October 2010

Since when does dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz involve flashing your underpants?

A woman at the West Hollywood Halloween costume parade. Picture: AFP

As an Australian living in the United States, attempting to embrace my cultural surroundings for the epic Halloween festivities – parades, parties and the like, I am rather appalled at the costume selection available for women.

It’s tough to find a dress-up option that doesn’t involve showing an inordinate amount of flesh whether it’s micro mini-skirts, midriffs or cleavage enhancing tops.

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  • Craig Berridge says:

    02:48pm | 22/12/10

    What i heard is - USA over-sexualises everything, sex is everywhere, its in your face, even at a festival that has nothing to do with sex. And it’s the early sexualisation of the children that is having a negative effect on the younger generation. Their childhoods are effectively shortened by… Read more »


There was an unusual and confusing incident in the chamber of one of our Parliaments last week which spoke volumes about the tensions within this multicultural society of ours.

An offence to the standing orders? Photo: AP

The incident demonstrated the hyper-sensitivity which Muslim Australians feel towards any discussion of their behaviour and, specifically in this case, their attire.

It also demonstrated the logical inconsistency of those Australians who will loudly champion our values of freedom and a fair go, while also demanding that governments pass laws to determine the type of clothing people are allowed to wear.

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  • Neveah says:

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I have listened with great interest to this week’s parliamentary debate about Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan, just as I have listened with great interest to this debate for the past nine years, since October 7th, 2001, when Operation Enduring Freedom was launched by the United States and its allies, including Australia, so that freedom so bravely won by the people of Afghanistan from communist oppression, and so cruelly lost over the following decade to civil war and Taliban misrule, may indeed return, and this time endure.

History will be the judge on Afghanistan. Photo: AFP.

I have listened to this debate and heard many arguments that we should abandon our mission in Afghanistan. 

Some of these arguments are passionate, others cold and rational; some seem sincere, while others callous. And all of them are wrong.

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In his new role as the self-styled Salvador Allende of the Lower North Shore, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has had an interesting couple of weeks in his battle with the banks.

Mr Popularity, at least with the public. Photo: Gary Ramage

He’s been teased by his opponents, white-anted by his colleagues, endured the accidental embarrassment of being labelled part of the “lunatic fringe” by Liberal backbencher Don Randall, who mistakenly assumed the call for government intervention on bank profits had come from the Greens.

Yet out there in punter-land, Joe Hockey is being hailed as a hero. Say what you like about cheap populism, it’s certainly popular.

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  • MarK says:

    04:27pm | 01/11/10

    He was. It was spin form the msm. I will find a link somewhere. Read more »

  • MarK says:

    04:23pm | 01/11/10

    Just a tip Nosthow. Insults always help if you attache them to the correct post - just saying. Read more »


Shortbread and crust-less sandwiches are unlikely arsenal but they’re about to be deployed by an army of angry tea drinkers in a little pocket of Great Britain this weekend and they mean business. 

Crap weather, nice tea.

Tomorrow afternoon around the tables of a tiny tea shop in Cambridgeshire, little fingers will be raised in solidarity against a recent fluctuation in “coffee bars” that many fear have contributed to “the lost art of drinking tea”.

“We are losing sense of ourselves with coffee bars like Starbucks and Costa Coffee where you slurp coffee through spouts in paper cups or rushed tea in mugs or chunky cups. The whole experience of sitting down with a proper china cup and saucer and having a good natter - which of course it what used to happen - is in danger of being lost,” says Tania Baker, the owner of By Jove! Tea Rooms in Burrell who is hoping to inspire tea drinkers everywhere with her “very proper” protest that involves dressing in period costume and “taking tea”.

But it could be a very lonely little protest; according to the Telegraph British people still drink approximately 165 million cups of tea everyday and thanks to the growth of retro tea rooms, traditional tea drinking is actually “back in fashion”.

At least they won’t go hungry.

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  • Georginorx says:

    09:55am | 15/11/10

    T-Bar has high tea sometimes, but I’ve never made the effort to go- the stainless steel benches don’t seem conducive to the philosophy. Anyone know of a nice place in Adelaide to have a proper pot of tea? Read more »

  • incervisiaveritas says:

    09:38am | 09/11/10

    Goldfinger, one of Ian Fleming’s novels about the fictional James Bond, contained this memorable line: “I don’t drink tea. I hate it. It’s mud. Moreover, it’s one of the main reasons for the downfall of the British Empire. Be a good girl and make me some coffee.” Read more »


As a small group of Halloween-devotees in Martin Place this week protested that October 31 is not a national public holiday like Christmas, you can be sure that thousands of religious folk around the world are right now making the opposite demand: Halloween is evil and should be banned.

Jamie Lee Curtis thought it was pretty evil.

I have been asked many times, both as an Anglican minister and as director of the Centre for Public Christianity: Is Halloween evil? Should Christians oppose it?

My general feeling is that Halloween is no more ‘evil’ than Christmas. In fact, the two festivals have a bit in common.

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  • Kiron Sinclair says:

    01:10pm | 01/11/12

    Trick or Treating in Australia has been recorded before the practice appeared in the United States. The Festival is actually Celtic and British in origin and has been celebrated there since Pagan days. Though the term Halloween wasn’t first recorded to 1556. Before that it was known as Samhain. Read more »

  • David says:

    06:16pm | 31/10/12

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Read more »


SUNDAY 24/10/10


Costello dropped in to Melbourne office today. Has copy of Howard memoirs. Says he is checking it for errors, misrepresentation, and slander. Book is dog eared and crammed with post-it notes.

Costello asked if I kept any records during Costello/Howard era.

Cartoon by The Australian's Jon Kudelka

Tell Costello I kept a diary.

Costello asks if I could check it. He is doing a ring around to get source material. Is thinking of writing a scathing review of Howard’s book for The Monthly.

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The new paradigm has begun to play mind games with our federal MPs. Yesterday nobody was quite sure what was expected of them. At times it was a little embarrassing to watch, like some awkward kid consistently dancing out of time at the Rock Eisteddfod

Hilarious. Gillard and Rudd share a laugh during a division yesterday. Picture: Ray Strange

Manager of Opposition Business and chief prosecutor in the case of Gillard v the BER Christopher Pyne copped the worst of it. Pyne didn’t ask for a division on a vote that would have forced a judicial inquiry into the Government’s BER spending. A vote the Coalition lost. Awkward.

No matter, Pyne plans to introduce his bill into the Senate after a session with the choreographer on Thursday afternoon.

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  • Tripper Smurf says:

    10:41pm | 03/11/10

    MarkK, although I agree with you and say that Rudd was pushed and didnt resign, on paper thats what happened because of the way it went down and the fact he didnt stand. Therefore both your arguments do have merit. However, please look up the history of all the Prime… Read more »

  • Ryan says:

    09:53am | 01/11/10

    @MarK: oh right, I guess I am still confused then because didn’t she tell us she isn’t going to deliver any of her promises but is going to deliver us something she told us she wasn’t going to deliver.. the carbon tax. Read more »


Are the people of Inverbrackie racists?  Are South Australians who complain about a lack of consultation in the decision to house 400 asylum-seekers in the Adelaide Hills actually closet rednecks who simply don’t like foreigners turning up unannounced on our shores?

The community meeting at Woodside last week. Photo: Nigel Parsons

Some of them might be. But overwhelmingly, most of them are not. Whatever you think of Mike Rann, you would be hard pressed to accuse the Premier of racism in questioning the less-than-transparent process by which Inverbrackie was chosen as the venue for a detention centre.

There are plenty of other South Australians with similar concerns, and to suggest that they’re all pitchfork-wielding hillbillies does them a disservice.

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  • Chris says:

    08:17am | 25/11/10

    I attended last nights meeting held by Chris Bowen with the local community. To claim the govt. isn’t listening is a fairly unreasonable claim. The govt. handed out leaflets outlining the key issues and what they are doing to address them. The audience then had close to 2 hours to… Read more »

  • RS says:

    07:37am | 06/11/10

    My goodness. There is so much hatred from people here! What is going on in your heads and hearts? Surely people can think about this from a personal position? My goodnes, if I had to flee from something so terrible that I nhad to risk my life to do it,… Read more »


With the average size of Australians increasing, there is continuous call for runways to incorporate “real” body types.

Dwarf among models, giant among Aussie women. Photo: AFP.

With plus sized models now being included in some fashion shows it seems that things are beginning to change.

However there still remains one group completely forgotten by the fashion industry and it’s time to give them a voice.

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  • Kit says:

    09:56pm | 13/11/10

    I would say average range for women is around 5’4” to 5’5”, however I see many women over that and many women under that (including myself @5’1”), so really there are a lot of women who don’t fit into that average range.  One thing I don’t like is when a… Read more »


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