      Come September, we are over all this Labor trash, goodbye Labor and the political bullying.

    • Ross says:

      11:59am | 07/02/13

      As much as I don’t like Gillard I don’t like Abbott either . so my only choice will be an independent at least they seem honest and assess the problems as they come along ,and don’t just vote the party line like a rusted on ALP or Lib /NP does.

    • tez says:

      01:00pm | 07/02/13

      A few more Indies would be a good idea as long as they are tough enough to withstand the sledging that Winsor and Oakeshott have withstood.

    • Knemon says:

      02:01pm | 07/02/13

      You’re not alone in that line of thinking Ross.

    • Ted says:

      05:43pm | 07/02/13

      what about direct democracy a la Switzerland to keep the bastards honest?

    • Rob says:

      12:00pm | 07/02/13

      @Gobert - c’mon admit it, you’re really Kevin Rudd, aren’t you? Why else so defensive when all Sarrah is doing is quite rightfully distinguishing between being a proud grandad and exploiting that for political gain?

    • Caedrel says:

      12:32pm | 07/02/13

      Lovely photo - is Rudd’s son in law Asian? His graddaughter certainly has that look. There’s no question Rudd screwed up and was screwing things up in 2010 - but I’d like to think that he learned from them and become a bit humbler and wiser. He’s never been good with the party-aspect politicking, but I don’t see that as a weakness. I don’t think he would or should accept the Labor leadership before the election, but I’d still vote for him over Abbott. Maybe not over Turnbull or Hockey, though.

    • Easy says:

      12:45pm | 07/02/13

      This is a very odd article, trying to associate Kevin Rudd with the Kardashians and critical of some innocuous behaviour. Your political bias is showing.
      And Molly Moate.. your belief that we should applaud everything Gillard does just because she is female is so ridiculous it’s sublime.

    • Trent says:

      02:00pm | 07/02/13

      I’m voting for Kev. If he’s not available, like hell Julia or Tony are getting my vote.

    • ratchet says:

      03:30pm | 07/02/13

      ...Kim’s fame and popluarity started with a “leaked” sex tape..
      ...let’s all hope and pray that Kevin doesn’t get any ideas….

    • ted says:

      03:35pm | 07/02/13

      Keeping up with K-Rudd
      Keeping up with K-Rook

    • Lyle Barington says:

      03:44pm | 07/02/13

      How much longer do we have to endure Rudd and these Labour clowns. I have had enough of this garbage. The country is in tatters. There is no confidence, no jobs, no nothing. Rudd started it and Gillard and Swann finished it. Life is absolute crap here now. Pompus old Rudd swanning around, chainsaw in hand, What a tosser. As usual Labor ruins it for everyone. Wake up people. Get rid of all of this lot.

    • Jeff says:

      04:24pm | 07/02/13

      Its evident none of the bloggers above live in Griffiths, I do, and Rudd is not as popular as he thinks he is. Only comes out, when there is a photo opportunity, doesnt get vhis hands dirty, didnt you all see the saw dust all over him in the flood clean up. You know when he is in Griffith by the media contingent following. Spends more time out of electorate, since he has been on back bench

    • Ken Oath says:

      06:09pm | 07/02/13

      All that glitters is not gold. I seem to remember a certain cyclist millions of people adored up until recently too.


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The Punch is moving house

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