There were starkly different reactions in Britain and Australia to pictures of his regal redness Prince Harry in naked frolic with a woman.

...why we should be a republic. Picture: Extra

It had nothing to do with prudery.

The British and ourselves know that fornication has been a hobby of royalty for generations and certainly Harry could have learned a thing or two about a bit of below-stairs action from his father. Or his step-mother.

And it wasn’t because strip billiards is not a readily acknowledged English sport but a crass Americanism. Harry has done the world a favour in giving the game long overdue global recognition and the next step is publication of a rule book.

There is broad agreement on these matters.

The difference was that at home Prince Harry is seen as No3 in line to the British throne after the departure of his hugely regarded grandmother. That flavoured the London response to photos of his nude Las Vegas antics.

In Australia he is not considered a future national Head of State or even the brother of one. He is seen merely as yet another celebrity who can’t complain if caught on film mid-antic.

In Britain he is Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales. In Australia he’s crazy Harry.

So Australian news outlets on Wednesday published the pictures of the prince and his Las Vegas pals showing what’s under the royal robes. The story and illustrations were devoured as a fascinating piece of light news.

But in Britain the aggressive news outlets - the usually bold tabloid newspapers - held off. These are the outlets who in most other circumstances would be running garish spread with headlines about sinking the pink.

But there clearly was hesitance amid the aftershocks of the Leveson inquiry into journalistic practices and privacy issues.

Also, Harry is a likable bloke who has served his country in the military and is being groomed for a substantial role in The Firm. He stood in for the Queen during the London Olympics closing ceremony and generally has done a good job.

The royal family is among the few institutions recession-drained Britain can count on for quality service, a standard set by Her Majesty. Any indication that the quality drops off sharply with her grandchildren reflects on the reliability of that institution.

When the photos were finally run they caused sighs of regret rather than giggles. There were several furrowed-brow discussions about the standard of royal security, and the standards of Harry.

In Australia the importance of the Queen and her immediate relatives is not as great. Her Majesty remains popular but there is no direct connection with the youngsters.

This widely held attitude indicates that the prospect for a republican Australia could grow when the Queen is no longer with us.

Do we want a nude celebrity to be our Head of State?

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CORRECTION: For the record, did not actually publish the Prince Harry pictures. The article has been amended to reflect that.

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    • gobsmack says:

      07:07am | 24/08/12

      “Do we want a nude celebrity to be our Head of State?”

      Yes please.

    • acotrel says:

      07:35am | 24/08/12

      It must be a man thing ? So that is why you are so keen on Tony Abbott in budgie smugglers ?  You could harvest a tobacco crop off his chest.

    • gobsmack says:

      08:28am | 24/08/12


    • Jeremy says:

      09:21am | 24/08/12

      I’m quite sure almost everyone on the planet gets naked in the confines of their hotel room or house on a regular basis, and if you were to hang around with a phone long enough you’d get your stripped pic. The difference is there is clearly a greater want to see Harry in the nude than say, the Queen, or Ms Gillard.

    • sky says:

      09:22am | 24/08/12

      thats a yes for me too!

    • sky says:

      09:22am | 24/08/12

      thats a yes for me too!

    • Michael N says:

      10:46am | 24/08/12

      Gobsmack - I’m with you on both counts.

      Acotrel - I will always defend to the death (more likely mine) your right to hold a competing view but please help us both out and stop being such a weirdo.

    • Tenille says:

      11:22am | 24/08/12

      Only if it is Harry…Nude Charles???  maybe not smile

    • Hot blooded Aussie woman says:

      12:11pm | 24/08/12

      Yes - bring Harry on!

      He’s even better with his kit off

    • Anne Devine says:

      02:40pm | 24/08/12

      Who cares - has absolutely nothing to do with becoming a republic. I am about your age too - Bit old fashioned Mal! Glad you’re not in charge of my boys!

    • Don says:

      05:37pm | 24/08/12

      I agree, our fully clothed politicans are not much chop anyway.

      As to those beating the republic drum, you just don’t get it. We don’t trust our politicians as far as we can throw them. Certainly not enough to let them run riot in the rewrite of the constitution that is required for the change. In my opinion the more they squeal about the constitution and the monarchy, and whinge, and whine and carry on and on and on…. the happier I am. The day we hear contented purrs in Canberra regarding the constitution is when we need to panic.

    • Shane says:

      06:15pm | 24/08/12


      You seem to forget that the darling of the ALP, Bob Hawke, was a drunken philanderer who STILL, in his 80’s, wears budgie smugglers.

      You’re piss weak with this sort of ravings, you sound like you just escaped from somewhere.

    • nihonin says:

      07:20am | 24/08/12

      I knew Mal Farr would provide an excellent example of why Australia should become a republic.  Can’t have a young man go and out and enjoy himself just because he’s a member of the Royal family.  I’m sure Mal didn’t go out and have fun when he was young, just in case he embarrassed his family as well, as are his expectations of Harry.  No this doesn’t mean I’m a monarchist either, just a realist.

    • Simian says:

      07:43am | 24/08/12

      Mal had his head buried in the Fin Review from kindergarten and never looked up.

    • acotrel says:

      08:02am | 24/08/12

      ’ Can’t have a young man go and out and enjoy himself just because he’s a member of the Royal family. ‘

      Like father, like son.  I hope his attendant has warm hands.

    • nihonin says:

      09:38am | 24/08/12

      lol @ acotrel

    • Paul says:

      10:03am | 24/08/12

      You’ve got to remember that the primary purpose of the sons and daughter of this family _is_ to fornicate and procreate.  The heir must heir and all that.  Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to get upset when we find out he enjoys his job?

    • Barney says:

      10:48am | 24/08/12

      Harry is so far down the line , Queen still here , Charles still here although sometimes its a bit hard to tell , William , go Harry .

    • bananabender56 says:

      07:24am | 24/08/12

      Well if the President of the USA can have a blow job whats the harm in Harry having a nude frolick?

    • KH says:

      07:27am | 24/08/12

      This tool is only a heartbeat away from being our future head of state.  Its still less frightening as having John Howard as the GG.  Lets hope Catherine gets knocked up soon…............

    • acotrel says:

      08:07am | 24/08/12

      What are you talking about ?  Howard as GG is a really good idea.  Abbott would have a friend in court whenever he needs a double dissolution. ( That is the only way he’ll become PM before the end of 2013 ! )

    • Robbo says:

      01:42pm | 24/08/12

      Heaven forbid that a Minister of State have a relative as the GG.  OOps, Bill Shorten’s mum-in-law is already there! 
      That does not sit well with the people. Rather they had Harry as GG.

    • Robbo says:

      01:42pm | 24/08/12

      Heaven forbid that a Minister of State have a relative as the GG.  OOps, Bill Shorten’s mum-in-law is already there! 
      That does not sit well with the people. Rather they had Harry as GG.

    • Aussie says:

      01:50pm | 24/08/12

      Good to see you’ve come out of the closet and can see the reality that Tony will be PM after the next election.

    • Suzanne says:

      07:47am | 24/08/12

      You can tell Harry is like his father

    • acotrel says:

      08:09am | 24/08/12

      Diana was the only royal worth a pinch. They seem to be hanging their hopes of continuity on her, through her kids.

    • AFR says:

      08:56am | 24/08/12

      James Hewitt?

    • JoniM says:

      10:29am | 24/08/12

      Yep !

      William is like Charles and Harry is like his father !

    • Shane says:

      06:18pm | 24/08/12

      Diana was a commoner Alcotrel. 

      When she died her title was “Diana, Princess of Wales”

      No HRH, so she wasn’t royal.

      Get your facts right.

    • Trevor says:

      07:49am | 24/08/12

      Reminds me of an old Mel Brookes line: ‘it’s good to be the king!’

      Or prince in this case.

    • nihonin says:

      08:43am | 24/08/12

      ‘Count the money’ no no ‘Count De Mornet’.

    • Stephan says:

      07:51am | 24/08/12

      Lucky, lucky bas****d

    • acotrel says:

      08:24am | 24/08/12

      Don’t be jealous.- He probably gets a lot of injections of antibiotics.

    • the duke says:

      07:56am | 24/08/12

      Bring on a republic I say—the way we’re going we’ll be up there with the best reigemes from southern america and eastern europe very soon

    • marley says:

      08:57am | 24/08/12

      Or we could continue as a monarchy in company with such leading lights as Swaziland, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    • WayneT says:

      01:18pm | 24/08/12

      If you want a country where the Government has total control of your lives then vote for a Republic.  If you want to give up the ability to sack the Government then vote a Republic.  If you want to throw away all the protections our Constitution provides then vote in a Republic.  The Queen and her heirs and successors do not have any power in Australia unless the people of Australia exercise it.  Read your Constitution and educate yourself about your rights.  Why do you think Government both State & Federal removed the Constitution from school curriculum (the most important document in Australia)? About 60% of Australians don’t even know we have one.  Daily we hand over our rights & freedoms.  Wake up people.  Read a document called ‘Your Will Be Done’ by Arthur A Chresby to get a clearer understanding of your rights and the role the Queen plays in all of it.

    • Mark says:

      01:55pm | 24/08/12

      @ the duke. Not sure if your joking or not, but south america and eastern europe are all republics. Most of the country’s you would want to live in are Constitutional Monarchy’s.

      @ Marley, Swaziland, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are all absolute monarchy’s, its a completely different system of government. Its like comparing the USA’s system to that of China

    • marley says:

      02:08pm | 24/08/12

      @Mark - pretty sure the duke was being ironic - referring to some of the world’s less salubrious republics.  But not all republics are comparable to Ukraine or Venezuela, any more than all monarchies are comparable to Swaziland or Qatar.  Republics such as Germany, France and Switzerland are every bit as democratic as monarchies such as the UK, the Netherlands or Norway.  It’s not republic vs monarchy that is the issue;  it’s constitutional democracy, be it republican or monarchial, vs autocratic, oligarchic or absolute rule, whether republican or monarchial.

    • Tim says:

      08:04am | 24/08/12

      Could have learned about that below stairs action from his mother and his real father too.
      Just saying.

    • Tubesteak says:

      08:05am | 24/08/12

      “When the photos were finally run they caused sighs of regret rather than giggles.”

      ummm from who?

      Not this little black duck.

      I have no respect for a man that shackles himself to a depreciating asset just because of social convention of anachronistic social expectation. Especially when that man has the status of Harry.

      Marriage is for losers that couldn’t pull a root in a women’s prison with undies made from pardons.

      Any man of means should be out there banging eveyr piece of tight tail he possibly can until it suits him to settle down and start a family. Men don’t have biological clocks thus we don’t need to settle down when young like women need to do nor do we get less attractive as we get older as long as we’ve got money.

      I now have more respect for Harry and the royals than I ever did especially if he knocked boots with that tasty little blond in the background.

    • marley says:

      11:16am | 24/08/12

      Actually, men do have biological clocks - the older you are, the lower the quality of the sperm, and the more likely it will have genetic defects. There’s some thought that the increase in autism is in part attributable to older fathers.

      And sorry to burst your bubble, but men most definitely do share the female trait of becoming less attractive as they age.  It is a fundamental economic fact that the cost of buying yourself a young wife will go up exponentially as you lose your hair, gain weight, and develop jowls. 

      So, the question then becomes, is it worth waiting till the last possible minute, paying through the nose for a bright young thing, and taking a genetic lottery ticket, or is it better investing a bit earlier on and increasing the odds of having kids that don’t have all sorts of issue courtesy of your decaying DNA?

    • Tubesteak says:

      12:19pm | 24/08/12

      You should do a bit of research on the deteriorating quality of sperm thing. Most studies show that there is only a 15% increased chance that it will take a year or more to conceive. All researchers admit (and state in their studies) that it is not of much conern for men.

      The autism claim is also flawed because no decent study has been done to show a link or prove that it’s not a function of other things such as health (compare health nuts like Tony Abbott to the beer-soaked TAB resident) or the age of the female partner.

      Men can overcome a paunch or jowls with a nice house and a flash car. Smarter men know to source their wives from SE Asia, South America, Africa or Eastern Europe who don’t have the “expensiveness” of western women. The increase is not exponential. Just a moderate increase and only maybe. The same bright young western woman costs the same amount when you’re 20 as when you’re 50 (she won’t look at you unless you drive a Mercedes or BMW, pop a carat on her finger, designer handbag on her shoulder and own a house in the good part of town).

      Better off waiting a while. Have some fun. Then settle down. No point settling down young only to see the fruits of your labours wrinkle, sag, dimple and fade.

    • marley says:

      01:01pm | 24/08/12

      @tubesteak - well, I reckon maybe you are the one who needs to do the research, since you’re the one planning to take your chances with deferred parenthood.  You might start here:

      And then, think about this little quote from a recent article in the American Journal of Human Genetics: “growing evidence suggests that, independently of maternal age, the progeny of older fathers are more susceptible to a wide range of conditions, including spontaneous dominant disorders, congenital anomalies, childhood cancers, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, breast cancer,increased telomere length,autism,schizophrenia,bipolar disorder, and reduced neurocognitive abilities in childhood and infancy.”

      All I’m saying is, deferring marriage and parenthood until you’re older and have done with the playing around may cost you more than you think, one way and another.  As Acotrel would no doubt advise, do your risk analysis.

    • acotrel says:

      01:13pm | 24/08/12

      My wife has told me that the sexiest thing about me is that I don’t know I’m sexy.

    • marley says:

      01:34pm | 24/08/12

      @acotrel - it’s always nice to be loved for your sex appeal rather than your wallet   wink

    • Drama Queen says:

      03:02pm | 24/08/12

      How sad - sounds like Tubesteak only has a wallet going for him with not much else. One-trick pony. Best you buy a wife when you’re wrinkly Tubesteak because an Aussie wife might also want some respect - something which you seem incapable of doing with females.

      Me - I take my men with the lot - personality, good looks and love and respect (I can supply the money myself).

    • firefly says:

      06:27pm | 24/08/12

      Drama Queen, hopefully ‘your’ men come with extra personality to make up for your lack of it.

    • RuralBrain says:

      08:13am | 24/08/12

      Harry seems very normal to me. Nothing wrong with that!  He’s relatively young soldier and he’s on leave. I guess if you’ve never been in that situation, you probably wouldn’t understand how it feels to not have to conform to military discipline. Give me a break…he has given his family and Britain all they could reasonably ask of a ‘royal’.  What he is and what he may become has very little to do with us here in Oz.

    • Joan says:

      08:25am | 24/08/12

      As I always knew - republicans just a gaggle of pious , boring party poopers. - a bunch of old maids like Gillard,  tut tutting at Harry raunchy party and Abbott speedos. Shock horror Abbott - masculine testoterone chest , in speedos at beach. Give me a raunchy Harry, Abbott Australia to a boors Farr old maid Gillard republic any day.

    • Tubesteak says:

      10:20am | 24/08/12

      “gaggle of pious , boring party poopers. - a bunch of old maids like Gillard”

      I’m a Republican and I like Harry for what he gets up to. I don’t hate him just because he’s a Royal and I don’t hate Royals just because they are our Monarchy. I don’t hate any of the Royals. I want a Republic for the benefits it can deliver and what I have described in the past.

    • Drama Queen says:

      04:45pm | 24/08/12

      Tubesteak “I want a Republic for the benefits it can deliver and what I have described in the past.”

      How do you know what the benefits will be if no one has come forward with a viable model of what we’ll get. There are many different Republics out there. I would hope we don’t get one like the US.

    • P. Walker says:

      05:11pm | 24/08/12

      Joan, you are so spot on, these republicans dream of being adored, dream of being the “head”.  The trouble is we have such cheap trash at the moment within the republican movement.  Just look at the cheap run of the mill train tunnel we have as a PM at present!  This thing is looking at sexual harassment in the Defence Force, ha ha ha.  How many marriages has this thing broken up?

    • Aussie Wazza says:

      08:29am | 24/08/12

      When I shut my door I expect that whatever goes on is my business alone.

      If I choose to wander around the house naked or dress in my wifes gear; thats my business.

      I came across some photos taken with a ‘toilet cam’. A small camera that had been fixed into a womens toilet in a shopping centre somewhere to take videos of women using the toilet. Sick!  Again, shut the door and what happens behind it is no one elses business. Maybe the photos were of you, your wife or mother. Somewhere, right now, something could be watching them.

      Can anyone condone the perpetrators actions? I certainly can’t.

      The door in Harrys room was shut,and again what happened behind it is the business of those inside alone.

      Whatever took these photos is almost lower than a parking meter slime and should be put down.

      The newspapers that published the photos are not much better. Maybe the toilet cam fitter could find a market for his works with them.

      Whether the person involved is royalty, a celebrity of just a scruff, privacy is paramount within your walls.

      As to this effecting my opinion of Harry.
                                                I too was young once.
                                                                        Go for it.

    • BobC says:

      11:44am | 24/08/12

      Couldn’t agree more!! Although I think the “parking meter slime” in this context is a bit tough on parking meter guys and gals!

    • Esperanza Torres says:

      12:12pm | 24/08/12

      I agree Gudonya.  I will only add that any slime who puts ‘toilet cams’ in a public loo or shower is usually charged, so why hasn’t the lovely little tart who took these photos been charged? I am not a royalist, but invasion of privacy beyond closed doors, is still invasion of privacy in my opinion.  No matter whose privacy it is you are invading.

    • SimpleSimon says:

      08:38am | 24/08/12

      Make him our next GG. He seems like a good dude, and I’d like to have a few schooners with him. Honestly, a royal with some personality is so refreshing, we shouldn’t be bashing him for doing what boys do. As you say, when it comes to official duties and functions he performs beautifully, and makes way less faux pas than his dear grandfather! Harry’s not a sign we should become a republic - if anything he’s the only member of that family that makes me want to stay a part of the commonwealth!

    • Joan says:

      10:18am | 24/08/12

      SimpleSimon -  Yep Harry for GG - get the nation rocking, a nation sent commatose by Gillard droll, scullduggery political style. - a once proud nation turned into a nation of sad sacks by Gillard., her minority government and her unionist henchmen.

    • SimpleSimon says:

      11:37am | 24/08/12

      @Joan - Actually I was thinking we could get the people who only ever whinge, particularly about the government, to lighten up a bit.

    • Joan says:

      12:36pm | 24/08/12

      SimpleSimon: -  Sadly Gillard and her minority government a blight on Australian society and whinging is a symptom of the blight she has cast over Australia. Watch Australian mental health and well being improve once Gillard and hangerons gone. It will be a brand new day and brand new begining for Australia .

    • HC says:

      03:33pm | 24/08/12

      Lol @Joan

      Are you really so naive?  Nothing will change when Gillard (deservedly) loses the next election.  Only because no one in this country would ever vote for a truly useful politician because useful people make Australian voters feel dumb and lazy.

    • iansand says:

      08:41am | 24/08/12

      The monarchy is just bread and circuses.  Nudity or unicycles are the obvious next steps.

    • Greg says:

      08:43am | 24/08/12

      He’s never going to be head of state and once William starts having kids Harry gets even further away, he will always be trotted out at the odd public engagement that doesn’t really mean much but he will never hold any real position.

      Why do we really care anyway how is this any worse to him being dressed as a nazi?

      Give it another 5-10 years for the old timer monarchists to drop off and younger kids who couldn’t give a stuff to become of age and the republic vote will get up.

      And anyway we should be really worried that people like Beautrice and Eugunie and not too much further down the line than Harry, at least Harry is likeable

    • Mark says:

      02:01pm | 24/08/12

      I’m 22 and I’m a monarchist. The monarchist organisations have more young members than the ARM, and from a more diverse background as well. Not to mention that all recent polls show that the under 30 group favors the monarchy over a republic.

      Sorry but if your waiting for monarchist to croak you will be waiting for a while.

    • VJR says:

      08:47am | 24/08/12

      Yes he is a young bloke that not really mature enough to handle he’s positon but to be honest how other other 27 year olds would do any better not many is my guess. He will grow up so give the fellow some space however if I was a British tax payer paying for his silliness then I would be a bit pissed off at why he is having all the fun while the rest of his subjects to be look at a very gloomy future indeed..

    • jimbo says:

      09:01am | 24/08/12

      Do we want Harry to be our head of state?  No!  I would rather have a union hack like Bill Shorten to be President.  Though, thinking about it perhaps we should go for a person with proven class and credibility.  Peter Fitzsimons would be good because he is a keen Republican and and a bloody good author.  Bandanas could catch on.

    • JoniM says:

      10:40am | 24/08/12

      Shorten & Fitzsimmons, all in the one paragraph, immediately eliminates further consideration for any role, other than egotistical wanker of the year nominations !

    • Pork says:

      09:05am | 24/08/12

      Loves Sport, loves to party, poor decision making/judgement, questionable parentage = King Harry of Australia.
      Long live King Harry

    • Daemon says:

      09:09am | 24/08/12

      I don’t understand why he was with those sluts….

      Sorry, the wife just explained it.

    • Eve says:

      09:17am | 24/08/12

      this is news?
      he is a young man and single, isn’t he allowed to have a private life?
      where was security?

    • George says:

      09:22am | 24/08/12

      Why not? It’s the lifestyle everyone wants when they’re young, or even when they’re old like Charlie Sheen.

    • dexxter says:

      09:37am | 24/08/12

      The monarchy and the way thay they suppported GB at the Olympics together with this stupidity, no matter how much people will try and find excuses, shows that our head of state is very definitely of a foreign country. As an example, I saw no cheering for the Aussies from any of the royals so why do we really care about the? The next generation leaves much to be deisred and we can probably do far better with one of our own.

    • dexxter says:

      09:37am | 24/08/12

      The monarchy and the way thay they suppported GB at the Olympics together with this stupidity, no matter how much people will try and find excuses, shows that our head of state is very definitely of a foreign country. As an example, I saw no cheering for the Aussies from any of the royals so why do we really care about the? The next generation leaves much to be deisred and we can probably do far better with one of our own.

    • jhamiltonwa says:

      09:37am | 24/08/12

      Malcolm, your second paragraph, what has fornication got to do with this? You also imply a connection with adultery, referring to his father and his step-mother. Leaving its irrelevance aside, why did you not refer to his mother, who herself was a confessed adulterer? Don’t answer, I know why, you didn’t dare.

      @the duke, Which southern american and eastern european monarchies are you concerned we are going to emulate? Which southern american & european republics should we be modelling ourselves on in your opinion? I think I missed your irony.

    • Sarah says:

      12:57pm | 24/08/12


      Mistresses have been promoted to wife in the past… Anne Boleyn springs quickly to mind - and there have been others.

      For the record. Harry hasn’t hurt anyone or done anything remotely illegal or morally wrong. He was in the privacy of his hotel suite - and that privacy has been violated. He is not married or even in any kind of relationship. He is a young verile bloke. He has a real job. He is serving his country. He pays his own way. He does his duty forced on him by birth when called upon to do so… He has nothing to be ashamed of - and at least he has a nice fit body to boot! Leave him alone. William is the future head of state and he is acutely aware of it and takes his destiny and future role very seriously. Good on him. Harry doesn’t have that kind of cloud hanging over him and he should do as he damned well likes provided no-one gets hurt. The order of birth seems to have worked out pretty well in the end!

    • marley says:

      01:05pm | 24/08/12

      @iansand - “Camill is the first royal mistress who actually managed to promote herself to wife.”  I’d have thought Anne Boleyn was the first, myself.

    • peterdah says:

      09:41am | 24/08/12

      If the politicians give the people the option of voting for the republic model they want, it would most likely succeed. While the only option is a model that gives more power to the politicians, it will never happen. Don’t be distracted by the antics of a prince who is a generation away from becoming King. We have one of the safest and most stable democracies in the world. If we are not going to be better off under a republic, then why bother.

    • Mark says:

      02:08pm | 24/08/12

      All republican models grant more power to the political class as they are the only ones who can ever get the job. Either they pick the president or its only their rich mates who can afford a presidential campaign. Even in little Ireland each of the nominees admitted to spending over two hundred thousand pounds. 99.99% of Aussies couldn’t afford that.

    • marley says:

      02:28pm | 24/08/12

      @Mark - there’s more than one model out there to choose from.  The Irish president is elected by popular vote.  That means election expenses.  So is the French President, for that matter. 

      But not all republics follow that model.  The German and Italian presidents are selected by electoral councils representing the state and federal governments, rather than by popular vote.  Not much in the way of expenses, and the presidents aren’t necessarily from the political classes.

    • Alex says:

      09:43am | 24/08/12

      The whole premise of the article is false.  William is not the reason Australia should remain a constitutional monarchy.  What a lazy piece of writing.

    • SydneyGirl says:

      09:48am | 24/08/12

      It isn’t about Harry having a good time, his private life is his own.

      Its that he is doing it on taxpayers money. A lot of it. And doesn’t seem to be doing much else.

    • marley says:

      09:59am | 24/08/12

      @SydneyGirl - so far as I’m aware, Harry only gets taxpayer’s money for serving in the army, and for performing official duties.  For the most part, he and the family live off the income from the royal properties.

    • SydneyGirl says:

      10:36am | 24/08/12


      My impression was that a princely junket to Vegas with a security detail is going to cost the taxpayer.  He is not the average lad getting on a budget air and getting drunk and naked somewhere after all?

      The last I heard the royalty was costing the taxpaper some 10 million pounds for no good reason but I maybe wrong.

      PS: However he should have met a young lass who stole his heart thus setting the stage for another ghastly Richard Curtis movie about Brits meeting raunchy cute:-)

    • marley says:

      11:01am | 24/08/12

      @SydneyGirl - the Queen gets compensated for her expenses as Head of State, for example the cost of hosting official functions at the palaces, and of domestic and international travel on official business.  This is no different from the funding provided to the GG for similar purposes.

      Some members of the family receive official funding (not Harry, though) but the Queen repays it to the Treasury.  She also pays taxes on her own income from the royal estates.  It’s not quite the burden on taxpayers that some imagine.

      Here’s a link:

    • Empowered. says:

      09:58am | 24/08/12

      @Mal your’e kidding aren’t you?
      I don’t get the press’ obsession with the scrutiny on the private lives of celebrities and high profile people wich borders on invasively criminal, with all the hallmarks of futile gossip whipped into scandal, something wich as a child I imagined octogenarian widows sitting around a table sipping at plain tea would do all day because their frail minds and bodies were incapable of anything else, not unlike the depth of journalism and the individual agendas of journalists using their publishing medium to spruke their own importance, relatively speaking.
      You and many others totaly missed the point of the lack of privacy from a rabid paparazzi and misery merchants who pay obscene amounts of money for dirty gosippy pics and then you and your ilk fan the flames of fantasy with utter verbal shite under a freedom of press unwritten imagined constitution in this country at least.
      You also neglected the point where the same rabid paparazzi and misery merchants had more than a fair hand in the demise of this lads Mum, the fact that he was naked in the presence of females should be commended instead of condemned and I would much rather a Prince who roots the opposite sex and photographers, journalists, and publishers who respect the privacy of all concerned.

    • Jay says:

      10:04am | 24/08/12

      The hypocrisy of the media know no bounds. Theyhave just gone through the enquiry in the UK and yet the first chance they get to become grubby there they go.They hounded Diana to her death and now they are doing the same to her sons. What he does in his own time is his own business and leave it alone.

    • Wild about Harry says:

      12:09pm | 24/08/12

      Spot on! They hounded his mother to her death and now Harry can’t even enjoy himself within his own hotel room without some a-hole taking sneaky snaps and selling them off to the media vultures. If I was Clarence House, I would taking legal action for invasion of privacy. The photos were taken in his private hotel FFS!
      Harry’s antics don’t worry me one bit. I think he’s a great bloke and I’d buy him a drink or two. If anything his party boy image in addition to the royal engagements he undertakes, charity work and military work makes him more likeable.
      As for being publicly funded, I think you’ll find Charles pays for most (if not all) of his son’s (and daughter in laws) expenses out of his multiple estates and ventures.
      Leave Harry alone. If anything there should be outrage that some parasite took the photo and sold it to the media - they are the ones who should be vilified.
      How about the media putting some of the spotlight on the charity work that Harry does? Unlike his cousins, he does a fair chunk of charity and for some pretty honourable causes too. After what they did to his mother, the media should have the decency to leave Diana’s boys ALONE.

    • stephen says:

      10:07am | 24/08/12

      Alex, I will fill your wondering readers why we should stay a monarchy.

      So Australians can proudly watch the royals in Team GB kit at the Olympics at every turn cheering on their GB countrymen and women.
      So we dont miss out on “getting” the joke about the Queen jumping out of the plane in a parachute.
      So we can speculate on what might happen should a drunken sad middle aged hooligan vomit at his fathers/brothers/own coronation after party.
      So we can look forward to an helicopter pilot & his wife (unemployed) who looks just lovely in a dress being our king & queen in a bout 20-40 years time.

    • Old Fella says:

      10:21am | 24/08/12

      Hazard harry is perfect for our GG he fits our Australian image & ideals perfectly. If I was in his situation, Id be doing the same, enjoying the sweet fruits of youth.

    • Scotchfinger says:

      11:39am | 24/08/12

      the young upstart should be brushing up on his medieval history and practising his Latin declensions, not rutting his way around the Commonwealth. Her Royal Highness would be displeased Indeed.

    • Garry says:

      10:30am | 24/08/12

      Oh this is sad, Harry is apart from the title, a military man, a young man who like any of the military men and young men out there is having some fun. So if in oh say ten years, an ex young Australian military man becomes our prime-minister or president we would be screaming for their resignation for enjoying himself as a young military man when not on active duty. Shame on all including Mr. Farr for their comments on this piece. I do not care if we are a monarchy of a republic as long as Australia decides but to ridicule the monarchy and throw this up as a reason not to be a monarchy is poorly chosen, and not a reason that it should occur. Is this really all that the Republicans can throw up as a reason, my God they are as potty as they claim the monarchy is. The image of giggling schoolkids looking at semi nude pictures of their favorite pop star under the blankets with a torch on comes to mind when people gutter talk incidents like this.

      Any man who never had fun like Harry, well you missed out in life never mind, complain - or dare I say - whinge away.

    • youdy beaudy says:

      10:31am | 24/08/12

      Well, Prince Harry, what can one say. Well, i think that he is a normal young bloke doing what young people do. If ones son was out playing the field with the girls who want to play and deal with their hormones then the father might say. Johnny is out sowing a few wild oats. This is what is said or at least in the old days. Fathers would be proud that their sons liked girls and were furthering their ambitions that way. So, what’s the problem with the prudes. Harrys young and likes girls and plays like any normal young man and the girls play as well. No biggy really.

      As far as the monarchy go i think it would be a backward step to move away from what we have had traditionally. Pollys are useless and think that they are Kings and rule over us. When King John Lackland signed the magna carta, even tho not wanting to do and under pressure did, he gave to the people of the time independence from the crown and they were able to make democracy but over the time the pollies have just assumed the same role as Kings when they are not. So, why not keep the Royal Family. For the English it helps to hold the empire together as people have a symbol, the Queen, to look up too. This is good for them even under present day life. We should think carefully before we allow pollies to eat the whole cake. And Harry should continue to have a good life. Nothing wrong with running naked with young women. It would be different if he were running with young men, now what a scandal that would be.!

    • Pissed off says:

      10:51am | 24/08/12

      Picked this up from another article:

      Harry is a public - and publicly funded - figure.
      Welcome to the real world, you know, the public who fund your lavish life style.

      Royals are parasites, they don’t actually “DO” anything really. So Harry was military, big deal so are thousands of other people and they don’t get the accolades they deserve, but this silly little boy does.
      Republic, the sooner the better, I don’t think we should be sucking up to them, they have out lived their usefulness, something like the unions.

    • CD says:

      12:03pm | 24/08/12

      *passing over a chill pill.  Take it with water*

      Sheesh you’re heading for a stroke.

    • marley says:

      04:42pm | 24/08/12

      Actually, the public does not fund his lifestyle (except insofar as he draws a salary from the army).  He gets his income from his dad and his grandmother.

    • Arnold Layne says:

      10:54am | 24/08/12

      Just for a few days, the woman in front of shot in that photo has the most viewed magumbos in the world.

    • Perdix says:

      12:51pm | 24/08/12

      and very nice they are as well!

    • Lapun says:

      10:54am | 24/08/12

      Mal, “Crazy Harry”????  Never been heard by me or any friends!  Lovable Harry, Rascal Harry, perhaps but never Crazy.  He is a delight to most Australians, male or female, and has done at least as much as Wills to humanise and re-popularise the Royal Family.  Go for it Harry - just continue to be a normal healthy bloke and have some fun while you have the chance.

    • Glenn says:

      10:57am | 24/08/12

      There was no wrong doing by Harry here.  The wrong doing was done by the person who secretly took the photo then unfairly posted it on the Internet.
      Let him have his fun - so what.

    • At Work says:

      01:36pm | 24/08/12

      @Glenn: There was no wrong doing by Harry here.  The wrong doing was done by the person who secretly took the photo then *GOT PAID MULTI-MILLIONS BY A TABLOID FOR IT*

      There. Fixed it for you.

    • Dr Crispin Wheatley says:

      11:04am | 24/08/12

      As a rusted on republican, I am finding my growing admiration for this man to be somewhat challenging.

      Harry should not be our next monarch, he should be installed as our first president.

      With Prince Philip about to shuffle off to his grave, the royal family needs Harry to keep on being Harry or they will lose their relevance completely.

    • Francis says:

      11:17am | 24/08/12

      I have always found the monarchy a boring irrelevency. Harry, I must confess, is not quite so boring but, still, irrelevent and a spoilt brat to boot.

    • Tommy says:

      11:24am | 24/08/12

      I don’t see why what Harry did was such a big deal - he’s an adult that engaged in something legal with other consenting adults in a private place - no one’s damn business.  What it does show is that the royals are no different to anyone else, so why do we treat them as different and keep the heriditary monarchy system?

      Let what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas

    • Tommy says:

      11:36am | 24/08/12

      As far as I’m concerned, Harry is an adult doing something private and legal with other consenting adults in a private place, so it’s no ones damn business. 

      What it does show is that the royals are no different to anyone else, so why do we treat them differently under the heriditary monarchial system?

      Let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas and bring on a libertarian based republic.

    • Esteban says:

      11:43am | 24/08/12

      This is an absolute disgrace.

      Second in line for the Crown and he can’t play billiards.

      The whole point of strip billiards in mixed company is that the boys beat the girls.

      Even if you have a naked girl standing right behind the pocket as you line up your shot such poor play cannot be condoned.

      Royal billiard lessons to be undertaken forthwith to avoid future scandals.

    • Scotchfinger says:

      12:02pm | 24/08/12

      good point; but somehow I think young Harry had in mind a different interpretation of ‘lining up the shot’.

    • Esteban says:

      12:16pm | 24/08/12

      Pink into the ..err black into the .. err .Damn missed!

    • Andy says:

      11:58am | 24/08/12

      give the guy a break he’s only human! and he does so many other great things. i think its rediculous that this is being made to be so terrible, it was a private night with some friends. The Media is just a vulture pack these days.

    • Richard the Lionheart says:

      12:07pm | 24/08/12

      Because of our convict heritage, most Australians like a bit of cheeky raffishness. Harry for G.G. Let’s give him a go to defer or at least sideline growing puritanism in our country.

    • Tim says:

      12:08pm | 24/08/12

      Whats the big deal hes techiniqually not a full blood royal ? Anyone with half a brain can see Charlies is not the father of him

    • Lay off says:

      01:34pm | 24/08/12

      How do you know he’s not a full blood royal? Done a DNA test on young Harry did you?
      He’s the spitting image of the Spencers including the red hair.
      My daughter is the image on me and also has a strong likeness to my siblings. She looks nothing remotely like her father, my husband. I can guarantee she is my husband’s progeny though because I sure as hell do not recall shagging around 9 months before her birth.

      I for one think Harry is a legend. The nude images don’t tarnish his image as far as I am concerned. Just makes him more of a likeable lad.

    • Moggy says:

      12:10pm | 24/08/12

      The Queen is the head of the Church of England. Prince Charles will be her succesor in this job. Charles is a fornicating arsehole who devastated his young bride by carrying on with an ugly cow. At Diana’s death this so-called “Royal” family, the Queen & her cohorts totally ignored Diana’s death apart from Charles going to France to collect her broken body. The rest of them only decided to show some sympathy when the outrage at the way Dianna was being ignored finally broke through the ice filled halls of Buckingham Palace.  How quickly we forget.  How forgotten that poor broken girl is these days. And how sickening it is to see her son, William, being used as a globe trotting repair man for his father Prince Charlse,  & his desperate new wife. Camilla Cow. We need to get that whole sorry bunch of parasites off our backs.

    • Zeta says:

      12:27pm | 24/08/12

      I would rather King Harry than King Advanced Hair Stuidos over there any day of the week. Look at him - he’s got more money than God, and he’s a pack of poo tickets from his forehead to the back of his collar. Surely ultra wealthy elitist illuminats can get a hair transplant from a willing, brainwashed slave or something? Don’t they do that in clinics in Macau?

      And don’t get me started on Kate Middleton. Not since Sigrid the Haughty, consort to Sweyn Forkbeard in 1013 has an English monarch had a name that so suitably describes everything about her. She might as well be called Kate Beige Trousers.

      Harry on the other hand, the guy’s a warrior king in the tradition of old. This is the guy who joined the army, wanted to drive a tank, then decided driving a tank wasn’t bad ass enough so he joined a reconaissance unit THAT DRIVES TANKS. Using a tank to engage in covert surveilance is basically the most ballsy move during the entire Afghanistan conflict. Can you imagine being some Mooj up in those hills thinking, ‘shit, the English are coming, they’ve sent their Prince to spy on us, in a tank’.

      The yanks want to spy on some Taliban, they fly a daintly little robot around by remote control that looks like a kid’s toy. Prince Harry wants to spy on you, he’s going to drive a tank into your house and just watch you sleep. That’s how he rolls.

      Then, after driving spy tanks he learns how to fly attack helicopters. Like any one is every going to have the stones to leave the Commonwealth when you’ve got a prince who is dual skilled as both a tank commander and an attack helicopter pilot. That’s basically like having two fully functioning sets of male genitals.

      I mean, usually, a dude in a tank is content to call an attack helicopter on the radio when shit gets real - but not Prince Harry. He decided to go away and learn how to fly them so he could do both.

      Meanwhile, his brother is pouncing about in a rescue helicopter. I guess he watched too much Budgie the Little Helicopter. Harry must have watched Airwolf, non stop, for 18 years, while smoking cones every day to become as bad ass as he is.

      I’d totally swear fealty to him. I think he should just usurp his Brother from the throne and party on.

      In a helicopter tank.

    • Greg says:

      01:42pm | 24/08/12

      Zeta , forget to take you medication today ? Half of your made up stories about and comments about the military reads like a 10 years fantasy novel .From the comments you have no idea about the military

    • Esteban says:

      01:52pm | 24/08/12

      A new personal best Zeta.

    • Anne Devine says:

      03:10pm | 24/08/12

      You have too much time on your hands!

    • Simon A says:

      12:29pm | 24/08/12

      Prince William isn’t the reason we should stay a monarchy; Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are.
      It’s bad enough that we have to choose between these two third-raters as our political leaders - but as our head of state? Can we trust either of these two to safeguard our constitution? God save The Queen.

    • ij says:

      12:28pm | 24/08/12

      They are all parasites.
      At least Harry doesn’t pretend that he is anything but a leach on society.

    • chuck says:

      12:32pm | 24/08/12

      What is it about Yankie women that causes Pommie men to take their clothes off (maybe Malcolm and Billie should be nominal Poms too?) or in the case of Hugh NOT have sex with that woman!
      As for the party pooper wanting to sell/distribute the images in the first place must be an avaricious prude.
      Thank goodness he didn’t do it in Duntroon or on Skype - imagine the Royal commission!

    • prosperity says:

      12:41pm | 24/08/12

      Wars were waged to win government of the people, by the people, for the people.  However, these kings, queens princes and princesses still waft around the highest echelons of our society, demanding respect, authority and riches.  In turn they commit adultery and run around naked, and tour around their Empire waving at the adoring throngs at our considerable expense. 

      Royalty must sometimes hardly believe that they have pulled this stunt off, aided and abetted of course by the establishment and the gullibility of the serfs, and wonder at their good fortune and how long the whole smelly can of crap can last.

    • marley says:

      01:03pm | 24/08/12

      Well frankly, give me Harry over Lady Gaga any day of the week.

    • PhoenixGirl says:

      12:54pm | 24/08/12

      So let me get this straight so we can all understand Mr Farr.
      Kevin Rudd attended a strip club while on a junket paid for by Australian taxpayers, a supposed leader of this country and you loved him for that.
      Julia Gillard and Wayne Swann barefaced lied to the Australian people to gain power over this country they hate so much, yet day after day you are here applauding them.

      Yet here above you seem to have changed your moralistic tune, do tell when you level of morals increased? Or do morals only apply when it suits you?

    • Liam says:

      12:56pm | 24/08/12

      Big deal. He is young not married, in a private hotel room. I see nothing wrong here…  in fact maybe it’s a bit o Jealousy. Can’t say single I would of avoided a good game of strip billiards..

      Assuming taxpayers money didn’t pay for the suite / trip I see no reason for anyone to get bent out of shape about it. Pre digital photography this sort of thing would of been happening for generations… Royal or not.

    • ausspud says:

      01:04pm | 24/08/12

      Seeing as it was the Royal family that brought us modern Australia & with our ties UK,That would classify Republicans are seperatist’s.

    • marley says:

      01:40pm | 24/08/12

      The Royal Family had nothing to do with the creation of modern Australia.  That was the product of British and Australian governments, not the monarchy.

    • ausspud says:

      01:59pm | 24/08/12

      Each state was proclaimed in the name of King George3rd,and it went on from then.

    • marley says:

      02:10pm | 24/08/12

      In the name of George III, not by George III. That’s the point.

    • Bill says:

      01:13pm | 24/08/12

      If Julia can screw around with a corrupt union official and in return for dolng his legal work on the cheap and become PM what`s very wrong with single guy playing around droppong his pants!

    • nihonin says:

      01:35pm | 24/08/12

      Having a good laugh at all the ‘losers’ who are up in arms, just because their lives aren’t splashed all over the papers, magazines and the news.  If it bothers you that much, no one is stopping you from getting out there and having it recorded.

    • nihonin says:

      01:49pm | 24/08/12

      And in breaking news, Louise at work has decided to buy a charity raiser chocolate from the box on the front counter at work, after deliberating all day over the pros and cons.  Yes it was recorded on CCTV.

    • Robert S McCormick says:

      02:39pm | 24/08/12

      If we have to have a foreign Head of State I would rather have Happy Harry than that stuffed-shirt William. Yes he (Willliam) bares his teeth to order but he has the most insincere smile imagineable.
      At least Harry acts like a human being! I can just hear all the North Shore madams (many probably are just that) & those from other Australian suburbs tut-tutting but you can bet if Harry even glanced at one of their snotty-nosed orphan daughters those same madams would be over the moon with the thought that Harry might pick Miss Snotty as his partner!
      Get a life, people, Harry, short of some accident which took out Charlie & William will never, ever become King of England or our Head of State as a result. The chances are William & his bird will start breeding & with every birth Harry will move one step further away from the crown.
      Harry is great! He is the most normal of the whole bloody lot of the.
      In addition if he lived here he would be regarded as a Loveable Larrikan who, like most Australians who haven’t got their heads shoved up their own arses, knows how to enjoy himself. He also is one of the very few in that family who actually does a decent days work.
      Leave him alone, you prudes, wowsers, kill-joys.

    • Lapun says:

      03:07pm | 24/08/12

      Don’t knock ol’ Wills too much Rob.  Take a look sometime at Wills and Harry together.  They are obviously very comfortable together and are a good double-act , which is probably a deliberate position using their differing personalities for balance.  I think they are both great blokes and will continue to operate well together.  Long live the Kings!

    • Boulanger says:

      03:04pm | 24/08/12

      He should be awarded an immediate CBE - for trying singlehandedly to improve the gene pool in the US. A most credit worthy performance by the young Prince. Good on him….

    • Kel says:

      03:50pm | 24/08/12

      This provides no fodder at all for the argument that Australia should become a republic. Nonetheless, Australia should become a republic.

    • Jules Cr says:

      04:20pm | 24/08/12

      Nothing loike being miserable old farts… Harry if becomes King should disown ‘Wowser’ land-downunder…. republicanism of the aged, dull, boring, dreary, risk-free, know-betters..

    • CA says:

      04:24pm | 24/08/12

      A Pampered pommie twit
      He iand his family are irrelvant especially to this Country

    • Jamie says:

      05:18pm | 24/08/12

      Mal, You have no idea about what brits think. I am here now and no one is showing sighs of regret. Everyone loves it here too.. He is crazy Harry to us. He is just 3rd in line to the royal family.

      Do you not remember the Hitler dress up and then Harry the Pot head, We love him… He is what Price Phillip would be like if he was 60 years younger!

    • Beiha says:

      05:44pm | 24/08/12

      I think this is making a mountain out of a molehill. So Prince Harry was naked. Big hoo haa. What is so embarassing about nudity anyway. I think the Nazi uniform he wore at a party years ago was a lot worse than this. He is a young man and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. He was on a private holiday and was entitled to party without being photographed. Let him be and let him return back to his military duties.


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