The campaign to get more men to engage in rubber glove love to check out the condition of their prostates has become the object of much political chatter.


The PM’s office, and Ms Gillard herself joined those not laughing at the joke. Not only did Mr Mathieson have to apologise in a written statement, he was instructed to front a pool TV camera to repeat his contrition for the evening bulletins. This is a similar type of public humiliation to that imposed on, say, a Treasurer who has a tax which doesn’t bring in any revenue.

The good news, fingers crossed, is the uproar has done much to promote that campaign and the importance of check-ups to mens’ health.

The bad news for the Julia Gillard government is that controversial comments on the matter from Lodge co-habiter Tim Mathieson could damage her campaign to regain office.

“I don’t think we want to have a culture of finger waving in this country,’’ Liberal front bencher George Brandis told Sky while discussing the matter. Too late. Mr Mathieson has made digits a rollicking political subject.

He has been accused of being sexist and racist for suggesting men try to get a prostrate examination from a small Asian woman doctor. He offered the advice Monday night at a function at The Lodge for West Indian cricketers.

“We can get a blood test for it, but the digital examination is the only true way to get a correct reading on your prostate, so make sure you go and do that, and perhaps look for a small, Asian, female doctor is probably the best way,” he said.

It’s a variation of a line Mr Mathieson has used before during his voluntary work for the Men’s Shed movement which promotes mens’ health issues at meetings around Australia.

It was a line which might not have been suitable for a function at the Prime Minister’s residence. But Mr Mathieson was not being sexist or racist. Certainly he was not suggesting - as some easily aroused critics have proposed - there might be a happy ending to the examination.

He was being digit-ist.

He was, in a light-hearted way, making the point that a rectal examination might be less daunting when performed by a fine boned Asian female medical practitioner than by some hairy-knuckled Anglo doc who played rugby at medical school.

That’s all it was.

But, as Senator Brandis warned, we are plunging further into finger waving as a substitute for debate.

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    • TimB says:

      05:11am | 30/01/13

      I know this was said yesterday, but it bears repeating:

      The joke was crude, but clearly had no real intent to offend. In and of itself it would be a storm in a teacup. HOWEVER:

      Had this come from Tony Abbott, the squealing from the Left would have been deafening. The issue here isn’t the joke itself, it’s the double standards of a group of people who will happily castrate Abbott for simply looking at a watch.

      There’s a lesson in here that Gillard has repeatedly shown in the last three years she has not and will not learn: You reap what you sow.

    • Tubesteak says:

      07:34am | 30/01/13

      If Labor can confect outrage out of inventing bogeymen from something Abbott said then so can the Coalition.

      After all, if a certain someone says she’ll point out sexism and misogyny whenever she sees it then maybe she needs to look closer to home.

      I’m sure they don’t want to be labelled as hypocrites, or anything.

    • Haha says:

      07:43am | 30/01/13

      “Happily castrate Abbott for simply looking at a watch.” ROFLMAO ! As if. Is that today’s $100 lamb roast? You reap what you sow which is why Abbott and Co keep losing elections.

    • nathan says:

      07:59am | 30/01/13

      my problem with this is Abbott is the leader of the opposition. Was an apology needed of course but its the first dude not an elected rep.

      “had this come from Tony Abbott, the squealing from the Left would have been deafening” - the right has been doing plenty of this on the topic.

    • Christian Real says:

      08:07am | 30/01/13

      The Liberal party and their die hard supporters will certainly ‘reap what they sow” by making this a political issue instead of the ‘important Issue” that it really is.
      Make fun while you can, because it will all come back and bite you on the bum.

    • andye says:

      08:12am | 30/01/13

      @TImB - “Had this come from Tony Abbott, the squealing from the Left would have been deafening.”

      It wouldn’t have come from Tony Abbott. For all his funny comments (“grog monster”, lol) he isn’t the kind of bumbling fool in public that old Tim is. This was more along the lines of when grandpa says something awkward at family dinner. He was clearly embarrassed at talking about fingers up bums in public and managed to shoot himself in the foot with his ad-lib.

      Tony has a policy history that does scare some women and he has said certain things about the role of women that also does not sit well with some women. Tim might have made an embarrassing gaffe, but it is hard to paint him as an old fashioned male when he is a hairdresser overshadowed by his powerful wife.

      If you treat it like a comment tit-for-tat contest you will also “reap what you sow”.

      On the bright side, Tim thinks that Asian Women are capable of being doctors. raspberry

    • Mick says:

      08:16am | 30/01/13

      Ha Ha..he who laughs last last loudest..
      Meanwhile day after day a factory or small business closes laying off more and more Australians and still the climate changes.
      I doubt you will be still posting your stupid comments under the same name after the next election.

    • Chillin says:

      08:20am | 30/01/13

      You think at some stage acotrel, you would be more subtle in the face of the oncoming humiliation.

    • ANthony says:

      08:30am | 30/01/13

      At last a pro left commentator higlights the sensible comments of Brandis. I note that Roxon was quiet yesterday, if she is not on holidays then she should make a comment.

    • TimB says:

      08:30am | 30/01/13

      @ Tubesteak, exactly.

      ‘“Happily castrate Abbott for simply looking at a watch.” ROFLMAO ! As if.’

      As if?

      Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock, and missed Gillard’s shrieking attack on Abbott where she called him a misogynist for looking at his watch? I’m sure you can find it on Youtube if you look hard enough.

      It happened. No amount of sad denial from the blind will change that.

    • Fiddler says:

      08:46am | 30/01/13

      @Haha, perhaps you missed yesterdays paper which shows the Coalition currently scooped to win 91 seats at the next election.

    • Margie says:

      09:00am | 30/01/13

      HEAR HEAR!!!!!!

    • Haha says:

      09:00am | 30/01/13

      Nope. Looked on Youtube but couldn’t find anyone “happily castrating” anyone for anything.You fibbed, so now you have to reap what you sowed.
      Perhaps you missed the last two elections

    • Greg in Chengdu says:

      09:14am | 30/01/13

      Nathan The liberals have dismissed this as more ridiculous political correctness so don’t go acusing them of playing it. The Labor party is guilty under its own political corectness police not the Libs.

    • Borderer says:

      09:20am | 30/01/13

      A generous 1/10 troll - keep trying champ…

      @TimB - After letting the media do their initial beat up I would have come out in support of Tim and said how important prostate checks are then closed with saying “the comment was harmless, hopefully Julia doesn’t burn him at the stake, he’s a nice enough guy…”
      Jule’s head would implode about what she should and shouldn’t do…

    • ZSRenn says:

      09:52am | 30/01/13

      I think what you are all missing and something that horrifies me is that this is the way Australia is going!

      This simple joke by Tim is front page news when a short time ago it would have been what it is a joke!

      When Gillard opened the doors of Misogyny she has let a cat out of the bag which and stifled our freedom of speech, be it for Tim Mathieson or anyone.

      The upcoming PC legislation will further destroy any freedoms of speech we now have!

      F***  the economy this theft of our freedoms by the worst Prime Minister in Australian needs to be stopped too.

      Right now! China’s looking pretty good, on the freedom of speech stakes!

    • acotrel says:

      09:56am | 30/01/13

      I though it was hilarious when Tony Abbott looked at his watch when Julia was giving him a burst.  A real man would have piped up and asked ’ I suppose a root is out of the question’
      ‘Are you a man or a mouse’ ? ‘SQUEAK !! SQUEAK. !!’

    • James says:

      10:13am | 30/01/13


      Relax. It’s just right wing political correctness gone bonkers. As everyone has said, they’re just desperate to find something to be offended by. Our great economy is far more important.

    • TimB says:

      10:17am | 30/01/13

      ‘Nope. Looked on Youtube but couldn’t find anyone “happily castrating” anyone for anything.’

      You didn’t look hard enough. The rest of us know it happened.

      Here’s a transcript excerpt for you:

      ‘That’s what I believe is the path forward for this Parliament, not the kind of double standards and political game-playing imposed by the Leader of the Opposition now looking at his watch because apparently a woman’s spoken too long.’

      Ahh the PM preaching about double standards too. You’ve got to love the irony.

      ..But then I’m sure you’re going to come up with some ridiculously illogical and technical excuse for this. You usually do. Logic and evidence never have been your strongpoints

    • Enough! says:

      10:18am | 30/01/13

      Misoqynist comments from the ace-troll again!

    • marley says:

      10:20am | 30/01/13

      @acotrel - is that your concept of a contribution to the thread?  And you have the unmitigated gall to call the LNP “poisonous.”  Don’t worry about Abbott, look to yourself, my friend.  PS in case you’re not aware, that comment was also sexist/misogynyst.

    • Chillin says:

      10:24am | 30/01/13

      Maybe he doesn’t want to root her.  I can understand his thinking.  She may be photoshopped on your computer, but not on mine.

    • Peter says:

      10:35am | 30/01/13

      @TimB - thank you for being honest enough to admit that this whole thing is a crock of shit and nothing but a beat up because the right wing of this country is mad that Tony Abbott was labled a mysogynist by the PM.  That about sums it up. 

      And it sums up the petty, nasty politics that the Right will stoop to at any cost.  God I fear for this country.  You lot are quite happy to throw whatever principles you say you have or stand for in order to make a quick buck out of capitalising on a dumb comment made by a non-politician, trying to get men to get their prostates checked for cancer.  Nothing matters anymore in the game of trying to crush Gillard.  Principles, what principles?  You don’t even know what you stand for.  You don’t really want to lead the country.  You just want to win, at any cost, and I find that despicable.

    • Haha says:

      10:42am | 30/01/13

      That’s right. Nothing whatsoever about anyone “castrating” anyone for anything, “happily” or otherwise. You just fibbed, so now you have to reap what you sowed.

    • Rosie says:

      10:45am | 30/01/13


      Tim Mathieson may show ‘bogan’ attitudes and lacks the sophistication required for someone privileged to live in the Lodge but he is a decent Aussie bloke who is smart enough to know that your remarks are disgusting and offensive.

      Mr Abbott and Mr Mathieson are not wankers, you are!

    • rightwinger says:

      10:52am | 30/01/13

      Oh c’mon Peter. Timmy put Gillards hypocrisy on show for all to see and hear. Makes a joke of Gillard and her hand bag hit squads mysogyny crap.
      I think it may be you who is “mad”. That about sums it up.

    • Bruce says:

      11:59am | 30/01/13

      Well said TimB. Clearly ‘first bloke’ in the deep default recesses of his mind, thinks about women much the same way as his statement.

    • paul says:

      12:36pm | 30/01/13

      I loved it. Australian men saying the stupidest things in public. How did that ever sound like a good idea in his own head?
      Haha. I am Gillards biggest critic but this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    • TimB says:

      12:41pm | 30/01/13

      @ Haha/AASQ, you do realise that being ridiculously literal doesn’t make you clever? Quite the opposite in fact, it simply shows you lack the intelligence to interpret a figure of speech when you see one.

      Abbott looked at his watch and Gillard screamed misogyny. She’s a hypocrite.

    • Bob says:

      12:50pm | 30/01/13


      If Tim Mathieson happens to like small Asian women that’s his prerogative, isn’t it? Each to their own, surely.

    • Haha says:

      02:03pm | 30/01/13

      You can try to make excuses all you like, but you still have to reap what you’ve sowed. You shouldn’t have lied.

    • James In Footscray says:

      05:30am | 30/01/13

      Who is wagging their finger? No-one seems too upset at Tim about his joke.

      Rather, we’re dying to know how on earth Julia Gillard can respond, after ostentatiously taking the moral high ground.

    • dovif says:

      07:51am | 30/01/13

      Agreed, no one is upset at Tim for the Joke, we are upset at how fake Julia is, how she was supposed to point out sexism whenever she sees it, and not play politics all the time

      And to stop stuffing up policy like free speech, it would be funny if the first person charged under the new racial laws would be Tim, that would teach Julia and her incompetents to think before changing legislation, so we do not get the border protection stuff up, the budget surplus stuff up, the mining tax stuff up and the Malaysian solution stuff up again

    • JoniM says:

      12:09pm | 30/01/13

      Yep !
      Thanks Tim for blowing away the ALP’s main smear strategy for the campaign ! McTernan wants to see you in his office !
      You are about to learn about double digit inflation !

    • Chris L says:

      12:55pm | 30/01/13

      The article mentions the response was to require a public apology. Pretty much the same action as demanded from Alan Jones when he made his deliberately provocative quote, but somehow it was all just too hard for him.

      Seems pretty consistent.

    • -28 says:

      01:02pm | 30/01/13

      Well…. my wife is Thai and she’s a doctor and if that were said in front of her Tim M would be looking for a dentist / proctologist.

      Am also wondering what sort of idiot thinks the PM and partner of a nation should be lecturing to a bunch of mid 20 yr old athletes from a visiting country about this stuff. They are not your audience.

    • chris says:

      01:36pm | 30/01/13

      There was no sign of disgust on her face when he sade it, just a smile.

    • paul says:

      01:46pm | 30/01/13

      I will never again vote for either parties in my life. However when I supported the Libs I would of reacted with faux outrage.

      Why? While I respect the lefts views on a few foreign policy issues whenever any thing remotely sexist happens they react like total drama queens. I can’t stand it. hundreds of new youtube twiiter channels are created spending day and night commentating on every video and page you can find. Don’t even dare to debate the left during each manic incident that feeds there “progressive” (more votes) honor. I could only compare it to trying to tell a six year old its not a big deal there friend told them to shut up.

      Gillard and crew have literally tried to and in some cases succeeded to tell the world Tony Abbott is a sexist for nothing more then politics. It went beyond personal. I simply do not care what any politician said in the 60’s or 70’s on whatever side

      I don’t think I can handle any more Tanya Plibersek i’m offended speeches. I don’t think I can handle another speech by Tony Abbott on the middle class. Stoop feeding them.

    • Zack says:

      05:32am | 30/01/13

      Is Tim an ambassador for men’s health as a PR role or did he actual care about this issue in his past? Wonder if this is like Gillard’s sudden interest in carbon tax after the last election. All props no substance, seems to be the ALP strategy.

    • Rose says:

      06:47am | 30/01/13

      Like all first spouses, Tim has been appointed to the role to use his status to promote the cause. My understanding is that it virtually expected that first spouses take on Ambassadorial,,Patron or charity roles while their partner is PM but they get to choose. the roles according to their own interests.
      That he is in a role like this is not unusual, that people like you are trying to use it as some sort of lame partisan attack is also not unusual, but it is dumb.

    • Rosie says:

      07:18am | 30/01/13

      @ Rose

      Poor Tim he is innocent in all this. I am certain he is well liked by all Australians that have come to know him through his partnership with our PM. Sadly, because of this he, like others have become tangled up in all PM Gillard’s controversial doings. It is not Tim or anyone else that the majority loathe it is his partner, Julia Gillard.

      God help us, have the woman replaced to bring back some order before we reach the frenzy of an Election campaign.

    • Mr Sam says:

      07:58am | 30/01/13

      Rose I agree 1st wifes/husbands/partners have a role to play in promoting a cause. I don’t think Zack’s comment is dumb though. Clearly people have chosen to promote causes dear and meaningful to them because it has affected their life in some way. I do heaps for cancer Australia because my mum died from breast cancer. I take my role VERY seriously. Ever seen someone at the end stage of prostate cancer? It is a zero laughing manner. Tim clearly picked a random topic with no emotional connection, or maybe he has one but his light-hearted approach is inappropriate. I think if her partner can’t do the job or role with the required dignity, they should stay in the background and not make things worse.

    • Jenny says:

      08:39am | 30/01/13

      Rosie, Tim is not so innocent a man (used in the loosest meaning) given the way he betrayed and walked out on his wife and family to live with .........

    • Greg in Chengdu says:

      09:18am | 30/01/13

      Stand by for more Taxes she has just announced she will hit the wealthy. Apparently since the MRRT is actually costing money instead of making it she has to find and demonize another target.
      Politics by trial and error is Gillards game.

    • Luke says:

      09:42am | 30/01/13

      Greg in Chengdu - Why don’t they spend with in their means instead of spending more than they have and then grabbing money off successful people to pay for it. Then Gillard spins it as being “tough and “necessary”.
      Hard work and success are not LABOR VALUES according to Gillard.

    • Mr Sam says:

      09:45am | 30/01/13

      Jenny brings up an interesting point. If Tim is her partner and someone she cares about and if he isn’t a convenient prop for election campaign purposes, why aren’t her step children involved or part of her political life? Is having a tattooed step daughter who has graced the covers of Zoo magazine not part of the image? Maybe she could promote breast cancer awareness? Selective very selective and fake, all so fake.

    • Rose says:

      10:13am | 30/01/13

      Mr Sam, why do you think Tim picked a ‘random’ topic, just because he made a mess of a really bad joke? And why do you think people shouldn’t make jokes about cancer? I have gathered that Tim has put a lot of time and effort into his ambassadorship for men’s health and that while this was a poor joke, he actually means well, genuinely. I actually was commenting that Zack turning such a standard non-partisan custom into a partisan political attack was stupid, an I till think it is!
      I have lost several relatives to cancer and most had retained their sense of humour right till the end (or pretty close to). Sure it’s tempered with a serious edge, but if you can’t take some of the edge off with a bit of a laugh occasionally, even a subdued one, it makes a terrible, terrible situation much worse. I actually found that it was rarely the cancer sufferer who found humour unwelcome, but people around them often did. The cancer sufferers were often the ones trying to lighten the mood in order to make it less awkward and painful for the visitors.
      I think the trick is to learn about appropriate humour or conversation, rather than to rule it out completely.
      Oh and Jenny, who made you an expert on Tim’s previous marriage? Leaving a marriage is not necessarily a bad thing, some times it’s the only right thing to do. If you judged every one that harshly for broken relationships, even those where there are kids involved, you would be writing off a sizeable chunk of the Australian population.

    • Claire says:

      10:17am | 30/01/13

      ” tattooed step daughter who has graced the covers of Zoo magazine ” more damaged people thanks to Julia’s action?

    • Greg says:

      11:25am | 30/01/13

      Rose, It is sad that you feel that coping out on your marriage because sometimes it requires some effort is perfectly ok (given the damage it does to the children), or in Tim’s case, because he was chased by a new bit of fluff.

    • sobad says:

      11:28am | 30/01/13

      Jenny, Sam & Claire what sort of grubby little gossip pots are you,

    • Ted says:

      11:48am | 30/01/13

      Sobad, they may be gossipers, but it is grounded in fact and is about the woman that effectively claims to be the beacon and protector of feminism. She is in reality further from it than her opponent.

    • sobad says:

      12:08pm | 30/01/13

      OK Ted; Jenny Sam & Claire you included must all be very confident that your own childred will be the exact people you want them to be.

    • JoniM says:

      12:29pm | 30/01/13

      “Like all first spouses, Tim has been appointed to the role to use his status to promote the cause.”

      What status ?
      Being the latest conquest of a recidivist homewrecker ?
      Or is she simply doing a contra with him for the coiffure work ?
      He’s not even the “first bloke” ! Many dills came before him !

    • Rose says:

      12:35pm | 30/01/13

      Greg, I have been married for nearly 25 years, I do not believe in copping out on marriage. I do not believe however that if a relationship is absolutely not working, even if that’s because one of the partners choose to stop trying to make it work, that it is inherently wrong to end the relationship. I would rather people ended those relationships, giving both a chance to find happiness again than keeping a relationship going when it’s clear that it’s not working and it’s not fixable. I also know that when a relationship ends that sometimes people say things that aren’t necessarily accurate, they are hurt and seek to cast the other in a bad light. It’s unfortunate but to compensate I tend to take almost everything I hear from separating couples with a grain of salt.
      More to the point, I believe that anyone not directly involved in the relationship should mind their own business and not pass judgement on something they know nothing about!!

    • Greg says:

      02:31pm | 30/01/13

      No Rose, this issue goes to the disrespectful and selfish nature of her character.

    • Zack says:

      03:57pm | 30/01/13

      Rose if you don’t realise it was Gillard who made it political and partisan when she attacked Tony and accused him of misogynistic behaviours.

    • Super D says:

      05:34am | 30/01/13

      The only reason this is even an issue is because the “capable” women of the Labor party have gone completely over the top with their confected outrage towards Tony Abbott.  Hoisted by their own petard. Tim Matheson has blown their entire election strategy.

    • Christian Real says:

      07:31am | 30/01/13

      super D
      Grow up, wake up and get a life for a change instead of attempting to use this “off the cuff” remark by Tim Mathieson as an excuse to launch an attack against the Prime Minister and the Labor government.
      And I feel that it has highlighted men’s health extremely well especially since the media outlets,and far right conservative opposition and their die hard supporters have continued to ramble on with their diatribe making it into a political issue instead of the real issue it was intended to be.

    • Thomas says:

      07:51am | 30/01/13

      The best part is that since the PM mentioned it once months ago the LNP supporters have been sooking about it and reminding everyone about Abbott’s misogyny every day. What a great PR team they’ve turned out to be. Obviously the PM struck a raw nerve for them.

    • Nathan says:

      08:01am | 30/01/13

      One is an elected rep the other is not. Get back in your box.

    • andye says:

      08:17am | 30/01/13

      @super D - “Tim Matheson has blown their entire election strategy.”

      Haha, exaggerate much?

    • ramases says:

      08:30am | 30/01/13

      Christian Real, we don’t need an off the cuff remark to launch an attack against the worst PM this country has ever had. She gives us enough ammunition to keep us going until she is kicked out, what more could we ask for. This First Bloke comment is like the man himself, of no consequence.
      By the way as for your comment in a later post about childish and immature outlook, those in glass houses…...................

    • Christian Real says:

      09:09am | 30/01/13

      Keep a close watch on your glass house then

    • ZSRenn says:

      10:39am | 30/01/13

      So Super D

      The thinking being used here by the left supporters is that one is an elected official and Tim is not. Therefore according to them it doesn’t matter.

      Australia Day, a non elected staff member of the Gillard government spread a false rumor. That rumor started a race riot!

      I suppose that race riot doesn’t matter also as it was started by a non elected official. 

      Oh but wait…...... Gillard sacked him! Then it does matter or doesn’t it.

      I guess it depends if you are the real Julia or the new Julia Mark 27 whether these things matter or not!

    • Super D says:

      10:52am | 30/01/13

      @andye - aside from smearing Abbott as a misogynist what else do they have to campaign on? Their successful record?

      As mild as Tim Mathiesons offensive comments were their is not a single Abbott remark or action that compares. The whole smear strategy, carefully crafted in the PMs office by John McTernan, has blown up in their faces.

      The PM needs to rework her misogyny speech. It should now say that she won’t put up with event the hint of sexism and misogyny at work as she cops it at home!

    • Malcolm says:

      11:26am | 30/01/13


      Yep. Record wealth, record employment, record long term investment, low inflation and low interest rates. Doesn’t get any more successful than that.

    • aka anon says:

      11:28am | 30/01/13

      Gillard has set the standard for politics in Australia at this present time. She has targeted Tony Abbott by raging a gender war. Now that the PM’s boyfriend tells a sexist and racist based joke we should all let it slide according to all labor supporters because he is Gillard’s boyfriend.

      It was only recently that Greg Ritchie(not a politician) former Australian cricket player was lambasted and criticized for using race as humour by all and sundry in the media, how unlucky for Ritchie that he isn’t a flag carrying member of the ALP or Gillard’s boyfriend.

      The labor supporters should all achieve a gold star for hypocrisy.

    • tez says:

      11:56am | 30/01/13

      The gender was began on the back of a truck in Canberra, REMEMBER.

    • aka anon says:

      01:10pm | 30/01/13

      @tez, who was driving the truck?

    • tez says:

      01:44pm | 30/01/13

      There was no photo opp for the driver that day.

    • Greg A says:

      02:16pm | 30/01/13

      Try again tez, it started the day gillard used her sex as a shield when she stabbed Rudd in the back.

    • Huey says:

      05:38am | 30/01/13

      He got a laugh from his live audience! Move on, nothing to see here.Mal is right. There… I’ve actually said it.

    • Lucas says:

      06:00am | 30/01/13

      Gillard and Labor’s hand bag hit squad started all this rubbish. Otherwise I’m sure this wouldn’t have even been an issue for her.

    • Christian Real says:

      07:39am | 30/01/13

      Oh ‘Labor started it’ so we can start it too
      What a childish and immature outlook, time to grow up sunshine.
      It does appear that Liberal supporters are such babies that haven’t gotten over Tony Abbott losing the last two Federal elections.

    • Karen says:

      08:11am | 30/01/13

      CR - Oh ‘Labor started it’ so we can start it too
      I know who is childish and immature.
      The funny thing is the Coalition didn’t “start it too”  They have been rather quite about it. If anything the Colation agree that it’s just finger waving.
      Your problem is the Coalition didn’t do a Gillard and carry on like a headless chook to score political points.
      Also there is no such word as “gotten”.

    • Mr Sam says:

      08:12am | 30/01/13

      Christian Real - IF winning the last election required a political party to sell out their supporters to the Greens/Independents when they didn’t have to (the Greens/Independents would NEVER have supported Abbott), it tells me that political party has no values, no loyalty, no moral leanings and no pride. That ‘win’ will go down in history the same way Richard M.Nixon did, with utter shame. You guys allowed a selfish person to use you to get what she wants and you allowed the destruction of Mr Rudd a PM who would never have allowed the ALP to have sunk so low. Mr Rudd might even have had Abbott replaced by now and the LNP faltering in the polls. Your party killed the goose that laid the golden egg and now you are getting your just desserts - a massive election loss and a historic legacy of shame of the worst order.

    • TimB says:

      08:14am | 30/01/13

      Oh ‘Labor started it’ so we can start it too’

      Nothing is being ‘started’. All that is being pointed out is that it’s a bit rich for the ALP to complain when they get held to the same standards that they’ve been demanding for the past few years.

      But then considering you’re one of the biggest hypocrites on the Punch, it’s not surprising you can’t see the double standard at play here.

    • Greg A says:

      08:42am | 30/01/13

      Try a more mature line of defence CR, that one is sad and pathetic. Just admit it, you don’t like anyone holding a mirror to the hypocrisy that is the ALP..

    • KK says:

      09:05am | 30/01/13

      The Coalition don’t have to start it too. The ALP do a good enough job on themselves.

    • Christian Real says:

      09:14am | 30/01/13

      It appears the truth has hit some raw nerves of the die hard Liberal supporters
      Perhaps the government can hand out some dummies to the little Liberal sooks.

    • Thomas says:

      10:07am | 30/01/13

      @Christian Real

      Isn’t it great ! Ever since the PM mentioned Abbott’s sexism and misogyny once months ago the Liberal sooks haven’t been able to think about anything else. There’s never been an Opposition so completely rattled. They can’t handle the truth !

    • white feather and a bone says:

      10:38am | 30/01/13

      Christian Real // Pot kettle black - Your immature attacks and comments put you in the same class as one Anthony Mundine, why am I not surprised!

    • TimB says:

      10:40am | 30/01/13

      ‘Ever since the PM mentioned Abbott’s sexism and misogyny once ...’

      Once? Seriously? If Gillard wasn’t allowed to complain about Abbott, we’d never hear from her.

      @ Christian, you wouldn’t know what truth is if it came wrapped around a bowling ball and whacked you in the head.

      I can’t wait until Gillard loses the election. Maybe we’ll finally see an end to some of more insane comments around here.

    • Thomas says:

      11:07am | 30/01/13


      Apart from the famous “Abbott’s sexism and misogyny” speech on October 10th last year, please provide another example of the PM mentioning it.

    • jtz says:

      11:42am | 30/01/13

      @christian real aka acotrel aka tim,

      Please explain why you anf labor were so quiet when a labor MP commented that TA was only fighting fires was a political stunt. Considering the fact that TA has been a reserve fire fighters for years.

      Double standard much

    • Christian Real says:

      11:58am | 30/01/13

      Tim B
      The only way that you will ever “see an end to some of the more insane comments around here’ is if your show pony Abbott loses once again.
      Three strikes and Abbott’s Out !

    • Christian Real says:

      12:07pm | 30/01/13

      I can assure you that I don’t indulge in multiple alias like some of you liberal mob do here on the blogs.
      I am not Acotrel and I am not Tim either, I am myself
      But I am flattered that you assumed that I was also Acotrel and Tim, they are indeed such good company to be associated with.

    • tez says:

      12:30pm | 30/01/13

      No Gillard did not start it Lucas and you all know it, a truly selective memory do the LNP folk have.

    • TimB says:

      12:52pm | 30/01/13

      ‘The only way that you will ever “see an end to some of the more insane comments around here’ is if your show pony Abbott loses once again.’

      Why? He lost last time, and you and Acotrel still keep posting crap. If Gillard makes a pact with Satan and delivers a miracle win for the ALP this year, I see no reason why that would change.

      A loss to Abbott on the other hand would hopefully render you too humiliated to bother.

      “No Gillard did not start it”

      Come out from under your rock Tez. Gillard and her goons have been throwing these accusations around for ages.

    • Thomas says:

      02:19pm | 30/01/13

      ‘‘I think it is actually a manifestation of deep sexism that you would say that if a woman raises her voice then that is her playing the victim as opposed to her standing up for her rights.’‘

      Excellent. One reponse to one Herald interview question about her speech, 7 weeks later.

      The best part is that the right wing supporters haven’t been able to think about anything else every day for almost 4 months. What a great PR team they’ve turned out to be. Obviously the PM struck a raw nerve for them.

    • Andrew says:

      06:11am | 30/01/13

      When Labor shoot themselves in the foot the same response always surfaces.
      The Peris appointment - oh well, at least now we have an aboriginal in the senate and bought attention to it. and that’s what we should be focusing on.
      Tim’s gaf - same same same, at least he’s drawn attention to prostate cancer and that’s what we should be focusing on.
      Let’s not talk about Gillards judgement or her ability to shoot herself in the foot everytime she opens her mouth.

    • Joan says:

      07:08am | 30/01/13

      So what are you gonna do about your prostate now that your attention has been drawn? Made an appointment?

    • Kipling says:

      06:30am | 30/01/13

      I love justification. Hmm, no actually I am love the humour that it creates for me.

      The oldest and most childish one, “they did it first boo hoo” is hysterically funny. Of course it is also somewhat sad and irresponsible too. Clearly it would seem that the finger pointing or wagging is the right thing to do because, hell, “they did it first”. What an excellent, mature and responsible way to make decisions.

      The other classic is the “what if”. Generally speaking we can only guess about the “ifs” of life, yet more and more now days the “what ifs” become the entire basis for justification.

      Ever heard of doing something because it is the right thing to do, or conversely, not justifying doing the wrong thing because it is the wrong thing to do?

      I thought not…

    • TimB says:

      07:21am | 30/01/13

      Unsuprisingly you miss the point.

      No-one is waving the finger at Tim.

      The finger is being waved at the hypocrites in the ALP and their supporters. We’ve been putting up with their whining for ages about how this sort of thing is a capital offense when anyone connected with the opposition does it, yet now it’s all ‘nothing to see here’

      And there is no guessing on the ‘what if’. We’ve seen enough recent evidence of the ALP’s behavior to accurately predict their reaction in a reversed situation.

      The hypocrisy is staggering. And it’s time the Left admitted it.

    • Nick says:

      08:10am | 30/01/13

      @Kipling..which part of hypocrisy don’t you understand?
      The majority of posters here are not attacking Tim but asking where is the PM who was going to call out sexism and misogyny every time she see’s or hears it?
      Ever heard of doing something because you said you were going to do it?

    • Kipling says:

      08:27am | 30/01/13

      Well, not being of the “left” I have no problem admitting the hypocrisy is staggering. In point of fact, that was exactly my point. I am surprised that you missed that!

      As to the “what if” it is guess work mate because the reality is, Tony Abbott didn’t say it. With regard to your “accurately predict” suggestion, that is more than a tad flawed by your obvious one sided bias. To be fair, not just YOUR bias, the bias of the rusted ons from both sides bring any prediction into disrepute. It also brings any charge of hypocrisy into disrepute too, given it is not one sided….

      In point of fact also, there has been plenty of finger waving at Tim in order to highlight the hypocrisy of the “left” as you put it, sadly, the ‘left” are not the exclusive practitioners of hypocrisy and, not being of the “left” or the “right” I have no problem pointing that out to you.

      What is unsurprising is you will no doubt lack the capacity or integrity to recognised and acknowledge this.

      That was my point - I am not at all surprised though that you either missed it, overlooked it or blatantly refuse to get it.

    • Ando says:

      09:18am | 30/01/13

      Kipling has no interest in addressing the majority of posters, it doesn’t suit his argument. He prefers to concentrate on the few that are pretending to be offended by this.

    • It's_my_opinion says:

      06:34am | 30/01/13

      Had it not been for the loud voices of the Labor female’s in the recent past calling mysogyny and the like, Tim’s joke would have had the reaction of a wink and a giggle.

      Where are the Labor female’s and their loud voices now? Oh that’s right, because it wasn’t Tony Abbott, it’s okay!!

    • Sue says:

      08:46am | 30/01/13

      ALP, home of the convenient feminists that aren’t. Sexism is such a useful tool to get power beyond your ability.

    • Mr Sam says:

      11:13am | 30/01/13

      Nice statement Sue.

    • Fiddler says:

      06:42am | 30/01/13

      the one thing I have yet to have explained is why he was promoting it to a bunch of foreign sportsmen. Rather than the (allegedly) offensive comment I am more offended that this is being put forward as the face of Australia.

    • Joan says:

      07:17am | 30/01/13

      `the face of Australia` the crude and lewd comment- just feeds the Les Paterson Oz stereotype view of Australian men by Poms, Indians etc . - the fact that majority males reckon it was fair comment shows just how many Les Patersons are out there.

    • Les says:

      08:11am | 30/01/13

      Hey Joan have you made the tea Pet?

    • Joseph Logan says:

      12:39pm | 30/01/13

      Hey Joan, I am one male who didn’t think it “fair comment” - I say it was sexist, racist and misogynist. I also am offended and upset by your grossly sexist remarks.  A big issue is that our PM, the de-facto of this man, and who was standing beside him- is preparing a law to stop ” people insulting others”, and ranted in Parliament ( with privilege) falsely accusing Tony Abbott, who she appears to ” hate”. The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

    • Average Joe says:

      06:50am | 30/01/13

      Senator Brandis was spot-on, it’s much ado about nothing. Tony Abbott unfortunately couldn’t resist making a political point about it and it’s this lack of common nous that just doesn’t endear him to many people.
      Tim Mathieson was also spot-on as anyone who’s had a rectal examination would agree - well, anyone who doesn’t enjoy things being stuck up their bum would - and Malcolm summed it up perfectly:
      .’.....a rectal examination might be less daunting when performed by a fine boned Asian female medical practitioner than by some hairy-knuckled Anglo doc who played rugby at medical school’.

    • Super D says:

      07:12am | 30/01/13

      The mistake was specifying race and sex. Sure maybe an small handed Asian lady doctor is ok for an ass exam but you’d want someone else for a serious problem. That’s the racist misogynistic implication. If only he’d said find a doctor with warm hands and skinny fingers the “capable” women of the handbag hit squad would be able to keep smearing with impunity .

    • Gabby says:

      07:29am | 30/01/13

      “Tony Abbott unfortunately couldn’t resist making a political point about it and it’s this lack of common nous that just doesn’t endear him to many people.”
      OH PLEASE! He answered a question from a reporter for gods sake!
      And what he siad was mild, he didn’t attack Gillard or her partner. He just said she needs to make a comment, considering all the hubris from her on this sort of thing.
      I would say you are more disappointed he and the Coalition didn’t make a huge deal out of it.
      Imagine Gillard and her handbag hit squads reaction if it had been Abbott or his wife.

    • Rosie says:

      07:33am | 30/01/13

      Senator Brandis’s female loved ones weren’t humiliated when the PM of his country maliciously attacked his leader by calling him a misogynist and a sexist in front of the cameras for the whole world to witness.

      Tony Abbott’s female loved ones were the victims of the PM’s false accusations. Why do you think people are accusing Tim for something he innocently said? If he had no connection to the PM, he wouldn’t have had to speak in front of the West Indian cricketers on behave of all Australians.

      Brandis said what he said because he didn’t want to add fuel to the fire and use it for the LNP’s political gain, unlike Labor.

    • Rosie says:

      07:58am | 30/01/13

      Oooooops meant to say ‘on behalf of all Australians’

    • Average Joe says:

      12:23pm | 30/01/13

      @Gabby, you mean to say that, unlike Brandis who had the sense to pour cold water on the issue, Abbott decided to take a subtle swing at Gillard with his man-bag because of her past actions in throwing claims of sexism at him?  ‘I do think that she has to deal with this personally. I would expect her to say something today’. Yes. it was such a serious situation that it demanded the opposition leader, with appropriately stern visage, to demand a primeministerial response.
      Schoolyard tit-for-tat and whether or not you see it Gabby, he could have handled it much better by doing a ‘Brandis’......that’s the disappointing aspect for me, but I guess that’s the level of politics on both sides of the political fence. Shame Bob Brown’s retired - I’m sure he would’ve had an educated opinion on the issue of Mathieson’s joke.

    • True Blue Ozzie says:

      06:52am | 30/01/13

      Well well Gillards Hand Bag Mafia, have certianly taken a major hit, and from someone so close to the “God Mother” ! Gillards outrageous cry’s of sexism were very dodgy in the first place, now dear old Tim has shown Gillards scam for what it is a scam!

    • Chris L says:

      01:10pm | 30/01/13

      Why do you say that? Either she got him to apologise or he chose to do so himself. That’s all they’ve ever demanded from others, including Alan Jones (but it was too great a price for him to pay).

      In fact, the only people using accusations of misogyny to demand someone lose their job was Abbott against Slipper, which is what prompted the famous speech you’re so hurt about in the first place.

      I don’t think the accusations against Abbott were accurate or warranted, but I can see why and how the situation unfolded and there’s plenty of blame to share between all involved.

    • Rosie says:

      07:04am | 30/01/13

      “It’s a variation of a line Mr Mathieson has used before during his voluntary work for the Men’s Shed movement which promotes mens’ health issues at meetings around Australia.”

      So was the variation of a line which was used by a Mr Tony Abbott ‘this govt is, will be, dying of shame, should have died of shame etc.

      Unlike Mr Mathieson, ( the Lodge and official function was not the right place to say such stuff ) the line used by an Opposition Leader in Parliament was used in the right place to emphasize what the Opposition Leader considered a bad incompetent Govt that shouldn’t be around to serve the country and its people. Perhaps Mr Abbott was too keen to get rid of a bad incompetent Govt, but like Mr Mathieson didn’t mean to upset PM Gillard or her supporters and definitely he didn’t intend to link the line to PM Gillard late father who had just passed away.

      Most importantly both men are decent Australians and either are not sexist or racist. However, in some way or other are connected to the controversial PM Gillard and for this have unfortunately become tangled up with her ‘doings.’ ‘Doings’ that we see time and time again have come back to bite her. This case it is someone she is very close to, her partner, an innocent male.

      Beware Nova Peris, you may mean well but the controversial way you have allowed yourself to be tapped by PM Gillard to gain a seat in the Senate is something most Australians wouldn’t be proud of.

    • Jay2 says:

      07:05am | 30/01/13

      Oh dear oh dear… Looks like Julia’s misogynist chickens have come home to roost.

    • jb says:

      07:13am | 30/01/13

      It’s only intention was to deflect the muck heading Peris Novas way.
      Mission accomplished!

    • Steve says:

      07:14am | 30/01/13

      No Mal no.

      I couldn’t give a stuff about what Tim said to be honest BUT under the laws his girlfriend wants and under the very definitions and criticisms his girlfriends government is using what Tim said was

      1. Racist
      2. Sexist
      3. Misoginist
      4. Likely to cause offense

      The real tragedy is of course that is the reality of it. Bit again when Romney used “binders of women” to describe the enormous amount of female talent he had to pick from, a good positive point, the same commentators now are leaping to Tim’s defence.

      If Abbott or Pyne or Hockey or Bernadi had said it then all hell would have broken lose.

      The issue for most intelligent people is not the statement but the framework of the debate on free speech and the legality of taking offence now. The exact same thing could be argued about what Bolt said. But he was hung put by the system as the sacrifical lamb.

      This is where the country is headed. And it stinks. It is a travesty.

      We should never forget what Tim said and his punishment and humiliation caused from the changes in society his girlfriend is trying to impose on us all. It is apalling and the hypocrisy of this government needs to be exposed more.

      Go after the real culprit Mal.

    • AdamC says:

      10:36am | 30/01/13

      I agree, Steve.

      The two issues here are Labor’s ultra-sensitive, ‘sexism’ hypocrisy and its proposal to even further curb our freedom of expression.

      The joke itself was quite lame, possibly a bit implicitly crude, but nothing to be concerned about in-and-of-itself. That is, if you are not a professionally-offended, ‘OMG, Tony Abbott said housewife! HOUSEWIFE!!!!’ member of the Labor media or Julia’s handbag hit squad.

      Maybe both sides will start to see it as being in their interests to dial down the confected outrage nonsense in 2013.

    • Chris L says:

      01:17pm | 30/01/13

      “Maybe both sides will start to see it as being in their interests to dial down the confected outrage nonsense in 2013.”

      You’re quite the optimist Adam.

      Personally I’ll be happy if the constant election campaign we’ve had for the last couple of years takes a break after the next poll.

    • youdy beaudy says:

      07:31am | 30/01/13

      In a country full of whingers and complainers as far as politics goes and in other areas also it’s not surprising that people are out going on as usual. God, when will they get over themselves.

      A bloke made a light hearted small talk about a rectal examination re prostrate examination and suggested that smaller fingers would be less invasive for the person being examined. So, let’s build it up and make it worse. There’s not any energy in it to make a comment. Julia had to stick it to her partner as she is PM and always has to look good in any situation as regards the people and particularly in an election year. Her job requires that she has to be seen as liking everyone equally even if she doesn’t fully agree with something. She is a politician and like all politicians she can’t afford to lose votes. She has no choice. Who would want her job.

      The Liberal hacks sit on the sidelines finding fault with everything, like ogres under the bridge they jump out, but it would be better if they looked to their own faults for a change, i mean after all, shite happens, isn’t that right. They would be better off getting off their collective asses and try to get some policies apart from the 1950’s ones so they can build some credibility. Brandis needs to get off his as well. A waste of taxpayers money that bloke who always has plenty to say against anything labor, but does bugger all himself.

    • Lucy says:

      08:04am | 30/01/13

      “The Liberal hacks sit on the sidelines finding fault with everything, like ogres under the bridge they jump out, but it would be better if they looked to their own faults for a change”
      Ummmmm and the Gillard Labor camps personal smear campaign against Abbott???????abottabbottabbott!

    • Fiona A says:

      08:35am | 30/01/13

      youudy, the consequence of the outburst from Liberal hacks AND many others is simple. We have a PM that lied in coward’s castle by falsely calling her opponent a sexist and misogynist to protect Slipper and her power base. She has routinely used her sex as a defence, called people that disagree with her racist organised her Emily list squad to make sexist attacks and has had a race riot organised from her office to attack the opposition. On top of this she has effectively sacked a Senator because she was white, gillard wanted her pet aboriginal (that was not even an ALP member)  in the position. Unless you are a rusted on ALP supporter it should be blindingly obvious why the racist and sexist comment is being highlighted. There is no winging and complaining her unless you object to the hypocrisy of the ALP being highlighted.

    • Freeman says:

      08:49am | 30/01/13


      I think you willfully miss the point which is that what is good for Abbott is good for Gillard’s man. Gillard wishes to impose rediculous standards on Abbott. Hell, Abbott was supposedly sexist for just looking at his watch. That’s the thing about hypocrisy; people will want to rub it in your face.

    • NSS says:

      12:32pm | 30/01/13

      The difference is, (which most people seem to be deliberately conflating)  that the behaviour Gillard was referring to was largely the manner in which she was being addressed in the Parliament, (and in public commentary) was sexist, when she is the Prime Minister of the country, the highest elected official in this land, and Tim is not. Her office alone deserves respect, in and of itself, regardless of whether you respect the person who holds it or not. The gender of the incumbent should not matter one jot. In this regard the Americans are our betters. No-one addresses the POTUS in a formal context and refers,(or infers slurs) about his race. The office of The President is sacrosanct.

    • sam says:

      07:43am | 30/01/13

      Did you guys let the work experince kid from the local high school do the photoshopping on this stories picture?

    • Terry2 says:

      07:45am | 30/01/13

      Tim should have added, whatever the gender or ethnicity, check your doctor’s fingernails…, is that offensive ?

    • Chillin says:

      08:30am | 30/01/13

      Typical don’t do as we do, do as we demand you do.  Then if we are caught out, we will pretend it didn’t happen and try and create a diversion.

    • Sarah says:

      09:34am | 30/01/13

      Chillin, here is an idea for a diversion, fabricate a slander campaign betraying Abbott as a sexist and a misogynist, ops, that is what has got her into this bind.

    • Chillin says:

      09:57am | 30/01/13


      That was my point.

    • Rob says:

      10:22am | 30/01/13

      Absolutely right. When Abbott was caught out his supporters pretended it didn’t happen and now they’re trying to create a diversion. Typical don’t do as we do, do as we demand you do.

    • jg says:

      07:46am | 30/01/13

      Just waiting for Gillard to come out in the press and castigate Mathieson for being a racist.

      Any time now…..

    • jg says:

      08:01am | 30/01/13

      Oh, and those other Gillard pet hates.

      What were they again?

      Sexism and miso…

      It’ll come to me.

    • Fred says:

      08:22am | 30/01/13

      Don’t forget sexist and misogynist or is that a homophobe?

    • Andy says:

      08:46am | 30/01/13

      She’ll do whatever is “tough” and necessary. Everthing is “tough” for Gillard.

    • BobC says:

      09:01am | 30/01/13

      Why restrict it to just Gillard!! Why aren’t the rest of the the handbag hit squad grabbing the microphones and slating the lad for shafting their well-planned anti-Abbott campaign and showing it for the political cowardice that it is!

    • Jack says:

      07:55am | 30/01/13

      I love how this has somehow become another story about Tony Abbott’s misogyny.

    • the phantom says:

      08:11am | 30/01/13

      I seriously doubt if anyone is going to change their voting intentions because of this innocent gaffe.
      All it does is gives the feral LNP oxygen thief’s, bogans, rednecks, morons, religious freaks, Coalition groupies, druggies, muppetts nuff nuffs and losers something to vent their spleen over. .

    • Grammar Nazi says:

      10:09am | 30/01/13

      “Oxygen theif’s”?? - First, you don’t use an apostrophy when you add an “s” to refer to the plural of a noun but the fact is the plural of “theif” is “theives”.

      Sie sind herzlich willkommen.

    • marley says:

      10:17am | 30/01/13

      @the phantom - umm, I think the druggies and the bogans are over on your side.  After all, what was the ALP built for, if not to further the interests of those lowlife bogans?

    • Colin (Adelaide) says:

      10:29am | 30/01/13

      @Phantom…seriously dude, if your IQ ever reaches 20 I would advise you to sell !

      You have issues mate.

    • Spelling Nazi says:

      10:30am | 30/01/13

      What’s a “theif” ? What are “theives” ? What is an “apostrophy” ?

    • gof says:

      10:30am | 30/01/13

      #Grammar Nazi,
      Give him a break! He spelt nuff nuffs correctly.

    • the phantom says:

      10:54am | 30/01/13

      Colin (Adelaide) says:10:29am | 30/01/13
      Phantom…seriously dude, if your IQ ever reaches 20 I would advise you to sell !
      You have issues mate@
      if that is all you have to offer??? I mean, really, a load of babbling is hardly effective… Maybe later in life, when u have learned to read.write, spell, and count, you will have more success.!!..
      Save your breath for your inflatable girlfriend.

    • Grammar Nazi says:

      11:03am | 30/01/13

      Fair call Spelling Nazi.


    • Hamish says:

      11:05am | 30/01/13

      gof, well I imagine phantom’s been called a nuff nuff enough times to know how it’s spelt.

    • the phantom says:

      11:25am | 30/01/13

      Is talking out of your ass an acquired trait or an hereditary one?

    • Christian Real says:

      01:44pm | 30/01/13

      Grammar Nazi
      Translation: “You are heartily welcome”

    • gof says:

      08:11am | 30/01/13

      It’s a good thing that Tony Abbott can visually inspect his own prostate while looking for a policy.

    • Sue Duncan says:

      08:39am | 30/01/13

      Now that is a misogynist! This man actually represents us when the PM travels overseas. Beyond embarrassing.

    • Greg A says:

      09:39am | 30/01/13

      No Sue, you should know by now that it is only LNP members that can be misogynist’s in dillard’s world.

    • Freeman says:

      08:40am | 30/01/13


      Gawd Mal, do we really need to connect the dots for someone who claims to be a political editor?? 

      No one cares about what Tim said. Remember the misogyny speech and the branding of Abbott as a sexist pig? Screaming “sexist” and “racist”  to defame someone is indeed a low blow and this is a brilliant opportunity to bring that home to Gillard.

    • Bris Jack says:

      08:55am | 30/01/13

      Time and a place for everything, seems Tim the bogan can’t raise the level of conversation above the men’s shed and golf with the boys talk.
      Julia,  Karma is like a rubber band.

    • Nick says:

      08:59am | 30/01/13

      The most outrageous aspect of Tim’s comments is that his medical advice is wrong. The digital rectal examination will only indicate if the prostate is enlarged., not if it is cancerous. It is the blood test that will indicate if further exploration is necessary, such as a series of biopsies. When I was diagnosed it was as a result of a routine blood test my GP took from me every year as part of a general check up: there was no enlargement indicated by prior digital examination, yet my prostate was over 60% cancerous and cancer was detected close to the margin.

      It is now 18 years since my operation. In that time I have had 4 friends diagnosed. They chose not to have the op. They are all dead.

      This is an important subject and not to be used as a political football.

      Tim may be well intentioned and his comment meant to lighten a pretty unattractive topic, but as a cancer survivor I would prefer the information to be accurate.

    • Tell It Like It Is says:

      11:28am | 30/01/13

      And provided by a trained, properly informed health expert. He is being irresponsible and so is SHE for letting him. But she and her ALP mates doen’t have any qualifications for their jobs either. Like kids playing games or a sheltered workshop where the supervisor’s gone AWOL.

      A real hoot this! Hoist on her own patard. How says your boomerang doesn’t come back!!!!

      A pathetic and embarrassing lot.

    • Kenny says:

      09:14am | 30/01/13

      Gillard fans must be spewing Abbott hasn’t made a big deal about Tims joke.
      Just pointed out Gillards hypocrisy.

    • Greg in Chengdu says:

      09:25am | 30/01/13

      God the Labor trolls are defensive today, Accusing the Libs of playing for points on this issue when they have done the opposite. But if we have learnt one thing from labor over the last 6 years is that the truth has no bearing on reality

    • TChong says:

      09:54am | 30/01/13

      And, the Liberal trolls are any different ?
      The trolls are defensive every day
      Thats part of Punchs charm.
      The same arguments from the same punters, with the same responses from the usual suspects.
      From both sides.

    • Mr Sam says:

      10:09am | 30/01/13

      The ALP trolls need to think about who they are defending. Julia Gillard. They are defending her. Think about this. The election defeat of the ALP is a done deal. The mission now for Australia is to ensure this is the worst Labor defeat in Australian history. We might be able to send the ALP the way of the Australian Democrats. All because of one person. Think of what the PM has done for you, what she has done for Mr Rudd/Wilkie, how she supported Slipper/Thompson, what she has done for herself, how she will get a $600,000 yearly pension with perks while the rest of us have to ‘toughen’ up. The ALP trolls are shaking in their boots knowing that if Australians think about the above points when they are voting, the ALP is all but finished. Think. Think hard and think about who you are supporting.

    • doctor clever says:

      10:19am | 30/01/13

      Greg at least TChong is paid to be an ALP troll. Zero credibility, 100% payability. Wish I was in an union….

    • doctor clever says:

      10:19am | 30/01/13

      Greg at least TChong is paid to be an ALP troll. Zero credibility, 100% payability. Wish I was in an union….

    • TChong says:

      10:43am | 30/01/13

      no doc
      I dont belong to a political party.
      Never have.
      How about you?
      BTW - please provide the link where I troll for the ALP?
      Put up or shut up.

    • Rob says:

      10:49am | 30/01/13

      You obviously missed the latest Newspoll. 49-51 2PP.

    • Mr Sam says:

      11:11am | 30/01/13

      Rob and you missed the latest Galaxy poll plus they are predicted to lose 18 seats at least Aussie wide. Doesn’t matter champ the rest of us know what the deal is, hope you catch up soon.

      TChong your response seems to say it all. Why talk about Liberal trolls? Why bring them into the picture? Why so angry? Are you paid in cash or check?

    • Rob says:

      11:31am | 30/01/13


      Galaxy poll ! LMAO ! You officially have Karl Rove Syndrome !

    • Christian Real says:

      01:35pm | 30/01/13

      Greg in Chengdu
      “The truth has no bearing in reality’
      You have described the Liberal/National party and their die-hard supporters perfectly.

    • Zack says:

      04:04pm | 30/01/13

      Polls don’t mean much I think. The bookies have Labor to lose by a landslide and they know what the situation really is.

      Apologies TChong, Mr Sam you had me at a giggle calling TChong on his own statement and reply. The guy betrayed his political affliation without realising it. TChong can you get me a paid gig like yours, I’m happy to switch sides for the easy money.

    • Rob says:

      04:34pm | 30/01/13


      Try telling that to Nate Silver. He called 50 out of 50 correctly.

    • Zack says:

      05:25pm | 30/01/13

      Rob the situation in Australia is different. Gillard has alienated her core base, she can’t shake TA off (and he isn’t Mal Turnbull) and she has enough political baggage to ground a 747. The bets are already getting in as of this arvo nd Gillard looks good to go.

    • fedup labourvoter says:

      09:40am | 30/01/13

      Gillard has made sexism and misogyny the centre piece of her leadership, and of her govt.  go one Julia, point the finger at sexism and mysogny, and while you are at it, point the finger at racism. This govt has raised the awareness of misdemenors to a fright full level and not only tim, but many of her own govt have been caught out many times.  Where is Gillards finger pointing? You cant rant Abbott Abbott Abbott over this one.  gillards Hippocracy over this is immense.  DONT VOTE LABOR

    • Suzanne says:

      09:43am | 30/01/13

      The joke was crude and Gillard has again demonstrated double standards and highlighted again that she is completely untrustworthy, lacking in credibility and statemanship

    • Jaqui says:

      10:11am | 30/01/13

      I am disappointed that when he made his apology I didn’t see any size 10 stamp marks on Tims face, I mean considering Gillard said she was going to stamp out misogyny wherever and whenever she sees it.

      I agree with TimB on this one though, just image Andrew Bolt had made this comment, he isn’t a politician but he would have been thrown into a court and then thrown into jail by the leftists.

    • Haha says:

      10:55am | 30/01/13

      And lamb roasts would cost $100 and Whyalla would be wiped off the map. You nutters are hilarious. ROFLMAO

    • RANK FRANK says:

      10:17am | 30/01/13

      My ‘Union Card carrying Postie’  says it all so simply

      The Prime Minister is -  not married , has no children and does not
      believe in God - how can she relate to you and I ?
      Her partner makes crass comments and is chasened,
      if it was Abbott he would have been cruicified and castrated.

    • Huh says:

      11:13am | 30/01/13

      Rosie is your postie ? Who knew !

    • Christian Real says:

      01:27pm | 30/01/13

      Rank Frank
      So what if the Prime Minister is not married,and has no children and does not believe in God.
      Last time I look Australia was a free and democratic country and people can do as they please in those above issues that you mentioned.
      The fact that the Liberal mob made such a deal out of what Tim Mathieson said at least drew enormous attention to men’s problem’s that are sadly overlooked and never dealt with as they should be.
      Out of all the years that there has been a Liberal/National party and their die hard supporters, this is the only one decent,genuine issue that they have brought to the attention of all Australia and hopefully men will now adress the prostate issue themselves without fear or lack of courage.
      Well done Tim Mathieson, you should have been made Australian of the year for your outstanding efforts in bringing this prostate issue of men to prominence in the Media and Media outlets right around australia.

    • aka anon says:

      02:00pm | 30/01/13

      christian, there are more appropriate ways to raise prostate cancer awareness than by telling a racist joke. I thought someone who claims to be of Australian Indigenous heritage would be against people being racially stereotyped.

      Tim Mathieson doesn’t deserve an Australian of the year award for being a complete dill, that is just plain silly.

    • Chris L says:

      06:16pm | 30/01/13

      “The Prime Minister is -  not married , has no children…”

      That’s pretty much how the whole sexism issue became front and centre. Gillard has been hyperbolic about it, no denying it, but there’s plenty of blame to go around both sides on the issue.

      BTW the only time a charge misogyny has been used to demand any more than an apology (like the one Tim gave) was when Abbott was gunning for Slipper’s job. You remember, it’s what led to that famous speech that people are still talking about today.

    • Robinoz says:

      10:26am | 30/01/13

      Everyone says something they regret at some stage. We need to develop a better sense of robustness for bad jokes, slips of the tongue etc. And in any case, some of us have a penchant for Asian ladies, although I must admit to only having my prostrate checked by a middle-aged male Caucasian.

    • Brad says:

      10:41am | 30/01/13

      This is the Australia we now live in thanks to Ms Gillard. But I feel Ms Gillard & Co days are numbered.

    • Anjuli says:

      10:41am | 30/01/13

      Why did he have to speak, is he employed by the tax payer ?.

    • Rod Graham says:

      11:33am | 30/01/13

      Having had my prostrate checked on a regular basis, I am on Tim’s side,he stated the obvious,and, I suspect the vast majority of men in the over 50’s would agree?

    • Wakey Wakey says:

      11:40am | 30/01/13

      oops Tim, not funny ... and not happy Julia! oh well least prostate examinations have been given a much needed big promo - maybe even saved an extra life or two?

    • the phantom says:

      11:44am | 30/01/13

      More negative, carping, repetitious, predictable inane hysterical rubbish from the NOalition groupies.
      You lot wouldn’t know a clue if it walked up to you, bit you on the ass, and announced ‘I AM A CLUE’.
      Its like being savaged by a dead sheep!

    • King in the North says:

      12:26pm | 30/01/13

      The joke itself isn’t really the problem here, it’s the double standard created by jg and co last year. If anyone even remotely connected to the Libs had’ve said something like this they’d be bitching and moaning and the abc would be playing the story ad nauseam. You can’t complain about us complaining, it was your mighty leader who inflicted this OTT PC madness on us in the first place. But you will anyway because your all hypocrites.

      Anyway I’m glad she’s called the election, sept 14th can’t come quick enough.

    • Frank says:

      01:08pm | 30/01/13

      It sure can’t. It’s gonna be great to see Abbott lose again ! I just hope they keep him on again after that !

    • SAm says:

      12:36pm | 30/01/13

      Meanwhile tissue sales are spiking yet again as coalition supporters slobber themselves with froth and rage

    • Yon Toad says:

      12:58pm | 30/01/13

      She, who you did but see passing by, started it Moz. Take it up with her - if you dare.

    • Luc Belrose says:

      02:03pm | 30/01/13

      You can now be sure finger waving and digital menacing during hot and bloody debates will be declared un-Parliamentarian. The Speaker may need to remind members who are finger menacing to withdraw and resume their seats!

    • Swamp Thing says:

      03:03pm | 30/01/13

      I guess Timmy-boy really ought to be the first victim of the ALP’s coming legislation that makes it a federal offence to offend somebody.
      Not that I’m offended, Asian birds do have small hands as a rule, ( aside from that Chinese volley ball player ‘The Beijing Bomber’).

    • Dann da Man says:

      05:07pm | 30/01/13

      Ms Gillard is so full of not only a fabricator,arrogance,ignorance and Dictatoral but full of Hypocrisy , if that is the case of Timmy saying and unfunny JOKE and he is not charged with being a sexist and racist what would have happened if MrTony Abbott said it -OMG!
      Then she makes him like alil boy go and write a hundred time you are sorry and speak to the Media. Thsi is anothing matter and the PM is turning into a Dictator with nanny staes ,Plus ,I it looks like we cannot laugh soon. Shame on you timothy! if you are going to tell ajoke tell a funny one EG Ä Doctor informed his patient he was going to give him a Digital test does he mind? the patient said äs long as you do not kiss me when doing it"hahaha


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