January 2011

For too long now the NSW Government has been grossly attacked for not having achieved anything.

Party time, excellent ..Photo: Nicholas Welsh.

Even I myself was once part of the baying hordes who cruelly and unfairly accused the 16-year-old administration of leaving no great timeless accomplishments as a legacy for this great state.

But then this weekend I realised that NSW Labor had achieved something no other government of either persuasion has managed to do - not just in this state, nor the country, but the entire world.

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  • Edward James says:

    05:09pm | 01/02/11

    The really sad thing is voters feel they can wander down to the ballot box cast a vote and forget about it for another four years. Our job is to keep after these politicians like training a good cattle dog make them understand they respond to our will not the… Read more »

  • Tigger says:

    03:55pm | 01/02/11

    Public servants. I kid you not. When I was contracting there, they were all hoping that labor gets back in otherwise they will lose their jobs. Read more »


I would like to propose a toast.

Another victim of alcohol-fuelled violence. Pic: Glenn Daniel

Here’s to the jerks that stabbed a Sydney bouncer in the neck and the partygoers who bashed four police who were just trying to do their jobs.

Here’s to the arsehole back in 2005 that chipped my tooth and broke my hand while I was out trying to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

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  • Janeen Fleming says:

    08:17pm | 30/06/11

    Alcohol fueled violence is not acceptable. It should be punishable and I think the corporal Punishment wouldn,t steem this Behaviour But in some cases extreme reprimand and jail terms for the vary violent crimes is suitable. Laws aren,t going to stop people or curfews from alcohol fueled violence. People will… Read more »

  • Michael says:

    02:30pm | 03/02/11

    So because YOU hate alcohol, it should be illegal. But because YOU love pot, it should be legal. Get a job and contribute before you sprout your TCH laced opinion. Read more »


It’s common knowledge that men like to perve on women. But what about the reverse? Do chicks want man-p*rn to stick up in their workshops and ogle over with their mates during homoerotic poker games?

Michelangelo's David. He-T & A? Pic: AP

Do women like to watch?

The editor of a new mag offering photos of nude men and their dangly bits answers with a resounding “you bet”.

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  • Deepak says:

    01:40pm | 09/03/12

    Feminism is the problem.  Our post mdoern families are dysfunctional.  We have all experienced men being grossly mistreated by their women in our families.  Perhaps being scolded over minutia in public.  Jewish women are not more materialistic than other women, albeit more status conscious.  Jewish women seem to take their… Read more »

  • AlenaD says:

    06:57pm | 12/11/11

    Women don’t like looking at naked men because they’re too busy looking at the men’s wallets.  They objectify men’s wealth the same way men objectify women’s bodies.  Same thing different attribute. Read more »


Andrew McLeod, addressing the United Nations last week, argued that the AFL must address racism in football, citing their laws that prevent insults and threats on the basis of a person’s race.

McLeod just before his UN address. Pic: Calum Robertson

His address, on Australia Day, coincided with hundreds of speeches around the country assuring those taking up Australian citizenship that the nation’s racial vilification laws prevented discrimination against them on the basis of their race.

Race is also emerging as a hot topic in the controversy about a referendum on indigenous recognition in the constitution. Options for change are already citing “people of any race,” “racial groups” and “all racial backgrounds” and the race power contained in section 51 (xxvi) (1).

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  • Queenie says:

    01:18pm | 21/11/11

    I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hoepelss after all. Read more »

  • Greg says:

    11:30pm | 03/02/11

    Race is determined from DNA testing in Australia: http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/dna-offers-a-clue-to-the-criminal-look/2006/10/28/1161749357987.html In the USA: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/techinnovations/2003-06-05-dna-ancestry_x.htm and in the UK: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-2393936,00.html Proof, proof and more proof. Time for the race deniers to say “uncle”. Read more »


Andy Murray’s second consecutive loss of the men’s Australian Open final has put a question mark on the Scot’s mettle. Does Murray have what it takes to win a grand slam?

Ouch. Pic: AP

Murray was inconsolable at Melbourne Park after Serbian world No. 3 Novak Djokovic blew him away in straight sets 6-4 6-2 6-3 to secure his second Aussie title.

Is Murray suffering psychological damage after losing to the greats in these grand slams?

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  • Pavlo says:

    05:56pm | 01/02/11

    @Ticker lacking His mummy was taking good care of his ticker in her handbag while he played. Read more »

  • philwait says:

    09:46am | 01/02/11

    Agree with fairsfair - amazing in this country that we would tear strips of a wonderful sportsman No 5 in the world - He is superbly talented and hate to disappoint but he will win his grand slam because he has steely determination and incredible talent - Well done Andy… Read more »


Commonsense, let alone science, tells us that no level of smoking is safe or healthy.

Ah, the good old days!

Yet 2.9 million Australians smoke each day and smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in Australia.  Each year smoking kills 15,000 Australians and costs the economy more than $31 billion.

With this sort of impact, we can’t afford not to act. By not acting to reduce smoking, we’re standing by letting people die.

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  • nba basketball says:

    09:43pm | 27/02/12

    Unbelievable. Class..! Read more »

  • Colin Fraser says:

    11:02pm | 01/02/11

    No doubt you do not understand the concept of sarcasm. While it may be considered by some a low form of wit, it is often accurately gauging the perceptions of the people who misunderstand it. Prohibition never works. Never, never, never. It does not matter what is banned, what is… Read more »


The Soviet Union opened their first McDonalds in Moscow on this day in 1990.

Down with the wall, up with the arches

Welcome to Monday at The Punch. What’s on your mind? Share it here.

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  • Edward James says:

    12:43am | 01/02/11

    Stephen the acronym LMAO laugh my ass off. Would be used by Roozendaal should he succeed in getting reelected as he will then get a full pension indexed for life. Apologies for those who have had enough of politics but the stench from our Parliament is all pervasive. And very… Read more »

  • stephen says:

    09:29pm | 31/01/11

    What’s LMAO mean ? Read more »


Seen at the local pool: two bikini-clad girls – around 14 - simulating a sex act in the toddler pool, then pole dancing under the toadstool fountain while their delighted boyfriends recorded (and possibly distributed) the footage on their mobile phones. 

It wouldn’t have happened back in the day, and that’s not just because we didn’t have the technology for it. 

Am I wearing rose-coloured glasses, or were most early-teen girls in the 80s too scared of the Grim Reaper, and just too generally innocent, to put much more than a toe in the water (with a boy or a girl) - let alone cavort around in it in broad daylight like amateur porn stars, then plaster the evidence as far and wide as technology would allow (which wasn’t very far).

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  • social says:

    01:06pm | 10/05/12

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  • serivce says:

    11:53am | 08/05/12

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“Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”

Protests in Egypt's capital, Cairo. Pic: AP

These infamous words of Patrick Henry resonated throughout the Western world and described in a nutshell man’s yearning for freedom.

This is also true in Tunisia, where Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26 year old university graduate who could not find work nor feed his family, sparked ‘The Jasmine Revolution’ by setting himself alight in protest to the now former President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s regime. This protest sparked action in Egypt, which is now facing its largest uprising in three decades. There are reports of dozens of deaths.

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  • Nancy says:

    09:01pm | 07/02/12

    aolsmt precisely the same thing as Bill perhaps a year and a half ago in a committee hearing of the Canadian Senate. Since then the Canadian Banker’s association has asked the Bank to restrict mortgage lending and it has done so. Not surprisingly house prices have begun to weaken and… Read more »

  • Waz says:

    11:22pm | 01/02/11

    Khaled with respect, it is quite misleading for you to attempt to link free votes and democracy to the factually valid concerns of people about Islamic states appearing in the power vacuum. Muslims having a free vote in Islamic countries would be fantastic. Unfortunately it’s very rare, and the second… Read more »


Julia Gillard can’t be too happy with the way her flood reconstruction package has been received. But then, who welcomes a new tax?

Samantha Gregg, mystifyingly indignant. Pic: Jack Tran

Talk-back callers complained about paying twice, even though very few will and in any event, donations to victims - a different thing from the levy which is for rebuilding roads and rail and ports and the like - are mostly tax deductible.

One paper featured a mystifyingly indignant Brisbane resident who, as a low income-earner, stands to gain from the reconstruction effort while being exempt from paying the levy herself. She went on to suggest her partner, a tradesman, could be liable for ``thousands’’ in extra tax. This is unlikely unless he earns upwards of $300,000 which is the level of income you’d need to be slugged that hard by the levy.

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