The Property Council of Australia - in one of those surveys aimed at getting their name on every news service - has named Adelaide Australia’s most liveable city.

Heaps good. Photo: Campbell Brodie

‘Liveable’ is such a beige term. Talk about damned with faint praise.

They used a bunch of different characteristics such as traffic congestion and housing affordability to judge each capital city.

The fact that Canberra came in second goes to show that having a rockin’ good time wasn’t a criterion. (Oh come on, the Holy Grail doesn’t count).

When people come to Adelaide, you’ll often see their eyebrows raise, their head nod faintly, as they say: “Hey, I like Adelaide!”.

Subtext: “Hey, this isn’t the weirdly-quiet-bogan-infested-murder-capital I was expecting!”

And yet interstaters are still relentlessly scathing, and locals are still defensive.

In the schoolyard of life, Adelaide is the insecure kid whose parents sent her to therapy to improve her self esteem. Repeat after me: Adelaide, you are a unique being, you are worthy of true love, you are a valuable part of the universe.

Adelaide. It’s OK!

Melbourne’s too easy. Melbourne’s the self-harming emo kid who writes bad poetry. And sometimes, almost accidentally, great poetry. On the weekend he goes to see bands no one’s ever heard of in bars down dingy alleyways. He knows he’s cooler than the superficial bimbos around him. He sulks.

Sydney’s the coke-snorting former bit-part actor who’s now teaching drama. Beautiful bordering on blowsy, with delusions of a grandeur just slightly fading. It takes a bit more lippy in the morning, but most of the class still want to shag her.

Brisbane got her ears pierced too early, chews gum loudly, and is really really popular.

Perth’s the kid no one really knows who always has wads of money to spend at the tuck shop. Hobart’s the quiet kid in the corner who only recently acquired nerd-chic.

Darwin doesn’t give much of a shit, and was the first one to get fake ID so he could buy cheap booze for the other kids.

Canberra probably has to be the principal. All rules and regulations and processes. Makes the occasional dad’s joke. Thinks he’s the centre of everyone else’s universe.

And Adelaide spends her time in class staring out the window, dreaming she is beautiful like Sydney or cool like Melbourne or popular like Brisbane. When really she’s OK.

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    • Boris Yeltsin says:

      10:32pm | 22/01/11

      I’ve always said it, lil’ Adelaide: brilliant. We’re nice and quiet and just the way I like it.

    • ausspud says:

      11:04pm | 22/01/11

      sydney-dont know if its part of aus anymore.
      melb-full of yuppies.
      bris-ok till recently.
      tas-no way they vote greens.
      adel-never been.
      canb-too many politicians.
      darwin-too humid,might get eaten by crocs.
      perth-no political correctness,no multiculturalism,lib state,the winner.

    • Trude says:

      11:53pm | 22/01/11

      Don’t believe it, Adelaide’s great to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live here. Seriously we’re really boring, we all go straight to bed after dinner, you’d hate it, we ran out of beer, in-fact we ran out of all alcohol and have taken up crocheting granny rugs, also if you stay here longer than a holiday, you’ll get cooties. And to the idiots who answered the poll, saying Adelaide’s great, shhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    • LL says:

      12:32am | 23/01/11

      Don’t worry Adelaide.
      You’ll be as bad as Sydney and Melbourne very very soon.
      Labor and Liberal are destroying one city, one suburb, one street at a time and you’re next.

      Massive unwanted immigration has all but destroyed the “livability” in Sydney and Melbourne. Turning wonderful cities into high rise high density hell holes. 

      With multiculturalism shoved down our throats by our two party political system no one dares speak up for common sense and for the good of our society. When we are like the UK where 2 out of every 3 jobs are filled by non British and our manufacturing and food production is all offshore, you can pay rent to the foreign landlords who don’t give two shits about Australia.

      But yeah congrats Adelaide. I give you 5 years tops.

    • Ant says:

      01:50am | 25/01/11

      You want the White Australia policy back as well I suppose with dome good ole klux Klan fun in the balmy summer evenings with a burning cross as well I suppose ?

    • Hannah says:

      02:40pm | 25/01/11

      Actually, the multiculturalism’s a big part of what I love about my Adelaide. Without the variety and enterprise that’s been built up by previous generations of migrants, and the fantastic beginnings that this generation have made, Adelaide wouldn’t be worth living in, nor visiting.

    • Dan says:

      11:16pm | 23/03/11

      I do agree, Australia is Mulitcultural, so how about you stop being a snobby fool and move somewhere else. you Racist. There is everything to love about the cultural diversity that comes with immigration. When someone makes an effort to become part of our beautiful land, why don’t you walk a mile in there shoes to understand what drew them initially to our safe, wonderful country. Half of Adelaide is made up of Greek and Italian migrants who started merchant gardens and built Adelaide into what it is today, a fragrant mix of diversity and culture.

    • Servaas says:

      03:20am | 23/01/11

      Good on ya Adelaide! I had the privilege to live in the land of Aus for about 6 months while studying there and my home away from home was sweet little Adelaide.

      I also popped in to Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane just to say hi.

      Adelaide was more than good to me. Never having lived in a city before myself,  I appreciated the fact that she’s nothing more than a huge town. Easy to move around in, easy people to get along with, and more than enough to do in and around the place.

      Sydney had the typical ‘big city’ vibe to it - good for a tourist but possibly quite intense to live in on a permanent basis.

      Canberra I spent two days in and enjoyed it. Whenever I mentioned this to people they looked at me funny. But consider the fact that I’m a visitor, and my time there was spent visiting the War Memorial, Old and New Parliament Houses, AIS and some chats to the locals - what more would a tourist want? Unless of course you are a European backpacker who visit a country to see their clubs, get drunk and smoke pot, as if you can’t do that in your own backyard?

      Brisbane was almost Sydney in chill mode. They seemed neater and looked as if they could take ‘no worries’ to the next level.

      I obviously haven’t really stayed in any of the cities long enough to truly say whether it is liveable or not but that was my perceptions of them. The others I unfortunately never got around to but do so should I ever visit again.

      At the end of the day it is pretty relative - for most foreigners ‘Australia’ is pretty freakin’ liveable regardless of which big city you’re in. Also, what do want from a city? A peaceful place to bring up kids, a place where you can advance in your career, are you more attracted to outdoor daytime activities or do you only come out at night, can you entertain yourself or do you need others to entertain you? I call cities ‘hubs of discontentment’, which is maybe a bit unfair to those living in them but Adelaide for instance gets mocked for not being exciting enough (I heard it from many people while I was there as well) but sometimes I wonder what these people actually want to happen in a city to make it exciting enough? 

      I did find the inter-city rivalry quite funny - it seemed like it’s more fun and games than anything else but in the mean time I’ll be wearing my ‘Heaps Good’ hoodie with pride.

    • Nick says:

      05:15am | 23/01/11

      Adelaide is horrible for people like me (a car enthusiast), police harassment because the media has brain washed everybody into thinking anybody driving a modified car is a hoon, our goverment wont let the Adelaide Motorplex consortium spend there own money to build SA a Motorplex that could hold international events

    • Allen Robins says:

      05:54am | 23/01/11

      Thanks Trudy…some of my sentiments, BUT…if only the powers could sort out the archaic shopping hours on weekends and public holidays….the flat earth society is alive and well…..........

    • Rachaelle says:

      05:10pm | 28/01/11

      yet another one who believes retail workers don’t deserve public holidays- WE ARE PUBLIC dammit!

    • Ex-Australian in USA says:

      06:03am | 23/01/11

      Born there and lived there for almost 30 years. That was enough and I will NEVER go back.

    • Chewy says:

      10:47am | 24/01/11

      Good lord the city of churches must be bad to send some poor bugger packing to the US swearing never to return.

    • Mr Pod says:

      07:17am | 23/01/11

      At last, a “most livable city survey” that is not sourced from international business travelers, what the hell would they know of our trivial daily frustrations sitting in a centrally located five star palace with room service and a view.  So may be Adelaide is the best.  Sydney Melbourne Brisbane stop your crying and get out more.

    • iansand says:

      07:18am | 23/01/11

      When I see “liveable” I think of trackie daks and ughs.  Comfortable, but you would never go out the front door wearing them.

    • Alan says:

      07:34am | 23/01/11

      Yep great place, walking to work in the city on a Saturday morning stepping over drunks, druggies, piles of puke, getting abused by the bogans coming out of the casino - great place!

    • Silverdragon says:

      09:08am | 23/01/11

      I love how people bag Canberra for being “full of politicians”.  May I point out that the rest of the country sends them here???  They are not Canberrans, they come from every state and territory in the land - we just have to put up with them!!

      Aside from public transport issues, Canberra would have to be one of the most beautiful places to live.  Fresh air, relative peace and quiet, plenty of cultural attractions and great people.

      So if you’d all like to keep your pollies at home a bit more, that’d be dandy!

    • loxy says:

      09:15am | 23/01/11

      I’ve either lived or spent a lot of time in quite a few cities in Oz and I beg to differ with you Tori on a number of points. Adelaide, along with QLD, are seriously bogan-infested. Adelaide is also the most boring city I’ve been to in Oz.. Canberra’sconservative perception is unfounded - after all they have ample porn, pot and fireworks, plus it has fantastic restaurants and cafes. Sydney is too crowded and congested and the people are super-rude. Perth is quite nice but too isolated. Melbourne is the only city that has some class and character, that combined with the great food and lots of things to do makes it the best city in my opinion (and no I don’t live there, I live in Brissy).

    • Super D says:

      09:43am | 23/01/11

      If you live in a suburb of Sydney that was not listed in the Gregory’s Sydney 1st edition (1934) then Sydney sucks for you.  If you live in original Sydney the city works well.

    • majid says:

      10:01am | 23/01/11

      I never understood why they call Adelaide the “City of Churches” while Brisbane has got more Churches!!! You don’t believe me, let’s count them… Otherwise, the best thing to do in Adelaide is drink Good Wine OR leave…

    • Greg says:

      08:27pm | 28/01/11

      Adelaide was the named City of Churches because it had more churches from multiple faiths (well…multiple Christian faiths). So even though the term is now used as a payout for our conservative ways, it was originally a sign of a liberated free society. True story!

    • nosthow says:

      10:27am | 23/01/11

      Geez Tory last time I was in Adelaide it was closed ! Well it looked that way anyway - hardly any traffic from the airport and not many people around. Someone once told me its “Gods Waiting Room” !  hahahhahha Guess a firebrand like myself should keep out of there huh ? hahahaaa

    • Allen Robins says:

      11:21am | 23/01/11

      Alan…got the blinkers on old chap? wouldnt see Bogans puke et al in any other city?....

    • Thommo says:

      11:47am | 23/01/11

      Having lived in every mainland capital except darwin I think I can give an honest opinion. If I could add Melburnes Night life to adelaide withouttaking anything else away - you’d have the perfect city. You can’t complain about Adelaide’s lack of excitement on one hand but then say how nice and quiet it is on the other hand.
      But if yu consider Adelaide as a base and you can visit Melbourne often then it really is perfect. Melbourne is only a 1hour $79 flight away, so why not leave in a peaceful town without traffic jams and then have getawaya for your excitement. Adelaide still get’s all teh major music festivals and even gets one the other stats don’t - WOMADELAIDE. Also the Festival and Fringe are world reknown. We only have the Bogan Label because we had teh Adelaide Grand Prix and then the Clipsal, apart from those you don’t see petrolheads out on the road unless you live in the Northern Suburbs. And there’s absolutely definitely more bogans in Brisbane than Adelaide - that’s not even a contest. I lived in Brisbane for a year and had to constantly fear for getting bashed because I didn’t wear a flannellette shirt. And my son almost died from a tropical disease in Brisbane. Sydney is just too damn busy and the roads are a mess. And the best thing about Adelaide - is NO TOLLS!! And before you mention the southern expressway - it’s getting extra lanes put on to go both ways - and even still the one way system worked well given that main south road ran almost parallel to it - it was and always has been designed to cater for peak hour traffic. Glenelg is as good as St Kilda.  Our biggest let down is that melbourne Street hasn’t thrived to become like Chapel St. Still After having lived everywhere and having been offered a highly paid job in Canberra, I still chose to return to Adelaide of the lifestyle. Who needs Road Rage, Busker fatigue and right hand turns from the left lane?  But I want to thank Melbourne for TISM.

    • Bri says:

      04:36pm | 16/02/11

      Your comment sums it up for me Thommo - I’ve lived in every city except Darwin (which I have visited) and I have chosen to settle here, but I regularly visit Melbourne. As a muso it is sort of par for the course - though we do have an awesome live music scene here, it is small… Sydney is not my cup of tea, Brissie always reminds me of some sort of weird silicon city full of Barbie/Ken types, Perth is so angry (!!!), Hobart I love but it’s a little tricky to survive there in my profession. I think the writer’s city characters sum it up perfectly! And never mind, if it’s not your thing, we’re happy to keep it small and “livable” for ourselves.

    • Ben81 says:

      12:22pm | 23/01/11

      Yes I live in Adelaide and wouldn’t want to change anything.  Even though it’s very much a love-hate relationship, and because i’m not feeling well and am a bit grumpy today i’ll focus on the negative, which is mainly about what it takes to get simple things done around here.
      Someone wants to put a building in the CBD?  Sorry that’s a couple storeys too tall says the council, piss off to Melbourne.  An ugly looking vacant block in North Adelaide?  Well maybe we’ll let you build something there after arguing about it for literally 22 damn years.
      Want to build a grandstand for the Adelaide 500?  No says the parklands preservation association, you have to build a temporary one and take it down every year because it doesn’t fit William Light’s vision from 175 years ago.  Apparently that vision was a city surrounded by cow paddocks according to that lot.
      If something actually gets built like an underpass on South road or a couple freeway tunnels being opened the premier is there and on the news putting on a big show about it.
      It just wouldn’t be Adelaide without all that though I suppose, just a handful of things you have to get used to around here. Now I’d better get going because I want to go out before our one way expressway changes direction… oh bugger i’ve just missed it.

    • Perth Glory says:

      02:35pm | 26/01/11

      good one ben.. soo true though. i lived there for nearly a decade and no wonder the city hasn’t grown as much as other capitals in ozz.

    • Greg says:

      08:33pm | 28/01/11

      Agreed. It’s a great city to live, but over-consultation and committee decisions mean major developments take way too long to happen. I always wanted to take a photo of the empty LeCornu site from the balcony f The Archer and make a postcard with the slogan “Welcome to Adelaide. State of Indecision”!

    • aeeta says:

      12:39pm | 23/01/11

      Melbourne is the place you end up in when you can’t make it in Sydney so you settle for one of those back office admin processing jobs where you hope to rise to middle management. You’re 35 and still go to pubs with lame bands that will go nowhere but you think you’re hip.

      Brisbane is where you go when you failed in Melbourne. Full of people with 80s style bleached hair and flourescent tshirts.

      Perth is full of bogans who get paid 6 figures to drive a truck in the mines. If you’re not skilled enough to get a job pushing paper in an office in brisbane you go to Perth.

      Adelaide is the Camry driving suburbanite going 20km/h below the limit with their blinker on who has no idea where they’re going. It’s the place for beige people with beige personalities and beige lifestyles.

      Hobart doesn’t count because it’s not a real city. It’s a country town.

      Darwin is full of crocodiles.

      Sydney has it’s problems but at least you can get a real job here.

    • Thommo says:

      01:18pm | 23/01/11

      In sydney you need 2 ‘real’ jobs just to live

    • Soames says:

      01:28pm | 23/01/11

      How curious, the Property Council of Australia, nominating ANY state as the ‘most liveable city’.  No REIA influence here? ‘Course not.

    • John Tracey says:

      01:42pm | 23/01/11

      Melbourne was Australia’s most liveable city.
      Adelaide is Australia’s most liveable city.
      Sydney Will be Australia’s most liveable city.
      Remember the latest NSW State Elelection Galaxy Poll 23 Jan 2011
      Liberals 51% Labor 20% Greens 15%

    • elle1606 says:

      01:45pm | 23/01/11

      ugh, good article except for making a joke out of the ‘emo self harmer’ being Melbourne. How old are you? Attacking a subculture made up of 13 year old’s as well as people who engage in self harm it was so inappropriate.

    • Thommo says:

      02:51pm | 23/01/11

      I wish my lawn was Emo. Then it would cit itself.

    • Saskia says:

      02:57pm | 23/01/11

      How many of these stories have you written now Shepherd?

      Having other Australians judge Adelaide is like having a bogan in a hotted up commodore bag a Bentley.  Please convict/bogan/ferals in your Devine homes in the Sydney/Melbourne/Perth/Brisbane Orwellian suburbs understand this - ...we just don’t care about your opinions.

      If you have to bag a rival to make yourself/city/product etc look better is the last resort of the truly failed.

      You are boring Shepherd.

    • James A says:

      03:00pm | 23/01/11

      Makes me laugh when interstaters try to label Adelaideans as ‘bogan’ itself a Victorian term for ferals there.

      South Australians have by far best speech/accent in Australia, are more gentile and have been into Wine/cuisine/culture when the rest of Australia was still eating Lamingtons and drinking XXXX.

    • Davo from St Kilda says:

      03:13pm | 23/01/11

      Sydney is full of people who live 20 kms from a harbour which they ignorantly believe is something amazing, yet have never seen the beautiful waterways of hobart, hong kong, boston, vancouver etc. Their constant need to be told how wonderful they are shows an embarrassing type of insecurity. I’d rather live in Alice Springs than be surrounded by attention-seking drama queens from a nothing town.

    • Chewy says:

      10:53am | 24/01/11

      ” I’d rather live in Alice Springs than be surrounded by attention-seking drama queens from a nothing town. “
      Yep I wouldnt want to live in St Kilda too.

    • Amy Sturt says:

      03:38pm | 23/01/11

      I’m in Melbs right now….  They sure love this result!

    • David of the Grand Academy of Adelagado. says:

      04:25pm | 23/01/11

      You can’t even compare Adelaide with Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. With only about 1 million people its not even in the same league. We were left behind about 35 years ago.

    • Kathy says:

      05:14pm | 23/01/11

      I have always thought of Adelaide as the boutique city.  We have small amounts of quality stuff - theatre, festivals, botanic gardens, major sporting events, music events etc.  Add to this we are sandwiched between 2 of the best wine areas in the world - the Barossa & McLaren Vale, we have some of the best beaches & hills regions, THE best weather resulting in the most amazing cafe culture etc etc…Our famed 20 min commute to anywhere is more like 30-45 mins now though, so don’t tell any more people how fabulous it is here!!!

    • steve parker says:

      08:39pm | 23/01/11

      McLaren Vale
      Tour Down Under
      The Festival
      The Fringe
      Coopers Bear [Pale Ale]
      The Fleurieu Peninsula
      Adelaide Hills wineries
      Endless Southern beaches

      ........enough to go on with. Have you actually been to Adelaide?

    • Bingle says:

      09:51pm | 23/01/11

      @ Tory, In my book Adelaide rates 8/10 with Perth (although I live in Country WA now). It wins on its straight streets (not paved bullock tracks like Sydney), Melbourne is straight planned but put in lanes to deliver goods and cart away the rubbish, these are now full of Melbourne Bogans in black clothes and knee high boots, thinking sipping coffee in a lane is chic.

      A pie floater at mid-night in Unley St. after a visit to a “Night Club” or breakfast on Sunday in Rundle Mall are great memories. A rub and a tug with some way-would wench in the back of the Night Club for the price of a drink and a few bucks for extras, saved many from a barren night of loneliness.

      Elizabeth, the satelitte city had all its nooks and crannies, The British Bulldog Club with its dance nights and bingo and the Elizabethian Tavern hidden in residential area (how neat is that), play darts or pool and walk home .... unafraid because your all friends.

      COOPERS BREWERY tours with a free tap in every wall .... a tram to the beach for a swim ....what more could you wish for?

      Up The Barossa Valley for wine, cheese and history. Hanndorf for all German goodies?

    • MO says:

      11:15pm | 23/01/11

      God, it’s funny how some people just can’t feel good about themselves unless they put out a pile of crap about Adelaide. After immigrating to Australia I lived 3 years in Adelaide, now I am in Melbourne, and can’t wait to go back!

      But yeah… don’t go to Adelaide… it’s too good for you!

    • Ex-Australian in USA says:

      01:27am | 24/01/11

      Allen Robins…I wish that you bogans would get et al and etc. straightened out old chap or stop using both until you know the difference.

    • AFR says:

      08:17am | 24/01/11

      “Liveable” - so Adelaide has won the award for being so-so (as voted by themselves)? Awesome. i heard they lost the Grand Prix becuase the drivers kept falling asleep behind the wheel.

    • Will says:

      11:51am | 28/01/11

      I heard you lost the grand prix because you ran it into the ground financially.

    • Bingle says:

      08:51am | 24/01/11

      Oops!  forgot to mention the view over Adelaide from the Eagle on the Hill viewing bay, unless you fly over Sydney or Melbourne (and can see thru the smog) there are few views like that in Australia, even Kings Park in Perth is not as good.
      Down South to Victor Harbour via McLaren Vale Wineries and if it is nice day you can throw all your kit on the sand at Maslens and be as free as you wish.
      Fresh cooked Crayfish (Lobsters ?) from the factory door at Kingston South East, a beer and fishing at Robe ....
      Mt Gambier ..... the Blue Hole.

    • Roddy Sexton says:

      09:00am | 24/01/11

      Everyone should go to Adelaide for the last week of their life.

    • Tim S says:

      09:59am | 24/01/11

      South Australia is the only state that CAN host the tour down under, because it is the only state with maintained roads!

    • Mark says:

      11:37am | 24/01/11

      Tory, did you actually read the report or just glance quickly at the press release? This was a survey of opinions, not facts. And the sample size? 4072 in total. Perhaps the report should read 0.018% of the Australia population believe Adelaide is Australia’s most liveable city. But it would be unlike you to let facts get in the way of your arguments.

      I have always found Adelaide to be vacuous and innocuous which is probably why its been given this title. The thing I don’t understand about Adelaide is the way they all call the Murray River “The River Murray”. I’ve checked the maps and they all say Murray River. The official Murray River tourism web site is I don’t hear them refer to “The Beach Glenelg” or “The Hills Adelaide” so why “The River Murray”?

      Can some of you Adelaide fans/locals please explain this to me?

      Seriously, I don’t get it!

    • Thommo says:

      12:05pm | 24/01/11

      Methinks that most of the shit Adelaide cops is out of Jealousy.

    • Kika says:

      12:46pm | 24/01/11

      Give me one single reason to visit Adelaide, and I will go there.
      Except it has to be something other than wineries, breweries and beaches. I’m sorry, I can’t swim down there. You have a lot of great white sharks. Fact.
      If you can give me a reason to come down, I’ll put it on the bucket list.

    • Rachelle says:

      05:24pm | 28/01/11

      come during March

    • Thommo says:

      02:42pm | 24/01/11

      Mark - you’ll find that over here we just usually say ‘the murray’. No one actually puits the river part on the end.

      And Kika - There’s really not much more to see in any capital, South Australia isn’t about Adelaide, it’s about the whole state. Take a drive from Melbourne to Adelaide on the Great Ocean road in a convertible in late Autumn or Early Summer. Or see lake Eyre when it fills.

    • Mark says:

      04:16pm | 24/01/11

      Every time I’m there I see the premier in the news rabbiting on about “the River Murray” with the sort of reverence you would reserve for a God. It drives me mad, good to hear the normal folk call it the Murray like the rest of us.

    • Graham S says:

      03:24pm | 24/01/11

      Having bagged Adelaide for years and I’d still not waste money going there, however the best kept secret in S.W Australia is the Fleurieu Penninsula: Moana beach, McLaren Vale Wine district & Victor Harbour, all of which are within 3/4 hours drive of each other. No crowds, great beaches, great wineries, all within an 8 hour drive from Melbourne and much,much better than the over hyped SW Victorian ocean road beaches with their over-priced “tourist towns”. Booked again for 2012

    • Luke says:

      09:24pm | 24/01/11

      I think it’s insecurity that Sydney and Melbourne residents feel obliged to bag Adelaide. Since when was bigger better? By that definition the HUGE cities in China with over 10 - 20 million people in them must be the most livable, best quality of life.
      Adelaide is beautiful, classy, and has more than enough going on to occupy anyone who gives it a chance without prejudice.

    • radelaidean says:

      09:49pm | 24/01/11

      man, im a proud south australian, but that Bingle character scares the shit out of me.
      bottom line i suppose - if you are only happy with a real Big City vibe, then obviously adelaide wont be for you. for lots of other people, its got plenty of attractions, many of which have already been mentioned. it punches above its weight in lots of ways considering the small size of our population - not just adelaide but the whole state of sth australia. it can get conservative at times - but hell, no place is perfect is it?
      i dont feel defensive as an adelaidean, but it does puzzle me why adelaide is so often attacked, even by those who have literally never been here. but like others here, i just tend to feel smug - i know what weve got, and i dont really care if you dont!

    • Bingle says:

      08:11am | 25/01/11

      Have no fear of my knowledge of Adelaide and South Australia in general, I have visited for few days and stayed for months, working on different jobs in remote locations.
      I love South Australia, radelaidean have no fear of me. I am more likely to give, than take anything away.
      Tory knows who I am and would not allow my posts if she had any doubts about me.

    • kylie says:

      01:35pm | 25/01/11

      Radelaidean - you forgot the best thing about SA….
      It has Sno Top!I If I could get Sno Top & Woody’s Lemonade back home, I wouldnt feel the need to OD on the stuff every time i’m in Radelaide.

    • Anthony says:

      02:01am | 25/01/11

      I lived and grew up in mosman in Sydney lived in the ACT for nine could only stand Melbourne for 2 , Adelaide , pay no attention to the snobbery , you have by far the nicest people food standard of living , rent is cheap and clean food is wow times a million everything you need that Sydney has minus the meth junkies stopping u every five minutes for 2 dollars at central or Melbournes charming ethnic drive bys and Canberra is well .... Boring I know it’s only 3.50c to get any where you want on Action buses but after 7 ain’t no way of getting home ps ....people you want to know the real meaning of westie yobbo or bogan : mooseheads in civic Canberra !!!

    • ron down south says:

      04:21pm | 25/01/11

      I have read all the comments on Adelaide my family have lived here since 1967 we lived in Sydney this is the best city to live in I have been to them all I live looking out over the Spencer Gulf we get lots of interstate visitors in the summer months I WONDER WHY because its a nice place to come to They can bury me here.

    • De says:

      10:28am | 28/01/11

      Nice one Tory!

    • Adam says:

      10:45am | 28/01/11

      Hi Tory,

      Nice piece but just wondering what category you’d place Hobart in? Maybe the forgotten child.

    • Anouvong says:

      12:48pm | 29/01/11

      I’m in NYC. It’s fantastic. But I miss Adelaide like craaaaazzzzy.

      Adelaide’s amazing. Born and bred there. You just need to know where to go, what to see. etc etc. Any of these cities in Australia is what you make of it.

      Love it.

      If you don’t like it. then stay in your own ‘amazing’ cities.

    • Corinne says:

      01:59am | 05/02/11

      I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but while Adelaide is a great place to start a family… those little kiddies that grow up here all flee interstate once they hit their early 20’s. Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more familiar faces disappearing from the places I’ve regularly visited. At first I thought they’d just grown up and stopped leaving their houses. Then I went to Melbourne and recognised many of those familiar faces. It turns out they hadn’t ‘grown up’ they all just got bored and left. Some may come back when they want to start a family, but then again, many also won’t.

      Our streets have been flooded with empty shopfronts (or many shops simply don’t last for long), our west tce. parklands are an ugly wasteland consisting of unmaintained space, our single tramline is a joke (not to mention the outrage at it’s first paltry expansion down king william), our buses are consistently and infuriatingly unreliable, AND have the most complex, obscure and illogical coding system For the duration of one single month each year, the Adelaide public crawls out from behind a rock somewhere and actually fill the city for the Fringe (which has now been overtaken by a large quantity of shows, rather than a quality of shows). But for the remainder of the year, however, the city is largely dead, uneventful, and uninspiring.

      For so long I have been trying to stand by the ‘Radelaide’ ethos… I’ve been trying to live by the ‘Only boring people get bored’ mantra. My faith and commitment to Adelaide has been sorely bruised after having to say goodbye to at least 5 close friends in the last 2 years who have all given up trying and moved interstate. If I included the people under the broader ‘friend’ category, that number increases to at least 19. The saddest thing is when our most talented young people that have been trained here, take these amazing talents interstate… further limiting our city from progressing and competing interstate. When the most talented people leave, what do you have left?

      Opportunities for young people are limited and dull here, because of this ‘large country town’ image of Adelaide that so many people seem to cling to adoringly.  At the moment, our city is a suburb, and it is a suburb that is frustrating to get to and from via public transport. It’s a suburb that has monopolized real estate ownership in particular areas like the east end. If Adelaide people were really honest they would admit that our actual ‘CBD’ is restricted to the north side of the city. The remainder of the ‘CBD’ is overrun by residential cottages and apartment buildings (therefore limiting the capacity for social spaces that can be occupied past 9:30), uninteresting delapidated shops that really belong in the suburbs, and strange ugly offices. For a central business district… there isn’t really that much central business.

      Progression and development in Adelaide ISN’T A BAD THING. Give us more tramlines! If you’re not going to maintain a parkland, get rid of it! We don’t want to look at the vast expanse of dead grass while traveling along West Tce! Adelaide can be a great place to live, but it sure isn’t a very exciting place to visit - why can’t it be both? Why can’t we ditch the ‘big country town’ infatuation and keep our young people in our city?

      (P.S. If you choose to live in the city, expect noise at late hours. If you want peace and quiet, move to the suburbs. I couldn’t believe it when I was verbally abused by a man in a townhouse at 10:00pm one night for having a moderate conversation outside the Bakehouse Theatre.)

    • CaptainReality says:

      12:21pm | 12/08/11

      Grew up in Adelaide, left, came back to start a family, left again (with family) because there are no jobs in my industry. I doubt that I’ll ever go back, because although I like the place, the lack of jobs makes it unliveable.

    • CJ says:

      09:49am | 22/05/12

      Loved the Article Tory and totally agree.

      South Australia seems to lack confidence, there is always a place that has more jobs, more excitement, more mines, more beauty, more money, etc, etc.  That’s always been the case & always will be.  What eveyone should focus on is that what Adelaide does better than any other place I can think of is combine all the small stuff & make it great.  It has substance, style & a pace that very hard to match.

      I’m originally from S.A. & I’ve been living in Sydney for 14 years.  I still consider myself a South Australian & Adelaide as my home town.  I wear my Heaps Good T-shirt with pride & will return (hopefully soon) to live, work & play in a great city.

    • louis vuitton handbags says:

      07:32am | 08/06/12

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    • Saul says:

      03:07pm | 24/07/12

      To Tori, Adeadaide has a loss’ its young Generation of today? From Saul Gilbertson,  Look up, search “People of Adelaide”


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