I wake up with Today. And I have since it was hosted by Steve Liebmann and Liz Hayes. Don’t get me wrong. Sunrise is good. I have no complaint. It’s just that having let the Today crew into my house so many years ago, they are now part of the family. It is a simple question of tribal loyalty.

Just part of the furniture. Oops, family

And so, having declared my interest, let me say that I now have a family tiff with the Today Show which needs resolution. The Today Show is refusing to tell us the weather. And not just in relation to a smaller country town; but to a whole nation - a nation of 7 million people.

One of the most loyal audiences for the Today Show is in Papua New Guinea. The show is broadcast into PNG not once, but twice: on the local TV station EMTV (which used to be owned by Channel 9) and on Imparja which airs in Northern Australia.

For our PNG brothers and sisters, the Today Show helps set the scene of the Melbourne Cup, federal elections and the State of Origin. Indeed, it allows the Australian rhythm of life to pulsate in Port Moresby. For Australia, it is great public diplomacy.

But to what extent does the Today Show cater to PNG? Have you ever seen a piece on PNG?

PNG has just had the most extraordinary political year since Independence, culminating in an election which was a triumph for democracy, and the formation of the O’Neill Government. But did the Today Show once interview a PNG politician?

When Ryan Pini won a swimming gold medal at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games the streets were lined from Jackson airport back to Waigani. Did the Today Show tell that story?

And yet from Moresby to Lae, from Hagen to Goroka, the good citizens of PNG loyally begin their mornings by tuning into the Today Show.

It makes me wonder: has any program ever been so contemptuous of a section of its viewership?

So maybe the way to begin repairing this situation is for the Today Show to tell us what the weather is every morning in Port Moresby. It shouldn’t be that hard. After all it’s pretty much the same every day: 31 degrees, steamy, with the possibility of storms.

If they told us about the weather in Port Moresby it might be possible one day to actually do the weather from Port Moresby, or even do an entire show from Port Moresby.

When I see my home town of Geelong come up on the weather map, it reminds me that we count, that Karl is speaking to me too. When the Today Show is broadcast from Geelong it is a moment of great local excitement and pride. We feel good about our identity.

The Today Show understands this which is why they do it.

But shouldn’t PNG count too? Isn’t Karl also speaking to them? Don’t they have the right to share in that local excitement?

In a country with hundreds of different language groups and ethnicities, PNG national identity is not to be taken for granted. Yet in order to embark on all the impressive and ambitious plans for nation building that the PNG Government has, PNG needs all the national identity it can get. The Today Show really can help.

They can help Australia’s national interest as well.

PNG is our nearest neighbour. It is a country with a growing population that is already fifty percent bigger than New Zealand. It is our second largest aid recipient; home to one of Australia’s largest diplomatic posts. PNG is one of two countries that gained its independence from Australia. And it has seen some of Australia’s most iconic military engagements.

Whichever way you cut it, PNG is one of the most important bi-lateral relationships we have in the world. And its importance is growing. Yet this is a bi-lateral relationship which does not have the prominence that it deserves in our national discourse.

This is not an easy problem to solve and will require many different strategies at many different levels in order to succeed.  But if the Today Show told us what the weather was in Port Moresby, at least its Australian viewership would know that there is a country to the north of Cape York.

At the end of the day this is mostly just an issue of plain respect. There is an audience in PNG which is watching the Today Show’s content, and then buying products from companies which are buying ads on the Today Show time slot. The advertisers are paying good money because Papua New Guineans are watching. The least the Today Show can do is acknowledge the audience.

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    • Sundress In Sydney says:

      07:47am | 14/12/12

      I liked that story.  A bit tongue in cheek, I know, but I like the message.  PNG is very important to us, yet with the fluffing around over Asia by our esteemed leaders you would be forgiven for not thinking this.  Also, Australia has a moral debt to PNG that I do not notice acknowledged too often in the public arena.  Remember, our fighting men would have had massive losses had it not been for the locals (Fuzzie Wuzzies you may know them by).  PNG is a bit of a puzzle to many Australians, lots of lanuages and a bit hard to understand how their government keeps ticking at times.  But it does work, and they are trying, and it would be great to be the guiding hand they keep asking for.

    • Bomb78 says:

      08:51am | 14/12/12

      Sundress - you beat me to it. PNG was screwed in the 1970’s, and since, by Australia washing its hands of all its problems. We can’t fix all of their problems, but PNG should be our top foreign policy focus.

    • barney says:

      09:31am | 14/12/12

      You wake up with Today , I can’t believe anyone would admit
      to that

    • ibast says:

      07:53am | 14/12/12

      PNG isn’t white enough for the Today show.

    • Student says:

      11:15am | 14/12/12

      Isn’t Australia going that way as well? wink

    • hillsman says:

      09:05am | 14/12/12

      today show…lib party HQ…

    • mmg says:

      10:41am | 14/12/12

      You might also notice that shows like the today show and others of that ilk don’t acknowledge much of this country either.  Sure, they might briefly show the weather of places not on the east coast but that is about where it ends…

    • Mike says:

      11:28am | 14/12/12

      Is it me or has anyone else noticed how bring Today is without Karl and Ben!!

    • Philosopher says:

      02:10pm | 14/12/12

      ‘bring’... you mean bling, in a chinese accentl? You may be right, my friend…

    • Brian B says:

      02:01pm | 14/12/12

      You’re taking the piss aren’t you Richard?

      Shows like Today and Sunrise, with hosts talking down to you and “advising” you, are surely on their way out.

      The internet gives you a choice of news to read, listen to or watch, unlike these programs which control not only content, but when you are able to access this content.

      Fast becoming irrelevant - I don’t know anyone under 40 to 50 age group that watches these shows.

    • Gordon says:

      03:13pm | 14/12/12

      It wouldn’t suprise me if no-one on the production crew even know they broadcast into PNG. Or perhaps even know what a PNG is or where to buy one. Do they run local ads up there or just take the whole package?

    • Philosopher says:

      03:42pm | 14/12/12

      they probably think broadcasts are made on bongo drums.

    • ronny jonny says:

      05:22pm | 14/12/12

      The run local ads. Tru Kai rice, Digicel, Lynx deodorant, 1 kina mackeral, you name it. They even have their own version of The Voice, Digicel Stars, a much more entertaining program.
      It is a bit of a cringe fest seeing Karl and Lisa represent our nation and the empty headed shite they promote. I watch it here with locals and wonder if they think we are all like that. Quite embarrassing at times. I’ve been in small towns where the only tv is up in a cage on the wall of the local market and to see Karl and Lisa doing their thing with a large audience of locals watching is pretty sad, I wonder if we are damaging their brains. They do seem to like it though.


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