June 2010

The passing of Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership has caught many publishers off-guard and this website is among them. Last month we launched a subscriber competition offering entrants the chance to win a $1000 Tiger Airways voucher for the best description of Kevin Rudd in five words or less. In the middle of the competition we sort of lost the prime minister.

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake…

We are not alone in this predicament. Both Annabel Crabb and David Marr have just released books about that guy who used to be PM – you know, what’s his name – and satirist Jonathan Biggins is putting the finishing touches to a book about the Ruddster due out in September.

The interesting thing about our competition is that in the initial weeks the entrants reflected many of the gripes and grievances which cost Rudd his job, and as it came to a close last week, and with Julia Gillard securely installed as PM, it turned into a derisory reflection on the Rudd era.

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Just in case you haven’t realised, Australia has a new prime minister. Very few of us were prepared for this (least of all that bloke called Kevin who’s currently squatting in The Lodge), and it happened so suddenly, Australia still doesn’t know quite what to make of it.

To put it bluntly, by being female, Welsh, and a redhead (or a ranga, if you prefer), Julia Gillard has left us spoilt for choice. So which direction do people take in categorising her?

At this point, many people would venture into Facebook groups or Twitter, but all you’re going to find out is what a few random, vocal people are posting. Like a secret recording device, the true voice of the people is held by Google.

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  • Michele says:

    09:45pm | 01/07/10

    Mr.Abbott is not a freemason, he is a Catholic. Roman Catholics will be excommunicated from the church if they were to join that secret society. Our church (Roman Catholic) forbids people joining them. Mr.Rudd on the other hand is a freemason he left our church hencewhy it is forbidden for… Read more »

  • James1 says:

    12:43pm | 01/07/10

    *sigh Some people just do not get it…  Yes Don, you are very clever.  Here is a sticker for completely missing my point. Read more »


If I were ever going to rob a bank I would do so in character. Specifically, I’d go in wearing the giant green St George Dragon mascot suit.

Is this really the way we want to go?

Aside from the delicious irony of a bank being robbed by its own mascot, the stunt would serve as a timely reminder to Reverend Fred Nile- and others- that there are a range of uniforms, sporting apparel, masks and other coverings that conceal the face and the identity of the wearer.

Last week Nile from the Christian Democratic Party introduced a Bill in the NSW Upper House to make it an offence (maximum penalty $550) for “a person, without reasonable excuse to wear a face covering in a public place.” Note, that’s not just in banks or service stations, but in any public place.

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  • Mini says:

    05:21am | 21/09/10

    Does democracy give someone the freedom to be oppressed? There’s no doubt that hooding people is oppressive, whether they agree to it or not. Hooding people is an interrogation technique used to dehumanise someone. Just because someone has developed Stockholm syndrome about being hooded and apparently “wants” to be oppressed… Read more »

  • Greg says:

    05:17pm | 05/07/10

    James1, what you call accuracy I call trivia, and a failed attempt to distract attention away from your unsuccessful argument. Does the cliché “rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic” ring any bells with you? Read more »


So our new Prime Minister is a working woman with no kids. What of it?

Caricature of the founder of psycoanalysis Sigmund Freud with actor Jean Harlow, 1935, by Miguel Covarrubias

Just as Gillard’s de-facto status brings into the public forum discussions about the institution of marriage, (and if you missed Bettina Arndt’s extraordinary polemic yesterday, it’s here), so too her choice to be child-free shifts the focus to working mothers.

Unfortunately, the discourse surrounding the working mother/child-free woman debate has - as these kinds of discussions often do - the potential to degenerate into a polarised argument.

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  • Dan says:

    04:33am | 01/07/10

    A nasty post, just like the one below it. Read more »

  • Chris says:

    11:02pm | 30/06/10

    Forget about any kids Julia might have had what about the poor child force to be raised by Conroy. Read more »


Around a third of Australian road fatalities are the direct result of drink-driving. Add to that the millions of random breath tests that occur across the country every year and you’re looking at some fairly good reasons not to drink-drive.

Why drink drive in life when you can watch it on television. Photo: James Elsby

Not that you’d know that from the statistics; the percentage of alcohol-fuelled road fatalities has remained constant in the past two decades. In fact, our collective apathy toward the separation of alcohol consumption and motor vehicle control is so great as to warrant its own show on the Nine Network.

Premiering last Sunday, RBT is Nine’s attempt at discouraging drink-driving or, depending on your point of view, an attempt to capitalise on the inability of Australian drivers to understand that driving home after six beers is probably a bad idea.

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  • S.L says:

    07:59pm | 30/06/10

    My business is in public transport. My toy is an old Monaro. I’m just on the right side of 50. I have been put on a “good boy” licence 3 times in 22 years and have had all 12 points for the last 3 years. In saying that every booking… Read more »

  • Front up says:

    07:26pm | 30/06/10

    When I was doing RBTs as a cop we’d be looking for lights that were close together, small cars, around 2330 - that meant nurses knocking off after afternoon shift. We’d then get to say hello, ask them out for a drink after we knocked off, and then all drive… Read more »


“Out, damned spot! out” moaned the sleepwalking Lady Macbeth after the murders committed to ensure that Kingship came to Macbeth. “What will these hands never be clean”.

Just another day in Canberra.

“Here’s the smell of blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand”.

And yet the “spot” seemed to be worn as a badge of honour on Sunday morning TV with the newly anointed Prime Minister choosing Joan Kirner giant polka dot jacket to begin her reign.

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  • Anthony of WA says:

    12:03am | 01/07/10

    Seano, was the labour party slogon not Kevin07? I think people thought they were voting for Kevin? Read more »

  • denass says:

    09:41pm | 30/06/10

    and you forget brendan nelson such a nice guy and malcom turnbull—boy the libs have short memory of what they do to their own if not polling well Read more »


Welcome to Wednesday at The Punch

London’s Tower Bridge first opened on this day in 1894.

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  • Northern Steve says:

    12:38am | 01/07/10

    JC, A square root of a number finds an answer that, when multiplied by itself, gives the original number e.g. The square root of 9 is 3, because 3 x 3 is 9.  And the square root of 5 is 2.236 because 2.236 x 2.236 is 5 (approx) The square… Read more »

  • loz says:

    09:53pm | 30/06/10

    London’s Tower Bridge always gets mistaken for London Bridge.  It’s the Tower Bridge that gets the tourist photo as London Bridge is very plain.  How many photo albums would this grand structure appear in. I know it appears in mine. Read more »


MONDAY 21/06/10

Morning – 6:00am

Back at work refreshed from long weekend, took ALL of Sunday off. Watched Socceroos draw with Ghana. Thought they did well but media seemed REALLY hostile to the coach!

Cartoon by The Australian's Kudelka

Check latest Newspoll. Great for PM: ALP 52 – Libs 48. Everyone feeling more relaxed, except Rudd Press Secretary (RPS). Economics Adviser (EA) tells RPS that if he had a healthy understanding of statistics he would probably relax a bit more. RPS agrees but says he enjoys being a normal person capable forming lasting and meaningful relationships with the opposite gender. EA points out he has long-term girlfriend! RPS asks EA if he’s ever heard of “outliers”.


Just found out EA and I are going to G20! Might meet Obama! OMG so West Wing!!!

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Hollywood divorce stories usually fall into three categories. The good-for-a-laugh-because-they-have-more-money-than-sense kind of story, the too-painful-to-read-story-of-betrayal (most recently, Sandra Bullock) and the unbelievable-jaw-dropping-can-they-really-do-that, kind. The subjects of today’s Lightweight are an example of the third kind.

Divorce can be ugly. Picture: AP.

Cue Diandra Douglas, the 52 year old ex-wife of actor Michael Douglas, who is claming half of the profits from his latest movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

The Herald Sun reports that the ex-Mrs Douglas is, “citing a provision in the couple’s 2000 divorce that promises half the profits of any movies done by her famous husband during their two decades as man and wife -including residuals, merchandising and ancillary rights.”

But Mr Douglas, 65 years of age and currently married to Catherine Zeta Jones, is not having any of it. He’s arguing that his latest flick is a “sequel” and not a “spin-off” of the 1987 original and therefore, doesn’t count.  And it’s a fair retaliation, when you consider that he’s reported to have already paid his ex-wife approximately $US45 million in their original divorce settlement.

But what do you think? Does she have a right to the money or not?

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  • Dan says:

    03:58am | 01/07/10

    They haven’t been married for ten years. He paid her $45,000,000 in the original settlement. He owes her nothing. As for ‘And if he’d loaded, why not share the wealth’, shouldn’t it be his choice? Would you not have a problem if you were forced to pay your ex-wife extra… Read more »

  • Sirro says:

    10:01pm | 29/06/10

    The money should actually go directly to Catherine Zeta Jones. After all it is that foxy babe that has had to sleep with the 75 year old MD for the past ten years. The first missus should be glad that she has had 45 million clams and no ties to… Read more »


The last letter Kevin Rudd signed as Prime Minister the night before he was rolled by Julia Gillard was a plea for compassion from the Australian people.

A plea for compassion was one of Rudd's last acts.

At just after 6 pm on Wednesday night a delegation representing a new Charter of Compassion, set to be presented in Parliament on Thursday, was led down to the Prime Minister’s office.

The group was to have Kevin Rudd sign a letter supporting the charter, an initiative of ethical foundation Ted.com, which was set to be read out at the next day’s launch.

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  • The Other Martin says:

    04:06pm | 30/06/10

    Yes Redman everyone is selective - but the the government must be held to a higher standard. Perhaps an inexact criteria. When the government does discriminate then it is a recipe for injustice e.g. the stolen generations and the stimulus payments. Your comment about being ‘too rich’ shows your view… Read more »

  • pc says:

    12:21pm | 30/06/10

    I dont feel sorry for Kevin Rudd. He wasnt knived. He lost a spill and then did the courageous thing and resigned. A captain stepped aside for his team. A team he is still very much a part of. Unlike some others we could mention he didnt threaten to take… Read more »


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