South Australian Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond, who’s first action when she won the post was to ban swearing in the party room, has today said she’d be happy to be tasered.

Isobel Redmond, who never does anything just to get her picture taken.

So having 50,000 volts of electricity shot through your body might not be as embarrassing as say, sniffing a colleague’s chair, or being outed as having carried a teddy bear around in your uni days, but it’s pretty stupid.

And it makes you wonder what we’ve done to deserve politicians who think we’re so easily bought with cheap stunts.

In case Ms Redmond is wondering what it’s like to be tasered, here’s a piece by Daily Telegraph reporter Rhett Watson about the day he screamed like a baby and fell to the floor after being hit by one in a controlled environment.

What would be achieved by the South Australian leader of the Liberals go through the same thing is beyond me. (Cue jokes about how all politicians could do with a good tasering etc).

We’re not that stupid are we?

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    • Tom says:

      10:35am | 21/10/09

      “And it makes you wonder what we’ve done to deserve politicians who think we’re so easily bought with cheap stunts.”

      Nick Xenophon. Enough said.

    • Bob H says:

      10:42am | 21/10/09

      Can I suggest all politicians should be tazered on a regular basis without regard to the new recommendations. 
      Bags I’m first.

    • Leslie Nassar says:

      10:43am | 21/10/09

      Look, it’s not that I’m stupid, it’s just that I’m bored (and stupid).

      If Isobel Redmond’s brutal tasering can take my mind off the hoards of boat people floating off our shores, AND she can do it in a commercial break during Packed to The Rafters, then I say go for it.

      I suggest she holds a raffle (with all proceeds going to a charity) to see who in the electorate gets to pull the trigger.

    • Tim says:

      11:41am | 21/10/09


      The media created Nick Xenophon. Every stunt he did was given priority placement in newspapers and bulletins in SA - even as other politicians were slaving away doing the hard work. 

      Dare i say, Chris Kenny was tasered to the applause of the media for his bravery and galantry.

      So Tory, i think its a case of the media reaping what they have sowed

    • Hand Wringers says:

      12:13pm | 21/10/09

      And your point is? It’s not compulsory to hold a seat, in government or opposition. It’s not compulsory to stand as Party Leader, either. Nobody’s making ‘em stick out their mitts for $300,000 dollars or more of public money.

      In Opposition, elected members and Leaders don’t suddenly lose whatever wits they were born or elected with.  A Party and its Leader don’t suddenly find themselves in Opposition with nothing but a notepad, pencil and phone.

      They still have a whacking great Party organisation behind them. They’re still paid blisteringly big salaries, still have paid staff, still have the Parliamentary staff, nd Parliamentary Library research staff to help them. And they can still access all the usual public information functions of the Public Service.

      We pay them bloody *huge* amounts to do a responsible job as well as they can.  Fibs, spin and stunts just won’t do. Endless droning about the humiliation of opposition won’t do, either. We pu ‘em in Opposition when they’re not good enough to govern.

      Their job is still to represent their electorates and the interests of our country as well as they can, with common-sense policies honestly presented, and by fair examination of government policy and programmes.

      Just quit the moaning, already.  Get on with the job you’re being bloody well-paid for. Sheesh.

    • Nickk says:

      05:58pm | 21/10/09

      Tim and Tom (haha), the media may have helped Xenophon rise, but at least he’s actually done what he’s supposed to and represented his state in the Senate instead of just following the party hivemind.

    • Andrew says:

      03:58pm | 22/10/09

      At the end of the day Redmond will never be Premier, everyone, even her colleagues know that. Can someone worth voting for in the South Australia Liberal caucus please be brave enough to stand up to the job?? Cheers


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