June 2011

“Okay it’s time to go now - they have started throwing stones.”

Thank you for your cooperation, sir. Photo: AFP

The words were calm but it was hard to miss the rising panic in the voice of my Greek host Danai as stones pummelled into the building behind us as we watched the latest episode in the demonstrations that have been rocking Athens for the past month now.

Yesterday the tension was palpable.

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  • John says:

    12:52pm | 06/01/12

    The way i looked at it. 1. EU zone only benefit the Germany and France as they out compete the smaller EU nations, this results in smaller EU nations that can’t compete to be out of jobs. 2. The smaller nations who have no job’s, then borrow from the international… Read more »

  • John says:

    12:32pm | 06/01/12

    I don’t blame the Greek people, blame their western financial system that runs printing press’s at five times the rate the country produces. Look around every country is debt to international banking cartel. It’s time every western country cut ties with IMF, World Bank and FED. US dollar’s should be… Read more »


Yesterday, we had a lively discussion in The Punch office. The following is what the fly on the wall heard…

Ant: What’s this story you’re thinking about re babies on planes, T?

Tory: Malaysia Airlines are banning kids in first class and I reckon it’s a brilliant idea. I wish I had the money to fly first class, and now there’s one more reason. I’m always the passenger who ends up next to the screaming baby which means I arrive somewhere tired and pissed off when I’m meant to be enjoying my holiday

Ant: You’re aware that babies are human beings with every right to be on a plane, right?

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    02:25pm | 04/03/13

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  • uptightoutasight says:

    08:49pm | 09/07/11

    I have travelled on planes with my 4 children and they didn’t disturb anybody but it is hard work and I wouldn’t choose it lightly. 2 days ago, I returned from London on a qantas flight. I can’t afford to fly anything other than economy which means it is squashy… Read more »


Welcome to this week’s I Call Bullshit. Yesterday, F1 racer Nico Rosberg was flogged with limp lettuce for bracketing women’s soccer in with watching the Paralympics.

Tory doing what Tory does well: sticking to the opposition. Pic: AP

Rosberg was pinned down in an interview about his level of interest in the women’s World Cup, and said he’d probably just watch the finals. “Then you have the Paralympics, which people also watch on TV,” he said.

German defender Saskia Bartusiak was among those who disapproved of his comments.

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  • Dave says:

    10:02am | 04/07/11

    I dont like watching soccer. Cricket rocks but Read more »

  • Andrew Martin says:

    09:55am | 02/07/11

    Stay off the bongs.  Womens sport is a slower, lower quality version of the mens game, no matter the game.  Pat Cash summed up womens tennis perfectly when he described it as “two sets and half an hour of rubbish that holds up the start of the mens game.”  Watch… Read more »


For years, I, and many like me, have suffered in silence - hiding our shame in plain sight. We’ve struggled through life without support groups, online forums and Oprah specials, praying each day that no one notices our humiliating affliction. We are the smooth-cheeked ones who walk among you, we men who cannot grow beards.

It took me years to grow this thing, said, Ned.

Much like “Eyes Slightly Too Close Together Syndrome” (ESTCTS), “Chronic Male Beardlessness” (CMB) is a very real condition that affects countless men around the world.

I myself have been a victim since birth. During a recent two-week break, I decided to defy the gods and grow a big ol’ beard. Turns out it’s really hard.

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  • Ale says:

    01:23pm | 31/05/12

    Charming group of beards in your falimy. It’s always amazing when the men who lose the hair on top grow such long beards, (there are a couple in my falimy way way back) it makes me wonder if they had kept all their hair would they grow such a long… Read more »

  • Peter says:

    12:03am | 05/07/11

    Why not just try a moustache and a goatee? Not that I would. Read more »


Artists are “appalled” at a suggestions art should get a classification scheme, similar to that used for movies, television and video games. A Senate committee has recommended one be introduced for controversial artwork such as the images of nude children produced by Bill Henson. Here, Tamara Winikoff gives us her perspective.

A trimmed version of 'Art Or Pornography' (Bill Henson) by Matt Adams. Photo: Amos Aikman

The question of where the visual arts should sit in a national classification scheme was one of the matters considered by the recent Senate Inquiry into the National Film and Literature Classification Scheme.

Currently, though, artworks are not required to be classified as a matter of course - the Classification Board can call in artworks, especially in response to a complaint or alternatively artists can choose to seek classification themselves if they wish to be clear about their legal status.

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  • Angela says:

    01:50pm | 05/07/11

    You’re right. I always thought Anne Gedde’s work was pretty tacky. She is probably a paedophile. Or is it okay for a middle aged woman to take photos of naked children? I get so confused. Read more »

  • James1 says:

    10:03am | 01/07/11

    “Name calling only makes you look more insecure.” That’s funny coming from someone who spent nearly all yesterday trying to imply that people who disagree are pedophiles. Read more »


It’s time for a quick quiz.

1. In Italy, people marched and voted against nuclear power recently. Every Australian news service carried the story. But did they mention how many nuclear power stations Italy will need to close as a result of this courageous decision?

Not the wurst tasting dish. Photo: James Elsby

2. Following the Fukushima failure the Chinese suspended approvals on new nuclear power stations pending a safety review. Did the Chinese stop work on any of the 26 reactors currently under construction? How much nuclear power are the Chinese planning for in 2050?

3. The recently announced Moree Solar Farm will take 4 years to build and will be, so far, the largest solar photovaic power station on the planet. How many food producing hectares will it displace? How many such “farms” would you have to build to replace a large coal-fired power station like Victoria’s Loy Yang A?

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  • Obob says:

    10:41am | 07/07/11

    No, The Leftist/Warmist Sulphur Excuse For No Warming 1998-2008 Won’t Wash Maybe human-caused emissions really don’t produce the warming that the warmists’ models say they must July 6 2011 Judith Curry says a new study blaming China’s sulphur dioxide emissions - caused by increased burning of coal (!!) - for… Read more »

  • George says:

    11:12am | 06/07/11

    OOPS! Leftist/Warmist Models Dead Wrong Yet Again. REWORK! July 6 2011 The Bureau of Meteorology admits that the global warming models once said we should be having more cyclones, and worse: There is substantial evidence from theory and model experiments that the large-scale environment in which tropical cyclones form and… Read more »


According to Confucius, the three things necessary for government are weapons, food and trust. If a ruler can’t hold onto all three, Confucius told his disciple Tsze-kung, he should give up the weapons first and the food next. Trust must be jealously guarded for “without trust we cannot stand.”

The PM should listen to this guy instead of Bob Brown for a change

Although written over two thousand years ago in a vastly different culture to the modern west, the advice remains pertinent. More than any other system of government, democracy is built on a broad consensus of values and duties, without which the rights of individuals are endangered.

Central amongst these values is trust. Without it, the consent of the governed is frayed or destroyed as a culture of suspicion and distrust develops.

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  • Pete says:

    01:10pm | 01/07/11

    or links to terrorism for a qld doc Read more »

  • Martin says:

    11:12am | 01/07/11

    Graham,  call Louie, I think he’d be more interested in your mindless Labor gibber than I am. Maybe you could sit together, and he could whinge about Mortien and you could whinge about work choices and bad polls for Labor. Just a thought. Read more »


He’s got a taste for ear cartilage. He’s done time for rape.  Once rolling in money, he quickly squandered it all.  He’s the notorious boxing champion, Mike Tyson, and he turns 45 years old today.

Whatever you do, don't get in this man's way.

It’s Thursday at The Punch. What’s on your mind?

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  • Kipageelipt says:

    12:27pm | 11/09/12

    Nowadays, women are looking for diverse styles to make themselves unique and stand out from the crowd. They do not care how much they will spend.  Jordan Son Of Mars Read more »

  • Reguiseedge says:

    08:54am | 24/07/12

    Sehr active , Marke   betrachten Gesicht, dass befassen sich mit der   ein bisschen verlegen , bis   denken Die Idee,  Diese spezifische bestimmten Person heißt ganz plötzlich denken   in zu mühelose? Chhnang Alles über Ãœber 20   zahlreiche Jahre Männer,  die schwere Chhnang Verletzungen ,  eingenommenen das… Read more »


What with New York legislating same-sex marriage, and Labor state conferences toppling like dominos, it appears that same-sex marriage activists have adopted a new tack: “momentum rhetoric”.

We mustn't comb over the big issues

The most blatant momentum rhetoric sprang up around the recent Galaxy Poll, wherein 75 per cent of respondents agreed that same-sex marriage is inevitable in Australia.

It was an odd poll - more Nostradamus than Aquinas - on what really is a complicated political and moral issue. No engagement with the issue itself, just speculation as to where we might end up.

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  • Caleb says:

    01:06pm | 07/03/12

    When I was working in the Middle East I made friends with a local who was very strict Islam and practiced Sharia Law. Once when I attended his community for a meeting with the locals I arrived to a horrendous amount of screaming and cursing to find they were stoning… Read more »

  • mary says:

    05:41pm | 21/08/11

    Excellent article Tim! Marriage in our society IS between a man and a woman (as in nearly all the world’s societies) and I would suggest to that minority who want it any different, to go shift countries. Read more »


Some 27 Liberal MPs were eating at a restaurant in the Canberra suburb of Kingston last Wednesday when frontbencher Christopher Pyne rose to start a rousing rendition of For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow.

Dumplings, duck pancakes and shang-tung lamb. Photo Kym Smith.

There also were speeches, the main one from shadow attorney general George Brandis, and offers of assistance from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and shadow treasurer Joe Hockey.

The centre of attention was restaurant owner Portia Yeung, who stood by embarrassed, giggling into her hands as is her nervous habit.

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