February 2011

Follow The Punch’s updates of triumphs and faux pas from the Oscars red carpet with our stellar fashion correspondent Nedahl Stelio throughout the afternoon.


No ugly duckling. Picture: Getty Images

It’s more than that, it’s positively pretty. All lacey and lilac-y and girly and flowy, Mila, who not only managed to hold her own with Natalie Portman in the film, proves that she ain’t bad in the style stakes either.

For her very first Oscars, this is stellar choice. It says, “I’ve made it, kind of, but I’m not going to be flashy about it. I’m keepin’ it real.”

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  • Shifter says:

    10:59am | 01/03/11

    Most Phwoooooar: Jennifer Lawrence. Read more »

  • Tom says:

    08:33am | 01/03/11

    What about the absence of feminists? This whole beauty worship orgy is culturally disgusting whether it be male or female. Read more »


I appreciate the high standard of human rights we enjoy in Australia just as much as the next person. But when it comes to the possession of illegal substances, I think it’s better to be presumed guilty rather than innocent, even if it intrudes on our basic right to a fair trial.

The law can protect you when pre-historic curry and cheap vodka isn't the only thing you find in the communal fridge.

In 2008, solicitor Vera Momcilovic was convicted of trafficking ice found in her apartment, despite her claims that the drugs were her boyfriend’s and she knew nothing about it.

Now she’s challenging the legitimacy of the state’s drug laws in the High Court, claiming the Victorian Charter of Human Rights effectively invalidates them because they remove the presumption of innocence.

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  • dmmaseoseoseo says:

    10:52am | 13/12/11

    Awesome share! Thank you very much Read more »

  • Nick Buick says:

    07:24pm | 24/03/11

    You must be on drugs. Why would you want to dispense with justice in this, of all offences? As it is, drug charges carry the toughest sentences in the country bar none. In fact a drug trafficking charge carries a greater penalty than murder (due to the federal sentencing of… Read more »


Bought a new washing machine the other day. It works better than the old one, is quieter, and uses less energy. But one thing is the same. That spin cycle at the end of the wash still takes as long as it always did. Some things just can’t be rushed.

Spin, spin, spin. Photo: The Daily Telegraph.

The same cannot be said for the spin cycle of modern sporting scandals. Wayward players and their handlers, wily to the imminent public outcry after a night-on-the-piss gone wrong or equivalent misdemeanour, move at lightning speed to ward off the damage.

This weekend’s Todd Carney drink-driving incident was a classic case. Early Saturday morning, the man who was proudly starting to wear the tag “former bad boy” was arrested for drink-driving.

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  • Tom says:

    08:32pm | 28/02/11

    “prejudices”? ... “prejudices”? ... OMG. At what point is one allowed to make a judgement? Is it after the 55th stupid act? Or the 75th stupid act. You are right about one thing though Yon Toad, it is useless defending him. Read more »

  • Anthony Sharwood

    Anthony Sharwood says:

    08:23pm | 28/02/11

    Actually mate i like the bloke, and have followed his career closely ever since I worked at The Canberra Times in 2004, when he made his Raiders debut. I just reckon this time he played us when he should have taken a step back. I hope he gets over his… Read more »


‪First home buyers have just cause to feel betrayed by the Rudd-Gillard government as they struggle under the strain of seven consecutive interest rate rises which have been exacerbated by loose fiscal policy.‬

After the amount of Saturdays Kelly and Andrew had spent thumping the pavement looking for a house, they felt ready to kill the person who snapped up this one. Photo: News.com.au

‪A disturbing new survey by Mortgage Choice has found that 10 per cent of first home buyers, who purchased their homes in the past two years, have either sold their homes or are considering selling because of financial hardship, caused by interest rate hikes.‬

‪The survey also found that another 6 per cent would sell if interest rates climbed a further one per cent, while another 14 per cent would sell if they rose another 1.5 per cent.‬

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  • Kane Sherwell says:

    08:41am | 30/03/11

    7% of home owners sell there PPOR each year, having 10% of first home buyers selling their home, is not surprising. Kane Sherwell Director - We Share “not a mortgage broker, go direct to your bank for $1000 cash back” http://www.weshare.com.au Read more »

  • ben says:

    01:46pm | 08/03/11

    Dissident, I am going to assume that all of your views are as short-sighted as your recent comments. Borrowing some yen and putting it in AUD accounts to earn more interest is “risk free” hey? apart from a major risk you are completely overlooking: currency risk. when the ass falls… Read more »


Gillard is becoming a very good Prime Minister.

Cartoon: Peter Nicholson

History doesn’t judge a Prime Minister by the quality of Australia’s education or health systems, their foreign policy achievements or empathy for flood victims but by economic management, including a capacity for tough economic reform.

In other words, economic policy makes or breaks a Prime Minister and everything else is just noise. By this measure, Julia Gillard is on the cusp of becoming a very good Prime Minister.

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  • Matt says:

    12:05pm | 02/03/11

    persephone, I’m gobsmacked that you think any “well-known facts” exist that you use to “critique” Ergas when no legislation or any real policy details actually exist! You keep saying how everyone is going to be compensated. Please, show me who will be compensated (not just low income earners), and exactly… Read more »

  • Catching up says:

    10:58am | 01/03/11

    “And lets no forget the she has used the earthquakes, floods, Egypt power change, Libya, etc. as perfect distractions for her announcement and to top it of, the NSW election in” Yes, and while we are at it, ignore the fact that the PM promised last year that this would… Read more »


Scooby-Doo and the crime-fighting gang are some of the most beloved children’s TV characters of all time.

Far out! Too many Scooby snacks this time, for sure!

The original series Scooby Doo, Where Are You! debuted in 1969 and the show ran for 17 years. Its latest syndication of films and straight-to-DVD movies makes Scooby-Doo the longest lived TV cartoon character.

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  • acotrel says:

    05:11pm | 28/02/11

    Bugs Bunny is sus! Why even ask ‘what’s up doc’? Read more »

  • Roja says:

    04:31pm | 28/02/11

    Kids created Scooby Doo did they?  And the muppet show?  How about the Goodies? If you have missed the frequent references aimed at adults in the majority of childrens shows made in the 60’s through 80’s - when parents were certainly not paying attention - you sir are the one… Read more »


You’ve heard a lot about the asylum policy debate in the media. The Government announces a new policy. The opposition denounces any new policy. Talk back radio goes back and forth about the best way to deal with this issue. If all this noise about asylum seekers makes you almost believe there is thought put into how to develop best practice approaches, think again. You’ve been conned.

Orphaned asylum seeker Seena Aqhlaqi Sheikhdost at his parents funeral. Picture: Sam Mooy

For those of you who have seen The Usual Suspects, asylum seekers are Kaiser Sozé. A made up bogey-man criminal used to distract you from what is really going on.

It’s all just a political marketing campaign from both parties aimed at marginal seat voters. They use the boatpeople debate to define their party’s image. ‘Cruel to be kind’ for the Coalition, with ‘tough but humane’ for Labor. The reality is, when you analyse policies from both parties from a purely rationalist public policy angle, they both fail the test.

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  • marley says:

    07:05pm | 01/03/11

    @Fred - the LTTE were probably the most vicious of all “freedom fighters” - and quite a few countries labelled the organization as a terrorist one.  They raised funds by extorting the Tamil diaspora abroad.  They were responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity, from assassinations to ethnic cleansing… Read more »

  • Fred says:

    05:46pm | 01/03/11

    Marley, bear in mind that the current military/intelligence/police network which “won” the tragic civil war in Sri Lanka assists our people to decide who was and was not an active and voluntary member of the LTTE. Given that freedom fighters vanquished in other civil wars who were nevertheless selected for… Read more »


Most people agree that we, as a society, want to decrease the number of abortions.

The issue is universal. A Mexican woman protesting in support of abortion. Photo: AFP.

Like any grand statement, the means to getting to this end will be the judge of our seriousness and principles.

Tory Shepherd is right to point out our goals cannot be achieved through “guilt, hate and fear mongering”.

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  • Silver says:

    03:31pm | 02/03/11

    What about the 9 year old rape and incest victim’s right to enjoy a childhood free from the demands of motherhood?  As a child herself, why can her quality of life, and formative years, be further eroded in favour of another ‘person’ who is clearly not yet at a stage… Read more »

  • Interloper says:

    11:24am | 02/03/11

    I don’t want to defend the plainly ridiculous, but I will suggest that the argument in Brazil was that the girl’s life was not at significant risk. If one sees abortion as murder, then it follows that although rape and incest are terrible crimes they do not justify abortion. Can… Read more »


Welcome to Monday at The Punch.

Here’s a historical tidbit for the word-nerds out there. A proposal to simplify English spelling passed a second reading in the British parliament today in 1953; with the aim of making spelling easier for young children.

What’s on your mind? Share it here.

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  • Peter says:

    09:22pm | 28/02/11

    Hello Reg, Tottaly unrelated first, I remember the Daimond experiment, did you see how the diamond travells as it burns off. Not sure if Penny Wong knows I be quoting her name but by the letter writing and phone calls to her and others involved I left no illusion the… Read more »

  • Reg says:

    08:16pm | 28/02/11

    Should I suggest you may one day have to eat your words? I’ve only heard him speak once and I know now why he is seen as a potential PM. He is a cool and clever chappie which probably makes him a prime target for the right-wing nancy-boys negativity. Read more »


The trouble with schadenfreude – apart from that fact that it is a hard word to spell, and using it pegs you as a bit of a showpony - is that it has a nasty habit of coming back to bite you on the bum.

A fully-clothed Ricky Nixon. Photo: Dave Crosling

It’s actually a pretty nifty term, a German word for which there is no English equivalent, meaning to take pleasure in the misfortune of others.

The AFL is currently suffering the unpleasant after-effects of years of gleeful schadenfreude, particularly towards those once-unmatchable boofheads within the National Rugby League.

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